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National Bird Project - Vote for Canada's National Bird
National Bird Project - Vote for Canada's National Bird

Welcome to the National Bird Project

Help us determine Canada’s national bird!

Top 5 birds by votes
Common loon 10406
Snowy owl 7415
Gray jay / Whiskey jack 6964
Canada goose 3114
Black-capped chickadee 2662
Total votes: 38,704

There are more than 450 species of birds across Canada, but not one of them has been designated as our national bird — a title that for too long hasn’t been made official. It’s time to change that.

Welcome to Canadian Geographic’s National Bird Project, the goal of which is to help designate an official bird for Canada by 2017, the country’s sesquicentennial. And we want your help finding a species that can represent this nation of forest, prairie grassland, Arctic and sub-Arctic, maritime and wetland, agricultural and urban and many other habitats, so vote for your favourite species or contribute your own short essay today!


Scroll down through the species categories to see Canadian Geographic's top 40 national bird contenders. You may vote once.

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6964 votes

Gray jay / Whiskey jack

2662 votes

Black-capped chickadee

1454 votes

Common raven

839 votes

Blue jay

192 votes

Red-winged blackbird

182 votes

Canada warbler

134 votes

White-throated sparrow

111 votes

Cedar waxwing

95 votes

Pine grosbeak

94 votes

Dark-eyed junco

54 votes

Tree swallow

32 votes

Harris's sparrow

18 votes

Brown-headed cowbird

Upland and Game Birds

170 votes

Spruce grouse

124 votes

Rock ptarmigan

73 votes

Ruffed grouse

34 votes

Sharp-tailed grouse

Wading Birds, Gulls and Shorebirds

527 votes

Great blue heron

422 votes

Arctic tern

125 votes

Whooping crane

49 votes

Sandhill crane

Woodpeckers and Hummingbirds

331 votes

Pileated woodpecker

226 votes

Ruby-throated hummingbird

65 votes

Northern flicker

33 votes

Black-backed woodpecker

Loons, Waterfowl and Seabirds

10406 votes

Common loon

3114 votes

Canada goose

695 votes

Atlantic puffin

141 votes

Belted kingfisher

48 votes

Tundra swan

42 votes

Bufflehead (duck)

17 votes

Common murre


7415 votes

Snowy owl

494 votes

Red-tailed hawk

321 votes

Peregrine falcon

296 votes

Great gray owl

216 votes


188 votes

Northern saw-whet owl

186 votes

Golden eagle

63 votes


52 votes

Northern goshawk

Your favourite bird not on our list?

Click here to suggest a bird.



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