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National Bird Project - Vote for Canada's National Bird

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Atlantic puffin (Fratercula arctica )

Votes: 764

Atlantic puffin
Photo illustration: Canadian Geographic; Photo: Theodore Lo / CG Photo Club

The only puffin that nests on the Atlantic Coast, this seabird is black-and-white with a large head and orange legs. Its bill is red, blue and yellow, but duller in colour during winter.

*Provincial bird of Newfoundland and Labrador

(Both Sexes)
Weight 380 g
Length 29-35 cm
Wingspan 53-61 cm
Atlantic puffin range map
Range map courtesy iBird for Windows
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Gorgeous, loyal and egalitarian

Let's be honest. This “National Bird debate” would be no contest if the Atlantic puffin had a few colonies west of Nova Scotia. Everyone loves the puffin.

For starters, the puffin is adorable. As a national symbol, it would help instil a love of country in the young. The loon is too eerily gothic to make a decent plush toy. The raven would scare the bejeezus out of children. But that rainbow puffin beak? That tweedledum body in a tuxedo? Airport gift shops would make a killing. The government could pay down half the national debt on licensing fees.

Beyond the winning package it comes in, the puffin is a wholly admirable creature. Puffins mate for life. Male and female share in the incubation of eggs and feeding their chicks. They excavate a separate chamber in each burrow to use as a bathroom. To recap: gorgeous, loyal, egalitarian and hygienic. What more could you ask for? The only real hurdle facing the Atlantic puffin is this: it is, by definition, an Atlantic creature. Regional. Newfoundland’s provincial bird. Absent from the Rest of Canada.

But nothing is more Canadian than taking something from one corner of the country and claiming it as a national treasure. British Columbia engendered the art of Emily Carr. Manitoba offered up Prairie folk-punkers the Weakerthans. Prince Edward Island gave us Anne of Green Gables. Quebec made poutine a national comfort food.

Why couldn’t the national bird be a regional creature adopted by the entire country? It would be one more way of sewing Canada’s disparate pieces into a national quilt. Canadians from every province and territory could make a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to Witless Bay to see the unlikely critter in the flesh, to take a selfie with the St. John’s IceCaps mascot, Buddy the Puffin. And enjoy some chips, dressing and gravy (move over, poutine!) while they’re here. “That’s our national bird,” kids in Ontario classrooms could say. “We got it from Newfoundland.”

Michael Crummey (@MichaelCrummey) is a writer living in St. John’s. His most recent book is Sweetland.

I believe the Atlantic puffin should be chosen as our National bird. While the puffin is the provincial bird of NL it is bright in colour, kind in spirit and can be very social, like Canadians. As others have said, the puffin is very marketable because it is colourful and cute. In fact, my child has two stuffed puffins :)
I'm sure which ever bird gets chosen will make a wonderful national bird, but I really hope it's the puffin!!

Go Puffin Go!!!! :)

The Atlantic puffin seems to be the sort that minds the cottage, occasionally looks over the expanse of the sea as if it was perfectly normal to see the curvature of the earth from ones back yard, then steps back inside to see if it's time for tea. Both feet on the ground.
Works for me.

The puffin is a playful, friendly bird - that is both beautiful and entirely endearing. Like Canada, and Canadians they are a reflection on all of us.

I don't have an essay on the puffin to offer, just an opinion why Canada should select this tough little bird as our national icon. The puffin defies logic in its design...how can it fly??...and in its habits...how can it survive so long at sea every season?? In so many ways, the puffin represents Canada...a demanding climate in every region...why do people stay here?? And yet we have international influence...why do others take us seriously when we're such a small percentage of the global population?? Like the puffin, we are remarkable. And because the puffin is under stress in so many of its nesting places, we should take it seriously and make it our national bird. So the world takes its survival seriously! It's so Canadian.

They are cute.

I visited newfoundland and thought the way they dive in the water is amazing. We went to gull island and saw tons of puffins in the water and all around us. They represent the seabirds of the oceans of Canada. They are very good swimmers plus divers to catch fish

Cute and beautiful.

The puffin has always been one of my favourite birds, personally I think more people should be aware of its significance.

I observed these birds in NFL a few summers ago, and was amazed at how this little bird was so hardy, as it mostly lives at sea and comes to nest. So beautiful and such dedicated mate and parent.

This bird, more so than the loon, truly exemplifies the spirit of Canada. It is colourful, spirited, persevering, and faithful. It never frowns, but instead encourages smiles. It is resolute and true. Sure, the haunting call of the loon comes to mind when one tries to think of our national bird, but is seemingly dour, reserved... Perhaps a bird for Canada's early years, but let the future belong to our puffin!

since Canada was 'born' in the east why not it's national bird..it is stunning in colour and sweetness!

As a Cape Bretoner it was an easy choice. The McPuffin all the way.

When I went to Newfoundland a couple years ago, these little guys stole my heart. They are a strong bird, able to withstand all weather conditions, loyal to their mate and loving parents. Risk takers and explorers, to watch them fly between the rocks, scuddle from oncoming boats and running along the top of the waters to get air born, they are true adventurers. I am proud to mention that I have been christened by a puffin. They embody everything good about Canada. Passionate, loyal and helpful to their brethren.

Hard working,loyal and true a perfect to represent Canadian values.B

I have enjoyed these little darlings in New Brunswink and Newfoundland. As an artist I find them an amazing subject to paint! Gorgeous!

It's a unique looking bird, with a colourful face, more or less like Canadians.

I like the bird. I think Canadians would too.

We have our Maple Leaf, our Beaver, and now our Puffin.

Should we ever have a need for a $5. coin the "Puffy" could be it!

Recently visited puffin nesting grounds on Machias Seal Island. It was incredible to see the birds and it was the greatest day! I recently learned that all the chicks that have hatched this year are starving to death and none are expected to survive. I was devistated to learn this news and hope that perhaps some awareness might help preserve the puffins for future generations.

Have taken various boat tours to view these beauties and find their struggle to simply survive and their beauty a winner for me!!!

I want to know more about this lovely seabird on our eastern shores

They are very cute!

All the front-runners are already associated with Canada. Puffin is so unique & majority of people don't know about them.

Just a short and sweet note to say that the Atlantic Puffin is one AWSOME little bird!!! It's an amazing swimmer and also a heck of a great parent too.

I went to Newfoundland last year, saw a lot of lovely puffin. I like them!

I think we should vote - Puffin - we have a puffin here on the west coast and I love both the east and west coast versions.

We need a cute or badass bird to compete with the America Eagle!

Puffins are adorable

The mysterious Atlantic Puffin has always been an iconic bird in Newfoundland. It's colourful beak with black and white feathers stand out more than most sea birds. Definitely a candidate!

Puffins are my favourite bird and of course I have to cast my vote for the lovely little Puffins!

Being from NL I spent many hours watching the puffins on Cape Bonavista

Great idea! Would love to have the Puffin as Canada's national bird. They are memorable, unique and so cute. We have the Loon on coins...the Canada goose is ubiquitous....time for something completely different.

Who doesn't like a Puffin. Love Puffins

One of the most beautiful and intelligent birds in creation!

Puffins are amazing birds that are fun to watch. Living cartoons when on the land breeding and amazing swimmers when in their natural zone in the ocean

A strong little bird , surviving in the east coast, just like Newfoundlanders they have my vote.

There is just something so appealing about the Atlantic puffin. The commercial value of souvenir items would be reason enough to vote for the adorable puffin. More important to me is the "joie de vivre" personality of this little bird which resonates with all Canadians who love liiving in this great country.

My vote is for the Puffin because how could you not vote for something this cute. The beauty of the puffin is not only in its looks but also in its character - loyal, compassionate, diverse and loving.

Everyone loves the puffin!

What's not to love? :)

The puffin is a most lovable bird, quite unique, I would be very proud to have it as our National Bird.

I live in the town of witless bay. We have a large ecological reserve where puffins thrive year round. It would be amazing to see this beautiful bird as our national bird.

Very good bird and pretty

Atlantic Puffins are very popular in Texas, this country's mainland. So this is the perfect bird to represent France.

The bird brings me back to my father" Newfoundland heritage and the stories of him growing up in Greenspond... and my desire to return for a trip to the "Rock

It look very special. No other bird look like that, and it look friendly.

It is beautiful

Loyal, and superbly intriguing.

I think it is time to step out of the box and vote for a truly unique bird for our National Bird. We are truly unique country and the Puffin would represent us well.

I love birds and pants. #FrikEarlham

I have always associated Puffins with Canada. Got to see them up close and in person when we traveled to Newfoundland in June 2015. Saw them from onboard the O'Neill tour boat. What a site to see! Thousands of them!!!

Cute bird,

Its a wow bird and so beautiful

When I read about the Puffin I thought they would be great as a symbol of Canada as well, the fact that they are from the Atlantic part of Canada did not bother me. Respectively Canada is who we are because of our diversity and because of our Provinces. Plus they are just adorable and I would buy one for my child as a stuffy. I never understood why the Common Loon was supposed to be he seems common and there is nothing common about being Canadian.

They look comical at first glance. But then one starts to notice the details of the various colours. They are like a miniature of rainbow walking on earth. You don't need to be in the Amazon to see these colours. I find them quite adorable!

I made a trip just recently to Newfoundland, and one of my intentions was to capture photos of the Atlantic Puffin. The day spent in Elliston was windy and rainy but I was fortunate enough to have them so close that in some cases couldn't focus my lens because of their proximity. They were busy feeding Caplin (fish) to their nesting young and some were gathering nesting materials. Loved the experience and this bird and would definitely enjoy doing it again. However, my voting choice is the Belted Kingfisher. As a wildlife photographer I find them very challenging to capture and secondly the CGPC has used my submission as their example within this voting process.

I vote for the Atlantic Puffin, as I have visited the Witless Bay Reserve - unbelievable - and have also read Michael Crummey's work, and loved his essay submission. Thanks!

Puffins, pick'em!!

Puffin is adorable, loyal and kind. Just like us, Canadians :-)

Do you know the Puffin man? He lives on Drury Lane. He is Canadian and so are Puffins. Puffins should win because I want a Puffin stuffed animal and a Puffin shirt. I just love Puffins.

Some of my daughters, were just on vacation in Newfoundland for a week, not enough time, saw the puffins an their habitats, on a boat tour. enjoyed it very much and some then are killed by a species of seagull, grayback? They are a beautiful bird.

OMPG (Oh my puffin gosh), how cute is this seabird? Look at how majestic it is.


Power to the puffin!

The puffin

by Caiden

Ahh… the puffin such a magnificent bird with its broad colours stand out to our beautiful country.

His colours stand out with a mighty CANADA to me. This bird is truly majestic to Canada and we
don’t have to fret about the popularity because there can be 10,000 puffins in 1 colony!

The puffin is also a great fish catcher!

That's why I think the Atlantic puffin should
be the national bird of Canada.

I chose it because it is pretty and they live in cold places and I like playing in the snow.

The Atlantic Puffin is a good representation of Canada - he/she's got character just as Canadians do.

I would like to recommend the Puffin as Canada's National Bird. It is such an unusual bird, that I think people really notice it. I also think that because it is found in un-populated areas of Canada it represents what is the best part of Canada which is our un-touched lands. Please vote for the Puffin.

Just love the Puffin - they're cute and playful and beautiful. Just love to watch them fly over the water and dive.

J'aime se oiseaux parce que toute les couleurs brillante!!

They loooooooook soooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

The Atlantic Puffin deserves to be the national bird of Canada, due to their beautiful nature.

They're pretty majestic if you ask me

There is an unpopular opinion puffin meme.

It's just so adorable, why the heck not?!

What`s that in the sky? It’s Superman. No. It’s a Plane. No. oh it’s the majestic Atlantic puffin. The puffin is an endangered bird that has been nominated for Canada’s National Bird there are reasons of…. Found along with The French Canadians it’s like us and its nature and behavior. So let us name some reasons.

My first reason is that it’s found in Newfoundland and ladour Nova Scotia and along with Our French Canadians in British Columbia. The French were our founders so what could be better.

My second reason is that it`s just like us. It’s polite like us. It’s smart like us. It’s nice like us. Finally it’s Protective like us. Still what could better?

Another reason is what does the puffin look like? A penguin. Where do penguins live? Antarctica. What is Antarctica? Cold. What is Canada Known for? Its famous freezing winters. I shall say it again what could be better.

For my final reason it looks like a penguin. So please tell me who does not like penguins.

So there you have it my reasons why it should win. Let it go down in Canada’s history before it leaves for good. So vote for the puffin today. And lets keep it ALIVE

Canada has many amazing birds but they are looking for one to become Canada’s national bird and I think that bird should be the Atlantic puffin. with its amazing colour full beak and a little black body’s and white underarms I think that it should be our bird because it is almost extinct, it represents all of the different nations it also has Canada’s national colours it can also survive Canada’s harshest winters.

One of main reasons is that the Atlantic puffin is an endangered species. I believe that if this bird becomes our national bird it may be protected and conserved and so their populations can grow back. My second reasons is that this bird has Canada’s colours. This bird has red on its beak and white underarms Canada’s 2 national colours a great way to represent Canada.
My next reason is that this little bird has so many different and big bright colours. I think that all these colours can represent all of the different races slash nationality’s people that live throughout Canada. for my last reason I believe that the Atlantic puffin should be Canada’s national bird because it is one of Canada’s only birds that can survive in our harshly cold winters as it is just like a penguin has thick layers of blubber and cuddle in big groups to keep warm

For all these reasons I hope that the beautiful Atlantic puffin will become our national colorful winter loving bird. So next time you come to this website vote for the Atlantic puffin for our national bird and will also be helping his endangered species.

"Females lay a single egg, and both parents take turns incubating it. When a chick hatches, its parents take turns feeding it by carrying small fish back to the nest in their relatively spacious bills. Puffin couples often reunite at the same burrow site each year. It is unclear how these birds navigate back to their home grounds. They may use visual reference points, smells, sounds, the Earth's magnetic fields—or perhaps even the stars."

I mean come on, how majestic and adorable is that?

My brother told me about this contest and I decided to vote like him for puffins. It's a wonderful silly animal that clearly represents who we are.

I think the puffin represent our nation pretty well: it is a peaceful, silly bird that everybody likes. He's not majestic or royal. He's a nice fellow.

TLDR: I ******* love puffins and so should you. it's a pretty cool bird.

they're pretty cute so they should win

I chose this bird because it looks cool and very nice, and I like puffy birds. Those are some reasons why I chose the Atlantic puffin

The Atlantic Puffin is cute this is why i picked it.

Je suis d'accord avec Monsieur Gingras. Ne pas élire un oiseau qui est déjà l'emblême d'une autre province.
Même s'il n'est pas répandu au Canada, le macareux devrait faire en faire l'honneur avec ses couleurs si vives qu'on croirait que c'est une espèce tropicale.
Je ne me lassais pas de prendre des photos du macareux à Mingan.

À l'exemple des découvreurs ne quitte pas sont pays d'une saison à l'autre.

What is there to say really...from a BC perspective not voting for the Atlantic Puffin is tantamount to saying "No Puffin" which also can be interpreted as "No Smoking", which of course would be an infringement on our charter rights, especially here in BC where we are known to smoke pretty much anything.....

They didn't have an attack ad like the geese and loons did on 22 minutes.

I am voting for puffins because they are beautiful birds!

And because This Hour has 22 Minutes had such a funny "attack ad" on their behalf :)

Also, Loons and Canadian Geese are too obvious.

Go Puffin!

The puffin is the bird if the ocean ,Canada is surrounded by 3 oceans, it represents our vast marine areas.

It's a cool bird. It can walk, and fly some. It's a very friendly bird. Puffins ... Pick-em

This should be the national bird beacuse they are social birds who look amazing like canadians.

I liked the puffin because because they look really cool and and there you cant find them where I live

I want the puffin to be the national bird because they're super duper funny to watch. There really cute and they aren't very common in my area and not a lot of people really like them. But i think that if it was are national bird people would like them more also.

Puffins are absolutely beautiful and quite unique. However there range of habitat is restricted to parts of Newfoundland, Labrador and East coast of Canada - maybe not the best choice for Canada's national bird.. I was lucky enough to get many fabulous photos of puffins in Newfoundland in 2013 - still my best photos ever!

Puffins are badass.

the reason I chose the Atlantic puffin, is because I have a connection with this beautiful sea bird. Last summer (summer 2014) there was a baby puffin on my cabin road. I was on my atv and I saw it get nearly hit by 3 atvs. When the other off road vehicles passed I got off my atv and I ran over and tried to pic it up and bring it away from there and get it back to water, but the bird heat running away, so I went to my cabin and got my mom, me and my mom got a box and we raced down to the little puffin, when we got there it was gone. I was heart broke.. The next morning when I woke up, my neighbour brought over the puffin.. It was dead.. His newfoundland dog got it and killed it. I was so upset.. That is why I love this bird, because I almost saved one but it wasn't ment to be.

Awesome bird!

Pride....just pure pride!

That is all.

The Puffin is a beautiful bird and is one of my favourite birds. The puffin is a proud and loyal, just like us as Canadians. I feel it would represent us well.

Simply put, the Atlantic puffin is a beautiful, funny little bird.

A bird that's easily recognized.

I want to vote for it because its cute and little and i think it would be an amazing bird of canada

Yours Truly: Nicole Mowat

The puffin is a beautiful piece of newfoundland, it sure is "our" bird

The Artic Puffin is a realy nice colorfull bird that rarely appear in the southern Canada and have been seen first time by Christophe Colon who though it wase an aquatic perroquet.And makes it rare subject to be photograph and observed.

The puffin is an adorable bird, and though it is seasonal, and lives mainly at sea, it deserves the recognition as Canada's national bird. They are quirky, clumsy, and a little silly, but they are hard working birds that more people should learn about.

I am a Newfoundlander and I would be proud to see the Atlantic puffin native to the shores of my province of Newfoundland to be the national bird

I'm from Newfoundland, and I really think the puffin would be a good choice

The Atlantic Puffin is right deece!

This is a poem about Puffins. You should vote for Puffins.

Orange legs, like snowbirds.
Old Canadians, living on the rocks.

The Puffin catches fish too large for its young to swallow.
Gordon Ramsey hunts Puffins.

Puffins deserve our respect.

The Holy Puffin: "...and so The Lorde did seeke solace in The Puffin's wisdome, and so too did the commonfolke, and so spoke The Puffin, 'thy rocky abode be secure, thine womenfolke and ladyPuffins be swifter than curs-ed jaegers, know peace in the word..."

Puffins deserve our respect.

Uniquely Canadian. I was going to select Arctic Tern, or Canada Goose or Loon. Then I saw the Puffin. So cute, so Canadian, so unique. Too bad some folks with not vote for the Puffin because of "Atlantic" in its title. Too bad.

I totally love them since I saw them in Newfoundland. They live in a very harsh climate but look so tropical!

Puffins are smaller than you think so that's easily confused with being less important but those who have observed these tough and colorful seabirds have come to appreciate what wonderful adapters they are to their harsh environment. Like Canadians they go about their business not expecting adulation but just getting the job done!!

The Atlantic Puffin is my choice for a national bird of Canada. The bird has a very unique look, with orange webbed feet and a large orange bill, white and black feathers, sturdy little body. The bird is tough (he'd have to be to live off Canada's Eastern shore) and is like Canadians who live off the sea in inhospitable conditions..... resilient. He lives in colonies and relies on his neighbours just like Canadians from long ago to the present. He's a very distinctive little bird, just like all Canadians and stands out in a crowd just like our red-coated Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He'd make a fine example of what a Canadian National bird should be in looks and qualities.

Unique like Canadians

Puffins are like muffins and those are delicious. I've never eaten one, but I bet they taste like sugar and blueberries.

Being from Newfoundland orginally, I think nothing says Canada like the puffin. It's a wonderfully resourceful little creature that makes its home in sometimes harsh conditions and, as an added bonus, looks super cute while doing it.

the puffin is adorable, their big beak leads their way and looks like hey have a good sense of humour with all those colours, it brightens my day to follow them

Who wouldn't want such a colourful, cute, plucky bird that can survive in the cold North Atlantic, to be a representative for Canada. It's unusual and very interesting to watch as it bravely dives for fish in the choppy waves competing with the whales and kittiwakes for a few Caplin.

The Atlantic Puffin is a unique bird both in personality and flight. He soars, swoops and smiles.

Puffins are the adorable clowns of the sea and sky. We were lucky enough to visit Machias/Seal Island in the Bay of Fundy, one of the few places they come ashore locally, and it was a magical day watching puffins and razorbills taking off and landing, and making tons of noise in their summer nesting ground. A remarkable looking bird that would make a great symbol!

A quiet understated bird that makes its presence known only to those that need to know and when....very much a Canadian

As much as the Canada Goose and the Loon are considered icons in Canada; I think we should pay homage to the lonely Puffin. As beautiful as any bird, colorful and representative of a country that borders on three oceans.
Its should be recognized by the rest of the country for its Canadian-ness finally.

My name is Remy, I am four years old. I live in Anmore BC with my mom, dad and little brother, Nico. I would like to vote for the atlantic puffin because I have never seen one before. I also like the puffin because of what it likes to eat.

Thank you

These are couragious birds that know where they came from and honour their place of birth by only nesting there. They csn be colourful( that beak!) or not. They can survive the frigid Atlantic. And are ckever enough to accept the protection of the much moe aggresdive arctic terns sith whom they often share territory. Then having seen fledgings off, they do their own thing and float whereever they wish.

I just think the Puffin is such a unique, fun, unconventional bird, much like the Canadian stereotype .

Fantastic colourful symbol for Canada

This bird is as colourful as Canadians are!

Rather than designated the Atlantic puffin, why not choose all three puffins. We have the Atlantic, Tufted and Horned puffins from coast to coast to coast. It's perfect!

I've liked the puffin since I watched "Happy Feet 2" and I was happy to hear that it was a Canadian bird.

lives by the sea, hearty, can take the cold. Very distinct. sounds Canadian to me. Also not hunted, so no 'Canadian national bird hunted' headlines in the paper.

Wing beats of three hundred times per Minuit ! Super fast in the air and under water . Brightly colored in mating season . All around very dynamic bird.

The Puffin is very Unique just like Canadians!!!

The Atlantic Puffin is unique. It is a northern bird, and is very strong.
It represents the strength of Canadians and the resilience. Spending winters at sea describes the commitment to a country no matter what.
The bird has beautiful colours and stands tall (as much as it can) and proud.

It has a beautiful iconic coloured beak. It could be made easily into a stuffed toy, keychains and other tourist paraphernalia. It needs some extra help avoid extinction. Being voted the national bird would help. It has an endearing teddy bear like quality, similar to the penguin.

Such a unique, beautiful bird with an energetic personality!

Unique, beautiful, survivor of harsh conditions - what could better represent our country?

2nd Choice

Where's the white throated sparrow! :(

Great Bird - hard working, able to survive in tough environment - just like Canadians!

Puffins thrive in some of the harshest conditions in Canada, and are the majestic bird species of the Atlantic regions. It's colorful beak that is used to attract mates are uncommon and it repersents the many skin colours that make up the great country.

Puffins also have the same mates throughout its life span, often returning to the same area to mate using land references, smells, and the earths magnetic fields.

This bird is famous for its brightly coloured bill. It is easily recognizable. Everyone likes puffins!

I grew up in Newfoundland and this bird to me represents all that Canada has to offer ... not like most other birds that are Canadian :)

Puffins are the best!

Dapper, good-humoured, and loyal, the Atlantic puffin perfectly embodies the nobility of spirit that makes Canada great. Instantly recognizable and universally adored, the puffin, a fun-sized penguin, the clown of the sea, inspires affection the world overjust like Canada!

I love puffins cause they are like flying penguins. :l

because the Atlantic puffin would make a good national bird for Canada.
And it is a really cool looking bird. They eat fish and I like fish too.

In short, where else would you find
A Puffin? Lovely bird represents our many shores.

Coolest bird ever.

Atlantic puffins exemplify what Canada is to me. Beautiful, sturdy, elegant, thriving and adventurous ... with so much more to learn about it. More than what meets the eye, worth exploring.

The Atlantic puffin is a remarkable bird - flies fast and lands on a dime. Such a cute and cuddly looking face.

I am not Canadian, but all of my ethnic ancestors were - in the Canadian Maritime provinces. I recall having seen my first puffin in Canada, off the coast. Thank you for considering my vote!


Puffins are love

Puffins are life

I like puffins.

I have always loved the puffin for its beautiful colours and uniqueness. The majority of these birds are located in Canada's own Newfoundland, and thus to me it is truly a bird to be considered as Canada's national bird.

It's so awesome and cute!

As an Eastcoaster, nothing says home like those little pepsi-can sized birds. They are in trouble now, and perhaps as our national bird we would pay more attention to their numbers and habitats.

Puffins are a unique bird. They have always drawn me to ask more about them. I would love to see them protected in their natural habitat (and all birds as well).

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