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National Bird Project - Vote for Canada's National Bird

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Canada goose (Branta canadensis )

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Canada goose
Photo illustration: Canadian Geographic; Photo: T Pero / CG Photo Club

This big waterbird has a long neck, large body, webbed feet and flat bill. Its head and neck are black, though its cheeks and chin are white, and its back is brown. The Canada goose prefers rivers and freshwater bodies across Canada, and winters in southern North America.

(Both Sexes)
Weight 3-9 kg
Length 0.76-1.1 m
Wingspan 1.27-1.7 m
Canada goose range map
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Big, bold and fiercely loyal

I'm excited. The choosing of an official national bird for Canada would allow us to finally mitigate the egregious error we made in naming the beaver as our national rodent, a creature whose most noble trait - I've often pointed out - is that he thinks to slap his tail and warn his buddies before he runs away. Joining Castor canadensis as national icon, I thereby nominate the strikingly coloured and conveniently named Canada goose.

Like the beaver, the Canada goose has webbed feet, but that's where the similarities end. Canada geese don't run away from anyone. They are highly adaptable to human environments, meaning they aren't intimidated by us in the least. They will chase you across a public park simply because they don't like the looks of you. These are big, bad-tempered birds. The largest of the species, Branta canadensis maxima, can weigh a whopping eight kilos, with a wingspan of two metres. (A typical bald eagle? Six kilograms, with a wingspan of 1.9 metres. I'm just sayin'.)

The Canada goose flies in distinctively crisp V-formation and is highly vocal, handsomely plumed and - being Canadian - likes to winter occasionally in Mexico. This is a goose with attitude. If birds could get tattoos, I have no doubt that the Canada goose would be first in line. But they are also fiercely loyal. Among the first to arrive in spring, and last to leave in winter, they mate for life and both parents share in raising their young. A fine role model all round, I'd say. And if I'm going to be chased through a public park anyway, I would rather it be by a national emblem.

Will Ferguson is author of the novel 419, which won the 2012 Giller Prize. His next work, the travel memoir Road Trip Rwanda, will be published by Penguin in 2015. He lives in Calgary.


For many years we have been a country united by the unique culture found nowhere else on earth. That culture is best represented by what can be seen nearly anywhere in canada; our diverse wildlife.

Anywhere from Wawa, Ontario to the sunny skies of the Prairies, our Canada Goose plays a large role in the culture of Canada in ways no other bird can or would. Try stopping at gift shop near the Canada US border, and look for anything with a bird that doesn't have slender neck and large wingspan with deep brown plumage. Our Canada Goose has an impact on the lives of all Canadians.

If you want a perfect metaphor for Canada's outlook on dealing with issues, look no further than the skies in spring or autumn. When the wondrous and chiming sounds of geese rule the clouds in their bi-annual migration periods, the idea of unity, strength and organisation comes to mind.

If Canadians are known globally for any one thing, I believe that one thing would be humility. We need not stand on a pedestal nor bow to a foe. We greet each day with grace, as long as our flock is nearby.

We stand strong because we have hope, we have each other, and we have pride.


I was close to voting for the Loon when I realized that while yes the Loon does stay and the Canada Goose migrates. It often reminds us of the winter to come that we must prepare and brace ourselves against the elements & most importantly think of the less fortunate in Canada; the Homeless and remember that while in The United States Of America people are banned and forbidden by law to feed a Homeless person due to increasing classism and Elitism that plagues the U.S. ... we can remain free and beyond hatred & lies about the poor.

The Geese look out for their flock... and when one becomes tired in formation? Another advances to take it's place. They support each-other through thick and thin. Too often Canadians forget this and the Canada Goose as our National Bird can remind us to remain noble and on guard as Geese typically are when it comes to defending themselves and their young especially.

I come from Winnipeg,Manitoba and in our province we have a place called Oak Hammock Marsh. A very iconic attraction that has entertained for many years, especially in my siblings and my own childhood's. The Geese can be very competitive when fed at a time not many visitors take part in feeding them due to the fact they can aggressively ask for what you may not have. It's been a while since I last visited so I do not specifically recall when or if there is a policy in play to not feed them so I'd ask first. I do have memories of being challenged by a Canada Goose and from what I recall they are very bold not to mention intimidating with their hissing sound; especially more so when a group is acting defensively as they will all stand together.

Speaking of standing together, that is something I feel Canada needs; between the never ending challenge of a respectable relationship between the majority of Canadians and Canadian First Nations and the divide that threatens to open between Anglo & Francophone. I feel that the Canada Goose would signify that extra needed reminder that "We are one!" & to stand together.

The Canada Goose also signifies Unity in other ways. Such as the beloved V formation of which I've talked so much about. The V is an aerodynamic formation to cut through the air and strong winds with extra efficiency in communication; and energy conservation. This formation requires group effort on the part of the Geese so it serves as an example of discipline (of which I think is one of the hardest virtues to acquire & maintain) so it would be wise of us to consider the Canada Goose as an example of the discipline we need to acquire, maintain or both. It also reminds of the V for Vendetta movie perhaps.

Yes the Loon is already on the Loonie and how much more cheesy could you get to desire this not so new comparison to our possible competition with The United States which has many holdings in booth the Loon and Lunacy... yet we always seem to get called out as the "Loonies" due to our currency being just that... Loonie. Would it be so far as to see that perhaps we'd spell out our fate with increasing Lunacy to go down the yellow-brick road straight to the Loonie bin?

I'd say although perhaps a tough call the Canada Goose of which we have a a bus-service named after called "Grey-Goose" which from what I understand still operates in Thompson Manitoba. It used to be more visible in Winnipeg whether I live with at least one bus-depot for it here. Not as well coined as Grey-hound but still; the Goose is a well respected bird where I come from which contributes to my bias :-).

The Goose has several uses including Pen-Quills, Down-Feathers for thermal insulation against harsh Canadian winters and arctic conditions. Pillows and most notably sustenance for those living in the true frontiers of Canada.

China has used Geese as police quite literally. Brazil has used Geese as a security system. So while people argue that Geese 'overpopulate' (Geese 4-5 million... Humans... 7+ billion and growing exponentially) or that Geese 'beg for food' (they fly a LONG way and do find food on their own!)... or that Geese are found on Golf courses (at least something bugs the rich & privileged not to say they may or may not have worked for that privilege).

I'd say Canada should safely go with the Canada Goose despite the compelling arguments for the Common Loon at least with the Canada Goose we could have a sense of pride that despite the dangers & predators (US Bald Eagle) we will defend our own and hold fast to the virtues of Unity, Peace, Discipline. In all of this exists the appeal of Warmth amidst the bitter cold lays an ember still burning in our hearts through the passing of seasons marked in the Canada Goose's migration as they mark beyond our calendars flipping the passage of time through the matrix of life.


Dear Sirs,

We are a group of French speaking old-age residants at la Cité des Tours. We call ourselves The Brainy Types of the City des Tours. Every Monday at four o'clock we meet to speak English while discussing current affaires in Canada. Today as our first topic we discussed the National Bird Project and decided to vote on a name for Canada's national bird. We voted unanimously for the Canada Goose.

Thank you for submitting this name to the committee involved in the selection of our national bird and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly.

Monique Boulet for
The Brainy Types at La CitÉ des Tours.


I have just come back from a lovely walk along the Oldman River that flows through Lethbridge. All winter, I have greatly enjoyed the haunting calls of the thousands of Canada Geese that overwinter in the vicinity. Growing up, I remember running outside and gazing skyward in both spring and fall whenever I heard the migrating flocks of geese going over. The sound has always filled my heart with joy and a sense of optimism.

While I was born a prairie girl, I have also lived and worked in the Maritimes and Yukon and travelled extensively across Canada. It seems that wherever I have gone, Canada Geese were to be found nearby. They are common in both large urban areas and in the most remote wilderness. Indeed, I believe that more Canadians would have an opportunity to directly observe Canada Geese than most any other species of bird. Somehow, the presence of Canada Geese made me feel that I was at home anywhere I have been in our great nation.

When selecting a national bird, I think that Canadians would do well to choose one that is common across our nation and may be found, in at least some Canadian locations, year round. While some of the other species popular with voters also meet these criteria, the Canada Goose has several other important characteristics that make it an excellent choice as a national bird. Among these traits are 1) its loyalty to its mate and the care that both parents take in raising its young, 2) the important role Canada Geese have played, and continue to play, in providing an important source of food to indigenous peoples and early explorers and pioneers as well as modern day hunters, and 3) its adaptability to a wide range of habitat conditions.

Thank you for allowing Canadians an opportunity to provide their thoughts on such a worthy initiative.



What does that image conjure up for you?

Rude awakening at 7:30 a.m. to honking hordes flying past your bedroom window?

Picking your way through the poop to navigate your way as your walk your local waterfront trail?

Stupid geese!

Not so, I say. In fact, they’re pretty smart…and they have a lot to teach us.

I’m obsessed with Nature. In fact, I’m out in one or another of Durham’s wild spaces pretty much every day…absorbing the tranquility and beauty of the natural world, and watching its denizens — particularly the birds.

So, when I saw the piece on the CBC last week about The Canadian National Geographic’s National Bird Project to designate an official bird for Canada by 2017, I sat up and took notice.

Did you know that we have no official bird symbol? We have an animal — the beaver. But, no bird.
But which of our more than 450 species in Canada should be given the honour?

My vote? The Canada Goose.

Too common, you say? A good reason, I say! First even though it can be found all over North America, it is called the CANADA goose. It is indigenous to every province and territory …and if Durham Region is any indicator, there are just as many geese as there are people in this country!

There are a lot of other good reasons to make the Canada Goose our national bird symbol.

Geese epitomize cooperation and collaboration.

Have you watched geese as they take flight? First there’s a lot of honking as they ‘discuss’ where they are going, what route and which of them is going to lead the flock to the agreed destination that promises plenty of food or safety and security. Then they rise almost as one against the wind and quickly form a V, the leader breaking through the resistance and creating a slipstream that carries the others along. Throughout the journey, many lead — one then another lead bird dropping back and another coming to the forefront to put their strength and navigation skills to work in service of the others.

We could do well to follow their example.

Canada was built on cooperation and collaboration. It took many heads, hearts and hands working together to lead, follow and build our great nation. It will take the same spirit of working together for the common good to keep building it now and in the future.

Geese are compassionate, too.

Geese take care of the weak and vulnerable of the flock. Both the male and female nurture and ferociously protect their young… and each other. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

They take care of the other goslings of the flock, too — teaching them the skills they’ll need to survive and thrive, beating off aggressors and predators, adopting orphans into their family groups.
When one of the flock is sick or injured, one goose stays behind with it and watches over it until it has recovered or died — even during migration. No goose left behind!

Like the goose, our country has grown and thrived on the premise that we are our brother’s keeper. We are the envy of almost every other country on the planet. Universal health care, universal access to education, a national system for social assistance, a strong and dedicated charitable and philanthropic sector -Canadians volunteer and give more to charities than any other nation in the world!

We would be silly geese to lose sight of that value.

And our value of inclusiveness and community, too.

If you’ve ever watched the geese paddling about out on the winter lake, you’ll notice that there are a lot non-geese out there paddling around among them as well — a half-dozen kinds of ducks, two or three kinds of gulls, mute and trumpeter swans… Geese welcome any other bird to float right along with them — unless they’re there to eat them!

Just the other day I was watching several groups of geese fly in from different directions and land on the lake. Once they were settled, they formed lines and swam weaving around through the groups, gently honking, greeting and getting to know one another. Goose networking!

Cooperation, compassion, a sense of community — Geese stand to symbolize and remind us of who we are and what we stand for as a nation. That’s why I vote for the Goose as Canada’s national bird.

I think we are at a political, economic and social crossroads in our country, where we will either fall into decline or grow and thrive, depending on the values we base our choices and lives. I think we could all use a Goose.


I may conceive of no bird which does signify our nation with greater acclaim. This would not be solely due to the synonymous nomenclature, but due also to the breadth of their range. One would require effort significant to traverse to a locale in Canada alien to the Canada Goose.

The migration of the geese provides a visual indication of the change of the seasons, while the silhouettes of the flying formations broker no confusion. These birds travel from water to water, much in the manner that the explorers did initially to our land.

Said species continues its affairs in a manner forthright, while lacking in pomp or circumstance, much in the manner of the Canadian. While some may consider the Loon to be of Canada (due to a mere coincidence numismatic), I fail to consider currency to be of paramount interest to our populace. It is with thus that when I consider Canada, I do consider the Canadian Goose.


There is always a way to know when the cold winds of winter are a blowing and that is the sound of the geese heading off for warmer climates. You look up and see the loose V meandering its way away wishing, for just a minute when the thought of dawning our goose-down parkas enter our minds, that it would be so nice to be a goose for a day. Then your thoughts quickly turn to the November hunting season and the daily trudge in snow and sleet doesn't seem like such an uphill battle anymore.

In spring the warmer weather is trumpted in by the sound of the jubilant returning honking of seemingly same meandering V. They are back again to mate and frolic in our parks and be photographed by the many tourists who come to Canada. We are smiling in our thoughts as we watch, reminding us that, alas, we survived another snowy cold winter again. Children look up in excitement and ancipitation that summer and freedom aren't far away. Sunny warm days are here again!

To keep to our strole through the rosey memory lane of water fowl, we won't talk about the flocks of Canadian Geese in the spring leaving surprises all over the grass and hissing at us if we get to close to "their" territory or young. We also won't talk about the fact that Canadian Geese aren't just in Canada. We will completely avoid the topic of that particular goose that chased us right out of the park the other day. That would spoil the whole romantic idea of it!


I feel that for a species to be called our 'National' bird, it should be easily recognizable to the people who live here! While the Common Loon is certainly a wonderful choice, and is already on our one dollar coin, how many people in Canada have actually seen one in the wild or would be able to recognize it if they did?

In this regard I believe the Canada Goose should be our National Bird, simply because they are seen everywhere!! Especially where there is lovely green grass in the Spring and Summer!! You could likely stop anyone, even small children, on a walk in a park, and they would be able to tell you it's name - not so with most other birds on the list - even though they are all great examples of the variety of Canada's birds!

The Canada Goose also becomes quite trusting of people they know; as is demonstrated by a 'couple' who have nested in a 'saddle-backed' willow tree in our front yard for the last 3 years - hopefully this will be year four!! They know us and do not fly away when they see us in and around the yard!

Hopefully, you will consider the voter's comments when making your final decision, and not just the number of votes received!

Thank you for this opportunity to take part.


I felt that the best approach in casting my vote is to take the perspective of a non-Canadian.

Most non-Canadians do not associate Canada with the snowy owl or the grey jay or some other vague bird (vague from a non-Canadian perspective). However, I feel that many will easily associate Canada with the Canada Goose, as much as a non-American would associate the bald eagle with the USA. After all, it is called a Canada Goose for a reason. It is a majestic big bird and its formation flying in North American skies is well recognized.

Also, the fact that it is a migratory bird makes it a suitable ambassador for Canada. I understand that other birds are migratory but the Canada Goose is far more recognizable in the skies during formation flying than, say, a sea gull, sparrow, raven, blue jay, cardinal or the occasional different types of eagles. I understand the Canada Goose is not on the very top of the voters choice but I hope more people will recognize its value as a Canadian Symbol.


As I am currently living in Germany, I have given you my old Toronto coordinates.

I am a Canadian expat living in Germany. My choice is less about what is in than what is missing from my life. I chose the Canada goose because it is the one bird that used to be ubiquitous but now that I live in Germany, seems not to exist. There are many birds on this list that deserve the title but, for me, the Canada goose is like sharp cheddar cheese, brown sugar, molasses, vanilla extract, waxed paper, Coffee Crisp... things that I took for granted every day in Canada that have since vanished and somehow left a hole.

The loon would also be an excellent choice as its haunting call is truly unique and can only be heard, with a few exceptions, on Canadian lakes. As truly remarkable as the loon is, its range is limited to waterways, which would make it less of an everyday presence for most of us.

I also thought about the snowy owl, having startled one in the night at very close range some years back, which left a lasting impression on me. This majestic bird is a true beauty, with an impressive wing span and grace. It would have won my vote but for the fact that the species is found all over the northernmost parts of the globe, which wouldn’t make them an appropriate symbol of Canada.

The Canada goose has shown tremendous resilience in adapting to changes in their environment. Despite being monogamous, they have been able to keep their populations plentiful, to the dismay of many a golf course owner. They live in the wild, they live in urban environments, which, granted, poses certain risks in places such as airports, and they cover the entire Canadian landscape. When I lived in Toronto, all I had to do was go to High Park to visit a healthy, permanent population. When I lived on Lake Nipissing, two families had decided that our property was suitable for them to bring up their families as well. In late spring and early summer, I would watch the whole family run around the property, paddle around in the water, and flinch when, on occasion, a snapping turtle would lunge at a gosling and take it down for its breakfast. The rhythms of nature are ever-present in the land of my birth and to me, nothing reminds us of that more frequently than the Canada goose.

Living in Germany, there are native geese as well but they aren’t the same. Their call is much different, much rougher and more strident. They also fly in ‘v’ formation but it seems to be less symmetrical, less well-organized. I had always been impressed by the way the Canada geese formed their ‘v’ patterns and continue to miss that every spring and fall. I also miss the lower-range, smoother call, which has always been a comfort to me.

One might dismiss the Canada goose for the title of Canada’s national bird as it is deemed to be ‘too common’ and a ‘nuisance bird’. But I think that’s the point, exactly. The reason it is so common is that it, like humans and another national symbol, the beaver, has found a way to survive and thrive. It is a tough species which deserves our respect. Have we met our match?

Canada goose: our name is already on it... branta canadensis! If that doesn’t make it obvious enough, I don’t know what will. All that to say that there are many species of Canadian birds that are not found in Germany but the only one that has left a palpable void in me is the Canada goose.


I believe that the Canada Goose truly represents all of Canada. These hardy beauties seem to be almost everywhere and already have CANADA in their name.

As a member of the Canadian Forces I had the privilege of serving in England for four years from 2004-2008. Living along the Thames River, about 45 minutes Northwest of London, I often walked to the nearest town of Marlow, each time passing a large flock of Canada geese who lived on the river during the day and on the lushest and most beautifully manicured lawns at night. These singles and pairs seemed to live in harmony all year around with Her Majesty's White Swans and the many varieties of ducks that lived along the river. I loved the sight and sound of the geese everytime I saw them and even took comfort when I heard them honking late into the night. Locals who knew I was Canadian used to jokingly tell me to "take them Canada Geese home with you, they make too much noise". But the locals really did love them too.

The Canada Goose a true representative of our country.


Ah, the Canada goose. It's a funny one, but I think the essence of Canada lies underneath all that honking scruff.

A goose has a lot of muscle in those great, wide wings. Those feathers can spread wide, and as anyone will tell you, that beak packs a punch. Although they might show you some guff if you get too close for comfort, a Canada goose is fundamentally a social creature. Its real strength lies in community, and is drawn out from its environment. It spends that strength doing two things - travelling the world and helping out its flock.

Sure, golf course mishaps might happen every once in a while. But, overall, respect the goose, and it will show you the same courtesy. Maybe it just wanted you to stop dousing that putting green with toxic herbicide. Its eggs are nearby, don't you know? Stop spraying that stuff!

Forget the crazy, enigmatic loon, the too-wise owl, the snarky blue jay, or any other bird. You want a bird, a symbol of nature, that epitomizes the everyday Canadian? Here's the real deal. Pluck, size, range, and a healthy respect for your surroundings (humans not always included). That's a true Canadian bird for you.

Can't believe the Canada Goose doesn't have more votes!!

Just think the Canada Goose is SO Canadian!!

Most representative of Canadian birds

Love both the Canada Goose and Loon. But Canada is in the name of the Goose, hence the slight edge of my vote. Love watching the Canada Geese everywhere.

The Canadian goose has been a national treasure for sometime. Where I come from, Wawa, Ontario, the goose is the symbol and representative for our whole town- I mean we have three statues for goodness sake.
I think the goose represents what Canadians all are. We Have the surreal elegance which the goose embodies perfectly. Peaceful and respectful, until someone gets too close or threatens (those videos of children running for the goose is exactly what the other countries do when they screw with us). This beautiful specimen is a way better representative for our country; unlike the "common loon". I mean really it's called the common loon. All the other countries will make fun of us.
Please consider ignoring the votes towards the common loon (which already has a coin named after it like...) and give the beautiful and majestic Canadian goose the proper respect and dignity it deserves.

they poop a lot!

I simply love the Canada Goose, as it has been an unofficial symbol of Canada for as long as I can remember. I recall my parents having glass-wear with the Canada Goose hand painted on it and it was always brought out with such pride...

One, I've never seen a loon in British Columbia, Two, I thought that the Canada Goose already was our national bird.

My reason is that they have the name Canada in their name, they are not a Provincial bird, they have a distinct call and are everywhere.

Come on they're everywhere!

As the harbinger of Spring I can't think of a bird whose appearance I welcome more than the Canada Goose, bringing with it the end of the cold season.

Need I say more? It's called the Canada goose. (Here at least lol)
I think everyone already ASSUMES this is our bird. Hence why it belongs in the top spot. I love them.

Pour son appel à la renaissance.

It's a bird that carries Canada's name already, so it should represent us on an international level.

It's a bird that carries Canada's name already, so it should represent us on an international level.

My husband and I often discuss what wise parents these birds are, how watchful and dutiful they seem to be and know that these birds make their way all over the world.

Canada goose = jackets = winter = great white north = Canada!

The Canada goose is a role model for humans....family and mate values, brave but not a bully; and they will adopt all orphan goslings. No baby left behind with geese. They are also known throughout the world as CANADIAN GEESE so they are already recognized as our bird.

I vote for Canada Goose because they live near my house on a lake on an island. They fly over head every day in V community form which I really like.
I like their honking sounds.

Even it's name suggests it is Canada's national bird, Canada Goose. :-)
While the Loon is also very symbolic of Canada, it like the Canada Goose is a migratory bird. I believe however that it is a solitary bird.
The Canada Goose is a social and flock oriented bird. It's migratory formations are legendary for cooperation,shared leadership and support of injured or fatigued birds. These qualities as well as strength, resilience and tenacity mirror Canada's culture. I also believe that the Canada Goose has been experienced by greater numbers of Canadians than the Loon, which is more reclusive and yes, call and reputation, almost mystical. For the above reasons, I hope that the Canada Goose will be selected as Canada's national bird, in spite of not claiming the highest number of votes.
Thanks for the opportunity to vote and thank you for the interest you've generated in Canadian birds and wildlife.

I don't think an essay is needed for this. This bird is aptly named the "Canada Goose" and can be seen virtually everywhere in the country (all terrain types, multiple types of bodies of water, etc). Around the world, this is recognized as a "Canada" Goose and when I travel, if I see one of these birds it immediately makes me think of home. I don't think it can get much more national bird than that! Sure they can be a little mean sometimes, but I believe that holds a certain irony considering that Canadians are typically thought to be nice people.

The Canada goose is a huge part of Canada. It's in our heritage commercials, it represents Canada because it is an amazing animal and we are amazing Canadians!

A Canadian Goose is a truly Canadian bird, after all, it literally has 'Canada' right there in the title. When Canada is pictured, there's snow, moose and in the sky, geese. They are an iconic part of Canada, and can be seen everywhere, whether it be a school yard full of playing children, or the historic village of Upper Canada. The Canada Goose is an iconic part of Canada and it would only be fitting for it to be our national bird.

I was surprised that our Canada Goose was not our National Bird -- Thanks for giving me the chance to make it official.

I'm crossing my fingers, Kathleen

Torn between Common Loon and Canada Goose.
I feel CL is more representative of the wilderness in Ontario.
Canada Goose is known to everyone.

It's a cool bird.

They are often around our community (Copper Cliff ON) and I think they are majestic. I find the sight of Canada Geese uplifting.

It has Canada in its name. And we can't have our national bird as a Loon. We're the butt of enough jokes as it is.

After chasing down 5,000 of them in canoes and trucks through Lost Lagoon, under Georgia Street, and into Coal Harbour, corralling them in the tennis courts, loading them into a chicken truck while they hissed at me and bit me, and releasing them in Pitt Meadows, how could I not vote for them? They smell like the Northwest Territories and there's nothing more Canadian than that.

it's called the canada goose for a reason, it is the national bird of canada

What do you mean it isn't the Canada Goose?! Obviously it's the Canada Goose!

I love Canadian Goose

I love to watch the Canada Geese migrate each year and visit bird sanctuaries when they rest for their next flight.Like Fort Whyte in Winnipeg.

The Canada Goose has long been an iconic symbol of Canada. We seem to forget how beautiful this bird is and it's call is unmistakable. It ranges all across Canada and is familiar to all.

Canadian goose

Canadian Geese fly south as far as Mexico regularly each year. They are Canada's flying ambassadors

Is there anything MORE Canadian? Each spring we anxiously wait their arrival to let us know that the long harsh winter is coming to an end; and every fall our eyes and hearts look to the skies as they begin to leave and our thoughts turn to preparations for the next season.

I think the Canada Goose is the most iconic bird in our country. Though I do love the Common Loon, the Red-Winged Blackbird, the Raven as well as others, I believe the Canada Goose represents us the best. It even has "Canada" in the name. My immigrant friends, when I asked them, all said they immediately associate the Canada Goose as our national bird. To be honest, we were all surprised that the Canada Goose isn't already our national bird. We just assumed it was.
Thank you for the opportunity to give my two cents' worth. :)

The Canada Goose depicts Canadian values- loyalty, importance of family bonds, cooperation, hard working, exibiting endurance, and teamwork. When flying in a formation they share the responsibility and hard work by stepping up to take on the lead when the leader is tired. Canada Geese are found throughout our large and wonderful country, and no matter where they go in the world- they always come home to nest.

The Canada goose is found across the country and is truly representative of the nation. Most of the other species are specific to regions.

To me, the Canada Goose is already a symbol that is uniquely Canadian. It is recognized as Canadian in other countries, as well as coast to coast in our country.

I always thought the Canada Goose was our national bird

I always thought the Canada Goose was our national bird

classic Neil Young lyrics "Big birds flyin across the sky". from Helpless.

The Canada Goose is national, large, prominent among us, loyal, sharing and likes to vacation in warm climate like many Canadians.

What other bird on the list is referenced with the word "Canada" in it's name? Sure the common loon is also a fine choice if only because everyone likes to try to mimic it's call but how can it compete with "Canada Goose" as a national bird. The Canada Goose is an icon. Flying south in the winter just like so many other fortunate "snow birds" do to escape the harsher winter weather. That's just science.

Growing up in the US the migration of the Canada geese always marked the change of seasons. Living in Canada I see them in the city tending to their young and calmly walking along. They are beautiful birds and symbolize what is special about Canada.

I don't have an essay but seeing that this is the only bird that actually carries Canada's name, isn't it obvious?

It's a truly national bird that migrates and is a Canadian icon - I love the Loon too, but I think of that bird as more of an Eastern Canadian bird - I'm from Ontario originally.

I believe that the Canada Goose most closely represents Canada to the rest of the world. Its perseverance and ability to fly such very long distances while Migrating represents the stamina of the people in this country.

The Canada Goose is such a graceful beautiful bird - and even has Canada in its

They are cautious by nature, faithful partners, good team players, waiting for fellow flock members and help keep watch over other geese chicks, better parents than most humans and strong. I am old enough to remember in the 70's when there was some concern that they might be disappearing due to environmental concerns. Messy? Yes! Too many of them? Depends on who you ask. But strong, vibrant birds who persist through it all. Proud Canadians!

strong family bird, marries for life. good ambassador.

I always thought Canada Goose was our national bird. It is named as such.

But did anyone think about the RED CARDINAL ???

The Canada goose is an ideal bird representative of Canada. Canadian's are always made aware of summer's end when they see and hear a flock of Canada geese heading southward in their unique V-formation. Likewise, the same occurrence is made clear in spring as Canada geese head back to their home of origin making all aware that winter is at its end with spring just around the corner.

Love to watch them care for their young on my walks through the park.
Truly Canadian bird.

Most people I speak to already believe the Canadian goose is our national bird. And as a bird that found from coast to coast, it's something most of Canada see's every year.

The Canadian goose should be our national bird for the following reasons: 1) highly adaptable bird that lives in almost all settings (represents Canadian's similar ability living in drastically different settings across our nation, 2) an animal already linked as being uniquely Canadian, and 3) they were successfully brought back from a dangerously low population further showing our commitment to the Canada goose.

The name of the Canada goose says it all. Canada. Goose. Simply put it is the only bird that is automatically recognisable as Canadian.

I do not have a essay , 2 old to write one but it is called the Canadian goose so there is your answer

I honor of our New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau my vote is for the Dodo bird!

name is CANADA goose

Just love seeing them with their little babies. Also, they fly in groups so to me that symbolizes team work and togetherness.

The Canada Goose is an obvious choice as far as I am concerned. There should be no question even though many others are Canadian.

As the name signifies, the "Canada Goose" should be "The National Bird of Canada".

The Canada Goose is the obvious choice for Canada's national bird.

I have been lucky enough to have traveled much of the world and it brings tears to my eyes each time I find one of these majestic birds representing us in another country. They are distinctive in looks, have a regal presence and have strong values as they mate for life and will not leave a fallen comrade behind. They are a bird that the majority of Canadians have access to and are often portrayed in media stories.

Nothing is more Canadian than the signalling of the oncoming winter by the V formations of these magestic birds flying overhead as, like true Canadians, they seek a warmer clime for the winter. They are the original "Snowbirds".

There is no other bird that is represents Canada as well.

Thank you for considering the Canada Goose.

Joanne Wirtanen

Every bird is beautiful [except the vicious paranoid crow!] but the canada goose is the harbinger of spring that brings joy to the winter weary canadian and as autumn approaches the gentle honking of the southbound flock reminds us that summer is winding down and we had better get the harvest in and wood pile stacked. They represent my quintiscential canadian experience.

It's our bird!

The Canada Goose is a National symbol, it's well recognized by everyone. It should be our national bird!

The Canada Goose is a source of food for the Crees of both Eastern and Western Coast of James Bay and the INland Cree Communities of Mistissini, Ouje-Bougoumou, Nemaska, and Waswanipi. The Inland Communities hunt the Canada Goose during the spring thaw while the Coastal Communities of Waskaganish, Eastman, Wemindji, Chisasibi, and Whapmakstui hunt the Canada Goose during the spring and the fall seasons.

I voted for this bird because it loves to crap on golf courses, of which there are far too many , often destroying valuable wildlife habitat. Payback !!

To me the Canada Goose represents all regions of Canada. Growing up in Northern Alberta we were always called to come outside to see the geese fly over, and we knew spring was coming. I was an adult before I heard my first loon call. The Canada goose is a loyal and adaptable bird much like our nation. What could be more Canadian than going South for the winter, yet many are discovering it's pretty good at home too? This is why I'm casting my vote for our magnificent Canada Goose.

Its recgonized as a Canadian symbol so why not be the 1st choice!

It is us!

An adventuring world traveler always surrounded by friends and family. That's why the Canada Goose has my vote

Iconic symbol of our country.

I believe the Canada Goose is the perfect choice because it carries the name Canada.

See it the most!

If the Loon wins, we may be called Loonies, I'd rather be a Gooser. Goose is a formidable, resilient animal, and I think already associated with Canada. I already thought it was the national bird!!

They are abundant in my province.
Their name says it all.

What is more Canadian then the Canada Goose? Its large, like our country is; has beautiful markings; easily recognizable; seen everywhere (from sea to shining sea); their "honk" is even well know.
Fred Pilles.

Nothing says Canada to me as much as the Canada Goose. I actually pull over and stop if I'm driving to admire them fly off in formation, it signifies the end of a season and when they come home the start of a new season full of promise.

For myself, I can't emagine our national bird being anything other than the Canadian Goose! It seems almost ridiculous to have any other bird. If our country doesn't recognize this bird as its own perhaps we should have a renaming of the Canadian Goose to the North American Goose.

I saw you there, your neck so long, so proud

Canada Goose, your presents is here.

At every lake and pond I see, at each ocean and our seas

You are there, flock and feathers. Splendid in all your beauty

You drape across the Canadian landscape, Our Canada Goose.

-Alysia Cherise Kraeker

I Vote the Canada Goose as the National Bird of Canada. Although not my favourite bird where I live in Ontario, but since this is a "National" contest this is the right choice. The Canada Goose each spring fights it out, very LOUDLY for the best nesting ground, their are many early mornings where with a thump it lands on the roof of my two storey home. I guess I offer the best view as the battle ensues. Backing onto a creek, I offer the perfect nesting ground and each spring have the joy of seeing the tiny ducklings as they emerge from the nests. It is a majestic bird and already there have been a few evening where the honk, honk, honk makes me look upward to see them flying overhead in that classic v formation. Breathtakingly Beautiful!

I see these birds flying in formation and it reminds me of how Canadians stay togetherand worktogether. They stagger their leader to share strength working together for the common good of the flock.
When they migrate away, like many of Canadian citizens, they are embassidors and widely recognize as the Canadian goose.
They are a loyal bird that mates for life. When they hatch their eggs while the flock is migrating away they remain behind to protect their chicks.

A noble, independent bird which harms no-one and treats every Canadian and American equally.

The Canada Goose, while independent and sometimes protective (not bad things in context....and the goose is never arbitrarily aggressive), also works together with others....each taking turns at lead of the V to achieve common purposes and to always lead with strength; while the tired are allowed to rest, assisted by but still full members of, the flock as a working unit. This is the sort of bird we would want to represent a just and caring society.
The loon, while iconic, is somewhat solitary and is already a provincial bird. The chickadee, while a permanent resident, is already a provincial bird for NB.
Some of the other candidates, while identifiable as "Canadian" are not so ubiquitous as The Canada Goose. I have seen very few Grey Jays in Montreal, Snowy Owls are rare in NB but the Goose is found everywhere from the High Arctic to the parks of Metropolitan Canada.
As for its migratory pattern, Canada is an immigrant nation and takes pride in its cultural diversity. I don't see anything wrong with a bird that travels. For the First Nations that were here before immigration, the Canada Goose was an important source of sustenance and an important "season" in the indigenous calendar.

So quintessentially Canadian..

Like the goose, Canada is elegant and beautiful - until you get just a little too close to its nest. Then it will scare the bejeebus outta you.

I have traveled across Canada and the US and when I see a Canada Goose I am proud and humbled at the same time. Where I live they are a prominent feature of many a landscape and we actually have a little tongue twister that we say; the geese stop to feast in the field. I love seeing the V in the sky as they fly South, North, East or West.

Canada goose are everwhere, they traveller's Canada, to the USA & in England & lots of places. They are our ambassador & enerybody knows there are from Canada.

there is nothing more lovely than hearing the Canada goose fly overhead in the spring..and fall for the end of a productive year with baby geese.thank you God for this wonder

The Canada goose is recognized throughout the world already as being Canadian, and like Canadians, has traveled to many parts of the world where it thrives.
We are not a passive nation, and like us the Canada goose defends it nesting territory, and protects its young. It is wise enough to make its way thousands of miles in massive migrations spring and fall, and deserves our respect.

Everywhere I've been in Canada I've seen Canada Geese. Sometimes, when visiting in U.S.A., I will first hear and then see a beautiful flock of Canada Geese heading north and I feel awed and really proud seeing that strong V shape pointing to home and my country. I believe they are found not just in one place in Canada but everywhere. It is already recognized in many places and countries as a "Canada" goose and therefore from Canada. Whereas a Loon, as beautiful as it is, is not seen in the middle of urban areas. In fact some urban people may never actually see a Loon apart from on a postage stamp. They may never actually hear its haunting song etc.
"Something told the wild geese,
It was time to go.
Though the fields lay golden,
Something whispered "snow"."
(Poet: Rachel Field published 1934 by Mcmillan Company)

My vote is strongly for the Canada Geese

Christine Berriman

Iconic symbol of canada

The Canada goose is fiercely loyal and protective, attributes I'd like to think most Canadians possess. To me, they are the iconic representation of our country. How can they not be a symbol of Canada when they even have the name "Canada" in their name? Many don't even migrate south anymore. They just practice the flying formation. The sound of their trumpeting as they fly overhead in the fall has been a welcome sound every year.

I love all the birds, and the Loon is very beautiful, but, good Heavens, Canada Goose has us in its name! I had no idea it was not all ready our national bird. It would be a big mistake not to choose it for our national bird. It has just the right attitude. I don't go south for the winter, but like many Canadians it does. And it keeps its personality wherever it goes -- not afraid to gather in numbers where people are -- and you often can approach them quite closely. They are often enjoying our lawns at Spencer Smith Park, lakeside, here in Burlington -- I speak to them, and they politely answer, but I do not invade their space. The large males will watch out for the rest of the flock. They are wonderfully graceful in flight, and they are at home equally in land, sea, and air. Folks around the world call it Canada Goose because to them it is already our national bird. It would be confusing to choose any other bird. Do the right thing and ratify Canada Goose as our national bird. It already is anyway.

When a Canadian goes south of the border the Canadian Goose gives you a sense you are not alone. It is a nice feeling to see countrymen on your travels.

Already has Canada in its name and is well known also not likely to go extinct and leave us without a living national bird.

I feel this beautiful, social, and tough bird well represents traits of our national character.

No other bird represents Canada more than the Canada Goose which is recognized World Wide. It is a species that like us Canadians is resilient, strong and does what it needs to survive, while maintaining a graceful presence both on land and in the sky.

I love bluejays, loons and Cardinals but feel the Canada Goose is a true representative of Canada and Canadians being big and bossy when needed!

I always thought the Canada Goose was our national bird.
The loon is our provincial bird, so way would it also be our national bird.

The following birds are already designated as official bird of a region in Canada and therefore should not be named as the national bird. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Canadian_provincial_and_territorial_symbols

Alberta - Great Horned Owl
British Columbia - Stellar Jay
Manitoba - Great Grey Owl
New Brunswick - Black Capped Chickadee
Newfoundland and Labrador - Atlantic Puffin
Northwest Territories - Gyrfalcon
Nova Scotia - Osprey
Nunavut - Rock Ptarmigan
Ontario - Common Loon
Prince Edward Island - Blue Jay
Quebec - Snowy Owl
Saskatchewan - Sharp Tailed Grouse
Yukon - Common Raven

I vote for the Canada Goose - easily recognized , reflects our freedom to move from region to region

Canada goose is a native bird therefore has the characteristics of a population that was born in a free world. Due to the human behavior towards the nature and their natural habitat, in some places they developed an aggressive behavior therefore they do constitute a perfect example on how the habitat changes leads changes in behavior. Canada as a country has entered in an era in which the climate, behavioral and patterns changes are reaching a new dimension therefore when a bird such a goose migrates naturally to the Northern Europe, we should understand their message. There are also areas in which they are hunted freely. As a result, I have seen them becoming more protective towards their goslings as their parents chose to move to areas that are more secluded and away from human population.

I feel this beautiful, social, and tough bird well represents traits of our national character.

The Canada Goose is already known around the world as Canadian Geese. It makes sense to make it official.

No bird is as iconic for our country as the Canada Goose. It's understated and a prolific traveller - just like us! Have to say, the Loon is not a good choice, just by virtue of the phrase, "crazy Loon."

The Canada Goose seems like a natural to represent our country. It even has Canada in its name!

just love them , see them gathering up for their journey is totally amazing

I have always thought that the Canadian Goose was Canada's National Bird. They are beautiful.

Early this morning I was sitting on my deck and overhead I heard "honking" and I quickly looked overhead to see 7 Canadian Geese flying south. What a beautiful Canadian sight. Every year I wait for their arrival in the spring and am sorry to see them go in the fall. They get my vote.

Common to a larger area of Canada than some of the other birds.

Like a good chunk of Canadians, the Canada Goose heads south for the winter. It's like we have a piece of home follow us in Florida.

It should be the Canada Goose because it is all across the nation.

The Canada goose is an iconic symbol as the choice for our national bird. It has been used as a symbol on the 1967 Canadian silver dollar--as part of our country's centennial celebration. The bird has been featured on 4 Canadian postage stamps in the years 1952, 1963, 1986 and 2000. Found in every province and territory it is a well recognized bird in both rural and urban settings. Their call is easily identified as they fly in their famous v-shaped migrating formations. Long appreciated by native hunters as a food source in the north, this bird is part of the historic Canadian fabric.

In addition, the name has inspired the clothing industry--Canada Goose parkas are a well recognized brand name for winter coats.

The Canada goose has bee long associated with Canada and perhaps best known "Canadian" bird outside of Canada

It's iconic everyone in canada and the world knows the canada goose

Honk honk hiss

The Canadian Goose is already primarily associated with Canada. Its well traveled & very distinctive.

I voted for the Canada goose to protect it from its feathers be used for the winter jackets

Long time the CANADA GOOSE was always the bird I identified as CANADIAN. Love all birds but this is CANADA's bird!!

How can this magnificent bird NOT be our National bird?!? It has CANADA right in its name!

This bird is ubiquitous and is our emissary to the world.

A symbol of the changing seasons, the Canada Goose is a regal looking bird , that can be found in all areas of the country during the "growing season".

I have read the other essays and feel no need to repeat them here as I am convinced that the "CANADA Goose" shall get my vote.

Canada goose is a perfect name for a Canadian national bird.They vacation south in winter just like many of us do.They could be aggressive if provoked peaceful most of the time just like most of us.So
it deserves the title.

Canadian goose represents Canada. She is Canada. Everyone thinks of the true north strong and free when they see her.

In my humble opinion the Canada Goose is the only true symbol of Canada that every citizen recognizes and loves or loves to hate depending on the grassy park they choose to inhabit during the summer. It is part of our every day lives on our currency. And is recognized as the symbol for 'Canadian snowbirds' outside our great nation. Need I say more!

Just seems obvious. Also, loons suck

Branta Canadensis is the Latin nane for the Canada Goose...Meaning Black or Burnt colouring ( Branta ) and From Canada ( Canadensis )...How Canadian is that... a Latin name is actually the proper name for a bird.Therefore it should be Canadas national Bird.

What is this bird's favourite country?

Canadian Goose!

The Canada goose has
always represented Canada to me, born in Detroit to a Canadian mother and American father we visited Canada allot as a children before moving to Ontario. As visiting Americans the Canada goose always seemed to be present in the culture and it was positive and showed pride in Canada.
I believe the Canada goose is a strong symbol of Canada and should be the national bird.

It has CANADA in it's name. Nuff said.

These are the girls that tell us of there passing in many places that we go. The connect I have with these incredible creatures goes without saying.
The chilly morning sun often lights their path right by (over) me. Joy is with me and I cannot let go of my wonder of their being (making a NOISE that I love and respect).
I am an Acadian (don't ask me to prove that) of the mig'mah nation although my communication with birds is of the sort of the common Crow.
So, maybe you should take this respite with a grain . . . but it's true.

I don't know why the loon is winning. I have never seen a loon.

I find the Canadian Goose to be majestic.

I love to watch the Canada geese. They are so graceful for such a big bird. My husband and I had lived in New Brunswick and we were so happy to see them. We would watch for the special places where they would go and we would hope to see them. When we returned to Gaspe, we were so happy to see them here too. They are majestic and they are a pleasure to watch.
I guess the name says it all. They are the Canada geese.
We were so sure that they left in the winter, but we were surprised and very happy to learn that they do indeed stay here for the winter. Not all of them do, but there are some who must be really strong because our winters are long and oftentimes, very severe.
Take the time to watch them. Whether on land or in the air, they are beautiful creatures.

All birds deserve the honour, but the name Canada Goose I feel is self explanatory.
I thought, we already had a National Bird and I always thought is was the Canada Goose.
well now I know.

Canada Goose is my pick.

Since the loon is already on the loony i think it should be the canada goose as it already has the name on it.

What a wonderful bird to represent what Canada is all about. This beautiful and graceful bird certainly encompasses what we are as a country. They fly together as a team most often and demonstrate eloquently how teamwork wins the day. What a lesson they can teach all in this often troubled and worn-torn world.

The Canada Goose represents in flying formation the bringing together of several provinces under one leader.

In short, the Canada Goose is the best bird to represent Canada because it is found throughout our great land and it is familiar to all citizens of our country. Plus it has the word Canada in its title. Now what is more fitting than that!

Not only is the Canada Goose one of the most graceful birds, it is also easily recognizable. In addition, because it is called the "Canada" Goose, people automatically think of Canada when they see it. It is strong and prolific and is capable of tremendously difficult migration runs each year, which also makes it visible to more people. That's why it has my vote.

To me, it makes the most sense to have the Canada Goose as the national bird, since it has Canada as the main part of it's name! :)

The Canada Goose is the most recognized bird that we have.

I have no essay just a point - isn't the "Canada" Goose the only bird with our country's name as the official name? I can see a Canada goose pretty much anywhere in Canada and the V formation during fall is amazingly iconic. No other bird on your list can make that claim.

The Canada Goose holds a special place in my heart as our family once made the mistake of accepting a contract position in Kansas. Feeling marooned and isolated from friends and family, imagine our surprise to find that this small town in the southern corner of Kansas was a stopping point for a flock of Canada Geese. We were at the park just two blocks away from our home and they flew in for one of the most beautiful landings I've ever seen on the small pond. We were no longer the only Canadians in this little town, even if only for a short while.

CANADA goose. I have never sen or heard a loon, and have lived here for 47 years, in both cities and in the country. I see Canada geese daily, and in all provinces.

I love the goose

I just LOVE watching our Canada Geese every Spring and Fall - this would be my choice!!!

The Canada Goose is our national bird - it's right there in the name - my second choice would be the Loon - mainly because they are so common to most of Canada - but the Canada Goose is iconic - you see the majestic flocks flying overhead in formation - very nice. I love to see them fly over.

The Canadian Goose is recognized in most 1st world countries as Canadian so it makes sense that they become our national bird.

I think that the Canada goose should be the designated national bird because
of the project that was launched so many years ago to protect the species from
extinction, so why would you not take some of the credit.

This is truly a national bird that is found from coast to coast to coast. This is a bird that we have all seen wherever we live, in the city or town or country.

How can anyone choose anything except the Canada Goose as Canada's National Bird. It's in the name already and everything! And I certainly don't want a province's chosen bird to be the national bird, too. Canada Geese are a great bird symbol for Canada - we may look mild and meek, but we can be vicious with provocation too!

With "Canada" in the name - it just makes sense to me :)

When you mention Canada and birds, the Canada Goose pops into mind. We hate to see them leave in late fall and eagerly await their return every spring.

I think a lot of people already thought the Canadian Goose was the national bird of Canada and also it has the word Canada in it. Next the Canada Goose always has been associated with Canada by other countries. The Canada Goose is a very strong, smart, graceful, social bird and has a great sense of direction just like us Canadians!

I think the Canada Goose should be Canada's official bird as everyone associates it with us already. It really says Canada when you hear it honking overhead in the fall and spring. Such a beautiful bird to watch.

I think Canada is synanimous to goose/geese, it is a pleasant sight everytime these magnificent birds are flying in the sky whether they were migrating south or just looking for food.

Canadian by definition.

Any non-Canadians I've known have looked for the Canada Goose during their visit. This bird is the one they most closely associate with Canada. It also seems to be the one most likely to be seen. When was the last time you spotted a loon in your neighbourhood?? :-)

I have been observing of family of 4 goslings and a the two parents for several months. I am amazed at the care the parents provide for their young ones. One of the 4 is smaller than the other 3 ( a runt of the litter ) but is treated equally by both the parents and the other goslings. They are getting quite large now and it would be great to see them fly together. I believe that we could learn a lot about family just by observing a family of canadian geese.

I would vote for the Canada Goose simply because for the odd reason I get excited when I see them. I would go out of my way to stop and watch them as they are beautiful creatures. I also have an inside joke with my friends that I am the goose out of the gang because I always try to communicate with them but miserably fail.
I believe they would make a great National Bird for Canada.

The goose that bares the country's name is found generally throughout Canada.
Some consider the goose a nuisance, especially in urban areas. But I think the Canada Goose is worthy to be designated the National Bird. They mate for life and, they are very social and regal looking birds. Also, there is no distinction male or female.

The Canadian Goose is a regal, yet a playful bird. No others can match it's majestic form in flight. It's voice is one of strength and unity.

I would like to nominate the Canadian Goose because of its name. Canadian - it represents all of Canada and would be a fantastic ambassador of the Canadian birds. You always know when its coming up to fall/winter or spring as the sounds of the Canadian geese can be heard.

Thank you

even though they are messy and noisy, I think they are iconic for Canada !

Canada Geese are well known in Manhatten. They even downed a jet! (it landed in the Hudson River. The Canada Goose is also worn in the winter time!!

We are well noted for our Canadian Geese. it is never identified with any other country. It should remain ours and truly be our National Bird.

Love the Canada goose....maybe a nuisance to some, but I love how it tells us Spring has arrive and says Goodbye when late is coming.

The Canada Goose is just that. The Canada Goose is the Canada Goose.

The Canada Goose should be the national bird of Canada, not only because of it's name, but, because it is a very common bird and most Canadians have seen the Canada Goose.

I would choose the Canada Goose, as throughout some of Canada this bird remains year round. For those that do migrate, it is an early to arrive in the spring and late to leave in the fall. It is a bird that is loyal, mates for life with both parents raising their young making it a great role model. The Canada Goose is very distinctive, with beautiful plumage, a recognizable 'V' flight pattern and is very adaptable to its surroundings.

These birds are the most frequently seen and heard, at least where I live in Toronto.

The bird carries Canada's name, only natural no one else will claim the bird.

This bird has always been a great symbol of our country although not our official bird.

The Canada Goose is a complex bird that is found in great numbers in North America. My experience with an extraordinary Canada Goose occurred at the Iber Road stormwater pond in Ottawa. This pond has warm wastewater coming in one end of he pond so one quarter of the pond does not freeze over like the other ponds in the area. Consequently, many late migrating flocks of ducks and geese rest there for a couple days in late November and December. Once rested, the flocks would resume their southerly migration. Two winters ago, a Canada goose pair did not continue with their flock and about a week later the female died, leaving her grieving male partner who stayed at the pond. Shortly afterward, a small female duck less than a year old, landed badly on the ice portion of the pond and broke its right leg in two places - a very ugly break. She could barely limp and move. I continued to provide cracked corn and hen scratch grain mix to the pond stragglers. That lone Canada goose sheltered the crippled little mallard female all winter under his wing while sitting on the ice. He would see me coming with the grain which I spread out over the icy portion of the pond and he would get up and saunter over with the little duck hobbling behind him. It was a bitterly cold winter in January and February with no break in the temperature but this unlikely pair survived. April 8th, a flock of ducks arrived for a rest at the pond. The little duck hobbled quickly over to the group and I knew that she had found her family. She left with them two hours later. The lone male goose stayed for almost another month and then did a low level flight to the Amberwood pond two kilometers to the southwest where he recognized me and came "running" over. He spent the summer there. In late November, we watched as another flock of geese came and he left with them for the southern migration.

It has the name 'Canada' Goose right in it.

it is the most common

Seems like a good fit to me because it already has the name Canada and it can be found all over Canada

I have always considered the Canada goose to be our country's national bird.

To represent all of Canada, the Canada Goose seems the natural choice, it's well know all over the world as belonging to Canada. It migrates across this wonderful Country of ours, and is easily recognized. Thank you for allowing me to cast my vote, and have a say....

Let the Name stand for It's self

The name says it all!

The Canada Goose has always been our Bird , lets keep it that way , should be protected as the Bald Eagle is to the States

I have long thought of the Canada Goose as the unofficial national bird, in fact many people already believe it to be so. Most persons recognize it in flight, know about its migratory habits, and marvel at its resilience and adaptability
to our changing climate.

Nothing more Canadian than a Canada goose.
The end.

The Canada Goose is easily recognizable already internationally. They are survivors in any setting, strong and beautiful in flight.


Le Canada et ses saisons ... Enfin le printemps, l'espoir, quand se font entendre les bernaches du Canada au-dessus de nos têtes. Quelle merveille que de voir ces formations en "V", on s'en tord le cou! À l'automne, elles font le chemin inverse et nous avertissent qu'il faut nous préparer pour un autre hiver. Mais quelle beauté encore de les voir dans le décor automnal. La bernache du Canada mérite bien de porter le titre d'oiseau national du Canada. Elle en porte déjà une partie ... non?!?

Beautiful and elegant in flight, the Canada goose fearlessly protects its family, and stands as a constant example to us all that no distance is to far if we go there as a team United.

I thought the Canada Goose was already our national bird. When did that change And Why?

My 10 yr old grandson says why does Canada need a bird? We've already got a bird! The Canada Goose!

While the loon is already on our money, it is the provincial bird of Ontario. The Canada Goose is everywhere and is recognized by everyone. Plus it vacations in the United States like many Canadians.

Do a search right now of 'symbols of Canada' & you will see the Canada Goose.

Its already Canada's unofficial bird people, now lets make it official ;-)

It has Canada in its name. Done.

maybe is more big in photo.

You can find Canada Goose everywhere in Canada and the name has Canada itself.

when i see him i am happy

I choose the Canada Goose because it is the most recognizable and meaningful bird. A symbol of Canada from coast to coast. I would have picked a Loon but that has already been adopted by proud Ontarians.

The Canada Goose is a magnificent bird. It mates for life and is found all across Canada.

There should be no other option than CANADA GOOSE!

I love Canada geese. It's the one of popular birds we can see in the city. And can see how geese parents look after babies and how fast the babies grow up. They become one part of our city.

I love it.

I love Canada Goose!

I will keep this essay short. Our national bird HAS to be the Canada Goose! It is ubiquitous across the country from sea to sea to sea. The Canada Goose has many redeeming attributes and qualities that represent Canadians, not the least of which is that they are loyal, dependable partners for life. My main reason, though, for selecting the Canada Goose as our national bird is that it is called the CANADA Goose — not the American Goose or the USA Goose or the Black & White Goose. It is OUR Goose, the Canada Goose! The choose is crystal clear. Happy Canada Day!

Daniel Hahn

United forever in friendship and labor our mighty republic will ever endure the great Soviet Union will live through the ages the dream of a people their fortress succcc

Growing up beside the St Mary's River in Sault Ste. Marie in North Ontario I first heard the honking on the Canadian Goose before I saw them. Then one by one the V shape formations in the sky by the thousands came into view. Their number blocked out the afternoon sun and their honking of orders to each other made me cover my ears. All this thrilled me to my bones. Then they were gone. The thrill lasted for a long time and I could not speak. As I learned that they would be back in the spring this knowledge gave me hope all winter long and I did not share this until now. To me all my life long hope for spring meant hearing their honking first and then seeing them and the thrill still is in my body. I see a picture of and Canadian Goose and I see the spirit of all Canadians. All of us present and past generations have traveled great distant over and over again. Like the geese losing their feathers each year and new feathers dressing us Canadians are the most adaptable people on the planet.

There is really only one choice...

The Canada goose is know around the world as the CANADA brid like the flag so just do it already.

I think Canada is already well-known for the Canada goose outside of Canada, so it makes sense that it becomes our national bird.

A bird that will DEFEND AND PROTECT it's young to DEATH!!!! A "Loon" will do the same, BUT at NOT nearly the same degree or INTENSITY as the CANADA GOOSE...hence, my VOTE is with the STRENGTH AND BEAUTY of the CANADA GOOSE!! SO, SORRY this DOES NOT appeal to YOUR opinion...:( but, I am entitled to my opinion too!!

Yay Canada geese!

Beautiful, big, interacts with & lives near people & in the wild, & looks at least like it could beat up a bald eagle pretty good in a fair fight.

Please keep them in Canada.

Honk...Honk. That is all.

Jack Miner's Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

If you've never seen MILLIONS of Canada Geese there, then you simply wouldn't understand. Never seen a loon...have probably seen a billion Canada Geese over the years. If that ain't a subtle hint for ya, then I don't know what would be!

Also..CANADA Goose. We pretty much already picked that one. A LONG time ago, too. Why is anyone honestly asking this question in the first place? Iz we idjitz er sumpin?

PS: Worth $20.00. The loonie's only a piddly little buck. http://www.mint.ca/store/coin/20-for-20-fine-silver-coin-canada-goose-2014-prod1840075

The Canadian Goose should be the official bird,

it's adorable, can act silly, yet stately, i love the way they fly and how the mother and father walk with the little babies in between them, and i have saved them from cars before and they are just so adorable.
we see them all the time in America and i love Canada and i love your geese so please make the goose the official bird!

The beautiful Canadian Goose is a staple in our country. You can observe them crapping on beaches and parks,as well as chasing and biting people, young and old. The Canadian goose may be a jerk, but they are our jerks. The beautiful, iconic animal is a true gem of this country and I think, deserves to be the bird of Canada.

Beautiful birds. Geese are known to be ferocious if necessary to which anyone who has ever been chased by an angry loud goose, can testify.

And points for a Canadian Goose getting the best of a Bald Eagle in an altercation!

I would like the Canada Goose to win, because (1)it already has the name "Canada" Goose, (2) it is a commonly known bird, and (3) it is more majestic than most of the other birds in the running. Some of the birds that have been proposed are known only to bird enthusiasts. The Canada Goose is widely known and even other countries recognize it as Canadian.

Whether we like it or not, Canada Goose is already our unofficial National Bird.

I am a Canadian citizen temporarily living in the UK, and seeing the majestic Canada Goose fly above me stirs my longing for home. Hearing their calls and watching their distinct patterns silhouette against the sky is a bitter-sweet feeling for me. What I love most about this magnificent bird is that one will always stay behind the flock with an injured partner, which is a very Canadian thing to do! (I realize I am resorting to anthropomorphism here, but still).

Canadian in the US. Love seeing those birds fly through the state. Such a beautiful and group oriented bird. Strong with the right amount of attitude. :)


It's called CANADA goose.

I believe the donkey of the sky embodies Canada perfect. The End.

Truly, there is only one bird that inspires both pride and fear within the Canadian population. With wings a vibrant brown, and head as black as its soul, the Canadian goose represents the true spirit of Canada. It has canada in its name, which should really be the only criteria, why is this even a debate. But aside from that, the Canada goose is probably the only bird in Canada, whos mere mention strikes fear into our hearts. How can we not honour these fearsome beasts. Perhaps this offering will pacify these beasts, and we may finally live our lives in peace. The geese merely allow us to walk within their kingdom, as as such we should worship them

geese are awesome

It's majestic. It's Canadian. It's beautiful.

I thought about voting for the Loon, and I love how easily recognizable its call is. However, the Canada Goose is hands down my choice for the national bird of Canada. It is well recognized all over the world, it's strong, majestic, proud, and fiercely protective of its own (goslings and fellow geese). One nestled down in my brother's acreage near Alberta Beach one evening, it was all by itself, and as we sat around the campfire we were unaware of it lying just outside our vision in the bushes. My Jack Russell Terrier was barking at the bushes and as I got up to investigate, this huge goose comes out honking, it's wings spread wide, and we all fell over our lawn chairs and each other trying to get out of the way. It's funny and hard to explain but I was so taken with the sight, how big it was, and I was inexplicably proud of that bird at that moment. I can only think back on that experience with tenderness in my heart. We have a pair that hangs around the Terrace Building down by the legislature and I could watch them for hours. I have seen them strolling with their young, ever watchful. What is more Canadian than that, practising the very values we as Canadians cherish. These birds have Canadian values in spades. I have heard many people say they are a nuisance, how they poop all over the place, how we should get rid of as many as we can. I always wonder who these people are, what their life has been like to not appreciate this birds very existence. How in the world can they not appreciate (poop and all) such a gift from nature? See the beauty, the wonder, please. I think the Canada Goose is the best bird to represent Canada and I sincerely hope it wins.

I feel that the Canada Goose is the best choice since it sort of has the name in it. However I do feel that it can only be seconded by the loon since it is on the one dollar coin aka the loonie.

The Canada goose is Canada. It is our bird. Canada is even in its name! We must elect the Canada goose. Canada should not have to make Ontario change their provincial bird. Let us make the goose our Canada.

They live far into the north and have year long breeding in Canada. This is our bird. The Canada is the only one to go far into the territories! Elect the Canada goose!

Actuellement, en ce 11 mai..c`est par milliers que nous admirons le passage au dessus de nos têtes de ces grands oiseaux migrateurs qui sont familiers à tout le monde.Ils nous annoncent en grande pompe que l`été s`en vient avant de revenir nous annoncer, en octobre,la proximité d`un dur hiver.

Three reasons.

Firstly, it has Canada in the name.

Secondly, it is primarily located in Canada.

Thirdly, it is incredibly violent, and therefore will likely defeat all other competing birds in a cage fight.

I believe that these reasons are sufficient.

I believe that any bird chosen to be Canada's official representative should be one that most Canadians have seen, even people living in cities. Birds found primarily in forests and wooded areas cannot be seen by all Canadians. The Canada Goose has visibility and can be seen in city parks and flying in their V formations overhead. In rural areas they are a welcome sight as they fly in from their winter home in the south. They can be seen through your car windows, on rivers and streams, on the way to work or on many rural drives, making them a more common sight than some of the other nominated birds.
Therefore, I enthusiastically vote for our Canada Goose.
L McQuay

the Canada goose has always been associated with Canada. In fact I always that it was our national bird.

The Canada Goose is easily spotted most anywhere in Canada, for young and old.

I remember taking my 3 year old niece to a park by the Humber River in Etobicoke to see the geese. She would squeal with delight at the sight of these noisy, showy birds playing in the water. My husband and I took our own children to parks around Edmonton to watch the geese. Now we take his sister in her wheelchair to a local pond, so she can watch the geese and the goslings swimming gracefully by. Such a lovely way to spend a few hours on a sunny afternoon.

Last year, my husband and I were walking along the outskirts of Edmonton next to a farmer's field, when we saw a family of geese walking in single file in the field. The lead goose was talking and keeping a good pace. I expect her conversation went something like...

"I know it's a crazy idea to just leave everything behind and take off in the wild blue yonder, not knowing exactly where you'll sleep or eat next, but it's very important Alberta. You are the eldest of our our brood, and I know the others will follow, if you would just trust your Dad and me, and follow our lead. We've done it many times, and I promise you Dear, we will come back to your birthplace. Your friends will all be there, too. It's not like we are being kicked out, it's more like we are using our heads, and getting out before the cold winds blow so much snow that it freezes our feathers. We will still be Canadians, and no one will question you about that fact, it's as plain as your long black neck. Yes Alberta, you'll get to lead once we are south of the airport. You will be so strong and beautiful, by the time we reach Montana, my Dear, and your father and I will be so proud of you. Ready? Let's fly. Honk, Honk, Honk!"

They are a bird we see in many places, not just in remote locations.

Canada Goose, already named Canada in name.

Here year round, even in the cold---Canadian thing--stick & stay home in the cold.

They travel in packs--form the V-Formations.

They cover more grounds this way.

They are found world wide!!!!!

Canadian Geese are cooperative birds that fly in v-formations like a team. As the leading birds get tired, they drop back and let the next in line fly in the lead role. Canadian Geese also mate for life and both birds contribute to the raising of their young. They are strong enough to fly very long distances and migrate in the fall and return in the summer. This habit has become so well recognized that seeing the V-formation in the sky is a marker for the seasons. These qualities of teamwork, loyalty, and faithfulness are an admirable symbolic reflection on Canadians. I hope that the Canadian Goose will still be considered the national bird.

A puffin? Seriously? Just because it's cute?

In retaliation for the War of 1812, I vote for the Canada Goose. It's the only Canadian that invades the US every year with impunity, wreaks havoc, then flies back home again.

A really difficult choice between this bird and the Loon, but as another voter pointed out, the Canada goose represents so many "Canadian" traits. The "V" for Victory" flight pattern is what really got to me because grandfather and now youngest son have served. I too love the Canadian north and which other choice more aptly represents our wandering spirits than the Canada goose.

Because I lovee gooses they are silly and delicious and funny

Every one all ready knows the Canada goose as a symbol of Canada why not leave it be.

The colour is so well defined. Bright black, bright white, just like our two languages.Already has "Canada" in its name.

Canada geese get a bad rap and are viewed as a nuisance. Yes, they are messy as all birds are. But watching them in flight, raise their young and grace our lakes is a wonderful sight. These geese are extremely intelligent and can actually pick out a person from a crowd. I learned this while taking care of one and subsequently helping others. Not only are they a beautiful bird, their high intellect and adaptation have allowed them to survive in Canada's climate. I would love to see them as our national bird!

My name is Stella Gibbs Hines and I am 10years old. I think the Canada goose should our bird, well 1st it's because it's name is a Canada goose like who wouldn't agree with that!!! 2nd even though Americas complain about its poop the Canada goose visits the United States in the winter just like many Canadians do. But it always returns to its home country. The best country in the world!

It conjures up the image of Canada that I always think of, a high flyer!

Canada Geese are known and recognised from shore to shore in Canada and all over North America. They've even made inroads into Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Scandinavia, and Finland. They are our ambassadors and easily recognisable by appearance, sound (honking) and by their famous V-formations. As such, I think the Canada Goose should be our national bird.

In Lethbridge the Canadian goose is all around us. We hear them in the skies and on our golf courses. Everyone across the world only knows one bird that belongs to Canada, so why not make the Camadian goose our national bird. The sounds of the bird are so distinct, they are truly Canadian. The Canadian goose migrates all over Canada even into the north! Every Canadian has seen a Canada goose, since you we're a baby. The first words that came out of your mouth was "what kind of bird is that?" And your guardian would say that is a Canadian goose. You would sit on a rock and think man I can't believe this bird is named after Canada. That is an amazing looking and sounding bird. Our eyes and ears are always on the goose. We need to elect the Canada goose, it is definitely Canada's symbol.

Please choose the Candian Goose. As a child I lived in Saskatchewan and my family had three of these beautiful animals. They are truly majestic and should be the national bird.

Loon is already the provincial bird of Ontario.

Our vote is for the Canada goose. We came up with this vote by having a grade four student make a survey and go around our school asking students which bird they want to be Canada's national bird. We had a couple of different birds. We had the gray jay, the common loon, snowy owl, black capped chickadee, and the Canada goose. We chose these birds because they were the top 5 birds that had already been voted for. Then we went to four classes of students for their vote. The majority of them voted for the Canada Goose.

The Canada Goose is well recognized as a symbol of Canada already. Moreover, no province or territory has claimed it as their symbol. This goose is wide spread in Canada and has a beautiful majestic look as it is pictured with its wing span. We could feel proud that this large majestic bird is finally made the official bird of Canada.

It has Canada in its name, there is no other bird more associated to this country in my books. Often hunted, it is a great representation of this country. Canada goose jackets wouldn't be true without this bird. It has a big impact on this country.

it's too blessed it's only found in canada so it has to be our bird my famzzzzzzzzzzz

No other choice!!

Here is my story that I wrote for my grand daughters to inspire their vote and make Nac and Ada the official spoke birds:NAC AND ADA
It is another beautiful fall day and this Grandpa wants to keep fit by exercising via his walk in the inviting park across the road. Yesterday, as I remember, I had a long walk and then had to sit down and rest for before heading home and that is when I met my new Geese friends Nac and Ada.
I was somewhat shocked when they started a conversation with me. Honestly, talking geese are not normal or was I just ear blind and never taken the time to stop and try to be friendly to these beautiful birds. My experience has showed me that a lot of people talk to their cats and dogs, and some tell me that these pets talk back to them.
Now that I had got my heart rate beating and fresh air in my lungs I looked for that same bench where I rested yesterday. Would Nac and Ada still be around this point by the river or would they have forgotten about me and moved on? I certainly could not forget about them.
My feet are rested and my hips feel o.k., so I guess it’s time for me to head home across the street. Maybe I’ll see my new friends some other time. So I got up on my feet and stretched, and then I saw the two of them coming up the river bank.
“Hello again GG, glad to see you could make it back today” said Nac as he waddled up to the bench closely followed by Ada.
I had told them to call me GG, and they remembered. “How are you two doing today?”
“Just great my friend” said Ada in a pleasant tone.
“That’s enough small talk Ada; let’s get down to business GG. Have you been spreading the word about our survival needs, you know bread, buns and all that stuff, because it has been slim pickings this morning?”
“Well I have only had one day to talk about it and have told both my neighbours plus my two granddaughters. But I did promise that I would tell everyone I know, just give me time” I replied.
“All right, I trust you GG my friend, but speaking of time I have another big request that is definitely time sensitive. Can I lay it on you GG?”
“I can only do so much, and don’t expect everything to be done overnight. So, if I have made myself clear Nac, yes lay it on me.”
“Ada you are better to give GG the details than me.”
“That is an understatement Nac. So I’ll get right to it. There is a big vote going on in your human community that we heard about on our BeakBook that is our equivalent to your FaceBook. You people are voting in the Canadian Royal Geographic Society poll in The National Bird Project. Did you know that there is over 450 species of birds across Canada and none have been designated as the National Bird. The vote and decision will come down in early 2017.”
“Well I had no idea Ada. And 2017 is just around the corner so believe me I will start talking to everyone I see about this big vote. Bottom line, I assume, is that you want Canada Geese to be our National Bird. Am I right?”
Nac then fluffed his feathers. “You got it GG, and is that too much to ask. I mean we are called Canada Geese for a reason, eh. As Ada mentioned our source show us that we are lagging behind and are actually down in fourth place. How humiliating to us.”
“I agree, and you know that I want you geese to be the winners. So I now have a mission.”
“Do you want to hear the results we found on BeakBook. It’s an insult. First place is the Common Loon. Nothing more than a round head, pointed bill, short tailed and red-eyed water fowl. Also, they have been the Provincial bird of Ontario since 1994, featured on that dollar coin and that is absolutely enough credit for them” Nac said forcefully.
“O.K. so who holds down second place?”
“You won’t believe this but it’s a Raptor called the Snowy Owl. And they are just large and bulky with feathered toes, like sissies wearing gloves to keep their toes warm. And remember We Are The North refers to the Toronto Basketball team, not snowy owls.” Nac was on a roll.
“So that leaves one bird in third place. Pray tell who that is.”
Ada decided to tell about this variety. “It’s a song bird called The Grey Jay or Whiskey Jack that lives in the forests and has a crestless head and a short bill. I have also heard it being referred to as The Canada Jay.”
“The only whiskey jack I have heard about is Jack Daniels, and the real Canadian Jays are blue and play in the Toronto Stadium, and were beat last year by Orioles” snarled Nac.
“I’m starting to understand. It’s the Loon, then the Snowy Owl and in third is the Grey Jay. All right we have to get votes flooding in to get the Canada Geese as our National Bird. So here is my plan you two friends. I’ll get the message out to everyone I know as soon as possible. Then I will watch the National Bird Project Site and watch our votes tally up to see if we can end up with Canada Geese as our National Bird. I am on this as soon as I get home, promise.”
“Thank you GG, I really hope we can win” said Ada.
“Darn right we’ll win, or I am packing up and heading to Uncle Sam Land” barked Nac.
As I left my friends in the park and walked home I thought that this is just like a political vote. The parties don’t get along, they all sing, hoot, warble or honk and in the end its winner gets the most votes. So go Team Canada Geese. You got my vote.

But I always thought it was our bird. I mean it is labeled "CANADA" goose, right? The Canada Goose is everywhere in Canada. I think our national bird should officially be the Canada Goose! People of the world know it is related to Canada! You see a Canada goose you think Canada, eh? Ask any American, they don't call it American goose, right? Let make it Official now!

Everyone who knows about Canada, knows the Canada Goose is our national bird. Might not be officially, yet. But I always thought it was our bird. I mean it is labeled "CANADA" goose, right? I like the Common Loon! But it isn't located in every part of Canada. Where the Canada Goose is everywhere in Canada. We don't have Loons where I live in Niagara area! You have to go north of Toronto to find one, on a Lake up there! No I think our national bird should officially be the Canada Goose!

It's the Canada Goose!

Geese look out for their flock... and when one becomes tired in formation? Another advances to take it's place. They support each-other through thick and thin. Too often Canadians forget this and the Canada Goose as our National Bird can remind us to remain noble and on guard as Geese typically are when it comes to defending themselves and their young especially.

It is a magnificent sight to see them flying en masse. Inspiring.

Canada Goose a truly free bird. It migrates annually yet always comes back home to breed. The beautiful bird is real Canadian symbol that represents a vast clean environment with the ability to survive successfully.

Reasons for the Canada Goose as our national bird are:
Identifiable world wide.
Observed throughout Canada.
Once an endangered species that has come back from possible extinction. This is the most important reason to me as it shows the positive effect mankind can have. For this reason I look upon the Canada Goose as an example of the positive qualities of Canadians and with this a reflection of the country as a whole.

It is the most recognizable bird in all of Canada, United States & is found in other countries also. It has the name, "Canada Goose" & can be found on some of our currency.

I just love them.

C'est un oiseau que l'on retrouve dans toutes les provinces du Canada. Il est devenu plus connu surtout depuis qu'il occupe les territoires urbains.
Il est identifié au Canada notamment par les chasseurs américains qui le désigne comme "Canadas". IL vit en lien avec nos saisons annonçant le printemps et l'arrivée de l'automne avec son vol en "V", il est reconnu partout. C'est également un oiseau fidèle en couple.

Même si ce n'est que son nom, je crois que cet oiseau serait très représentatif de notre oiseau national.

Je choisis la bernache parce qu'elle est majestueuse dans son envol...Je suis toujours impressionnée de voir les formations géniales qu'elles opèrent dans le firmament lors des migrations.
C'est le seul oiseau femelle proposé...en solidarité quoi... pour notre genre.

Canada birdified. Nothing profounder Canadian in the air and on our soil.

The "V" of the migrating Canada Goose is a harbinger of spring and a salute to winter in the fall. Everyone has heard honking high in the sky and looked up to marvel at the way the Canada Goose shares the work of flight during migration. This bird is found across Canada with the exception of the very far north where maybe only the Common Raven extends its range. It is a large, handsome bird suitable to be Canada's National bird.

Well, gosh. The Canada goose is so formidable it can bring down jet airplanes. Meanwhile, the Loon is just CRAZY.

No, seriously. Every time something stupid happens in Canada, that stupidER bird will get posted and we get lumped into it.

Canada: Crazy as a Loon

I don't like it.


I still get goosebumps when I watch Canadian geese flying in the V formation.

It's fun name and I have some Canada Geese at my backyard and there very quiet and fun. I see them when I come home and we stare at them as they play with each other. That is why I want it to be our National Bird.

Geese scream just like our youth

I do not have an essay only an opinion and that is that the Canada Goose already bears the name Canada and is seen everywhere there is water.

Canada Geese represent Canada well. Just think about it. MN already has the loon. The geese are underappreciated.

It's got Canada in da name eh

Well Canada Geese a positive impact to Canada because its part of its enviroment (home/land). These geese are all over Canada, and you may see one quite offten in parks or green spaces, and do you see beavers out as much? They have a beautiful coat on them, and have a unique way of adaptation. and BTW (by the way) i think the name says it all.

When one thinks of Canada, one pictures the Canada Goose!

This bird is the most representative of Canada, so much that Canada is part of its name: Canada goose as it is commonly known. Everybody in Canada and USA knows this magnificent waterfowl bird. Canada geese are beautiful creatures, loyal, excellent parents, heroic defending their families, very intelligent, resourceful, extraordinary fliers, great swimmers. For all these reasons Canada goose should be Canada's national bird


I think that the Canada goose is the perfect pick for our national bird be use it represents what Canada is all about. It flys in flocks with other geese for most of its life which represents strength in numbers and that if we stick together we are strong. This is canada because even though we are divided amongst a big country we will stand together as one until the end

You see them every where, their name is Canada geese so they are Canadians and belong to Canada.

First, the goose already carries the name of "Canada" and secondly, the goose is an international or almost bird. Isn't that what Canadians are?

The Canada goose is present in every province, and unlike the loon is not a provincial bird. And it is called the CANADA goose!

Every spring, I love looking at the v shapes in the sky, made by the Canada Geese.
I wait impatiently to see if "MY" Canada geese have survived, I always feel very lucky when I see them leave the V formation to land on my little lake. Very protective, they chase away anyone or anything that comes near their nesting site, except me, they seem to know that I will do them no harm, I am always welcome even when the gooselings arrive.

Of course my vote is for these wonderful, majestic birds.

You fools. I see you. Voting. Voting for the common loon. The Canada Goose is the only adjective for our culture. A useless bird that occasionally flies to northern Europe to do nothing. The kind of thing that should be discussed with idiot children in empty schools paid for by grumbling serfs. Reared in a grab bag anxiety for a future serving a cunning and established few. This we ascribe the goodness, kindness, cruelty, viciousness, and foul wonder that is the Canadian people. Because that is the trash we are. Sharklike, foolish, vain, and imbecilic enough to stake the touchstone of a romantic notion of culture on a lottery involving tiny animals with tiny brains.

Tous les Canadiens, des enfants aux adultes, ont vu ou entendu des Bernaches du Canada au cours de leur vie et ce, sans être ornithologue pour autant. On rejoint tout le monde. Voilà tout!

There is nothing like the sound of a flock of geese, it touches the soul

Canada needs a national bird that is common across this entire lovely nation of ours. What better bird to represent us than the bird named after our nation. The Canada goose can be seen from coast to coast. With it's familiar call and distinctive flying "V" formation, I can not think a better feathered ambassador.

Canadia for the win

Dude, they're badass. They look all majestic and serene until you get close, and then they're horrifying hissing monstrosities.

Also they're fairly recognizable. Their annual migratory flights are Iconic of all of Canada, and they're big bastards as well so they're easy to spot.

Also a lot less rapey than ducks, the other bird recognizable from it's migration flight. Seriously, anyone looking into Geese gets a healthy dose of respect, anyone looking into ducks just gets creeped out.

The Canadian goose is the most majestic bird to ever grace humanity. Bringing joy to all great Canadians, child and adult alike. And, why wouldn't the great Canada have a bird?

There is nothing more Canadian to me than seeing that flying "V" in sky the sky and hearing the rook of Canadian Geese!

I was going to vote against it seeing that it only spends its summer in Canada but having read the other opinions about this bird I must admit now the Canada Goose does exhibit strong Canadian values. I have been goosed into voting for this bird mainly because the Yanks have not claimed it and if they had good sense they would consider dropping their eagle like a hot rock as it has not done much for their reputation (imperious attitude, not cooperative, collaborative like the goose!).

Here's to the bird flying, not roasting, but hey I would not begrudge the goose if it offered itself on a large dish cooked to perfection with all the trimmings!

This is more of a comment rather than an essay. I personally feel the national bird should not be the same bird as a provincial bird. The common loon is the favourite choice as probably most Ontario residents (largest population of any province)are wishing their provincial bird to become the national bird. The Canada Goose (my choice) is found in all provinces and not a provincial bird.

The Canada Goose & It's name says It all this graceful Goose & it's powerful flight presence is breath taking to watch .
The Canada Goose is a prime example of power beauty graceful-ness & represents Canada as a vast wilderness full of species of likes of the Canada Goose .

It's the CANADA goose, the name says it all.

Pour sa grâce et sa beauté.

They have a wide habitat range throughout Canada and are well known as our unofficial bird.

i dont have an essay i just wanted to be a part of voting for our canadian bird.I choose the canadian goose of course.

I was excited when I heard you could vote for our national bird. I am voting for the Canadian goose because they are loyal, strong, fierce, and loving. They are very common throughout Canada, and will sometimes be seen chasing someone through a public park. They are one of the few birds that will not fly away from you, and that aren't intimidated of you. I strongly think that the Canadian Goose should be our national bird, and even though they might hiss at you, it's either because you got too close to them and their goslings, or they think you'll hurt them.
Also, unlike other birds , the father and mother both take care of the young, unlike other birds, whose father leaves before they are full grown. A perfect Canadian family, eh?! And even if they do hiss at you, who knows? Maybe they'll stop hissing at us one day.

I vote for the Canada Goose, because they depart every winter, to warmer climates, as do so many Canadians.

The Canada Goose is the most 'Canadian' bird of all the options. I also liked he idea of the loon, however it is already a symbol for many organizations. I was thoroughly dissapointed that invasive bird species were among the options. Why would we want a bird from another continent to represent Canada? Also, why are the United States an option for country? U.S. citizens should not be allowed to vote for our countries bird.

The Canada goose has nobility, recognizability, and lives just as comfortably amongst the citizenry as it does in the wild. It has personality.

As I write I can hear a flock of geese fly over my house as they make their way to a man made sanctuary to raise their young. It is like they are my neighbours.

Their name has the "Canada" in it which identifies them very clearly. They are very idenifiable with this country.

The Canada goose has always been traditionally recognized as our national bird both at home and around the world. It was to be on our one dollar coin except the mold was stolen/compromised so the bird of Ontario the loon was used in order to protect from forgery. Our national bird should not be the provincial or territorial bird of any of our member provinces or territories. The Canada goose is intelligent, loyal, family oriented, brave, strong, successful survivor and is wide spread throughout our country; not just in some parts. In respect to our traditions, heritage, in recognition of its fine qualities and world recognition the Canada goose is and should be officially declared our national bird. Also you should get word out about this contest to more people try putting it in the local newspapers incl. the metro, the coast, local tv and radio stations and on the internet. Thanks.

The Canada Goose
I think the Canada goose should be
Canada’s national bird because their name starts with Canada.They have a wingspan of 60 inches, a length of 45 inches, and their call sounds like a loud HONK!! And they are not too small like the chickadees and they’re not too big like eagles, especially bald eagles. A cool fact about the Canada goose is that they fly in a “V” shape and it helps them go quicker in the air because 1 is at the front 2 are behind that, and etc. It looks amazing. And that's why I think the Canada goose should be Canada’s national bird. And you will not be sorry if you vote for this bird!!!!!!!!!!!!
By:Olivia p.

the Canada goose.
I want the Canada goose to be the bird of Canada because of its name Canada goose. I think the Canada Goose is a great bird for our country.
the Canada goose is the symbol of spring in Canada. this is when you see them flying in a v-shape in the sky. this is when you can hear them honking too and the same thing happens in the fall. Often we see Canada geese in the summer at parks and other places in Canada I like it when I see them in the parks when they eat the grass and swim in the ponds. the Canada goose has a long neck and a big body.

The Canada
Why I think the Canada Goose should be Canada’s
National bird.

Canada Geese are waterfowl that live throughout most of North America.
They are famous for their life-long mating, though a widowed goose will usually choose another mate.
The gray area in the picture represents the Canada Goose’s home area.
As you can see, it's extremely widespread. It suits Canada very well.
And that is why I think the Canada goose should be Canada’s National bird.

I think the Canada Goose should be our national bird as it is found everywhere in Canada.

I chose the Canada Goose because it lives in all of Canada and it is fiercely loyal.

I chose this bird because it is not a provincial bird. I think that this bird should be remembered by all of Canada.

La Bernache du Canada a déjà Canada dans son nom et est présente dans tout le pays. La Bernache est très représentative des 4 saisons qui se succèdent au Canada et y est sensible. Cet oiseau nous informe que l'hiver est à nos portes alors qu'elles se regroupent pour faire le grand voyage vers le sud. Il nous avise aussi de l'arrivée du printemps alors qu'il revient des pays chauds. C'est un oiseau dont le cri très caractéristiques est facilement repérable. Il travaille en équipe (vol en V) ce qui est un signe d'intelligence. Le couple passera sa vie ensemble, une valeur intéressante à transmettre. C'est mon choix!

What says Canada any more than the Canada Goose? It has Canada in its name and it is known worldwide as our bird.

We have many Canada geese visit us every year in northern Oregon. Currently, in June, we are seeing many yellow goslings strolling with their proud parents at local parks and wetlands. It is impressive and enlightening to observe the caring and nurturing that the goslings receive from their parents. (Humans could learn a great deal from them!)

The most amazing sights and sounds are during autumn, when thousands upon thousands of Canada geese arrive for winter. I always look forward to observing the flocks and listening to their calls, a signal that winter is approaching. I am in awe of their beauty, stamina and social structure. (Gladly, we also have year-round Canada goose residents.)

The Canada goose is symbolic of Canada: beauty, strength, pride and endurance.

Well, the Clapping Mountains story is the foundational Canadian story, the redeeming story of hope and home. However, when I see the Canada geese flying north, flying in the direction of home, my home, their flight reminds me that Canada is our homeland, never to be left forever. She will always return to her honored and sacred home.

My dream is to be a migrating creature. The Canada Goose models this for me - arrow straight on her way. I don't like the cold much; however, in Texas now, I find I don't like heat either. So, as does my favorite dream and story creating bird, I'd like to fly home for the summer. My honored sacred home, the home she shows us with grace every year.

I think that the canada goose should be canada's national bird because everybody sees them everyday practically. Also everybody knows what bird it is when they see it, so why not

Though I love all the other a Contenders, the Canada Goose makes LOGICAL sense, as when ever someone identifies it, the FIRST word out of their mouth is our countries name!!!

Yes, the Loon is a beautiful bird, but it doesn't say Canada EH!!
Yes, the Snowy Owl is beautiful, and I have even adopted one, but it still doesn't say Canada EH!!

I vote the CANADA GOOSE - EH!!!!

For those of us who were born here in Canada -- especially in the rural areas -- some of the first welcoming notes of spring come from overhead: the Canada Goose has returned. Again. Happens every year. The aerial conversations they're having with each other, and even the whooshing of their wings as the flocks pass above us, put winter's necessities (like shovelling snow, wearing layers of clothing to maintain warmth, and the like) on the proverbial back-burner until the seasons' temperatures fade landscape's colours from green to brown.

The Canadian is one who can live anywhere and make a go of it. We're spread from above the arctic circle to below the largest part of the American border, and of course, ocean to ocean.

Canadians are adept on land, water, and in the air. We take turns doing the hard work so others can rest for a bit - we'll get our chance for rest too. Working together we'll get where we need to go.

Canadians don't impose on others, but fiercely defend their families and homes. We're a loyal bunch - to our family, friends, and even hockey teams that haven't touched the Cup in their lifetime.

Canadians do our best to weather the winter as long as we can. At some point, we will go south, but we always come back. Home is home.

So what bird best represents those qualities? The Canada Goose.

As trite as it might seem, or overtly obvious, this is the bird that embodies the Canadian spirit.

Every single person in Canada's vastness, from coast to coast to coast, and indeed everyone in the entire world, can recognize the Canada goose on sight. It's a symbol of Canada itself...an elegant bird of great beauty; intelligent, loyal and faithful to its family, thriving in both urban environments and in the wild...a truly noble bird. Who in Canada hasn't felt their heart gripped by the sight and sound of the first great vee of autumn, high, high in the sky and travelling south for the winter. "Fly well, beauties, and come safely home soon."

I like the Canada Goose because they are common bird and we can hear them and see them up in the sky. Also we need to take care of the Canada Goose so that cars won't get hit by the birds on the road. Please vote for the Canada Goose so that they can get very popular.

These birds are distinctive, gregarious, outgoing, adaptable, curious and great travellers. They do well in large crowds or as a lone pair. I think the Canada Goose is the best choice as they represent the essence of today's Canadians.

Yes, you can find Canada Geese in ponds around the world (where they have been introduced) and whenever I do see one in my travels I always think "There's another travelling fellow Canadian!"

The name of the bird makes sense. It is also the most numerous, visible and recognized bird across our entire country. It is one of the few animals that mates for life, which is something we humans have left behind in the last few years. We change our mates like we change our socks!!!

Everyone I know, from various parts of the world, knows what a Canada Goose looks like, and have asked me if it is our national bird?

So let's pick it!!!

Geese are highly adaptable to many human environments, fiercely loyal, and are mates for life. Once a goose has mated, the two raise their young together, and teach it to hunt and how to survive. This bird also welcomes any other bird to float along them.
Geese are all over Canada and remind us, of who we are and what we stand for as a nation. The majestic bird and it's flying formation in North American skies is well recognized as opposed to the Loon, Owl, or grey jay. Although still all beautiful birds, the "Canada" goose is also easily associated with Canada. The goose is well known not only to Canadians, but from other nations as well. Cooperation, compassion and a sense of community just like humans.
That's why I vote for the Goose to be the national bird.

Considering that the word Canada prefaces Goose it seems like a no-brainer. However, my reason for selecting the Canada Goose is very personal. A few summers ago I was backpacking around parts of Europe and by the time I hit London I might have been getting home sick. I sat down in a park and when I saw a Canada Goose at my feet I got a lump in my throat. These birds can be found in every part of Canada and yes I know they fly south but so are some of my neighbours. I think the name for people who fly away from our winters are called 'snowbirds" so we can't blame the geese.
To me, all birds are wonderful but the Canada Goose, can't want a more visible and audible bird no matter where we are in Canada and obviously in Europe at least in a London park.

Canada Goose ar named after Canada so that is why i picked Canada Goose.

It was a tough call: the loon(ie), my favourite falcon, or the Canada Goose. I voted for the Canada Goose because I see them so often (I haven't seen a loon more than once or twice), they're unique and well travelled (like many Canucks-- we're everywhere!), and they have an attitude that's always Strong and Free. But most of all, I chose them because no matter where I've travelled, I have inevitably and fondly surprised to discover their familiar honk nearby, silly antics, and regal style...and it always remind me of home. I think they are beautiful (albeit noisy) birds, and I always feel a sense of Canadian Pride when I see them.

Part of our history, the Canada Goose is a glorious symbol of our country. Seeing it in flight, nurturing its goslings in Spring, and hearing its haunting call, make me feel proud and fortunate to be a Canadian.

I believe the rest of the world would consider the Canada Goose to be our national bird. It is even named after Canada so in essence, it has been de facto our national bird all along!

They are the most beautiful, majestic birds of any. It wouldn't be spring or fall in Canada without hearing and seeing them in the fields and skies. ....And their name just simply says it all.

The name says it all (Canada Goose)

We already have a national bird the (Canada Goose) not sure why we are voting on this!!

Has Canada in the name!

It has Canada in the name all ready!!!

I think the the goose already has Canada in its name and is a nice peaceful bird to represent Canada. Canada should not have a bird of prey to represent it as we pride our selves on being a peace keeping country!! And if nothing else the name says it all Canada Goose!!

The bird that the whole world associates with Canada!

I choose the Canada Goose because they cover the full range of Canada, born and raised here.

I nominate the Canada Goose as our national bird for a number of reasons. I can almost set my watch by their return to sleeping spots every evening over the lake.
We can hear them coming, just like a distant train that gets louder as it draws closer but instead of a clickety clack, it's a constant gaggle and honk. They dive and swoop and flutter over and under each other, so animated you'd think they were just awake. They talk like they're discussing politics, or maybe just the next best spot to eat. There is a running conversation, as opinionated and loud and belligerent as members of parliament during Question Period.
They are fiercely protective of their young. When their necks start bending in a weird way and the hissing begins, I suggest you back off or next their wings open and the entire group begins to advance with ferocious intent.
They choose a partner for life and mourn and grieve when one is lost. No vitriolic divorces or neglected, abandoned babies happen in their neck of the woods.
Therefore, I vote for the Canada Goose as National Bird of Canada.

It's already a symbol of Canada and the only bird with Canada already in its name !! The name says it all!!

Canada is in the name........it's so obvious.

I believe this bird should be our national symbol since it is a bird that awakens spring by seeing large groupings of geese grace our skies in their trademark v-formation with the turn of the seasons. Canadians know that this familar bird brings in the summer and leaves for the preparaton of the colder months. They our the calenadar of our country.

It is the CANADA goose. In Central and Northern Alberta, it has always been our first sign of Spring arriving. Around the world, it is recognized as CANADA's goose. Enough said!

Firstly the Canada Goose is already named after our great country (must have been for a reason) secondly the Canada Goose is dedicated, courageous, organized, respects the hierarchy, encourages it's leader and is found through out Canada. They mate for life, and the male stands on guard challenging anyone or thing that may threaten his family (we stand on guard for thee)

There is nothing more magnificent than seeing a flock of Canada Geese flying in formation, and cheering/encouraging one another while in flight. Working in the yard hearing them approach, and looking up to see these magnificent birds flying in formation reminds me of how much I love this country.

I believe that the Canada Goose should be our national bird! There are many different reasons why it should be, but for the simplest reason, take a look at the name of the bird. It's called the CANADA Goose :)

I have been witness to many more geese in my life time than loons. Aswell, I feel the loon is a bit antiquated in its cultural relevance.

Because the Canada Goose is found in every province and territory and is easily recognized it ought to be our national bird. It mates for life which is an excellent model for all of us humans. They are intelligent, knowing how to conserve energy by flying in a V formation. They honk encouragement to each other to keep flying. When one is unable to continue flying with the rest of the group another will stay behind with the sick or disabled bird. When the bird in the lead gets tired it will drop back and allow another to take on the lead role. Again all of these characteristics are traits we as humans can learn a great deal from. For these and many other reasons some of which have already been stated by many others who have voted for this majestic bird please make the Canada Goose our national bird.

The article that was written on the Canada Goose is exceptional. The Canada Goose should be our national bird.

Comme le Harfang des neiges est déjà l'emblème du Québec, je choisi la bernache qui est l'un des premiers oiseaux qui nous annonce le retour du printemps. Il est très gracieux avec son vol en V quand il est en groupe. C'est l'oie la plus répandue au Canada.

The Canada goose is what the bald eagle is to the USA.
Both birds are, above all, majestic in size, shape and colour.
They hold strong to Canadian traditions and values. The Canada goose, for the most part, mates for life, very protective of family and have community characteristics - wether on the ground or in the air. They have a high degree of intelligence. They are extremely able to adapt to change and finding new environments to survive.
One needs to look past the issues of droppings and crop damage. They are unlike the country of Canada in terms of both simply trying to survive given the ongoing changing circumstances.
Good luck Canada goose.
Rod Westmacott

Because it is Canadian Goose !!!


The annual migration of these birds signals the start/end of seasons more visibly than any other bird or animal on the planet.

I really love that bird because she's a great traveller. When I ear them coming back, it's sounds magicien for me ! I'm travelling often and she's kind of my "totem "

Canadian Goose,I cannot imagine any other bird being considered for our national bird.
It is knowen nation wide as some of the other birds are unheard of.

Canada goose
The Canada goose is loud and we always know it's a goose when we hear it and we see it a lot
They migrate in a v formation

Canadian goose I love the colors and the baby Canadian goose If I had a Canadian goose I'll name her gabby Her last name is Mclay her Brithday is in May 10th .

The Canada goose is truly the sign of new life. Coming back in the early spring to hatch & raise their young. On the first full day of spring l heard them honking overhead. After a long winter seeing them coming back just makes you feel better.

IT'S the OBVIOUS CHOICE since we are already known around the world for the CANADA GOOSE.

I think the LOON should be disqualified - it might give the wrong impression that we're all "LOONY"!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canada geese can be irksome, messy creatures but their qualities and widespread distribution in Canada make them the most obvious choice. Besides, which Canadian is without some relationship with them. Their seasonal migrations replete with honking from high above surely resonates with every one of us who has even the smallest connection to out natural world!

First of all it is called the "Canada Goose"
The Canada Goose is a true Canadian. They are organized (beautiful formation in Flight), they inspire one another and adhere to the hierarchy in Flight. You always know when the Canada Geese are in flight because they are cheering the leader, which gives them the determination to continue with the task regardless of how difficult. They always make the difficult return trip to the homeland Canada, because this great land is where they want to be.

it's the best choice, period

The national bird shouldn't be a bird that has already been claimed by a province or territory.

Pour le plaisir de les voir annoncer les changements de saison (printemps-automne)

To Canadians the Canada Goose signifies the beginning of winter, the last bird to migrate for the year, & some of the low economic birds that can't afford to travel stay in Canada. The sight of northbound Canada Geese, means winter is pretty much over.

It is the most ubiquitous bird in Canada.

The Canada Goose is a stong and free bird which represents Canada in my opinion. It flies gracefully and is a loving creature.

Geese are the best

I just feel it is a beautiful bird and should be noticed more.

Parce que je la trouve belle et j'aime quand elle flotte sur l'eau.

Because it is assumed that the Canada Goose is already Canada's National Bird

The Canada Goose should be our Native Bird, it is named after our Country, it shows up all across from coast to coast and visits our Neighbour to the south. It's typical V formation of flying can represent our Military - "V" for Victory! They mate for life, unless widowed which can represent our Countries ability to stay for the long haul in anything we venture into. Females always return to their nesting sites, like our citizens they come home to Canada. They nest along shorelines which most of our Country has. This should be our Countries Bird, it serves us proudly.

Canadian goose down feathers...need I say more?

The Canada goose. Ubiquitous. Eponymous. Many birds on this list are worthy candidates, but it seems they've already had recognition as provincial representatives. The common loon, yes, is on our dollar, but it also represents Ontario. The snowy owl, Quebec. The black-capped chickadee, New Brunswick. The raven, the Yukon Territory. The Canada goose represents no province, yet is common in all of them. It's even common in our Olympic branding, along with beavers and polar bears. Canada geese are impartial, and represent the land, water resources, history of flight, urban, and rural areas. Sure, often the Canada goose doesn't over-winter with us, but many Canadians do make winter vacations to Mexico and the Caribbean to get away from the bitter cold and long nights, despite however much we love our hockey. For me, the Canada goose is us.

We already have a national bird - the Canada Goose, the name sake of Canada.
Voting on this should not be taking place when it is obvious.

It is already known to be a Canadian bird? Canada goose!

I like the Canada goose. poop all over the ground, and make lots of noise.
Hear them coming for miles.

What better bird to represent Canada than the Canada goose.

It only makes sense that Canada's national bird be the Canada Goose. ( Branta Canadensis). It may be the most hunted waterfowl in North America, but because it adapts so well to urban and cultivated areas, they will maintain their numbers. We can only hope the species carries on for generations to come. Even a clothing company that caters to Canada's weather is named after the Canada Goose. Our goose is a traveller, occasionally migrating as far as Northern Europe, and has been introduced into other continents. They are a great source of entertainment at National Parks and beaches. Their droppings can be a source of grief but I believe it is up to us, as protectors, to come up with a plan that we can continue to live in harmony. They are an eloquent and beautiful bird and worthy of the title.

A goose is so typical Canadian. Not only are they seen around the lake shores but many times roaming around store plaza parking lots.

I choose the canada goose because first of all, it has the word Canada in it. They fly south even down to Florida, but they always come back:) I am inspired by the fly pattern these birds form as they fly in stupendous form and the odd few honking to say wait for me. I'm always in awe of the sign they give us that spring has arrived with their arrival in the skies and that winter is coming with the skies filled with their loud honking and strategic flying form. Regardless of the fact that they take over parks and fields, I feel the most bond of a Canadian bird with the Canada Goose .

I believe that the Canada goose should be Canadas national bird. Simply on the fact that a Canada goose is a "canada' goose, not a Portuguese goose or a German goose, it is a CANADIAN GOOSE. I think that any other choice would be ludicrous. Since I was born I always believed that the Canada goose was the true symbol of Canada. Yes canda is home to a lot of bird but the Canada goose is our bird and it should be Canada's national bird.

Yours truly- Brandon Storz

La détermination, la force et surtout la fidélité

Le plus bel oiseau migrateur qui fait halte dans notre région et qui sillonne l'ensemble du territoiredusud vers le nord

I mean really, how could I not vote for the CANADA goose!

I came to greatly admire the Canada Goose when I hunted them in the N.W.T. I came to see a flock(if that is what you call a bunch of geese)as a family. They would have lookouts for danger who would warn the other. One family would warn another family approaching of danger so it could be quite tricky to get close enough for a good shot. If lucky enough to get one you knew that it's mate would spend the rest of it's life alone. Their large V formations are something to behold and their honking is unique. They are a majestic bird and it takes a good hunter to bag one.

The Canada Goose, with its notable size and presence, resilience, social dynamics, ability and physical structure that allows it to navigate water, land and air, would be a fitting national bird.

It already has "Canada" in its name; it is seen across the country, and it roosts here - sometimes even on top of a lodge of our national animal - the beaver.

I'm pleased to vote for the Canada Goose. I can imagine them gathering, preparing to flock and take to the skies in their characteristiv "V" formation to celebrate the victory when they win - with a lot of honking!

I love geese, they're so cute. It seems like whenever I go fishing one or two start following me. I even have a plush of a goose sitting on my bed

The name says it all.

Aside from its name, I think the Canada Goose would be an excellent
choice. It is a beautiful bird and obviously a hardy, determined
dweller of both city and countryside. Its ability to adapt to the
cities does mean that a larger part of the Canadian population is
aware of its existence. The sound of its honks and the graceful V's
seen in the skies in autumn is a stirring sight.

This was tough, to choose between all my favorites: artic tern, northern saw-whet owl and the loon.Finally the Canada goose i vote for, by a slim margin it won. Powerful flight and the fact that it flies in formation, inspiring! Represents this great and vast nation of ours.

The Canada Goose is majestic, lives all over the country, and can be lots of fun.
Pictures I have taken which you don't accept here (happy to provide):
1) Male landing at my feet on my patio; mate is sitting eggs nearby and he has nothing ' else to do for 30 days.
2) Male and mate presenting their 6 new young
3) The semi-grown young running up to see me
4) Shedding feathers in April
5) Facing down a bold 6-month kitten in September
For heaven's sake, don't choose the loon which is strictly an Ontario bird and no fun

For almost 50 years, I have lived in an area of Canada with many Canada geese. I have witnessed many people feed and appreciate these sweet gentle birds. On the other hand, I have seen and made efforts to stop people from chasing, harassing, stoning, and poaching them. I have read many articles stating that these birds are a nuisance. From my observations, it is the people who are cruel to these geese who are more than a nuisance!
When I heard that a survey was being conducted to determine Canada's official bird, I was heartbroken. Many people recognize the Canada goose as our unofficial bird. Why not leave it at that or just make the Canada goose the official bird? I think this bird has had enough disrespect. The Canada goose, more than any other wild bird, needs protection, so demoting the Canada goose does not help them. I am ashamed to be an official Canadian!

The Canada Goose emulates all that Canadians are. The name in itself is all encompassing. Every morning I wait to hear the flocks fly over my home, such wonderful communication they have.

I already thought the Canadian goose was our national bird and the best thing in the world to me is seeing them fly in their V formation across the sky.

I'm really not sure why there is even survey about this. The bird is called the "Canada" Goose but I suppose it wouldn't be Canadian if we didn't debate about it first. Can't wait to hear Harper and Trudeau throwdown over this one. By the end of it we will likely rename the Canada Goose with a different and somehow less offensive name and choose the Ptarmigan as the national bird.

La bernache du Canada nous announced les saisons.

The common Loon is Ontario's provincial bird.

First of all the common loon is the provinal bird of Ontario. So it really should not be in the contest I think. Secondly the Canada goose literally can "Canada" in its name.
The Canada goose is Intelligent. Around the mill ponds it knows when hunting is allowed and when it's not. On days like Sunday's where there is no hunting you can see several groups of geese on the pond. On days when you can hear the gun shots in the distance there are no geese anywhere to be seen.
Canada geese can be seen in urban parks, or in country fields. They are known to all Canadians in every province and Territory. They are strong. They can be vicious when they want to be. But also nice to look at.
As a child I remember going to the park to feed the Canada Geese.
The Canada Goose is the perfect national Bird because it reflects Canadian values. Both peacefull, but will stand and fight if we need to.

This bird is so majestic and Canada is already in its name.

I want the Canada goose too be official bird of Canada because it flies all the way across Canada and it is a beautiful bird and it is my Canada.

they are also fiercely loyal. Among the first to arrive in spring, and last to leave in winter, they mate for life and both parents share in raising their young. A fine role model all round, I'd say.

L’Oie Canadienne

Je pense que l'oiseau qui devrait représenter mon beau pays, est l'un et tout Oie Canadienne. Pas parce que le nom d'il a le mot Canadienne dans-il, mais pour beaucoup d'autre raisons (mais il voudrait être un plus!) Certain des raisons que je pense la Oie Canadienne devrait être l'oiseau qui représente mon pays parce que:

Je pense que mon pays mériter un oiseau comme l'Oie Canadienne parce qu'ils sont si beaucoup d’une majestueuses et beau oiseaux. Alors un oiseau qui est juste que, devrait représenter Canada.

L’Oie Canadienne faits moi penser à propos liberté quand je voir ils volonté dans le ciel, juste comme Canada. Nous sommes un pays de liberté, juste comme les Oies Canadienne. Avec leur envergure de 120-170 cm dans le ciel, glisser à travers le ciel très apesanteur (tout mais ils peser à-propos 2.6-6.5 kg), ils voudraient être parfait!

Quand ils vient à l’argent et les symboles, un de les symboles de l’argent Canadienne est l’Oie Canadienne.

Avec Canada être froid dans l’hiver et certain d’autre parties dans ton saisons, Oie Canadienne n’es pas affectée par les froids météos et l’eau. Avec leur duvet qu’ils a proche de leur corps, ils peuvent vivent dans froids places et marche sur glace. Tout mais ils migrer, ils migrer pour la nourriture et pas juste le météo dans l’hiver.

Une autre raison est parce que, quand les Oie Canadienne commencé à migrer à leur maison de le sud, il symbolisé qui printemps est vient ou que il a commencé. Depuis ils commencer à migrer à la maison dans les plus tard mois de janvier et février, et le commencer de printemps est à mars le 20. Je pense cette est très fantastique et importante- je sais, je obtenu très excité quand je voir ils dans le ciel- c’est les savoir comme « c’est vient, ils sont à la maison »!

Oie Canadienne est un bon choix à être l’oiseau qui représenter Canada, parce qu’ils sont très sociaux, tout avec les personnes. Je pense qu’il est une très bonne caractéristique à propos les Oies Canadienne. Il ne voudrait pas faire tout sens que nous veux un pas-sociaux, et pas vu oiseau qui représente ton pays.

Une bonne chose à propos un Oie Canadienne, est que quand tu as vu ils, ils ne sont pas difficile à reconnaître. Si tu sais les termes tu voudrais être d’accord. Il veut longe cous, corps, et palmée pieds. Il veut grande, plate becs et les patterns aussi. Il a les classique noir têtes et cous, et blanc « joues » et une bretelle autour leur têt, quand leur brun roux-brun gorge et dos.

Nous pouvons aussi voir ils dans le ciel, en leur forme-V. Aussi leur bien-sais « klaxon »- scientifique dit qu’il veut 13 différent « klaxon » bruits que savoir un différent savoirs! Wow, 13!!

Nous pouvons aussi découvrir ils partout en les zones humides de certain types, s’il est les lacs, rivières, etc. Mais que ne pas savoir ils ne vie pas dans les zones qui es sec sèche comme les parcs, champ, ou tous l’arrière-cour!

Comment fantastique voudrais t’il être que ton oiseaux nationale, vie dans ton nation, et tu voir il tout le temps?

Alors tu es pensé pourquoi l’Oie Canadienne devrait être l’oiseau nationale qui représente mon pays. Aussi, il voudrait ne pas être très terrible, si le oiseau nationale a le mot Canada dans ils nom!

Par : Jadyn Hurlbert

Canada n'a pas un oiseaux national. Je pense, un bon oiseaux pour representer la nation canadienne, est le Oie Canadienne. Une Oie Canadienne est un bonne choix d'un oiseaux parce-que c'est un oiseaux bien connu, et facilement trouve partout au Canada. Un autre raison que je pense l'Oie Canadienne est un bon choix, c'est parce-que, le nomme de l'oiseaux litteralement a "Canadienne" en ce. C'est un oiseaux nomme apres notre pays!(Et c'est special.) Si un oiseaux qui est nomme apres notre pays, n'est pas notre oiseaux national, alors que c'est tres fou!!!

Elle est élégante, sociable, courageuse, intelligente, fidèle.
Elle m'annonce qu'il est temps de me préparer pour l'hiver, quand elle s'envole vers le sud, accompagnée des siens, en formant un V. Son roucoulement me rend nostalgique, cela me dit que le froid sera là bientôt. Et que dire de son retour au printemps: elle m'apporte la chaleur et la joie, alors, j'entrevois déjà mes plaisirs d'été.
L'intelligence qu'elle a de prendre la tête pour permettre aux autres de se laisser porter dans son sillage. À l'observer changer de position durant ses vols est un bel exemple de collaboration, de complicité et de partage.
Elle mérite d'être notre emblème ailé de mon pays.

De tous temps il me semble que la Bernache du Canada représenté notre pays.

Je choisirais la bernache car cet oiseau annonce les saisons. De plus, comme les Canadiens, il va passer l’hiver dans le sud.

La bernache du Canada est un oiseau important dans la culture des Premières Nations. C'est un oiseau endurant, grégaire et très intelligent!

Le huard est présent sur nos pièces de 1 $ depuis plusieurs années et on le retrouve partout au Canada.

La Bernache du Canada est encore très présente sur notre territoir chaque printemps j'ai la chance de les observer et de les entendre passer au dessus du fleuve St-Laurent. De plus c'est un oiseau persévérant gracieux et qui travaille en équipe pour relever le grand défi de l'immigration.

I think the Canadian goose should be the national bird because its Canadian! It literally has it in the name. The Canadian goose is known around the world as the CANADIAN goose. Also the Canadian goose always warns there buddy's of danger and chases it off just like human Canadians.

Prėsent sur l'ensemble du territoire, une image avec 13 outardes représenterait bien l'unité canadienne de ses 10 provinces et 3 territoires.

Cet oiseau magnifique est déjà reconnu par nos nombreux voisins du Sud comme étant "the Canada goose".


i like the candian goose because its my favorite.

La bernache est déjà connu dans d'autres pays comme représentant notre pays. Quand on les voit par exemple à Stockholm en Suède, les gens l'appellent Canadian goose.... Cet oiseau se retrouve dans plusieurs de nos provinces et territoires....

The following are the various state birds of the different provinces and territories of Canada.

Alberta-Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus)
British Columbia-Steller's Jay (Cyanocitta stelleri)
Manitoba-Great Grey Owl (Strix nebulosa)
New Brunswick- Black-capped Chickadee (Poecile atricapillus)
Newfoundland & Labrador-Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica)
Northwest Territory-Gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus)
Nova Scotia-Osprey (Pandian haliaetus)
Nunavut Territory-Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus mutus)
Ontario-Common Loon (Gavia immer)
Prince Edward Island- Blue Jay (Cyanocitts cristata)
Quebec-Snowy Owl (Nyctea scandiaca)
Saskatchewan-Sharp-tailed Grouse (Tympanuchus phasianellus)
Yukon Territory-Common Raven (Corvus corax)

The common loon has already been designated as the State Bird for Ontario and is also inscribed on the Canadian dollar as an iconic representation of the Canadian wildlife and should not be reconsidered once again as the National Bird. Just like the polar bear inscribed on the Canadian 2$ coin is not recognized as the National Animal of Canada; and the beaver has been adopted as the National Animal. Hence it is important for us to identify any species that does not show up already in the list of recognized avian species representing different parts of Canada such as snowy owl (Quebec) or the raven (Yukon) or the black-capped chickadee appearing in this. Even if we look at the state birds of US, none of them is represented by the bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), which is the National Bird of US. It is important to designate a species separately for the status of National Bird, rather than repeatedly using same iconic symbols for different purposes. On these grounds I sincerely believe that Canada goose (Branta canadaensis L,) suits as the best alternative. It is an iconic representative of the Canadian wild and through different subspecies is represented all across Canada (both provinces and territories) and hence should be raised to the status of the National Bird of Canada.

well you know it is pretty obvious the name is CANADA GOOSE!!

Canada goose (Branta canadensis L) is a grand symbol of Canadian life, nature and values and hence it is an important species for consideration as our National Bird. Furthermore, no other nation has ever designated Canada goose as their National Bird; hence, we have the opportunity to have a unique and majestic species to represent Canada in the form of a National Bird. The species has a trans-Canada distribution with several species reported across the east to west stretch of our nation. The different sub-species of the species vary according to different research reports and there is confusion and taxonomic debates regarding several of them. However, some of the most well reported sub-species reported are: Atlantic Canada Goose (Branta canadensis Canadensis), Moffitt's Canada Goose (Branta canadensis moffitti); Dusky Canada Goose (Branta canadensis occidentalis), Giant Canada Goose (Branta canadensis maxima), Lesser Canada Goose (Branta canadensis parvipes), Interior Canada Goose (Branta canadensis interior) and Vancouver Canada Goose (Branta canadensis fulva).

elle ce retrouve dans tous les régions

I am surprised to learn that the "Canada" Goose is not our National Bird. I did a wikpedia search of National Birds of all Countries. Several have Eagles as their National Bird. Not one Country has a "Goose". Let's be different but the same, as Canadians. Comedians like to joke about how the USA have a majestic eagle named after their country, while we have a "Goose". Well, let them. Ask someone "What is Canada's National Bird?" I bet the answer would be "The Canada Goose"

Canada goose (Branta canadensis L) is a grand symbol of Canadian life, nature and values and hence it is an important species for consideration as our National Bird. Furthermore, no other nation has ever designated Canada goose as their National Bird; hence, we have the opportunity to have a unique and majestic species to represent Canada in the form of a National Bird. The species has a trans-Canada distribution with several species reported across the east to west stretch of our nation. The different sub-species of the species vary according to different research reports and there is confusion and taxonomic debates regarding several of them. However, some of the most well reported sub-species reported are: Atlantic Canada Goose (Branta canadensis Canadensis), Moffitt's Canada Goose (Branta canadensis moffitti); Dusky Canada Goose (Branta canadensis occidentalis), Giant Canada Goose (Branta canadensis maxima), Lesser Canada Goose (Branta canadensis parvipes), Interior Canada Goose (Branta canadensis interior) and Vancouver Canada Goose (Branta canadensis fulva).

I think that the Canada Goose should be acclaimed the spot for Canada's National Bird. The Canada Goose is found in every adjoining U.S state and also in Canadian provinces at least once in a year or even more. These geese are adaptable to many different habitats and may be mostly found in places where there are grasses, grains or berries available. When these birds migrate they form a stunningly impressive V-formation. In just 24 hours, the Canada Goose can 1,500 miles. Since the Canada Goose population represent a successful wildlife protection program since the beginning of the 20th century, this is why I think the Canada Goose should be our national bird... Also, it does have "Canada" in it's name.

The Canada Goose is the only choice as I am sure like me most Canadians already thought that he was our National bird

I think Canada goose should be Canada's National bird, because just like Will Ferguson had said that conveniently the bird was named Canada goose. Not just because of the name "Canada goose", but how the birds treat each other. In my opinion I think the Canada goose are very unique in a special way. Every time I take a walk to a national park, I always see big and beautiful Canada geese. It seems to me that their part of my life, I can almost see them everywhere. Flying in the sky, in parks, on the sidewalks sometimes and many more. A unique thing about Canada goose is that they fly in a V-formation, which I learned that it serves two important purposes. First, it conserves their energy. Each bird flies slightly above the bird in front of him, resulting in a reduction of wind resistance. The birds take turns being in the front, falling back when they get tired. In this way, the geese can fly for a long time before they must stop for rest. Canada goose are loyal to each other just like us Canadians, we respect other and help people out when they're in trouble. Therefore I think Canada goose is a spirit that stands for the spirit of Canadian people. Those are the reasons why I think Canada goose should be the Canadians national bird.

I want it to be the Canada Goose because it flies all around Canada and i think that its a good symbol Canada. I am 7.

Canada Goose is recognized as a CANADIAN icon simply by its name and they are found across the country. Second choice is the Loon

Le nom de l'oiseau le dit! Bernache du Canada! Il y en a partout au pays alors pourquoi pas! :)

Le bernache du caneda va ou c'est chaud en hiver.

The name says it all!
Why vote for another bird that is already named as a provincial bird?

Of all the birds nothing is more symbolic of our country than the Canada goose.

It is a bird that is instantly recognizable wherever it goes for its grace and good looks; just like all Canadians are.

It is a bird that believes in the values of family and hard work; just like all Canadians do.

It is a bird that will risk it's own life to check on and assist another wounded goose; just like any Canadian would.

It is a bird that will stand up to predators and threats regardless of their size; just like our Country does.

What else would even come close to embodying these characteristics so nobly.

it should be the bird because it just should

I think it should be a Canada goose because it makes the most sense because like it has the name of our country in the actual name.

Of the many birds I like I choose the Canada Goose because it was so enjoyable to see them fly over our home in BC each spring and fall. Also, the Canada Goose can both be seen throughout most of our country and has the name of the country attached to it.

The Canada Goose is found north and south, east and west. Geese bring spring with them as they fly north. It is the most amazing thing to hear and see them as they fly overhead in huge flocks, bringing the land to life again.

I actually thought that the Canada Goose was Canada's national bird.

No other bird heralds the spring coming like the Canada Goose arriving on the prairies before the snow has completely melted. And likewise in the fall the gathering of flocks of geese with excited calls and feeding before their long migration is unequalled. The Canada Goose is found in every province and although they stay the winter in a few places the spring and fall migration has no equal for exciting birders and casual observers of wildlife. I see the Loon has a lot of votes but there are more people that know and hear the calling of the Canada Goose in spring and fall than hear the lonesome call of the loon.

Because it's the CANADA goose. Duh!

C,est un bel oiseau, present partout,c'est donc les gens l'ont pratiquement tous vu c'est difficile de voter pour un oiseau en particulier il y en a tant aussi beaux les uns que les autres mais je crois que la bernache represente bien ce statu.

It's only fitting that our National bird has our name in it. The Canada Goose is the most recognizable bird from how they fly to the migration patterns.

The Canada goose is everywhere and is known by that name all over the world. It has put the name of Canada on the map!

I don't think provincial birds should have been included for the national bird.

I know this bird is falling into disfavour, apparently due to over-population, but I see no reason to abandon it.
The Canada Goose is embedded in my heart! Why Can't we pick 5 birds? Why does it have to be one? I also feel quite attached to the loon & snowy owl.

Very prolific and well known bird with strong family ties and protective.

la bernache est deja connue partout et meme appelée la Canada goose. C'est un oiseau que tout le monde peut voir et entendre deux fois par année. De plus elle aime bien aller chi... sur les américains.

The Canada Goose is common throughout Canada. Nearly a hundred years ago, Jack Miner was instrumental saving the Canadian Goose at his farm which became a refuge for the Canada Goose.

La bernache rythme les saisons par leur migration et occupe presque tout le territoire canadien. Printemps et automne, je lève les yeux pour voir ces flèches ailées longées le St-Laurent.

I believe that the majestic sound of the Canada goose will attract everyone and cause a standing ovation 😉

La bernache représente beaucoup pour moi: elle annonce les transitions des saisons. Le printemps après un hiver ardue, l'automne la plus belles des saison. En tant que chasseur, chasser la bernache et ma chasse préférée. En tant qu' ornithologue j'adore observer les volées d'outardes. J'aime régarder le génie d'une volée, leur rotation, le vol de la bernache: coup d'aile gracieux et aerondynamisme du cou sychroniser avec le battement d'ailes.De plus, amis et famille raffolent de mes cuisses d'outardes confites.

The Canada Goose is the Canada GOOSE !!!
It mean's CANADA!!!! Get Canadian !☺
Joeanne .

It is probably the most recognized bird in Canada as well as internationally.

J'ai parcouru l'automne dernier le Canada du Nouveau-Brunswick à la Colombie-Britannique, au volant d'une vielle fourgonnette de camping. Partout où on est passé, que ce soit dans les parcs provinciaux ou nationaux, dans les villes, aux abords des routes et dans les champs et sur les rives des lacs et des rivières, nous avons vu des bernaches du Canada. Pour moi, sans aucun doute, il s'agit de l'oiseau qui symbolise le mieux le Canada dans toute sa diversité.

My dog loves them so much!

Cet oiseau est grand et beau comme le Canada. Quand on entend son nom, on pense tout de suite au Canada. Il est présent partout au Canada, même en hiver à certains endroits.

It's the only bird on the list with Canada in its name.

Il s'agit d'une espèce qui est ni plus ni moins omnipprésente sur le territoire canadien.

Le nom du pays est dans la taxonomie de l'oiseau.
Différent, imposant.

I looked through much of the information on the contestants, and I read many of the essays in favor and in opposition to each. But the image that I could not get out of my mind was that of thousands of Canada geese in flight, a celebration of spring, a harbinger of summer, a farewell to fall, and an ode to winter.

Son habitat couvre l'ensemble du Canada. De l'est à l'ouest et du nord au sud.

Parce que je les aime d'amour, je les vois à la brunante dans la rivière et leurs cris au printemps et à l'automne est une méditation pour moi.

La Bernache que l'on nomme Outarde au Québec est l'oiseau presque mythique, courageux et sociable,
qui marque les saisons au Québec. Lorsque les Outardes arrivent l'hiver est terminé et l'activité des paysans
peut commencer

My only friend, the goose

The stone on the ground looks at me
It questions me about my sense of time and commitment.
The blue sky looks at me
It questions me about life and its’ objectives.
The green pastures looks at me
It questions me about my future destination,
The distant mountain questions me,
Challenging me about my failing strength.
The murmuring stream looks at me,
And laughs at my helplessness.
The nodding flower teases me
Reminding me that I am getting old
The buzzing bee laughs at me
Reminding me that time is flowing by.
The flying Canada goose checks with me
Saying you can have my strength and agility,
I can make you fly half the globe on my wings,
And embraces me with a soft kiss with no question asked.
The light and gentle breeze passes over me
Whispering at my years,
Your days may be numbered
But you have on close friend to carry your spirit
On his back to the heaven.

Je vote pour la bernache du Canada.
Pour moi, c'est un oiseau magnifique et dont j'aime voir les nombreux voiliers qui passent au-dessus de chez nous à l'aller comme au retour. Elle ponctue les changements de saison caractéristiques à notre pays. A chaque fois , je trouve çà émouvant de les voir. Au retour, c'est la nature qui se réveille et au dèpart, elle s'apprête à s'endormir sous la neige.
J'aime notre pays, entre autres choses, pour ses saisons vRièes.

Et je connais beaucoup de gens comme moi qui aime labernache pour les mêmes raisons.
Louise-Gabrielle Fournier

L'emblème aviaire du Canada ne doit pas reprendre l'emblème d'une province ou d'un territoire. Cela élimine alors le Huart, le Harfang et la Mésange dans le top 5. La Bernache du Canada (Canada goose en anglais), est un oiseau magestueux et ses migrations témoignent de l'ampleur du territoire canadien. De l'Atlantique au Pacifique, on retrouve ses grands voiliers impressionnants qui parcourent le territoire et cet oiseau dépend du Canada pour se reproduire. Le Canada doit ainsi assumer une grande responsabilité pour assurer sa protection et sa pérennité. D'ailleurs, cet oiseau comme tous les oiseaux migrateurs relèvent de la loi fédérale et non de lois provinciales. Il s'avère ainsi le candidat par excellence pour représenter le Canada, d'autant plus que le terme Canada se retrouve dans son nom français et anglais!

My family moved to London UK for a couple of years and it always made me feel closer to home when we walked around Canada Water and Southwark Park where there were flocks of Canada Geese.

un grand migrateur pour un grand pays.

Il n'y a pas plus représentatif que cet oiseau par sa beauté et sa fièreté.

Elles sot présentent partout au canada

Quite simply put, the Canada Goose is the prettiest, loyal, and most elegant of birds. The coloring is unique and distinctive and has been on this continent for thousands of years, if not longer. I would love to see this goose be the Canada national bird.

J'ai décidé de voter pour la Bernache du Canada .
Mes critères :oiseau d'eau ,oiseau présent dans toutes les provinces.
et bel oiseau que tout le monde connaît.

Laurette Trahan

Canada goose should be made the National Bird, because:

1. The name Canada goose itself makes it a natural choice as a symbolic representative as the National Bird of Canada
2. It is an unique symbol of the Canadian wild and wilderness
3. A common species with several subspecies spread across different provinces and territories
4. The V-shaped formation with huge flocks of Canada geese trumpeting across the horizon is a majestic beauty of nature
5. The highly organized flight pattern of the species represent strength, unity and solidarity among the flock members, and hence a representative of the multi-cultural society of Canada
6. The species is also widespread across US and parts of Mexico, connecting Canada to its immediate neighbors
7. This majestic species represents peace, integrity, harmony and cultural continuity with our neighbors in North America making it as our international symbol
8. It is a legendary iconic symbol of numerous aboriginal communities of Canada
9. The Canada geese are excellent parents and devoted partners raising their chicks together and represent a value of family for our young Canadians from a symbolic standpoint
10. The large bird with its wide wings stretched is representative of the Canadian free spirit and hence an unique symbol of Canadian identity associated with it

Je vote à cause de son comportement de solidarité et sociale. La beauté de leurs envoles me laisse dans un état d'admiration

L'appel de la Bernache et pour moi l'a voix de la nature par excellence.

Il est bien présent chez moi dans tous les parc.

La bernache du Canada, dit Outarde, se rencontre partout au Canada et elle représente très bien notre pays étant de passage du Sus vers le Nord et de l'Est jusqu'à l'Ouest et vice versa.

la bernache du Canada est très facilement reconnaissable à son cri distinctif même pour un non initié comme moi. De plus très rare sont les gens qui ne lève pas les yeux pour les observer quand ils volent en formation.

In all my years growing up and living in Canada, the Canada Goose is the one bird that I consistently encounter no matter where I am living. Whether it is being chased by a goose in Wascana Park, watching them get chased off golf course fairways, or noting their passage overhead as a sign that fall is in full swing, I always moved by their powerful presence.
The Canada Goose is truly a Canadian bird.

My choice is the Canada Goose. Why would we be calling it the "Canada" Goose all these years if it wasn't already considered Canada's national bird? Furthermore, it's attitude and behaviour reflects the values attributed to Canadians.

The Canada Goose is familiar to every Canadian from coast to coast from northern teritories to southern boarders.This majestic water fowel has a moral compass which every Canadian could and should follow.I Beleive the Canada Goose is a symbol of Canada which all of us canadians can relate to
Rick Duncan
Sylvan Lake Alberta

J'adore cet oiseau. Il se tient en groupe, une petite société différente chaque fois que nous les voyons dans le ciel car nous ne pouvons pas les ignorer, leur chant nous laissant savoir qu'ils sont bien présents dans notre entourage. Je crois que la bernache représente bien notre pays. Nous sommes un pays où la diversité (petite société) est très présente et où nous avons le droit de s'exprimer.

Elles nous annoncent le printemps et l'arrivée prochaine de l'hiver et que dire de leur formation en V.

Chaque fois que j'entends un voilier d'outardes passer au-dessus de chez moi à l'automne ou au printemps je ne peux m'empêcher de lever la tête .

Leurs retours et leurs départs sont toujours impressionnant

Ce sont des oiseaux qui s'entraident, partagent et resteront le plus fidèle à son couple !

Les voir passer nous rappel notre jeunesse: les bernaches annonçaient le beau temps, le temps des vacances, le temps des amours!

Voir un groupe de bernache passer: nous oblige à les regarder, à être là, au présent !

Quand je me réincarnerai , ce sera en bernache .... Je vous le dis!

voila un oiseau a l'image des Canadiens: il s'échappe de l'hiver chaque année.

Although there are a couple of other birds in this list that I like better, the Canada Goose seems to me to the the logical, the only choice. To me the Canada Goose has always been a symbol of Canada. I think of our country every time I see them. The Canada Goose bears our country's name, which seems fitting.

I feel that the Canada goose should be the national bird based solely on the fact that is its migration pattern during the falls ties our nation with others. Not only does its name speak Canada it is known world wide as our national bird as it is! why change that. The Canada goose to Canadians is the bald eagle to the USA.

The geese and my spirit

The white patches on the blue azure canvas,
The dark black wings on the foreground,
The cheerful Canada geese flying high above the ground,
Lifts my spirit while sitting by the water edge.
My meditating inner self-
While cut off from the rest of the world
Deeply engrossed in my thoughts,
Looked up high above in the sky.
The free spirit of the flying Canada geese
Brought in joy to my tired and timid heart;
Making me realize that the strength of my inner self
Is the greatest treasure that still remains within me.
This is my spirit that I see
Flying across with the flocks of geese
On the white patches of cloud.

It is the CANADIAN goose.

There is absolutely nothing that says the long winter is finally over than the

sudden, unmistakable call of the Canada Geese returning. The little goslings

are enchanting in the later Spring. They say that Canada Geese know their own

"grandchildren" , and they know "it takes a village to raise a gosling."

A no-brainer selection - EVERYONE recognizes the Canada Goose! Most of us grew up with them or their image in our eye, their honking in our ears, and in our mind and emotions. Their stunning beauty and flight formation put them in our hearts and etched them in our conciousness and memory.

God must have named them for a reason. It is their karma and ours to have a permanent relationship. Sometimes that permanent relationship is further cemented during a fateful meeting that leads to the dinner table.

They serve us well as a bird already recognized as being a Canadian, home and abroad.

Harry Weldon

To sit under a tree in the warm sun or lay on a quiet dock watching the graceful flight patterns or lazy water-gliding of the Canada goose; this has to be the epitome of peace, contentment and pride. Though their overpopulation and untidy ways on the ground may be off-putting at times, they are a majestic and awe-inspiring icon already associated with Canada. Let's keep it that way.

Well when I was a child I used to look up in the sky and watch the migrations every spring to the north and then new when summer was over and winter about to happen when I saw the fly south.
It was always special seeing the large V flight formations in the fall and knowing that winter was upon us... When I first asked the names of these birds I was told they were called Canada Geese and this filled me with pride. I then realized that these Canada Geese flew over Canada, the US and central America ... this made me so proud to know that these Canada Geese were travelling more than I was as a child.
When I grew up this made think of now travelling to the same places the Canada Geese had gone to and was a kind of bond between myself and these magnificent birds.
The Canada Goose represents my country proudly and carries our name far and wide.
I am still proud of the Canada Geese and it would be the perfect representative of our country and our far reaching influences upon the world.

I see the goose yearly around


La bernache canadienne se voit partout au canada, à la ville comme à la campagne. Elle annonce le printemps et l'arrivée de l'hiver lorsqu'elle part en migration vers l'automne. Elle fait partie du paysage canadien. C'est un des premiers oiseaux que l'on voit au Canada et fait partie de la culture amérindienne.

What is more Canadian than the Canada Goose; it says so in the name!

The Canada Goose should be Canada's national bird because, quite frankly,is there any other bird that is more associated around the world as distinctly Canadian? Like maple syrup and hockey. I think that most people already think that the Canada Goose is our national bird. Why change that?

Je considère est que la bernache est élégante, on peut la trouver partout au Canada et ce n'est pas déjà l'emblème d'une province canadienne, ce qui est très important à mon avis!

No essay needed. There are millions that already figure the Canada Goose is our bird. They relate to Canada though it and would surely be confused with any other bird.
Gary Black

The name says it all. Canada Goose.

Really? Isn't 'Canada' Goose obvious people!

I feel that the Canada Goose should be our bird because it has represented us for years. It even bears the name "Canada" in it's title.

As much as I personally don't like this bird, whenever I see it or hear it, it reminds me of Canada. It's in the name itself. I think this would be a good choice as every Canadian can agree how abundant, and annoying these birds are.

We have so many great birds to choose from, but I think we should have a national symbol that is widely recognized, often seen, and emblematic in nature. To me, the Canada goose represents our nation, it heralds (loudly) the change in our seasons, being one of the first to arrive in spring and last to leave in fall. It has an inherent sense of community and nurturing, and is tremendously adaptable, yet capable of remaining wild and free. It is beautiful and strong; and even though it travels far, it always comes home, showing us its remarkable flying vee formation. I spent several years in the southern US, and seeing a band of Canada geese in flight northward touched me deeply. I knew they were going home, to my home, their home.

La bernache est l'oiseau du grand déplacement. Elle fait des milliers de kilomètres chaque année pour sa survie,pour élever ses petits.
Je l'attends 2 fois par année devant chez moi et pourmoi, elle signifie le changement des saisons et surtout la constance et bien sûr la beauté et la grâce.

I love Canada geese.

I'd choose the Canada goose because I find it best suit our country. They are very beautiful birds. When I think of Canada I first think of the Canada goose. It's the most common.

The name says it all.

Canada goose - just like Canadians - some migrate every year, and others stay home. They are distinctive and tremendous in the sky with the V flying formation. They do honk their own horn more than Canadians do, but let that be something Canadians can learn from them.

No essay, just think that the Canada Goose is a no brainer. Thanks.

I think Canada's national bird should be the Canada Goose, because it is the "Canada" Goose. The name says it all. They are everywhere in Canada. Everyone knows about them, they fly south to the U.S. just like the Canadian retired residents.

The Canada Goose is an obvious choice... it exists everywhere in Canada, recognizable by all Canadians AND most importantly already has "Canada" in it's name. No other bird has THAT Canadian characteristic...

What could be more significant to Canada than the Canada Goose. I enjoy seeing them fly over every day in the spring, summer, fall months on their way to their resting place after a day out and about, just before dusk. The recognizable VEE formation is always present and they show the respect for their leader to show them the way. With their distinctive honk all along the way one cannot miss the wonderful show they (unknowingly) put on for us. During the winter there are hundreds of them flocking in nearby corn fields and what a sight to behold. My vote is for the Canada Goose, without a doubt.

Hands down,the Canada Goose stands out as our (so far), unofficial representative. They are immediately recognizable, hardy and majestic, with a strong sense of duty to each other. I rejoice at the sight of them flying in formation upon their spring arrival and secretly wish them luck and godspeed as I witness their fall migration.

Already an iconic national symbol.of great historic renown. Has given us down jackets and sleeping bags, as well as feather pillows. They migration in great honking flocks in vee formation. Also the make an excellent meal and have sustained pioneers in the settlement of Canada. I believe they are found all across the country.

I am voting for the Canada Goose because it has the name of our country in its name.

Not much to really add, it is already called the "Canada" goose! It is widely distributed in Canada and even some spend their winters in Canada. A lovely bird on the ground and in flight.

I always thought the Canada Goose was our national bird growing up? I am not sure why I thought this? I love all of our birds, but I have seen the Canada Goose everywhere in Canada that I have visited - even the high arctic.

I chose the goose so it didn't match provinces and it's world known.

I have lived in Nunavut and in Manitoba. It is the bird that announces change in seasons. The Canada Goose is so well known that even children can recognize the flight pattern!

I feel the Canada Goose should represent our country. Not only does it carry our name but it can be found nation wide and it's a magnificent bird and is recognized by everyone.

Pretty and beautiful. With beautiful big long wings.

I choose this because its beautiful and its comfortable in Canada in summer.And i gess this bird is good

The bird's common name says it all!

It only makes sense!

Canada goose represents our province!

Elles ont de l'envergure et aime le Nord!
La famille est très importante pour elles !

Found everywhere throughout Canada

Born and raised in Canada and thought that the Canada Goose was always our National bird.

Je pense que la Bernache du Canada est le meilleur choix pour plusieurs raisons:

1- je suis certain que plus de 90% des canadiens ont déjà observé cette espèce même s'ils ne sont pas des observateurs d'oiseaux;

2- cette espèce est répandue dans tout le Canada;

3- cette espèce n'est pas un emblème provincial, contrairement à plusieurs autres espèces proposées.

I think the Canada goose should win

I think the Canada goose should win because it has Canada in the name.

I picked the Canada Goose because, in the name it says Canada in it and the goose is very pretty! it is one of my favorite birds!

I pick the Canada Goose because it has "Canada" in the name.

The Canada goose is a nice looking bird and i say it should have the most votes.
P.S. i saw the goose and it was friendly.

I think the Canada Goose should win because it has Canada in the name. Plus it was the national bird before. THANKYOU

I think they should choose the Canada goose because if we are choosing a bird for Canada the Canada goose has Canada right in its name.

I would never forget as a new Canadian immigrant I witnessed the most beautiful display of Canadian values : sense of community, duty to one another, care and support from a group of Canadian geese close to my mother's work place. These group of geese were a little disoriented when Fall did not arrive at the expected time that year. The stayed a little 'too long'. Unfortunately, this proved deathly to one of the fellows. The group used to cross the street and most drivers would cautiously drive to make sure the geese were able to cross unharmed. One fateful day one of the geese decided to make a run on its own and was unfortunately and inevitably hit by a car. The group of geese on the side of the road looked in sadness as this event unfolded. They hurried into the streets and tried to bring their lifeless friend back to their group, but cars were coming-they were risking life and limb. I remember coming back to the site later that day and seeing the geese on the side of the road with their lost friend. As silly as it may seem, they seemed to be deeply affected! This is why I feel the Canadian Goose should represent our country, as the values of community, support, inclusion and deep concern for others is what I think are Canadian values. After having resided abroad and in other parts of North America, I can proudly say these values set us apart and are deeply embedded in the fabric of our nation (did anyone say universal health care?). As a student doing graduate work in the United States, nothing made me beamed with more pride than being identified as a Canadian. When it came down to make the choice to stay and practice my profession in the US or Canada, it was those Canadian values of community and shared sense of duty to each other that made it an obvious choice to return to Canada. The geese for me embody the values that make me proud to be Canadian above all.

What could be more Canadian than the Canada goose? Those great V formation that grace the sky, north during the day and back southward after their feeding day to their nesting spots!!! At times annoying us with their droppings on our park lawn, to the beauty and confident, proudfull strolls looking at us as if we were intruding and trespassing. We love them but sometimes would love to wring their lovely necks!!! Vive le Canada Oie!!!!!! (Better know as the Canada Goose)

Even if we don't appreciate the beautiful Canada Goose because of their green poop all over our lawns & sidewalks they are greatly loved in the state of Georgia where wooden replicas of the Canada Goose are displayed on lawns in the hope that they will land on their (& their poop is a welcome trade for watching this powerful, graceful bird). They are well identified by their name "Canada" Goose, and their flight pattern as they migrate - dropping the leader back every so often to be replaced by the bird behind who leads strongly for a while. They are always compassionate about their flock as they fly - if one is weak & too tired to fly it is never left but is guided down by flock members to safety.

Our Canada Goose is a wonderful bird.
It's communicative honking heralds the wondrous beginning of our most welcome Spring season. Looking up, we see the geese flying North, way up there in their distinctive V formation. They take turns at being 'Leader of the Pack'.
The Canada Goose is very loyal, faithful and dedicated as it mates for life. Both Papa & Mama raise their little goslings together. The whole family is often seen going for a walk with Dad leading, little yellow peepers following, and Mom bringing up the rear.
When our Fall season is approaching, we once again hear the distinctive honking. Looking up, we wave Bon Voyage to our feathered friends who are heading for warmer climes. We say, "See you in the Spring".

The Canada Goose is the most logical choice for Canada's national bird. This bird is seen everywhere in Canada and is probably one of the most visible birds for everyone in the country. It is clearly seen in our skies with it's beautiful flight formation and this is fascinating to watch. We see this bird in our lakes and in our urban settings. These birds are very social and they have a very strong family characteristic. Quite often two parents will look after the gosling of other geese. We see them swim in formation with a string of goslings. Their presence in our communities are seen by our children and they can easily identify these birds as our national bird. Even their name signifies that they are Canadian birds. No other bird has the dignified presence like the Canada Goose.
These birds are our ambassadors because they are seen in great evidence in many other countries. I have seen them in Green Park in the centre of London, England and is several other international sites. They are, without a doubt a truly Canadian bird in all their majesty, grace and representations. I vote very stronly to have the Canada Goose as Canada's national bird.

We need a bird that reaches across Canada and that isn't already named as a provincial bird. The Canada Goose fits that bill. It's a strong flier (traveler), is adaptable, is family oriented (social) and has some attitude. And what a nice sight the identifiable V-formation is overhead or as they are taking off and landing!

It has the country's name.....

Canada goose (Branta canadensis L.) represents a unique symbol of nature and is very a well known migratory species of geese; that is widely distributed across the continents of North America, Europe (Northern parts) and in the Asian (Far East). The species is native to the continent of North America (including Canada). The famous “v-shaped” flying pattern of trumpeting and migrating Canada geese flocks are seen as one of the most well known and symbolic signs of the change of season across the range of this beautiful species. Many aboriginal communities in Canada consider this as a sign of good luck and fortune and there are numerous references of this majestic species in the form of folklore, legends, songs and indigenous stories and thereby constitute an essential part of our rich Canadian heritage from a sociological and historical perspective. The majestic species is consider to be an important symbol of the wild west of the continent of North America as well as a dynamic symbol of the natural heritage of the world’s second largest country Canada. Due to the wide distribution of the species across Canada along with the presence of several sub species; its’ intimate relationship with the majestic beauty of wild Canada and its interrelatedness to our Canadian heritage from a historical perspective and for its unique common name “Canada goose”, it deserves to be recognized as the National Bird of Canada.

My home overlooks Harrison Bay so the Canada Goose is a close neighbour. I never tire of looking at them as they fly overhead and they make sure I am aware of their presence by honking their hearts out no matter what the weather. I grew up in Dublin so I get a great thrill every time I travel back there when I see Canadian Geese walking and swimming around in Stephens Green, a park in the centre of Dublin.
Hundreds of birds fly daily onto my property here in the Fraser Valley, the biggest group being a flock of red-winged blackbirds the smallest being a lone pygmy owl and being so close to the water I see every creature that swims there. However, even having the annual Bald Eagle Festival held right where I live I have no doubt that the Canada Goose represents all that is great about this wonderful and beautiful land called Canada and should be our National Bird.

I'm voting for the Canada goose because it heralds the change of seasons. Absolutely nothing lifts my spirits in the spring more than hearing the familiar honking in the sky after a long cold cold winter. Whatever I'm doing will stop, I'll look up and scan the sky until I spot the familiar v-formation, and a big happy smile breaks my face as I wish them a safe journey north. I wouldn't trade that feeling for anything. I don't associate such happy memories or feelings with any other bird, so that's why it gets my vote.

The Canada Goose is the CANADA goose. It is known in the USA and Europe, and certainly is worthy of representing Canada. Having Canada it its species title is pretty important if it is going to be our national bird.

Winters can be long in Canada and the first sight of the geese coming back signals that the end is near. The first time you hear them off in the distance you might not know right away what you are hearing but you can feel that our birds are back and spring is coming.

Sails of Canada geese flying in the V formation over my house by the Ottawa River herald the arriving of spring and the greening of the land as winter recedes. Although not as melodious as the the myriad of songbirds fluttering about it is nonetheless the sound of beautiful things to come. And when they return south in the fall, it is a farewell until they return.

When I travel abroad this bird resonates as being Canadian an order of magnitude more than any other.

I believe it is the most national bird that we have in Canada and is easily identified as a Canadian bird because of it's name.

This bird is already appropriately named and found nearly everywhere in Canada - even a nuisance in places, much like the all pervasive beaver. What's more there are already songs and poems about him/her. Hurrah for the Canada Goose.

Its the first bird I see in the spring and the last bird I see in the fall

The most Canadian branded identifiable bird we have and identify with,urban or rural

The Canada Goose is way better than the Common Loon.

I choose the Canada goose because its my favourite bird. It looks like a modern goose. Some of them survive winter. The others fly to the United States. These geese are in all the provinces. The Canada goose should be the NATIONAL BIRD.

The reason why I’m voting for the Canadian goose is because this bird is much known in northern America. The Canadian goose can adapt to lots of environments. When the cold weather comes around in Canada they go to a warmer environment, in spring they come back to Canada after their vacation. The Canadian goose average life span is around 24 years in the wild. They can cover 1,500 miles in just 24 hours. Its head and neck are black and their cheeks and chin are white. These birds are very beautiful in Canada, and I think they should represent Canada as our national bird.

Unlike the Snowy Owl, we see a lot of Canadian Geese in Canada- in parks, lakes, farmer's fields, flying in intricate "V" patterns in Canada's sky's; they're everywhere and a major and integral part of Canada. They can be a bit of a nuisance sometimes (rarely); we're use to them but my goodness so what! Look closely and you see a beauty that is simply exquisite. And in the air, overwhelming power, majesty and grace of their flight can bring tears to the eyes. The Divine must have felt a special delight when creating such a powerful, marvellous bird. Canada should have no qualms and should take great joy in naming the Canada Goose as it's national bird.

Well it is pretty obvious the bird has "Canada" in its name. I rest my case.

All I can say it that our "loved" Canada Goose is pretty much notoriously known throughout the world as being associated with Canada anyway, so why not make it official? It's big and doesn't back down for anything. It's vocal and hardy, monogamous by nature and although migratory, it knows where it's roots are! In the animal kingdom, it's tough to find more committed parents in raising young, as together they teach and protect. The latin form of it's name already has "Canada" right in the name so I'd say the Canada Goose wins!! Hands down!

Like the name says CANADA! Have even seen the "Canadian Air Force" in London, England ponds, free promotion!

its the Canada Goose! I already assumed it WAS our national bird! It's just so totally us.

Hey, it's already named CANADA goose.

The Canada Goose is very majestic, mates for life. Flies in a v shape travels greats distances. You no spring is coming when the geese start returning to Northern Ontario. I vote for the great Canada Goose

Who teaches me to sing, not complain, mate for life, stay present when moving at great speed in a large group, be consider of others. eat seasonally and locally, enjoy every day whether hot, cold, rain, snow, know the balance of routine yet enjoying the surprises, and call a hello to strangers (unless being shot at)?
The Canada Goose makes my heart soar every time I see them overhead -I always say hello, go safely and "could you take me with you?"

Everyone thinks it's the Canada Goose so let's make it official!

Well, I spend a lot of the time in England, and every time I see a Canada goose I remember the soccer fields full of them each spring, the really lame wolf decoys placed around town to scare them away, and that time my cousin was pulled off his bicycle by a group of them at the park. They're tenacious, and there's something brilliant about their V shape formations, by the hundreds, as they migrate south for the winter. Unlike the chickadee (that I love) and some of the other birds in the list, Canada geese have an international notoriety as being distinctly Canadian. A lot of people in England don't know our common names for these other birds, but everyone can spot (and name) a Canada goose. As a national bird, I think it's important to consider how other countries will think of it. It's just something to keep in mind.

No matter where I have traveled in the world, the Canada Goose has been recognized as a strong symbol of Canada.

Canada Goose should definitely win. Not only do they have attitude like Canadians, they also never let a bird down. Two always follow one that is too sick or tired to go on until they get better or pass away.

They are easily identified as Canadian by their name.
Love their loyalty and defense of family and territory.
They look magnificent as they soar overhead.

I think there is no better bird to represent Canada it's already known by every one across Canada & the USA as a symbol of Canada!! This bird is graceful, loyal to its mate, travels in huge united flocks peacefully!! It's not a scavenger or a bird of prey, when you think of the Canada goose you think peaceful bird. Canada takes pride in keeping peace in our country and our bird should like wise represent this attitude !! Our flocks of Canada geese travel in winter to the USA in a huge united group traveling peaceful and united always strong free !! The Canada goose is well know by every one and if nothing else it's name just says it All (Canada Goose)

We have many kinds of birds to choose from and for me and I'm sure many other people. The Canadian Goose is well recognized as our countries bird. So it's only natural that they should be named our national bird.

The goose is the Canadianest of gooses. Case closed. No further arguments, your Honour.

They poop everywhere, but they spend the winter in Florida with the rest of the snow birds.

I love the Canada Geese and their arrival on the lake every spring where they choose to start their families. I watch for the same couples every year, see the female Goose sit on her eggs and hatch the little goslings. The male and female raise their children together and teach them how to find food, how to fly and keep them in line when they stray. It is such a beautiful experience to see and to realize that the male and female mate for life and return to the same place every year. People should follow the examples set by the geese.

The Canada Goose has been on the Canadian landscape from West to East and North to South for many years. It let me know when winter was ominously close, when the took to the skies on their journey south and when they returned we knew Spring was on the horizon. You knew they flying low when you heard their characteristic honking. Really represents Canada from my perspective.

Well,the goose is very loyal to us,and we get along very well. Long live Canada goose !!!

The Canada Goose represents the spirit of the True North. It pierces the cool September mists with its bold phalanx, heralding the onset of winter as it invades the U.S. It's joyful cry announces every Canadian spring. Banding together, these bold travelers remind one of the escapades of Canadians in past eons. They traverse marshes and mountains, farmlands and forests, mountains and lake country, binding this nation as one beneath magnificent wings. The Canada Goose's graceful beauty is deserving of the title Emblem of Canada.

i voted for the canada goose because when i resided oversees, each time i saw one, it reminded me of my home country. no matter where i travel, the sight of a canada goose brings back found memories of the great country of which i am a perminent resident. granted, it can be a pesky animal but nonetheless, it is a beautiful bird and its v-shaped flying behavior in the fall is Mother Nature's signature of the upcoming winter.

Seems like a no brainer....

It is actually called the Canada Goose, why would you want to have any other bird represent Canada. I am sure most of the world think that the Canada Goose is the National bird.

It is quite simply the first bird you think of when you think of Canada. It is a majestic creature, it bears the country's name and it has long been associated with national icons like Canadian Pacific Airlines and the 1967 Centenial Dollar Coin to name a few. It is also the opposite of the America's national bird and thus helps express what we're not as well as what we are.

The name says it all.

It just makes sense that since this birds name is the CANADA Goose, that it should be our national bird.

I am a firm believer that the Canada Goose should represent Canada as the National Bird. These birds mate for life and protect each other as hopefully all Canadians should do.(Ok maybe not mate for life but yes protect each other). We can even judge our weather by the Goose migration habits, when they go south so do our Human Snowbirds, telling us it's going to get cold soon. The Canada Goose can also teach us Humans alot on how to live together in harmony and taking care of our families.

I travel to Sweden quite a bit because my daughter/husband and granddaughter live there. My granddaughter enjoys walking down to the nearest river to feed the geese there, which she says "Mormor" (grandma in English) are those from Canada?. It is so nice that my daughter can walk a short distance and have fond memories from home. Thanks and hopefully they will be the Bird :)

it's a lovely bird and has our name to it already.

I like the Canada Goose.

In all honesty I thought the Canadian Goose was already he national bird. I think it best represents our beautiful Country. And seriously how cute are the babies :)
I vote to pick the obvious.


Canada goose (Branta canadensis L.) represents a unique symbol of nature and is very a well known migratory species of geese; that is widely distributed across the continents of North America, Europe (Northern parts) and in the Asian (Far East). The species is native to the continent of North America (including Canada). The famous “v-shaped” flying pattern of trumpeting and migrating Canada geese flocks are seen as one of the most well known and symbolic signs of the change of season across the range of this beautiful species. Many aboriginal communities in Canada consider this as a sign of good luck and fortune and there are numerous references of this majestic species in the form of folklore, legends, songs and indigenous stories and thereby constitute an essential part of our rich Canadian heritage from a sociological and historical perspective. The majestic species is consider to be an important symbol of the wild west of the continent of North America as well as a dynamic symbol of the natural heritage of the world’s second largest country Canada. Due to the wide distribution of the species across Canada along with the presence of several sub species; its’ intimate relationship with the majestic beauty of wild Canada and its interrelatedness to our Canadian heritage from a historical perspective and for its unique common name “Canada goose”, it deserves to be recognized as the National Bird of Canada.

The name of the bird implies Canada.

The Canada Goose is iconic and ubiquitous, and already bears the "national brand". It is top of mind, as I contemplate the beautiful honking V-formations throughout the year, which are most prominent during migratory seasons. The species is considered a pest by some; however, this is unfair to the bird. Human impact has caused loss of predator habitat, and the provision of artificial environments and feed sources to which the geese easily adapt.

I like the goose because they are found all across Canada

It's beautiful and strong just like Canada

The Canada goose is truly emblematic of our country.

Canada is already in the name

Fell in love with Canadian geese after seeing "Fly Away Home"

this bird represents our country. The whole world thinks of us when they see our geese. They also live all over Canada not just in one area.

Canada goose (Branta canadensis L.) represents a unique symbol of nature and is very a well known migratory species of geese; that is widely distributed across the continents of North America, Europe (Northern parts) and in the Asian (Far East). The species is native to the continent of North America (including Canada). The famous “v-shaped” flying pattern of trumpeting and migrating Canada geese flocks are seen as one of the most well known and symbolic signs of the change of season across the range of this beautiful species. Many aboriginal communities in Canada consider this as a sign of good luck and fortune and there are numerous references of this majestic species in the form of folklore, legends, songs and indigenous stories and thereby constitute an essential part of our rich Canadian heritage from a sociological and historical perspective. The majestic species is consider to be an important symbol of the wild west of the continent of North America as well as a dynamic symbol of the natural heritage of the world’s second largest country Canada. Due to the wide distribution of the species across Canada along with the presence of several sub species; its’ intimate relationship with the majestic beauty of wild Canada and its interrelatedness to our Canadian heritage from a historical perspective and for its unique common name “Canada goose”, it deserves to be recognized as the National Bird of Canada.

the name tells it all: Canada Goose

I introduce
The Canada goose
The most majestic and graceful
You don't want a face full
Of its gorgeous gray beak
As it swoops through a creek.

With a wingspan so wide
The Americans cried
For the eagle can't soar
Above the goose we adore
Hopefully soon
It will replace that old loon
Both Vancouverites and Montrealers
Will be pleased to see it appear on our dollars.

In conclusion, I think
All the other birds stink
Let's not be obtuse
Vote for the goose!!!!!

It's "Canada" goose.

The Canada Goose - strong, majestic, fierce and free. Also has "Canada" as part of its' name. The obvious no-brainer IMHO.

Please, please, please not the Loon, not again! We've had enough of the stupid Loon already!

CANADA. Wish could vote for more but I gotta go with the Canada Goose, Puffin or Blue Heron. When I think of Canada those 3 come to my head with pride. As well those Blue Heron enjoy our fish in pond very much.

Canada goose. It's name says it all!

Alone the name: Canada Goose, should qualify for the honour of being the National Bird.

the bird is literally called the Canadian goose ! its the perfect symbol for our country

Few symbols of Canada can compete with our namesake bird. The honks of an incoming V of a flock of Canada Geese is one of our countries "must experience" moments. Even if you have to duck for cover as they pass overhead. Their distinctive features are known world wide. Unfortunately they have gotten bad press lately due to an overabundance and there willingness to inhabit our beautiful beaches and grassy fairways. This should not be enough to unseat them as Canada's national bird!

The name says it all, Canada Goose. An iconic migratory bird that has been respected as Canada's national bird; wild, strong and free.

I thought the Canada Goose was our national bird already! It was a shock to find out it never was :/ I vote for Canada Goose <3

Clearly the most distinctive bird of Canada and is already called the Canada Goose.

I’ve always regarded the Canada Goose as the avian symbol of our nation. Now nearing my mid-60’s, throughout my life, wherever I have lived or travelled in Canada, the Canada Goose has been there to stir my soul and my imagination.
I grew up near Vancouver Airport, on Sea Island, in the mouth of the Fraser River. Then, the island was half airport and half farms. I enjoyed a rural life with a connection to the greater world, too.
Often, I would see the vics of Canada Geese flying high and noisily across the fields and my father would say, “they are flying south for the winter” or “the geese are coming home”. He’d point out how they would take turns sharing the lead and how they maintained their disciplined V-formation. There where many little lessons taught in observing them and I always felt a pride that their name said, “Canada”.
I would frequently ride my bicycle to the airport to watch the planes taking off for foreign lands and emblazoned on the tails of many airliners was the image of the Canada Goose- neck thrust forward, confidently, capably, navigating the air. There, again, was the symbol of our country- strong, and free proudly trumpeted to the world.
The Canada Goose has been with me everywhere. They do not hide in the forest or frequent only the remote regions or a particular province. They are Canadians- as at home on the grounds of Parliament in Ottawa, a park in Quebec City, or flying high above the prairies on a golden autumn afternoon.
The Canada Goose is a brave, strong,intelligent and majestic symbol of our nation- one that is inclusive and accessible to all of our citizens, wherever they may reside.

Canada Goose should be national bird because it lives in every province of Canada. It is beautiful and independent.

Canada goose is the most relevant bird to me as a Canadian simply because it's the most common bird I see here in Saskatchewan.
Everywhere I look there are Canadian Geese. The name stands for itself. Every spring and fall the sky is filled with Canadian Geese, often blotting out the sky for periods at a time. The sound of there calls is a sound you will here all evening during migration, or while taking a stroll threw a local park. While you take that walk you are guaranteed to dodge a few Canadian Geese droppings, as we know a good park is another word for a Canadian Goose home. Feed the Geese in Wascana Park, and you will know all to well that these Geese are no strangers to man.
Drive or bike threw a park and you can bet a Canadian Goose and her young ones will stop you in your tracks as they cross the road. It will almost seem as if these Geese know they have the right away. Infact my first encounter with a Canadian Goose started in the back seat of my mother's car. I Was maybe 4 years old and we went to feed the ducks at the bird sanctuary. As my mother opened the door, a Canadian Goose who was anticipating our arrival and food, immediately jumped into the back seat with me to find the bread I must have hidden on me. I clearly remember being savagely attacked (pecked at once) by the bird before it hopped out and awaited bread. I shamed the goose, and told my mother to spank him for bitting.

A Canadian Goose is the most Canadian bird out there. No other bird could bring back such Canadian memories as the Canadian Goose, and that is my I think the Canadian Goose should be Canada's national bird.

This is the only one that has Canada right in the name of the bird. It just makes sense to have it as the National Bird of Canada.

Yes, CANADA Goose, it says everything, but not Common loon.
It may not be a joking. We put Common loon on the looney. That's why our dollar always "diving!"

when I think of Canada and a national bird the one that comes to mind is the Canadian goose . Actually I had already thought that the Canadian goose was our national bird!

Canada Geese like Canadians visit the south in the winter and return Home Sweet Home in yearly cycles. Therefore they can be considered ambassors of Canada given their migratory pattern.

The Canada goose is to Canada as the bald eagle is to the united states. when i think of canadian wildlife the first thing to come to mind is the Canada goose. it is one of the most common birds to be easily recognized all across canada to the young and old. Its in its name CANADA goose, it should be THE national bird for our wonderful country!!

The Canada Goose is the most recognizable bird in Canada and should be honoured.

I believe the Canada Goose should represent Canada. The loon is a provincial bird already.

the loon is getting old and we need a new one!!

I like the Canada goose because it gots swag!

why wouldn't you want a bird that caries our name as our national bird?

I voted for the Canada Goose (because it is so common).
The loon would be my 2nd choice.

Canada Goose is the only Choice. Even the name says it should be the obvious choice. I would think that the only Loon that most Canadians have ever seen is on a coin. Even if you live in a city you can hear the Canada Geese & watch them as they Fly over in a V shape. I have seen flocks of Geese in all the Provinces that I have visited but I have only actually seen Loons in Ontario

I strongly believe/know that you should/will choose the Canadian Goose as Canada's national bird. First of all,it has Canada right in the title so you pretty much already clarified that.Secondly, how many geese do you see every day outside your window [20000 right?] That is way more than the votes for the other birds! And last of all, it is rare to see an owl or loon you can just go out your window and see like ten geese.Because they are special!

Dear Canadian Geographic,

I I strongly believe that you should pick the Canada goose as our bird. For one thing it has Canada in its name and it has a wingspan or over one meter. Every day I see Canada geese fly over my head. These birds are seabirds . these are some of the many reasons that the Canada goose should our bird.

It says it right in the name and their habitat and migration are across Canada. A clear winner! Who wants a bird with common (Loon) in it's name?

I always thought the Canadian Goose WAS the national bird... I hadn't realized that it was never made official. It just seems fitting that if we are going to make one bird Canada's national bird, that it should be the Canadian Goose.

This is the ultimate Canadian bird. No other bird has appeared more as a symbol of Canada on postage stamps, a famous Canadian clothing maker, Airline advertising, to name but a few. It has great meaning for many of our Aboriginal communities, not least because it has been a staple source of food for generations.

Migrating Canada geese are the most-often cited harbinger of the changing seasons and if the changing of the seasons is not meaningful in Canada, what is?

The Canada goose is a symbol of freedom, loyalty and the north. It is the obvious choice for Canada's national bird!

Honestly was not aware that Canada did not have a national bird, always thought the Canada goose was the national bird so seems suitable to vote for it.

Makes sense for this goose to be our national bird, dah!

The Canada Goose is a well known bird common to all Provinces and does what many Canadians (snowbirds) do and spends the cold months in the lower parts of the USA. As such it is very representative of Canadians and Canada.
As for the poop, well all birds do! And humans too, truth be told.

I love to hear the call of these gorgeous birds when they come home, it means spring is here and sunny days are coming soon. They have arrived safe after a long flight enduring all kinds of weather and hunters! In the fall I find it sad and eerie when they gather to make the long flight to warmer climates and leave us here in the cold. It's an amazing display when they gather just west of Edmonton known as the Goose Festival. If you go to the USA they always say the Canadian Geese are here, how can we pick any other national bird.

Canada Goose can be found almost everywhere in the country...and they are ambassadors over much of North America and Europe. They do crap all over the place and chase people sometimes...but what the heck, no bird is perfect!

Well, everyone knows about the Canada goose, it's as Canadian as maple syrup, and the beaver.
They keep us entertained in the spring and fall with their migratory needs, honking at us while flying in formation with aviation precision, they also keep us warm in the winter with the infamous goose feather filled coats and duvets and while they are frolicking in warmer climates during the winter, we merrily sleep on goose down filled pillows dreaming of spring. Yes, the Canada goose is definitely a national bird.

Many of the other top contenders are already designated as Provincial Birds; the Canada Goose is not. It has a range that covers almost ALL of Canada, unlike most of the other candidates, and, it is called the CANADA goose!!!

Not writing an essay when I can share my thoughts in a paragraph or two.

What better way to point out the national bird then a bird that has our nations name in it, The Canada Goose. Anytime Canada wants to get recognized anywhere else, "Canada" pops up in the name, especially with television. Shows. For example: so you think you can dance Canada, Canadian idol, big brother Canada, under cover boss Canada. The list can go on.
The Canada Goose, sounds fitting does it not? We do it everywhere else to get recognition, why should the national bird be any different.

I thought the Canada goose was the national bird already

The Canada Goose is already identified as Canadian,so it is a good choice.

Of course it makes sense to me that the Canada Goose would be our national bird. I mean, come on. They even have the word "Canada" in their name. And they're known around the world. Everybody knows the Canada Goose. The sanctuary of well-known naturalist, Jack Miner in Leamington, Ontario has always been a safe haven and stopover for the Canada Goose. There's no question in my mind that the Canada Goose is our national bird. :)

What better name for our national bird than Canada Goose, eh! One of the first signs of spring is the return of these magnificent birds from the south. The raucous honking and familiar flight pattern in the sky light up Canada from coast to coast. Many Canadians have had the privilege of watching the lifelong mates raise their downy family through spring and summer. Early risers have caught the whirring of many wings as the entire flock flies off to find their morning breakfast. And nothing is more exhilarating than watching a fiery Canadian sunset by the lake where these amazing birds use the waterway as a landing strip to find rest and company for the night.
When fall arrives and winter is whispering its name, many of these majestic birds, like so many Canadians, will take flight for warmer climates. A great Canadian songstress, Anne Murray, epitomized birds like the Canada Goose in her world-famous song about snowbirds. There is nothing more Canadian than these birds: their courage, their dedication, their love for their homeland. Found from sea to shining sea, the Canada Goose will do all Canadians proud as the national bird of Canada.

It is very difficult to choose between the loon and the Canada goose. I have finally decided upon the Canada goose. It heralds the change of seasons. In the fall, great flocks of them fly south, in their distinctive V formation; in the spring, they return. They communicate continuously with each other and can be heard for long distances. They symbolize for me freedom, the ability to travel great distances (we live in a vast country). There is something uniquely Canadian about them, reflective of the vast northern landscape.

Canada Goose was the first bird that came to mind without even looking at the list. They are such a common, yet notable bird.

I believe my choice is the Canadian Goose, because it covers most of the country of Canada

it already has the name Canada and it is well known through out north america

Even before I saw the options, the CANADA GOOSE came to mind. It's even called the "Canada" Goose. No other bird represents the entirety of the country the way the Canada Goose does.

After 7 years of living in Texas, (3 1/2 of these in Corpus Christi- the birdiest city in North America), I came for a job interview in Edmonton.

While there, I was mailing a parcel to my family in Halifax. Outside the post office (in Edmonton), there were two large Canada geese right outside the door. The Canada Goose welcomed me back to my place of birth!

What could be more Canadian than the Canada Goose (none of which I saw in Texas on my many birding trips).

These birds are found in large numbers in Canada. They are beautiful in flight and carries the name Canada with them.

Common and widespread coast to coast across many country’s habitats, the Canada goose would be a perfect national bird because its life and habits mirror ours it is Canadian typical feature (handsomely plumed for hard country’s climate), social (more often than not in groups), bold, fiercely loyal, clever (smart because among the first to arrive in spring, last to leave in fall and likes to winter in South (USA and Mexico), monogamous (mate for life), niece parents (both share in raising their young) and adaptable ( no caged by climate and adjustable to various human environments). Also, which of us don’t never heard Canada goose renowned highly specific vocalization and don’t never seen their flies in distinctively crisp V-formation. Lastly, the choice as an official national bird for Canada’s sesquicentennial in 2007 is no hesitation focused on Canada goose because it is country’s strikingly coloured bird (representative species anywhere in Canada) and distinctive bird species about provincial icon (blue jay in Ontario, snowy owl in Quebec, black-capped chickadee in New Brunswick, …).

The Majesty and iconic markings make the Canada goose as the obvious, if not, well deserved choice for national bird. There are many great contenders, and all have justifications as birds, who in their own-right, may have attributes distinctly Canadian. None however is as well known around the planet, and holds a place in the heart of all Canadians as when; as children in Springtime, we would lie on our backs, stare at the sky as flocks of migrating Canada Geese would flow past, a parade of wave on continuous wave in V formation making haste for breeding grounds and ponds throughout Canada's high North.

It has to be this goose. It's almost as dependable and familiar as the sun in our Canadian skies, so why go looking for some lame bird that most of us are barely aware of? Wiser heads than ours have instinctively named this bird, so who are we to overlook this obvious tribute?

When Canadian Geese fly in formation, why is one side always longer than the other?
Because there are more geese in it!

Yes the call of the Loon is definitely the sound connected with the Canadian wilderness by all. But whenever you see a Canadian Goose - you think Canada! I am also sure, this is the one people in other countries connect to Canada the most. They fiercely defend their families and are strong and loyal (and like golf courses).

This true Canadian icon...the Canada Goose is the most visible & recognized bird by all that are fortunate to live & visit Canada!Every fall,there are thousands of them around re-energizing getting ready for their migration journey south!It's those beautiful, multiple "V" formations of the Canadian geese flying overhead that make my vote say this should be recognized as our National Bird!

I cherish the majesty of the Canada Goose. As I understand it, the Canada Goose is a monogamous bird that can live to the age of 25 or 30 years, and it travels in family groups. I love the naturally understood, aerodynamic formation of the "V" as a flock cuts through the air in flight. I am inspired by the rotation of leadership and teamwork of the individuals in the flock to keep everyone going by sharing the first position in the "V". I am impressed by the fact that if one bird is ill, injured or tired, another will stay with it until it recovers. At a time when the earth is threatened by the harvesting of its "fluids, organs and bones" by virtue of one form of mining or another, the Canada Goose is a banner of hope for the "V"ictory of an epiphany of humankind before environment and our fellow creatures endure much more destruction. The ancient Celts regarded the goose as a manifestation of the Holy Ghost, and the Canada Goose is our own particular expression of that evocative idea as it navigates our skies, fertilizes our soil and graces our awareness.

The Canada goose is an iconic bird found in our great country. It is often found strutting around on golf courses or floating gracefully in our streams, ponds and lakes.

Whenever we see those beautiful black and white birds known as the Canada Goose descend in great flocks on our lakes and marshes in the spring, or noisily leave our country in their distinctive "V" formations to lands much warmer, do you not fill with some kind of awe and pride that, yes,they are "our bird"? I have travelled to the USA and other countries and have seen the Canada Goose on their lakes. Their familiarity makes me swell with pride for my native country, a land still of great natural beauty. These guys are our ambassadors. Canada is in their name. I vote that the Canada Goose be our National Bird.

J'adore voler sur le dos de mon bernache, j'irai partout avec lui.

The name is right.
" bird is Canada wide

I thought Canada geese was always the national bird. Was it ever?

All of the birds are truly wonderful and I enjoy seeing them all, but the Canada goose is distinctive!

An iconic bird, the CanDa Goose is easily recognizable by all canadians, from its unique v-shape formation when flying in a group, to its familiar honking sound it produces befor landing and while taking flight. It announces the coming of winter and the dawning of spring every year.

Canada Goose is found everywhere in Canada so it must be our bird.

Even before I looked at all the other birds, the Canada Goose was foremost in my mind as the logical choice for Canada's National Bird. Having read a good many of the other comments as to why one would choose the Canada Goose, I would concur with all of them. Strong, loyal (monogamous), sense of community, Hardy to severe Canadian winters, majestic, extremely organized; wonderful parents and looking out for one another. If one goose gets tired, the leader falls back and another one takes over; likewise if one is lagging behind, the other honk and encourage him/her to catch up. If one falters to the ground, other birds will land to assist. Even if one is shot down. One could go on and on about the attributes of this bird. I feel it would be a natural inclination to select the Canada Goose as Canada's National bird. In fact, I thought it already was our national bird. While some folks and/or industries may consider this bird to be a nuisance, I think they have many more attributes than they do faults. Therefore, my vote is for the Canada Goose.

January is very, very late in the year - the beginning of a New Year, to see geese flying South. The great lines cross and criss cross as they head to warmer climes. The honking call and the long necks stretched southward, are those of a leader and the loyal followers. The pair of geese that will, hopefully return to their nesting grounds, are loyal to each other. A great character reference for those who watch from below the flyers. Their strong wingbeats that carry them to feeding stops and finally their destination, are an example for us to be strong in our daily lives and plans. If you have ever been chased by a gander protecting his family from a curious child, you will know their courage and lack of fear.

I respect the Canada Goose and believe that it is a worthwhile symbol to stand for what most Canadians consider important values in the character and moreals of its people and its ideals.

In short, I believe the 'Canada' goose is well-qualified to be Canada nationally recognized bird as it is; i) well-recognized internationally by its colours, markings, & size, ii) a relatively peace-loving bird ( our national/international image ), iii) is loyal to its mate until death, iv) family / group oriented in flight gatherings, v)equally used to both water & land, and vi)nests & habitates across all of Canada........ truly a national bird for Canada.

Canada has had the Canadian goose as our national bird for over a century so no need to change it now!

Seems to me that the Canada Goose is most associated with Canada. At least that's the bird I am most familiar with and the first one that comes to mind.

the canada goose portrays all that canada stands for majestic free
beautiful when it spreads it's wings it engulfs a vast open space
which to me represents us all vast land and free free free

It is the CANADA GOOSE, already recognized as Canadian!

Was one the Centennial Silver Dollar, 1967.

Can be seen in the country plus in most urban water parksand golf courses.

CANADA goose. It's everywhere you look. It's good to cook. Won't read a book, but will drop poo in a nook and leave you shook. Canada GOOSE

Canada Goose, Yes, as it has fine habits, in particular being monogamous for life and both parents rearing their young.

Not the Loon, since it already is a provincial bird.

Canada is home to people who have migrated here from all over the globe. The Canada Goose, known for its V formation as large groups gather in fall to migrate, seems a prefect symbol for the courageous journeys of our new Canadians, and a reference to our cold climate in winter whch turns many folks into snowbirds heading south! Like the Canada Geese gathering in large flocks in autumn, this bird symbolizes how we can all come together,taking turns to lead and follow, slip streaming to fly more easily where we all want to go.

The majestic Canada goose is all across Canada. Some stay in one place, while the others migrate further north in the summer months. You can tell the migraters because of their smaller size. They stop in the daytime in hay fields and get their fill of green grass as well as any bugs or worms available on the ground. The way they fly in formation always changing to let the leader rest. They are good pilots. I look forward to seeing them every day when I drive past the hay fields. The migrators spend the winter on the west coast before heading north in the early spring. Because they are from coast to coast, they are indeed the bird of Canada.

The Canada Goose already represents Canada all through the US during migration time. It's easily recognizable and would be a great official national bird.

To me, the Canada Goose represents all that is Canada: majestic, wild and free and yet, groups of birds delegate 1 or 2 adults to take care of larger groups of offspring while the other adults are off foraging

No matter WHERE you go, be it the U.K. or even the good ole United States of America, people know our Canada Goose. Sadly, this is more because of it's poopy nature,,,, but, still, they know that it's a Canada Goose:)

that's why the goose gets my vote.

cheers and many thanks.

It is called the "Canada" Goose. what more needs be said?

What else could it be? Let's clog up those engines on the runway and show everyone who's boss in the skies! Obviously, from the way they take themselves and their young across roads and highways with impunity, settle wherever they choose along any and all waterfronts or sides, and munch the grass from coast to coast, they know that they are completely in charge of this country. So lets just make it official that bossypants Canada geese are officially what they have long been unofficially, Canada's national bird.
Honk! Honk!

The Canada Goose, of course.
Others have waxed eloquent on the virtues of this bird which indeed exhibits some of the qualities to which we, as Canadians, would do well to aspire (but not chasing people around the park). But I think the real test of a bird's national character is its "ubiquitousness". Wherever you go in Canada you see this majestic bird, strutting around as though it owned the world. Another test is its "name recognition" in other parts of the world. Ask a New Zealander what that bird is and she will say "A Canada Goose, of course" and then look at you in wonder that you had to ask.

The Canada Goose is my first choice.
The provincial birds are:
BC -Stellar's Jay, AB - Great Horned Owl, SK - Sharp-Tailed Grouse
MB - Great Gray Owl, ON - Common Loon, QC - Snowy Owl, NB - Black-capped chickadee, NS - Osprey, PEI - Blue Jay,
Newfoundland & Labrador - Atlantic Puffin
For Canada's National bird you would think we could be unique & individual and not choose a provincial bird to be the chosen Canadian bird as well! To me this would be the fair way to go and the most evenly chosen bird across the whole country not by one particular province.
Thank for taking the time to read my concern on this issue.
Kathy Booth

All of the choices are wonderful birds that invoke a special pride in being Canadian! I tried to imagine if I was travelling the world and came upon one of these birds...which one would fill my heart with a sense of home. It absolutely without a doubt is the Canada Goose! It could be because I live across the street from a pond here in Calgary and see these beautiful geese every day. They are beautiful, smart and fiercely protective! They signal you to the changing seasons that we are so lucky to be apart of in Canada. Our children still marvel at their formations formed in the sky and how their very sight can spark such hope! Spring is here! As my children all know...you have not lived until you have felt the thrill of feeding the chicks until papa hisses "that's enough" and you run for safety! Thank you Canadian Geese for so many treasured "Canadian" moments!

The Canada Goose should be our national bird. It is commonly associated with our country -- even if airplanes are foolish enough to run into them, and other nationals "blame Canada". They typify Canada and Canadians to me. and I love to see them strolling down the sidewalk or holding up traffic, as such a regal creature has the right to do.

The canadian goose is a very special bird. It is a big bird who lives in group like all of us. The way the flocks of birds fly as a V formation shows an individual who knows where to go and how to reach it by keeping it's place in the bunch; like a normal individual does in a society. It is also a pretty and a nice bird to look flying; like our country, a big and beautifull country.

And at last, but not at least; it is one of the rare bird who lives it's hole life with the same mate. It is a LOYAL bird.

Canada geese are the first bird when I arrived in Canada. I heard their voice seemed say, "Welcome to Canada, Jing!"

Parce que le Harfang des Neiges est déjà emblème du Québec.

Le plus imposant hibou du nord n'est pas le plus familier des oiseaux du Québec, mais il est sans contredit l'un des plus beaux d'Amérique.

En 1987, l'Assemblée nationale lui conférait le titre d'emblème aviaire du Québec. Le harfang symbolise la blancheur des hivers québécois, l'enracinement dans un climat semi-nordique et l'extension sur un très vaste territoire.

Come on!!! CANADA Goose ... it's CANADA!

It is only appropriate that a seabird be chosen since Canada has the longest coastline in the world, along with the Great Lakes and a thousands of lakes and rivers across our wonderful country. The Canada Goose, not only has Canada already in its name, but ranges across our entire country.

It is a majestic bird in flight and is equally comfortable on land, sea and in the air. It is easily recognizable around the world, with it's black chin strap and honking call, as is our red & white maple leaf flag. It would be a perfect choice for these and many other reasons listed in other peoples' comments.

well known for its long habitation year here

Will always look skyward whenever Canada Geese fly by, no matter where I am in this country. They're truly uplifting!

I mean, come on.

They are the definition of Canada.

I mean, it's got Canada in the name. Come on.

The Canada Goose is the ideal bird to represent our country because it embodies so many traits that are widely considered 'Canadian' behaviour. The Canada Goose is brave and will attack a much larger predator if it feels a threat. That bravery and intelligence helps it migrate thousands of kilometres every year. Older, more experienced geese move up the ranks in migratory chevrons and share their know-how with the younger, less travelled geese. They are adaptable travellers and are seen in many places in the world besides their home country. Once they are nesting, Canada Geese are loyal partners and wary parents. Bravery, loyalty, intelligence and strength; all worth traits and all very 'Canadian'.

Like a true Canadian, the Canada Goose is a survivor. A peaceful bird, the Canada goose is fiercely loyal when called upon to protect both family and home. Intelligent and highly instinctive, it can be seen grazing in both wild and urban areas, along waterways and inland, or flying in organized formation during migration. It may not be the most flashy bird, but it's colour and call are a distinctive part of our native land.

I agree with the essay that is included in support of the Canada Goose.
It is known all over Canada and even around the world.

I'm from Finland originally and there are swans, but in Canada there are Canada geese and that's the bird we should choose as national bird! They are everywhere in this country, even the name says it. Yes, there is a common loon and it's beautiful. But I haven't seen one since I came to Canada 8 years ago. Geese are the best!

The Canadian Geese plan our lasts harvest and our first turning of the ground in the spring. They act as messengers to other parts of the world as to our distinctive identity. This is why I feel they are and will always be our national symbol as you can go anywhere in the world and be associated with the "Canada Goose"

The Canada Goose is known the world over as the 'Canada' Goose. Can there be a more iconic bird for Canada than a bird that has the name of our country in it's title? The loon may be on our money but loons are common in Ontario, not necessarily the rest of Canada. Canada Geese are all over this country so it represents all of us.

It just makes sense that with a name like "Canada" goose, it should be Canada' s national bird.

"Canadian" Its in their name! Strong, prominent,and stunning birds. They supposedly carry humming birds on its back long distances to help with their journey south for the winter. They always return Home!

Canadian Goose, a nice, big, elegant, beautiful, famous and native bird.
It is good to be the National bird of Canada.

The Canada goose is iconic and recognized as such well beyond our borders. We mournfully watch their v-pattern flocks in the skys above as they leave in the fall as it is a clear indication that winter will soon arrive. Alternatively, we anxiously listen and watch the skys for the first sighting every year as it signals the arrival of spring.

It's the CANADIAN goose, also the US is very familiar with this bird and recognize it as our bird.

The Canada goose rules and is the best choice and is like a lot like me when hassled can turn nasty and aggressive
An excellent choice for these times


Why would you choose any other bird for Canada's national bird other than the Canada goose. It's name literally states that it is our bird. The Snowy Owl is a beautiful bird, but does not have the Canadian appeal (in my opinion). The Loon (my second choice) is on our dollar and sure, we are known for having a 'loonie', but the Canada Goose to me seems as though it has and always will be our national bird.

I was born in the US, and have lived in Calgary for over 40 years, I also married a Calgary girl. I live on a flyway from two big man made lakes, and have them (geese) fly back and fourth from the fields, north from our house. Sone of them just above the roof tops.
It is great to hear them, in the mornings. As other have all ready said, "no brainer), Go Canada.

It already has "Canada" built into its name .... and it flies to Europe as well as to parts of North America.

Canada Goose is recognized in many parts of world. When one goes to the USA or Mexico they know what the Canada Goose looks like and associate it with Canada. Sometimes it is in a negative context but they still recognize it and the "V" formation they fly as a group. It is a fine looking bird and we should be proud of it.

Canada geese (Branta canadensis L.) represent a majestic Canadian symbol of nature and natural world and are a well known migratory species of geese commonly observed across the continents of North America, northern Europe and in the Far East. The species is also native to the continent of North America including US and Canada. The defining “v-shaped” flying formation of trumpeting and migrating Canada geese flocks is one of the most spectacular views of nature and symbolic representation of the change of season across the range of this beautiful species. Many aboriginal communities of Canada consider this as a sign of good luck and fortune; and the species serve as an important aspect of their folklores and is a part of the rich indigenous culture in the form of stories, songs and dances; thereby establishing a link with our rich Canadian heritage. The majestic species is considered to be an important symbol of the wild west of the continent of North America and hence should be considered as a dynamic national symbol of Canada in the form of national bird.

The Canada Goose is a bird I have seen all my life, whether in the city or the country. I love this bird and I believe the fact that it flies south and always returns is a beautiful way to say, this is where I belong. Canada.

I am always a great admirer of this majestic bird, the Canada Goose.
Whenever I travel to the United States,I am proud to hear the Americans say the Canadian Goose, not just the Canada Goose. Our greatest avian ambassadors. The Canada Goose will always be our National Bird.

The Canada Goose is a bird that reaches across this great country. They are loyal to one another and will take on other goslings who are orphaned. Although many people call them the "rats of the sky", I disagree. They are wonderful creatures.

I chose thé goose bécause nô its thé most common one around Canada so i pick thé goose for his standing pu aboie his own right.

on en voit partout

The Canada goose is recognized the world over already.

The choice was easy. From the time I was old enough to talk I knew the name of the Canada Goose and you recognized the giant bird right away!! They would feast on my fathers grin crop and swim freely in the many water holes around our farm. They were always welcome visitors and were were sad when the honking in the fall meant they were leaving us for warmer places. Then in the spring the familiar honk and we knew spring was on its way and I would stare at their V in the sky and wonder how many miles they had travelled. Now as an adult visiting the USA they comment on the Canada Goose and I say proudly yes they are a beautiful bird!!! That is why I do not hesitate to name the national bird for me it was the only choice!!

I have always liked the Canada Goose and have always considered it our national bird. It is very regal looking and no-nonsense.

Nothing says "Canada" more than the Canada Goose!!

First off the name "Canada" goose identifies the bird with the country, as I travel throughout the United States the goose is a common site and identified as the Canada goose by Americans. This is a graceful beautiful bird. I do identify with the loon and its call over a quiet lake although the goose wins the beauty contest. Another point, it would be nice if a bird representing our country is found in all parts of the country so recognizable by all Canadians

Although often mistakenly called "Canadian goose" this ambassador of the north is everywhere in the USA and Canada. They are highly visible in their flights of V patterns, all around the Great Plains.
Many folks think they are a big nuisance with their droppings, in parks and other public places, but we enjoy seeing them wherever we travel. Perhaps the old song says it all: "My Heart Goes Where the Wild Goose Goes"

it has "Canada" in it's name!

I always thought the Canada Goose was our national bird. If not, then I would like to vote for the Canada Goose

The Loon gets all the attention, but the Canada Goose is my favourite Canadian bird. The Loon calls to us in summer, a plaintiff cry about how summer is so short, but the Canada Goose marks the change of the seasons by announcing winter, as it flies south, and spring, as it comes home again. Just because it chooses to spend the winter in Florida only makes it MORE Canadian, not less.

You can find this Bird all over Canada and the World. I have seen pictures in Eastern Germany where they are found. I have seen them way up in the high Arctic.

What bird could be more deserving of this honour than the Canada Goose? Already appropriately named, ubiquitous, well recognized and, even though the bird has some annoying habits (who doesn't?), it has more than enough noble qualities...loyal to their flock, devoted parents, true survivors. In closing, I believe most people already consider the Canada Goose to be Canada's official bird - even though they are sometimes called "Canadian Geese", a pet peeve of mine.

The sight of the Canadian goose leaving or returning to Canada every spring and fall is an iconic event. It symbolizes how Canadians are resilient, resourceful, practical and hearty. We do what has to be done often without fanfare and the need for attention.

Who can forget the sound of Autumn in Canada, the Canada geese flying in a perfect V formation. This beautiful bird is known world wide as truly CANADIAN. Naming it as a national symbol seems the logical net step. Besides this it is a lovely elegant bird.

I mean it's called the Canada Goose around the globe. What else can you ask from a national bird?

The Canada Goose is the obvious choice for the National Bird of Canada.
A name was chosen for this bird a long time ago and that name was "Canada Goose".
It is a natural choice.

My sons and I chose the Canada Goose because: it is found from coast to coast and familiar to all Canadians, it migrates and is known as a Canadian bird to our neighbours to the south, it has "Canada" in its name, and it has the admirable characteristic of sharing the workload while flying in the V formation.

Although the choice is a hard one, what is more quintessential Canadian than the Canada Goose?

The Canada Goose is well known all across Canada. A very handsome bird to represent Canada.

This bird is symbolic with Canada anywhere I have travelled outside of our beautiful country - well-recognized and a symbol of strength, confidence and beauty!

Canada Geese represent hearty determination with their ability to fly great distances when migrating, and have immense teamwork while doing it. They possess a great beauty and grace, health, vigor and majesty.
I feel all those adjectives describe Canada as a nation, and the wonderful and diverse people who live here.
That is why I feel the Canada Goose would be the best choice as our official bird of our FABULOUS country.

You don't have to go far to see and hear the Canada Goose. It's a bird for all seasons and can be found almost everywhere in Canada.

Th Canada Goose is a majestic bird that is at home throughout our nation. Who hasn't seen them flying in that distinctive V-formation, honking as they go in search of a meal or, as do many other Canadians, a warm winter residence. Its beautiful yet not gaudy colouring,impressive size, and readiness to defend its turf makes the Canada Goose a worthy representative of our country.

C'est l'oiseau que j'ai vu le plus souvent. J'ai demeuré sur le bord d'une rivière et à chaque automne elles y arrêtaient par centaines lors de leur migration. Les canadiens sont des grands voyageurs tout comme ces oiseaux.

Although I love the loon, I vote for the Canada Goose. Not everyone sees a loon every day yet most people can see a Canada Goose.

The loon comes and goes without notice. When Canada Geese come and go....everyone notices no matter where you are - in town or along water ways.

Loons are more a lonely bird. Canada Geese are family oriented and travel in groups.

I love the loon but VOTE for the Canada Goose for Canada's bird!

The Canada goose was once being considered as the national bird of the United States. Its respect and awe from hunters for its intelligence, courage loyalty to family and dignity is legend. There is no other bird that has all of these qualities in one. It is the only bird that I can watch endlessly--for reasons still unknown to me. We should give these animals all consideration for what they have endured throughout the ages since we have made our mark on the earth. It is a bird that I would trust with my infant quicker than with much of humankind today,

Thenk you for allowing me to comment.

The Canada Goose, absolutely!

how can we not have the CANADA goose - how more Canadian can you get.

He Canada Goose is a beautiful bird - strong, sleek and large. It's everywhere and has always been associated with Canada. It's a natural choice!

The Canada Goose is a beautiful, graceful and large. They seem to like living in community with other Canada Geese, suggesting that family and community is very important to them. I think that is a direct reflection on how many, many Canadians feel, too. So, we Canadian humans have values in common with the Canada Goose. Makes sense to me!

the Canada Goose asid efrom its namesake-is one of the only ubiquitous species tthroughout all provinces and territories. Sure, they are seen as a pest by some, but these birds are adaptable, tough, and distinctive-Canadian n other words!

Our iconic bird

I want it to win because it's a famous Canadian bird

that or a loon. Everything else is too broad to be our bird. These 2 options are more limited to in canada

There is not a place in this country you cannot find one!

1. Its common name already includes "Canada" and even when it migrates to other countries it still is branded "Canada Goose".

2. It is the symbol of Canadian snowbird travellers - and their association.

The Canada Goose stays all year round in my city. I watch them every morning flying south and every evening flying north. Not all the geese stay in Canada but, a good number stay in Alberta. I love watching the V formation and occasionally seeing the changing of the lead goose. Being up close to one can be a little intimidating for some of my small frame of 110 lbs but, thrilling just the same. The Canada Goose is my choice for National Bird. All I can do is hope that everyone is on the same page as me. I will share with the hope that my friends see it my way :)

Most closely meets character of Canada. Multicolored black, white and grey. Can be aggressive as if in a hockey rink. Flies south in winter and returns without declaring goods at the border. Occasionally gives hummingbirds a lift on their way south. Leaves their 'gifts' on golf courses like true Canadians. And they have CANADA in their name. Ignorant Americans call them Canadian geese anyway so why not make it official... then increase the daily limit during the hunting season. They taste great ! unlike gray jays, loons, etc.

This bird even has "Canada" in its name. The Canada Goose should be the nations bird. I expect a majority of people, if asked, would already name the Canada Goose as our national bird. There should be no question.

The Canada Goose is a bird with "attitude". Who wouldn't love that!

We have so many of them, and lots of hungry citizens, if they don't win, maybe we can feed them to the poor.

because I like this bird a lot!
I was introduced to this bird when I attended the Island School on Center Island.
I was in the 4th grade.
The memory of this majestic bird has stayed with me ever since.

It's right there in the name: CANADA goose!

Canada Goose just looks amazing

How is the Canada Goose not in the lead? It has 'Canada' in its' name, and I see them all the time.

Doesn't the Canada goose seem an obvious choice? Don't most Canadians already assume this is our national bird? Why fight it?

The Canadian Goose was chosen 30 years ago.
Why are we hopelessly changing this?

The canada goose is the canada goose, how could any other bird be our national bird? It's the only bird with "Canada" in it's name.
Says' it all.

like the maple leaf, the loon is a central-eastern Canadian icon. There is another half of canada that has no visceral connection to the call of the loon outside of NFB vignettes. Vote for the ubiquitous goose!

I would choose the Canada goose hands down because of it's character. They are role models for humans and they can coexist with any species that doesn't threaten them. I double most Canadians including myself have ever even seen a loon.

The loyalty in Canada goose families is unusually strong. “Sagacity, wariness, strength, and fidelity,” commented one waterfowl expert (F. H. Kortright), “are characteristics of the Canada goose, which, collectively, are possessed in the same degree by no other bird. The Canada goose in many respects may serve as a model for man.”

The Canada Goose was first listed in the Oxford Dictionary in 1772 as Branta Canadensis, Canadensis the New Latin word meaning, literally, "from Canada". So they've been "ours" already for a long time. They've been introduced and come to inhabit Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, France, Germany, Russia, China and even New Zealand indeed to inhabit the very lands our immigrant forefathers left. And much like us, with our "melting pot" population, its has developed into a many varied yet distinct animal scattered across the globe sort of a reverse immigration experience to our own.
They are already a protected species under our Migratory Birds Convention Act, so whether officially or not, we seem to have already "adopted" them as ours.
For me personally, these are the quintessential birds of spring. When I hear them honking, coming back after a long, cold prairie winter, I breathe a sigh of relief knowing spring has truly come. Come fall, their calls and undulating "V"s in the sky pull my spirit along with them seeking warmer climes.
I vote for the Canada Goose. Let's make the Canada Goose really Canada's!

The Canada Goose is prevalent most everywhere in Canada it is a waterfowl that lives in families and then after the actual nesting, with the family, it lives in community reasonably peaceful except when it perceives a threat to the family or itself, then it is quite able to defend the family or itself beautiful, graceful in the water and in flight successful in its habitat even in flight the Canada Goose works with community, the V shaped strings allow the geese to fly more efficiently, leaders who take the most difficult position at the head of the V trade leadership with other geese in turn.

I cherish the majesty of the Canada Goose. As I understand it, the Canada Goose is a monogamous bird that can live to the age of 25 or 30 years, and it travels in family groups. I love the naturally understood, aerodynamic formation of the "V" as a flock cuts through the air in flight. I am inspired by the rotation of leadership and teamwork of the individuals in the flock to keep everyone going by sharing the first position in the "V". I am impressed by the fact that if one bird is ill, injured or tired, another will stay with it until it recovers. At a time when the earth is threatened by the harvesting of its "fluids, organs and bones" by virtue of one form of mining or another, the Canada Goose is a banner of hope for the "V"ictory of an epiphany of humankind before environment and our fellow creatures endure much more destruction. The ancient Celts regarded the goose as a manifestation of the Holy Ghost, and the Canada Goose is our own particular expression of that evocative idea as it navigates our skies, fertilizes our soil and graces our awareness.

Was taught in school from 1954 that Canada Goose was our national bird
Have hunted and eaten them
go Canada Goose Go

La bernache du Canada porte déjà l'appellation de notre pays. Elle voyage d'un bout à l'autre du pays 2 fois par année. C'est un grand volatile très gracieux et très courageux. On la remarque facilement car lorsque les oies bernaches volent en formation d'un grand V comme dans victoire, on les entends de loin et fièrement on peut les observer en levant les yeux et la tête vers le ciel car leurs cris ne passent pas inaperçus. Je crois que cet oiseau serait l'emblème tout indiqué. La beauté et la grâce de notre très grand territoire.

Cet oiseau représente pour moi la force , l'endurance et ol'esprit d'équipe que tous canadiens devraient possèdé !

Common and widespread coast to coast across many country’s habitats, the Canada goose would be a perfect national bird because its life and habits mirror ours it is Canadian typical feature (handsomely plumed for hard country’s climate), social (more often than not in groups), bold, fiercely loyal, clever (smart because among the first to arrive in spring, last to leave in fall and likes to winter in South (USA and Mexico), monogamous (mate for life), niece parents (both share in raising their young) and adaptable ( no caged by climate and adjustable to various human environments). Also, which of us don’t never heard Canada goose renowned highly specific vocalization and don’t never seen their flies in distinctively crisp V-formation. Lastly, the choice as an official national bird for Canada’s sesquicentennial in 2007 is no hesitation focused on Canada goose because it is country’s strikingly coloured bird (representative species anywhere in Canada) and distinctive bird species about provincial icon (blue jay in Ontario, snowy owl in Quebec, black-capped chickadee in New Brunswick, …).
Soumis le 25 janvier 2015, par Michel Blais (Gatineau, QC).

Canada goose is a beautiful, elegant, big bird. It is a native bird and also a symbol of Canada. It is famous already in all over the world. As I knew so many people like the Canadian goose. It is the best choice to be a National bird of Canada.

Such a great contest to make an impact on Canadian history!

I believe that the reason the Loon has been such a popular choice is because of its appearance on the loonie. It is already recognized as the provincial bird of Ontario. I think that the bird we choose as our national bird should be one that is not already claimed by a province. The Snowy Owl is also one such bird, already claimed by Quebec. We would not want to stir the separatist pot by choosing a controversial bird. Our choice needs to be above and beyond any and all reproach. We cannot risk even the perception of having chosen in favour of one province over another. So, this eliminates the main competition.

I believe the bird we choose should reflect the vastness of our great nation, a point of pride for most Canadians. This eliminates the small ones like the grey jay and the chikadee.

We should choose a bird that even children growing up in any part of the country would easily identify, describe, and have personal experience with. Now I have seen a spruce grouse, a snowy owl, the arctic tern, the common loon, humming birds, many many red winged black birds, sand pipers, gulls, the blue heron, etc etc etc. But my knowledge and experience with Canadian Geese is personal, it goes way back, it has a future. My encounters with this bird, as a typical Canadian, are regular, sometimes intimate, and something that I can look forward to. I will not likley ever see that snow owl again. I certainly did not have the fortune to hear its call.

Now the Canada Goose, we know each other. They know us Canadians as well as we know them. We're neighbours. We watch each other's children be born, grow, and mature and eventually leave the nest. This is a bird I can identify with. This bird is loyal. The Canadian Goose parents will not budge unless and until every single one of their goslings is present. I once watched a family stuck on someone's front lawn for half an hour waiting for one last gosling to jump a curb and join the others. I had to eventually move on, but those birds stayed.

This noble creature of vast wing span, striking plumage, loud call, orderly formation and honourable conduct should not be overlooked, but recognized for the true emblem of our nation that it is. This bird binds us together as a nation, bears our name, and exhibits the characteristics and values that we hold dear. Study this bird and you will come to the same conclusion as I did. Besides, wouldn't old Jack Miner be proud?!

I think it should be a bird common throughout Canada. .. not just something on the west coast, prairies, eastern area etc. I'm not sure that Canada geese are throughout, with all the excrement they can leave around ... but I do think they are pretty numerous. And the name Canada helps.

The Caanada Goose has always been symbolic in Canada

Can be found across Canada and is associated with our country by its name if nothing else. It is a very handsome bird and has to be admired even if it has become a nuisance in some places. We mark the coming of Spring and Fall by the huge flocks flying high overhead.

Oiseau aquatique connu des enfants puisqu'elle n'est pas farouche. La bernache est présente même dans les grands centres urbains comme Montréal en plus d'être une sauvagine d'intérêt pour la chasse. Je considère qu'elle serait le parfait emblème des oiseaux du Canada.

I'm a Canadian by birth and have lived in Canada for 40 years before moving to Texas. When I see the beautiful Canadian Geese flying in formation my heart wells up and about bursts with pride. I hope this will be the National Bird.

The Canada Goose has a fantastic comeback story.

If you have ever wandered near a Canadian goose nesting area you know how protective a mother or father goose can be.

Iconically Canadian.

This is not an essay. Rather it is a testimony.

Canada geese are beautiful birds. Their hardiness, their size, the way they fly... it's all so Canadian!

Birds for our very special, often harsh country!

its called the Canada Goose......you can't get more Canadian than with the bird that has the countries name in it


Il est présent partout au Canada
C'est un oiseau majestueux et très robuste qui représenterait parfaitement les valeurs canadiennes

I chose this bird because it's the one I see the most.

Un des seuls oiseau à être présent partout au Canada et déjà très connu de tous. Seul point négatif il ne passe pas l'hiver ici, comme plusieurs autres d'ailleurs

J'aurais aussi aimé l'harfang des neiges mais cet oiseau est déjà j'emblème du Québec

Name CANADA goose - always thought because of the name that was the bird of Canada. Also because Canada geese travel all over Canada - then goose should be the bird.

First off, it has Canada right in the name... Flies south in the winter like so many other Canadians...

Je ne vois pas d'autre oiseau que la bernache du Canada comme emblème de notre pays. L'ontario a déjà élu le plongeon huard comme oiseau emblème, alors pourquoi ne pas enfin donner la bernache à ce juste honneur...Je collectionne les timbres canadiens depuis longtemps, et la bernache est le premier oiseau à y avoir fait son apparition sur un timbre en 1946.
J'avais justement fait une recherche à ce sujet (oiseau-emblème pour le Canada) au mois de novembre dernier, et j'avais trouvé une nouvelle là-dessus en 2010...Il est temps de finaliser la chose grâce à cet amusant concours.
Bonne continuité
Francis B.

For the wild sky of our nation.

When you look to the sky and see Canada Geese flying in their V formation, one immediately embraces their iconic symbol as representation Canada.

The Canada Goose is Iconic. Everyone on earth identifies us by it. It's the obvious choice.

The Canada Goose is my choice for National Canadian bird..

No brainer. Ask any golfer in Canada.

It's called the CANADA goose. What could be more obvious? And let's face it, they're everywhere. What could be more ubiquitous?

I think this bird represents Canada being the most recognized bird that soars over this vast country. It flys in formation, like a team or family. Very Canadian virtues.

just as long as we can still shoot em, they're great table fare :-)

I am voting for the Canada Goose as this bird can be found all over Canada and Territories. This bird has fed our pioneers, kept them warm from their downy feathers, their wing tips became small brooms, their carcasses food for the turkeys and chickens, for the protein content. They let us know when Spring is arriving and when fall is in the air. They are good parents and babysitters of their young.

My vote is for the Canada Goose.


CANADA goose....I thought this already was our national bird?

Obvious choice with the word Canada in the name but there is something majestic about a bird that mates for life, displays loyalty, shares parenting and works as a team in flight. A great recognizable choice for Canada's bird.

The Canada goose is a majestic bird which is found in great numbers across Canada in every province and from coast to coast to coast. From Sea to Sea To Sea. It has a very distinctive and unmistakable flight pattern as a flock soars across the sky. What Canadian could not identify a flock of majestic Canada geese winging their way north in the spring or south in the fall. They are now so numerous that they even winter in Canada in all the provinces. They also provide great thrills for young hunters when involved in the sport. They also have provided many a Canadian with some very important nourishment when they are hunted for food. Probably saved many from starvation. Thank you.

The Canada Goose is an amazing beautiful bird. It is found all over Canada. They are the first sight you see when spring is coming and then you see them heading south when winter is on its way. I know some people are voting for the loon but unless I head to the mountains I never see the loon but I always get to see Geese fly by when I stand in my yard.

Restoration is key...from near extinction to pest. Great example...lots done in my home town of Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Hope Canada always respects all birds.

The Canada Goose is already synonymous with Canada. The goose is found in all habitats. It is a beautiful bird with a personality like a Canadian. It is non-threatening. Gathers in small or large groups. Minds its manners. What's not to like.

The Canada goose is already named after Canada. Plus, they are everywhere in North America, and are known as representing Canada. We should simply make it official.

I believe this should be Canada's official bird because I always look to them when they around. Whether they are flying north or south for the seasons, walking through the yard with their families or gathering socially the always bring a smile.

The Canada Goose is spotted all over the globe! It already has our country's name, so it should be deemed our country's national bird!

La Bernache du Canada est un oiseau très «intelligent» qui s'adapte bien à toutes les régions et est répondu sur l'ensemble du pays. C'est un oiseau qui peut être sociable avec les humains mais sait garder son indépendance et sa fierté. Le cri en fait un annonceur des saisons et un agréable son dans nos paysages.

The Canada Goose is a bird that makes long flights each spring and fall season. Canadians are so happy to see its return because they know that winter has passed.
The bird is a common sight in parks and around rural bodies of water.
The photographer of this picture captured a unique flight picture.

Very recognizable bird and can be found Canada wide. I vote against the common loon as it already has ties to Ontario

The Canada goose - its name, as others have mentioned, is the same as our country's. This bird has been a part of Canada for a long time already, and it will continue to remain a part for a long time still.
The geese flying and honking overhead as they migrate is something unique to us, but more than that is the fact that they always return to the north to create new generations it seems as if they trust Canadian soil or, perhaps, understand their namesake. Suggesting these birds understand English, however, is outlandish, but they are not unintelligent creatures. They fly in perfectly organized formations, trading the lead as the forward-most becomes fatigued.
Through their dedication to each other, their trademark honk, and their infallible belief in Canada as a summer vacation spot, the Canada geese deserve the title of Canada's National Bird.

We have what sounds like hundreds of Canadian Geese that hang out behind our house in the field. It's something else seeing them come in to land and I never get tired of hearing them honk during take off and their formation when flying. Mating for life and protection of the flock are neat characteristics.

Canada goose. Note (Canada) in the name

Known around the world as a Canadian bird.

This bird is mostly associated with canada, just by name

Canada goose already has the name.

It's already named after the country! The name and the bird are recognized around the world. It just MAKES SENSE! It's appropriate!

I voted for the Canadian Goose partly because it already is decidedly Canadian, just in its name alone. But truly I consider this a National Bird because no matter where I have been in Canada, coast to coast, they were there in the urban or rural skies above: the "vee" formation evoking thoughts of the Canadian Winter ahead.

The Canada goose has many attributes that could be considered Canadian, they are loyal "mate for life," fiercely defend their territory, are reliable, they show up every spring roughly the same time, are majestic in flight "Canadian snow bird's acrobatic team " and they stay till the job is done "don't leave until the last of the rivers and lakes are frozen."
Thanks, David Viczko

It's the bird I most often see in my community!

For years I have always thought that the Canada Goose is our national bird. Otherwise why is it called the Canada goose. To me it's an obvious choice.

There in no other bird that makes the hair in the back of my neck when you hear them communicating in flight. They have the name Canada incorporated in it's identity, what else can I say?

First, it has Canada in it's official name. It is seen somewhere in the country all year round and has a very distinctive look to its plummage. Their migratory habits herald the beginning and end to our seasons. The classic V formation passing overhead in Spring and Fall has been a lifelong attraction to young and old. It is probably one of the most easily recognized Canadian birds in our country and one of the most loved. That is why I vote for the Canada Goose.

It's in the name isn't it!

It just makes sense.

Il se nomme déjà Bernache du Canada.

Because it is recognized world wide more than any bird as Canadian in origin and you do not have to be privileged enough to live on or near a lake to know it. From experience From experience I much prefer to have Canada Geese helping me with yard maintenance than our famous beaver. The Canada Goose is regal, striking in appearance, recognizable in flight and sound, united (working and flying together in communities/flocks). The loon already has its' place on our coin.

while I was initially leaning towards the Peregine Falcon (tough, but endangered), or the Chickadee (hardy, but little), I finally chose the Canada Goose, because it is able to withstand most of our winters, travels far distances, is indigenous to the majority of the country (I believe so), is a recognizable bird to other countries, is hardy and strong, pesky to our neighbours, it's feathers and down are warm and useful, and lastly, it is good to eat also ( not that I want to). Our ancestors, both native and immigrant, have enjoyed its spirit, usefulness, distinctive call, and annual migrations for centuries. While somewhat huggable and innocent looking, they can be quite aggressive and vicious when threatened or provoked. Just like our country- we are often more than we appear!

Who doesn't like to get goosed?

I choose the Canada Goose, it's well known worldwide as a Canadian bird and it already has Canada in its name so it seems like the perfect choice.

It never fails to thrill and stir my soul to see and hear a flock of geese fly overhead, so close I can hear their wings. The colour, the sound and the sheer privilege of being so close to this magnificence is unforgettable.

Canada Geese are already known as Canada's bird. Why try to change that now?

The Canada Goose is an example to us all of community and caring.

To me, the name "Canada Goose" says it all. It already is a symbolic bird representing our country,
This magnificent bird is seen and known by the young and old who live throughout our country, and when it migrates south for warmer weather in the winter, people know and recognize the bird coming from Canada as the Canada Goose.
The Canada Goose is a great protector and remains loyal to its family.
I can not think of a more patriotic bird to become Canada's national bird.

Selecting the Canada Goose as our national bird makes sense to me for a few reasons. First, it is already named and identified by our country.. Second it is a large and distinctively marked bird, and therefore easily identified. Lastly, it's range spans the entirety of our great country, common to each province and territory and would be a wonderful symbol of unity and inclusion.

I think the Canada Goose should be our national bird. It is found every where. It is found in urban areas. The North, prairies, east and west. It's population is growing in spite of attempts to control it. They are good parents.

The Canada Goose is an icon of the wild in Canadian fields, lakes and skies. Although too many have taken up permanent residence in city parks and fields, I still regard them as Canada's official bird. In these places were it has over populated instead of flying north or south, their populations need to be culled. When proper hunting licenses will be allowed to cull these birds, I can see them being more welcome.

The Canada Goose speaks for itself. It is a bird known from coast to coast in Canada. It already carries the name Canada Goose and is recognized world wide as such. They nest and reside in all the provinces, and territories. They are known for their intelligence, endurance, and sturdiness. They care for their young and they mate for life.

The Canada Goose might be as common as a crow, but they have a need for water, which means we as a country have to preserve our wetlands, and waterways. They entertain all ages in city parks, and fertilize farmers fields. Our evening skies are filled with their calls, especially during fall, and spring. Whether you're living in the city or the country, they are a regular part of Canadian life.

It's all in the name. I already thought the Canadian Goose was our national bird. I can't even believe we are having to vote on this. I am a Canadian citizen currently living in New Zealand and people here see the Canadian Goose as "our" bird.

I was born and raised in Wawa, Ontario, home of the Wawa Goose.

How could you not vote for the Canad(i)a(n) Goose!?

The Canada Goose is well recognized and is seen in every area of Canada, city/town and in the country side. It stays in most areas year round, unlike some of the other birds. They are very protective of their young. They have adapted to nesting on large buildings and their young are still able to survive getting to water. Just like our national anthem, they are strong, stand on guard for each other.

It is the only bird with the word "Canada" in front of it.. You never hear "Canada flamingo" or "Canada great horned owl". You will only ever hear the words" Canada goose". It's like someone has already chosen our national bird! What more do you people need?

Love Canadian Geese. :)

Even though the Canada goose likes pooping on the golf courses etc., I think it is a beautiful bird. Also, this bird is everywhere whereas some are only in the North etc.. I love watching it in flight high overhead signalling spring or winter. Love the sound of the loon, but my preference would be the Canada Goose. :)


this is an easy one. Canada goose has our country in its name. A no brainer really....

The Canada Goose is a large and strong bird just like Canada is a large and strong country. They are readily identified by young and old and can be seen prominently in cities, urban, agricultural and wild areas throughout Canada. They swim in ponds, lakes and rivers and can also be found on land. Males and females mate for life and families tend to stay together and fly in a very efficient V formation, when you can often hear their sonorous honking. They are a very stately bird with an attitude and a "lookout" is always protecting a flock. They are not endangered, don't kill other animals and are basically vegetarians who also have an elaborate courting and mating ritual. They The Canada Goose is also versatile for us to feast on special occasions. Virtually anyone (including foreigners and children) you ask, can identify or has seen a Canada Goose and mimic it's honk.
I am not sure if you can match most of the specific points to other birds that have been chosen.
My sincere choice is for the Canada Goose.

It's already got the right name.

On le retrouve partout au Canada et c'est tellement beau de les voir et de les entendre lors de la migration. On ne peut s'empêcher de regarder vers le ciel... Spectaculaire!

On le retrouve partout au Canada et c'est tellement beau de les voir et de les entendre lors de la migration. On ne peut s'empêcher de regarder vers le ciel... Spectaculaire!

I see Canada geese all year round in many provinces.

Strong, Recognizable, Loyal, Majestic, Defender of Rights.
That's our Canadian Goose.
This birds formations, when in flight, leave such delight. They teach children as they fly overhead they own their territory their intelligence leave no question and they display pride in self and as a "culture".
What more be said-Our Canada Goose.

Of course it absolutely has to be the Canadian Goose, because this is already World Famous and it is a mighty fine bird!

Canada Goose, it is all over, plus it already has Canada in it!

I have admired the Canada Goose my entire life. They are a very majestic bird and their call always reminds me of home, no matter where I happen to be at the time. Their strength, beauty and intelligence parallel that of our great nation.

I'm a traditionalist, what can I say? I like the Canada Goose. But where's the white-throated sparrow?

With our rather harsh winters it is with great joy that in spring these magnificent birds in
great formations fly over us looking not only fantastic but verbally informing us terrestrials
that spring (Hope) is imminent!

Come on, the word 'Canada' is right in the goddamn name of this bird, for God's sake! Plus they're majestic and inspiring in flight. The Canada goose HAS to be Canada's national bird!

Why is there even a vote?

Although sometimes the Canadian goose has a reputation for not so good characteristics we sometimes forget what an incredible bird it is. Anyone that has witnessed a flight go past, it truly is a majestic display. It is remarkable how these wonderful creatures complete their formations and how they fly in formation to create the least wind resistance. They change the lead position when the leader tires and take turns leading the flight.
If an individual is sick or injured another goose will keep it company until it is ready to take flight. To me the Canadian goose epitomizes what it is to be truly Canadian, together we are strong, we help each other in the hardest of times. We are not overly aggressive but can defend ourselves when we need to protect our own.
The Canadian Goose, A great Canadian treasure.


This bird is seen from coast to coast to coast. Are any others? I don't believe so.
AND they work together for the good of the flock they take turns leading they care about each other they do not let some be poorly cared for while others enjoy the cream of the crop!

It has Canada in it's name. Enough said.

Heralder of spring and fall in every area of Canada.

My friends and i consider the Canada goose as our national bird... The U.S. has a bird of prey as their bird and it applies to them well, but here in Canada attitudes are different and the goose is the most seen bird here when migrating and summering here...I can relate to that...Can you?

The Canada Goose is unique to Canada. Also, read Paul Gallico's novelette entitled The Snow Goose

How can you not name the Canada Goose our National Bird?! It already has our nation's name in its own!

Canada Geese are already globally associated with Canada. More importantly, they possess of the great things that Canada offers: diversity, unity, importance of family, community, strength.

This bird is easily recognisable by its pattern of plummage, honking horn sounds and widespread presence in Canada. Its migratory V pattern makes it distinctive for identification in the sky. It has a presence also outside of Canada in winter reminding our neighbours of us by its name.

I choose the Canada Goose because it already bears our country name. It can be seen all over Canada, North, South, East & West. Canada Geese are sociable, diverse and have great fortitude, for not only do they visit our American neighbours regularly, but they are comfortable in cities, towns, country side and even our very far north. They can be heard and seen travelling in great flocks to herald the onset of Winter and spark the advent of Spring. This fact allows for our young Canadians to be familiar with them from baby small For us old birds, they are very respectable because they are family orientated, fearless protectors and they mate for life. I do hope we choose this most magnificent creature to be our National Bird. I love the Common Loon also and their echoing call is unique to the solitude of True North. I'll be honest and say I probably would pick the Loon but unfortunately it is Ontario's Provincial Bird and I'll respect that.

I have seen the flocks of Canada geese in the east and the west of Canada. I have sat by the Columbia river and have watched the parents patently teach the ducklings how to take-off and land on the river and how to navigate the current and backeddies. I have marvelled as the flock passes overhead and the lead goose of the v formation s down and joins at the back. They are my choice as the national bird.

The Canada Goose is a year round inhabitant and the name says it all.

I dont have an essay but want to note that the Canada Goose is found virtually everywhere in Canada - prairies, forests, mountainsides and valley floors, the arctic and the south, urban and rural, coastal and interior. Few of the birds in the list are so highly adaptive, so abundant and already so closely associated with Canada as the Canada Goose.

What an ambassador, these birds are all over the world. and it is widely known as the CANADA goose

What, we're voting on what should be Canada's official bird? We're doing this now? You mean to say that the Canada Goose isn't our official bird? I can't believe it! I always thought that the Canada Goose was our official bird. That's why it's called the CANADA Goose.

Many years ago there was a reference to Canada in a movie I was watching at a movie theatre. What a surprise and what a thrill it was to hear Jimmy Stewart say, "Canada, eh?" In those days, before television, there weren't a lot of references to our wonderful country in the movie magazines or the movies that I loved. So when I heard of the Canada Goose I was thrilled. And when I found out that this bird migrated down into the United States every winter I was even more thrilled! There might not be many references to the country itself but, by golly, when our wonderful Canada Geese flew south in their V formation, then the Americans who saw them would know not only is there a bird called the Canada Goose but these birds come from the country called Canada to the north of them.

It's funny how things stick in your mind over the years. Not too long ago I read in an article that Jimmy Stewart's "Canada, eh?" was no accident. In fact, some Canadian government department paid a lot of money to have that line put in there in the first place. Anything to get the Americans to be aware of us Canadians, I guess.

There are so many beautiful birds in our country. My husband and I have a couple of bird books that we keep handy for reference. The part of the Rocky Mountains where we live has some magnificent species - from tiny hummingbirds to the huge eagles that live in and around our ranch. Canada Geese live around here, too. In fact we have noticed lately that some flocks are arriving earlier in the Spring and staying far later into the Fall than ever before. The Canada Goose knows a good thing when it sees it. Canada. Canada Goose. How could our national bird be anything else?

The Canada Goose is the only bird on this list besides the Canada Warbler that has the word "Canada" in it's name. The Canada Goose has a national history in this country as providing sustenance to our forefathers and is important in aboriginal history. Throughout much of the Nation, the Canada Goose also reminds us of the changing seasons as it migrates south in fall and north in spring. During its migration, Canada geese symbolize teamwork as they takes to the efficient V formation in the skies above our forests and fields, calling out their song to each other.

While the Common Loon is also a fixture in many regions in Canada, it's range (both resident and breeding) is not as large as that of the Canada Goose, so while it is a worthy candidate for this title it is not representative of the whole nation.

I cannot think of a more Canadian symbol, known internationally, than this beautiful majestic bird.

Canadian Geese are found all over Canada - I think this bird would be a perfect fit for our national bird!

These birds are known world wide as Canada Geese. What could be more significant and representative of our great country. They are elegant and stately. You might say that they are the "Jean Beliveau" of the aviary world. Who has not looked up to watch as they glide by, with just a whisper of their wings and the odd 'honk'. To me they are one of the most instantly recognized symbols of Canada.

Canada Goose...says it all!

The range of the Canada goose almost covers all of Canada, more than any of the other birds (as far as I can tell). And it has our name in it's name!

Love to visit these intelligent birds right in my own area and to photograph them.

It's Canada!

Honestly it just makes sense for it to be the Canada goose. They're strong birds much like our great nation and can be found anywhere you go.

This beautiful bird has been carrying our nations name for many years...I feel it is time to make it official.

The Canada Goose! Nothing else makes sense... If anything other than the Canada Goose is chosen, why not change the maple leaf on the flag to an acorn? It just doesn't make sense.

I love how loyal they are to each other. They are ubiquitous and so are known to everyone. I feel like they belong to Canada, they bear our name and strut about like they own the land. When they fly overhead I shout encouragement and love how they honk in reply.

it was a toss up between the Canada Goose and the Common Loon because the call of the loon is solo beautiful. Alas the common loon is already the state bird of Minnesota, so, to avoid duplication I chose the goose. It also kind of makes sense to have the Canada Goose represent Canada.

On any given day of the year I will see hundreds of Canada geese from my kitchen window. They tend to gather here at the head of the harbour, generally at or near high water, and seem to prefer to be in the runoff waters from the lake above. They come and go, often flying out from the lake inland to feed on the salt marshes, fields and even the low tide exposed mud flats along the harbour's edge. When they fly in below my house, the sight of them gliding in to land, wings bent down acting like parasail gliders, the shear beauty and grace always cause me to envy them their freedom!

Probably because of where I live (Southwest Nova Scotia) these birds are permanent residents. Several times through the Autumn I have seen large v-formations heading south down the harbour only to have them return layer that day. One formation heading south turned and merged with one heading north and both came to rest below the house. I sometime wonder why they behave the way they do and I do try to understand that behaviour but have come to realize that that is best left to those professionals who have the passion and resources to study, observe, and report on these magnificent birds.

It's in the name...

It just seems obvious. It's the Canada goose, everyone already associates it with Canada.

I choose the Canada Goose because it is very recognizable and abundant all across our great land. It also has a name that instantly brings Canada to mind. Canada Goose! That screams Canada!

I thought the Canadian Goose was already out national bird....

I am a Canadian living in the US. I will always think of Canada when I think of the Canada goose. It's in the name, its friendly honk and beautiful V flight pattern.

From its size to its unmistakeable call, the ubiquitous Canada Goose is a fine and fitting symbol of our great country.

I have seen the Canada Goose in every Province and Territory I have visited over the years it's a no brainer to be the winner of the tNational Bird Project!

When I read the question, first bird that came to mind was the Canada Goose. It has Canada in its name and is well known throughout Canada and parts of the United States also. A fine looking bird that works hard and cooperates with it's fellow geese to get where it needs to go. Just like Canadians!

It's named Canada Goose. Let's make it our bird!

Not the Ontario Loon - - - the CANADA GOOSE. This bird's very name says it all!

Everyone in Canada has seen the Canada Goose. It is a bird that is ever present, winter and summer. Although the Loon is a very beautiful bird, there are many city dwellers who have never heard one, let alone sat by a northern lake and heard one. I think we can all identify with the Canada Goose.

How much more Canadian can you get than the Canada Goose. Don't wanna be no loon.

The Canada Goose should be our national bird because : (1) it has "Canada" right in its name (2) it is commonly known and recognized in many countries and (3) it travels widely and does not put with any nonsense. The only drawback to this bird being that the Canada Goose is often criticized for leaving its pings everywhere (unfortunately that's not very Canadian-like). Still my vote is for the Canada Goose!

Nothing marks the changing of the seasons like a flight of Canada Geese going either North or South.

The Canada goose is so very Canadian, majestic and lovely. I also like that it is not a provincial bird of any province.

It's in the name! There is no other bird out there as instantly recognizable as belonging to Canada in spirit as the Canadian Goose... even if they might be a terror to actually enagage with. Goose for official mascot!

It was the first bird that came to mind when I heard about this contest. Second the Canada goose has CANADA right in the name, and third if it is good enough for Wawa, Ont. it's good enough for all of Canada.

What can you say? We call it the Canada Goose. Yes, it can be annoying but you have to appreciate their beauty in flight. And we named a warm & well-known coat after it! Besides, the loon is the official bird of Minnesota.

I always thought the Canadian Goose was our national bird, and was never told any different.

Its named after our country and extremely identifiable as a Canadian icon already. In fact I already thought it was our national bird.

What could more Canadian than a 'Canada Goose'!

The Canadian Goose is already our unofficial national bird and if we are to make it official, there is no better choice. Many would be surprised to learn that there is no official national bird. We see symbolic V formation twice a year at very exciting times for canadians. The first in the spring with the upcoming beautiful weather. And next in the fall soon after the start of another hockey season.

We should be wary to choose a national symbol that is already represented as a provincial symbol like the Loon for Ontario and the Snowy Owl for Quebec which are in of themselves great choices. We don't need conflicting symbols that could imply favouritism.

So please make the right choice and the Canadian Goose. We have already named it.

My essay is my song


Canada goose... bearing name of the country...

The Canadian goose is the most loved bird in Canada. And the most beautiful bird that Canada has !!!

We are a country of distinct seasons. The Canada Goose tells us with their honking and V shaped patterns, what season and temperatures are heading our way. They are majestic, beautiful and timeless to the heart.

I am Canadian but living in the US. The Canada Goose is so popular here and many other parts of the US that whenever my friends here see one, they say "your Canadian friends just stopped by". They are Canadian and highly recognized in the US. Maybe not too well liked but they are Canadian!

internationally, the Canada Goose is known and already associated with Canada. As a previously established icon, this bird has the requisite stature to be our national bird.

Its pretty simple choice for me. It is called the Canada Goose and it's on the loony. You see these birds all over the place. Some think they're pests but I think they're pretty cool.

Good day,

I believe naming the Canada Goose is an absolute must for the following reasons:

1.) Canada Geese can be very annoying. Many Canadians can be very annoying, myself including!
2.) Just like the Canada Goose, many Canadians migrate in the winter down south to take advantage of the warmer climate. Americans even call us snowbirds.
3.) Canada Geese have invaded many parts of the United states, and are considered a pest. They serve as a reminder to us that we successfully invaded the continental United States in the war of 1812. Many Canadians see this as a point of pride for our nation.
4.) Canada Geese are strong birds, they defend themselves when attacked, and will also fiercely, and most often successfully defend their young. (I know I was attacked once for being on the wrong sidewalk close to a goose ling)
5.) I bloody well despise them for all the trouble they gave me, when I was working on the Naval Base on the West Coast. But despite that, I respect them.
6.) They represent the Canadian population a lot more than we realise.

Thank you.

Michel ST-Amour, CD.

I believe that the Canadian goose is easily identified across the world as it is quintessentially Canadian.

CANADA goose.
Enough said.

The Canada Goose is seen all across our big country! It's always so amazing to see them flying in formation! That in itself is a symbol of Canadiana! Even abroad, in places like Ireland, the Canada Goose can be seen in city parks, but is still commonly known as the Canada Goose.It's a very good ambassador!They can be seen in the wilderness of Canada and they live amongst us in many urban settings! The Canada Goose is a beautiful and strong bird and one that could represent Canada officially!

What better bird then one flies to the US every winter, hangs out there and then comes back when it's warmer. That's a Canadian bird!

Goose is life.
Goose forever.

I vote for the Canada Goose, because it is everywhere in Canada and it is already called CANADA GOOSE. As others have said, I thought it already was the national bird. The Loon is the Ontario bird. Just like the Owl is the Quebec bird. We need a bird that says "CANADA"

The obvious is that it already bares the name, but what really makes it our bird is the strength, loyalty and their unity in purpose (flocking together to migrate). They can be found almost everywhere in Canada during the warmer months and spend the rest of the year as ambassadors throughout the rest of North Amercica. I've always thought of them as our bird.

Obviously the Canada Goose is the best choice... It's not rocket science. Anything else seems dumb and irrelevant.

I'm so confused...Canada's national bird has always been the goose. All my life it's been the goose. I have no idea why we are even contesting this issue...it makes no sense! I'm not sure how much money is being spent on this but it is ridiculous to me that any money would be put towards REnaming Canada's national bird. Should the goose NOT be ed for this, I will be so flaming mad - it would be like having a contest to choose a national anthem...we already have one!!! UGH!

the CANADA goose is a natural habitant of the province Ontario where I was born and also in B.C where I now reside. It is a resident all over Canada and is very well known to all. We see them daily flying in formation over our home at the end of the day, as they go to their spot in the cemetery up the street to bed down for the night. they are a wonder to see, in their formation. They take turns being the leader and I find that pretty cool.

A beautiful bird that gets a bad rap. This bird was actually rare in my childhood in Southwestern Ontario in the 1960's. Every fall a flock would fly overhead and the entire family would rush outside to see the formation. Now of course it's ubiquitous, but beautiful and majestic all the same. I have seen them in every Province of the country.

I am Canadian, though I live in the U.S. I strongly believe the Canada Goose should be Canada's national bird. Like Canadians, they travel all over, especially to the south during the cold Canadian winters. But like all good Canadians, they long for the tundra, lakes, rivers & grasslands of home and they always return! As an ex-pat, whenever I see a Canada Goose, wherever I may be, I think of home. They are a wonderful ambassador & symbol of the true north, strong & free!

There is nothing more telling of the coming of winter than to look up in the sky and see the V-shaped formation and hear the call of the Canada Goose on its way south. Winter is coming and no matter what else happens, the geese are going south. Accordingly, nothing is more reassuring that winter is over than seeing them return in the spring - to look up and see and hear them as they come back home for the summer.

First, good for you for taking this on.

I'll vote for the Canada Goose because it is strong, social, adaptive, and like many Canadians, some Canada geese go south while some winter here.

It is one of the iconic sights and sounds of Canada when a vee of geese flies overhead.

And they are also delicious.

Enuf said.

Ummm... duh?? Isn't the Canada Goose already our National Bird? Isn't the bird already named after our Country? Isn't the Canada Goose a pretty obvious ion for Canada's national bird? It gets my vote based on tradition, common sense, and simple logic.

I can honestly say that I think the Canada Goose is more recognized around the world than the common loon. No matter where you see the goose you instantly think of Canada.

Canadian Geese are known around the world. I remember a relative of mine in the UK telling me they saw a flock of Canadian Geese flying over there one after-noon and thought of our family in Canada. Canadian Geese are a popular bird and easily recognized by many people.

Already has "Canada" in it's name!

I vote for the Canada Goose because it has always has been our National bird of sorts and recognized as such by the rest of the world as being so.

The Canada Goose, to me, is a beautiful bird that speaks of Canada Megestic landa from sea to sea to sea. The Canada Goose’s call or chatter, as they fly, in formation, across our skies, says ‘Canada’.

Its the 'Canada' Goose.

The Canada goose is majestic! Anywhere in the world, it is recognized as a Canadian bird. Anywhere in the world, people call it "Canada's goose". Not too many people know or have ever seen a gray jay or associate it with Canada.

It's a CANADIAN goose. Duh. They bring sadness when they fly down south in the winter & joy when you hear them returning, signalling spring.

To my knowledge there is only one bird with the name "Canada" and that is the "CANADA GOOSE".
The Canada Goose is a part of history.
If there is another bird common to all of Canada and the Territories that bird should be considered as well.
There is another bird, the Blue Jay that may be common to Canada and the Territories.
I am not sure but is bird named the " Canadian Blue Jay"?

A national bird with the name "Canada" would seem a most logical choice.

Canada goose is my pick, as Canada's National Bird

It is simple. It is in the name "Canada" Goose. Not only that, but they cover our land, are of strong character and darn god looking. They are big, strong loyal and have incredible endurance a very good description of our country.

They are already the National bird and should remain. They have wonderful personalities and live by good moral ethics of caring for their community(geese) and families. They form good relationships with each other, are loyal to one mate for life, and mourn the death of a partner or friend. All qualities that many humans don't possess.

While the loon is a popular ion, I think the Canada Goose should win as they are ubiquitous across the country.

I think that Will Ferguson expressed exactly what I think and the way I would have put it, could I write as he does.

I vote for the goose because no where else has as much geese as right here, in Canada.

Seeing Canada Geese leave in the fall and return in the spring give me some of my greatest memories of Canada, year after year.

This bird is so iconic, and has Canada in the title!

It was a toss up between the Common Loon and the Canada Goose. Then I realized the Canadian Goose was the top choice! Canadian Goose... See? It's already our Canadian representative! Throughout my regular travels from here to Alabama, I've always been reminded of my home, with seeing Canada Geese regularly. They are our bird.

I love the Canada Goose. I think it would be a fitting symbol for Canada in a very positive way.

1) It's a beautiful bird
2) It has a unique voice. You hear it and look up - it's unmistakable.
3) The V-formation that it flies in shows its intelligence: good for speed, communication and protection of the flock.
4) It is very well known throughout Canada and the world, and already has our country's name in its own name.
5) I don't think it matters that it leaves us for a warmer climate in winter. A lot of birds have to to survive. It always comes back, though.
6) The loon is already on our coin.
7) The snowy owl is already Quebec's provincial bird.
8) The peregrine falcon is all over the world.
9) There are many birds listed in the vote that no one has really heard about and that do not feel as uniquely Canadian as the Canada Goose does.
10) It's loved.

Thank you for this interesting opportunity!

How could the Canada Goose NOT be voted as our nations bird? It is known around the world as a symbol of Canada. We have given them to the Queen of England as gifts ... And they are found almost coast to coast across this great country.

Why do I think Canada goose should be the national bird? Because is a very representative bird for Canada, you can find it everywhere, in every province, city, park, lawn or backyard. There is no other bird so present like Canada goose. We all love our Canadian goose.

That would be a rational choice.

As I see it, the Canada Goose is known all over the world with its striking black and white head, long neck, wide wing span and with its long legs straight out while in flight it give the impression of an arrow - straight and true.

Not only should this be our seabird, but our national bird too.

The Canada Goose is a bird visible in most our parks throughout the country; it is big, beautiful, and strong, and thus represents Canada well. It is connected to Canada through its name. This bird is a common motif in aboriginal art works.

I thought the name says it all. Considering the bird was endangered not that long ago it reflects on the tough inner character and determination of the bird.

It is a survivor. And many of these birds stay in Canada year round as long as they can find water.

Many people dislike them. Perhaps there are too many in certain areas. I am not a fan of parks covered in goose poop. Nor am I a fan of parks covered in dog poop. Sh*t happens no matter where you live.

The Canada goose is the bird most believe is our national bird anyway. It is found from coast to coast, in every area of Canada. It is named after our country, even! I know most people see them as pests, but they are as much a part of Canada's culture and image as Tim Horton's or the Bluenose, or hockey. Ask anyone what they think of when they think of Canada - next to Hockey and cold temperatures, it's the Canada Goose.

And though they are seen as pests, they truly are a magnificent bird. They are beautiful, and have adapted to urban sprawl wonderfully. Unassuming but confident, they just embody Canada.

We often have Canada Geese on our property and the name says it all to me!! They are so beautiful and majestic and always seem to get along, protecting and watching out for each other - a trait that I wish we as humans could master throughout the world. They set an excellent example of what life should be like, in my opinion.

They are found all over Canada and they have Canada in their name.

Canada already has a national bird and has had long before you and I do your research CANADA GOOSE NOT U.S.A. GOOSE or CHINA GOOSE. CANADA GOOSE, our national bird and always was.

A bird that is seen in all provinces as well as a global traveller, and the name of the bird says it all.

It's called the "Canada Goose"; doesn't that already make it a national bird?

The name says it all. The Canada goose should be named the national bird of Canada. I always thought it already was.

I believe the Canadian Goose should be the national bird. It lives in almost all areas of Canada and is already named after the country.

Nothing makes me feel more at home here than hearing the geese honking as they fly overhead.

The Canada Goose is a wonderful choice for Canada's national bird. It already has Canada in its name, it is a water foul, it has good family values and it is majestic looking. Having watched these birds proudly swimming in our wetlands has created a sense of awe in me.

The fact that the Canada Goose already has Canada's name is a definite shoe-in. It is obviously specific to Canada and dear to Canadians.

A water fowl is a good choice for Canada's national bird because Canada has one third of the world's fresh water. Canada Geese have a wonderful sense of family. You see them swimming in our ponds, they swim as a family, with one parent in front, one parent in the back and all of their wonderful babies in between.

Finally, this bird is majestic looking. It stands glorious and free just as we do and as suggested in our national anthem. It is a large, strong and beautiful bird, very noticeable and immediately identifiable because of its unique markings. The Canada Goose is definitely the best choice for Canada's national bird.

Evidently the Canada Goose, which up until this very minute I believed was already Canada's official bird, is not.

The Canada Goose is a bird that is seen all year round, either on the ground or the air in their familiar Vee formation, I would assume that they would be the first bird that a visitor from out of country would see in comparison to other birds.

The Canada Goose in on our money, known around the world the same as the Maple Leaf. The name alone has Canada in it. This should be more than obvious.

Is there really any other choice?

I believe it should be the Canada Goose. It already carries the name of our country and it's instantly recognizable. Plus, I think they're beautiful!

Recognized and thought of by many as our national bird, so why not make it just that?

The Canada goose has always been revered, and graced all parts of Canada both summer and winter, and was named the Canada goose many, many years ago .

Noted for defending their family and territory, what else can we wish for?

The Canada goose is a proud and majestic bird, and no other birds will attack this large, beautiful creature. It is one, if not the best, eating wildlife bird, favoured by all fowl hunters. They dominate the land, water and skies as they fly rather high and travel very fast.

With all said, what other bird can represent Canada with such grace? None I can think of.

Most sincerely:
Richard Champagne

Jeepers, I thought the Canada goose was already Canada's national bird! It seems the most logical choice to me!

Even its scientific name has Canada in it. Yes they can be messy - but so are seagulls, pigeons and other big birds.They are majestic, loyal, hardy and sociable - just like the Canadian people. It's a no brainer that it should be our national bird.

The Canada goose is a majestic bird that is found coast to coast in our great country. They are a proud bird that shows great resilience to the elements. Like our people, they leave our great nation, but always know where home is and never hesitate to return. They are known to those abroad, and named for our country, and therefore to me, they should be our national bird.

The Canada goose is, in my opinion, already the unofficial national bird.

* It can be found on many Canadian souvenirs already.
* Its range includes much of the country, and so can easily be seen by almost anyone.
* It has distinct colouring, making it easy for the average person to identify (barring confusion with the cackling loon, which was formerly labelled as another Canada goose subspecies).
* I think the name says it all.

I think that the Canada Goose should be our national bird because:

1) Its name says it all.
2) It is a bird that is common in all provinces and territories.
3) Nearly every major city has a flock or two of "city geese" to entertain (or annoy) people in their parks.

I could go on, but any other reason I have would seem redundant after the first three.

The Canada goose should be our national bird as it stands out among all birds for its size and peculiar physical characteristics. They are very easily recognized. They fly in groups in a V formation - something spectacular to see and hear. When used to people they take seeds from our hands, which is an amazing thing to have as they are considered wild animals.

No essay for what has been and is commonly accepted as Canada's national feathered friend. My question is, who decided it is not and then why is it not after many years? I am over 50, and I was taught (grade school) that it was and now you want to change it? Our prime idiot would only accept the bald eagle, and that is not good either!

A bird known everywhere as clearly "Canadian," there is no doubt that the Canada goose should be (and always should have been) Canada's national bird. They're majestic in size, graceful, caring for their young and roam in great numbers. No one mistakes the black-and-white face and brown feathers, whether you're in Canada or in the U.S. Canada has many great stories surrounding the Canada goose, and even a movie about their plight to migrate down south.

There is no competition when it comes to this beautiful water fowl. They are the bald eagles of the North and should be respected and celebrated as such!

It's time to give the Canada goose the rightful title it has deserved all these years, as Canada's national bird!

Although there are many magnificent birds that could represent Canada, I choose the Canada goose because of the joy that ripples through my heart at the first familiar "honk," and as I look up and see the first pair heralding spring after a cold long winter! I anticipate their return eagerly in the spring, and watch at a pond nearby as they mate and build their nests, ever-vigilante parents until the first signs of the little ones, which are immediately taken to the water. I watch them grow and finally take flight in the fall, and my heart flies with them.

The Canada goose is the perfect bird for Canada. It flies south every winter to avoid the deep cold, just like many true Canadians.

The bird is strong and able to stand up to the harsh elements of this vast country. It can be found across Canada.

It is well recognized across the world. This traveller turns heads at the sight of its great size. The Canadian goose is large enough that people notice it, but also small enough not to be fearful of it. Just be cautious of them, they walk tall and will strike when provoked. Like Canadians, we will stand for our pride, but are passive enough to let passers by.

These magnificent birds represent Canada perfectly, through their mannerisms and behaviours. The Canada goose acts just like a true Canadian.

By Brian McHugh
Carbon, Alberta

This bird identifies its home in Canada by its name. When I think of my walks in Stanley Park with dog on lead, I immediately remember my encounters with the Canada goose - and we all found out very quickly who is the boss. One can never forget the sound of the Canada goose and when heard on a summer day, you definitely know you are in Canada, one of the best places on Earth to be at that time of year.

Canada Goose ... I thought this already was the national bird ... the name says it all. They are everywhere. Now, quit messing up the park lawn.

My first thought, when I read that a bird was being chosen to represent Canada, was of the Canada goose. It is a large bird. We need a bird that is large. The Americans have chosen the bald eagle as their national bird, despite the fact that there are plenty of bald eagles here in British Columbia. It makes sense to choose the Canada goose as it is already named for Canada and is well known all over the world as our goose.

Can we at last have a formal Canadian bird?

I feel that the Canada goose must be our national bird. There are Canada geese in all the provinces as well as territories, and all corners of our great country. I believe that there are many people, like myself, who were not aware that the Canada goose was not officially our national bird. So let's make it official and keep this great bird in the forefront.

To me, the flight of the Canada geese in the spring is a breath of fresh air. It lifts the spirit, giving eternal hope of spring's arrival and that summer is not far behind. In the fall, it is wonderful to see flocks upon flocks returning to the South. Looking up into the blue sky and watching these birds V formation and listening to the vocal honking is a special sound. Seeing them landed in the fields and feeding, with the lead goose standing at attention, on the lookout for predators and other dangers, is awe inspiring.

I remember when these wonderful birds were so abundant that a flock in flight would block out the sun. What better time than our 150th anniversary to honour this majestic bird?

From the Aboriginal Nation to the native Canadian and the immigrants who have chosen this wonderful country of ours, I am sure we will all be ecstatic to welcome the Canada goose as our country's bird.

I certainly hope it will be recognized. Doing this would be a welcome occasion to give our children and those who are not familiar with this bird to do so.

This proud, loyal and very adaptable bird embodies we Canadians. Some of us have even adapted the goose's yearly migration to the south, and some of them stay and brave the winter weather if they find enough food.

Let's gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Canada goose!

Often, when we see them, they are with their families and are fiercely protective of them. Canada loves its families so much we have a holiday called Family Day; what better bird to represent us then the Canada goose?

Whereever I travel in the United States, Americans know these are "Canada geese" visiting them! There is nowhere in Canada that these birds don't have habitat - a perfect and recognizable choice!

I believe all Canadians have had a chance to see Canada geese throughout the country. But even more so, internationally everyone knows that it is OUR goose. For this reason it should be our national bird.

The sound of the Canada goose has significance for all Canadians, from announcing the coming winter season and spring. Their flight patterns are based on sharing in turn for the benefit of the group, which is what our country is about.

Good morning,

It only makes sense to choose the Canada goose as the national bird: it is known all over the world as Canada's bird. Although it is a migratory bird, quite a few now stay in Canada over the long, harsh winter. Its long, sleek neck gives it a royal look, and people respect its habitat.

The Canada goose already honours Canada with its name. Yes, they are messy, but their comings and goings are an annual indicator of the season's change - something all Canadians welcome. Their nature is docile and somewhat comical, mirroring the image Canada portrays to the world. Their beautiful contrasting markings and cute and fuzzy offspring are a joy to watch. Yes, they poop a lot, but so do dogs. At least geese fertilize the grass, while dogs kill it. HONK if you love the Canada goose!

The reason is that this bird is called the Canada goose. It is the bird of Canada.

Why not! It's already got the name and you can find them in all regions of Canada!

I think the Canada goose is one of the most well known birds, and can be found all across Canada; I also think most everyone has seen a Canada Goose at one time or another. These reasons are why I think the Canada goose should be Canada's national bird!

"Canada" goose. Need I say more? :)

Canada geese are country wide and found in cities as well as rurally, thus they are perfect.

I love, love, love seeing the baby geese every year! My son and I have been going to Elizabeth Lake [near Cranbrook, B.C.] to see them every year since he was five, and he's 12 now. It's become one of our favourite things to do, and we've slowly come to love Elizabeth Lake year round because of our love for the geese that live there. I like to think our trips there are teaching my son invaluable lessons about wildlife, at the very least I'm getting him to get his head out of his video games and participate in the world around him - a feat in itself! : )

I automatically took for granted it was our national bird. Every year we have at least two sets making a nest in the pond right next to my acreage, which is a designated 21-acre wildlife sanctuary. They come onto our place to feed around the garden site and wander around the yard. Many a picture have been taken of the most fabulous Canada goose, which is so gigantic in size when you get close to it. Last year, there were six goslings that we spotted. Also, while one eats its partner watches with head held high, and they take turns and this goes on for hours. Some deer came and they all ate in the same area without disturbing each other. It's so wonderful to see our nature at its best and in your own backyard. Also, the geese have great conversations between them, and if you are careful you can get quite close, just by talking gently to them.

The arrival of Canada geese in spring in the N.W.T. always heralds the start of spring-like temperatures for us in the far North. They are such an iconic bird, and when they arrive in the spring, we call out "hello" to them and when they depart in the fall we say "so long." We don't ever say "goodbye," because this is their home, where they birth their young and raise them. So we observe the time-honoured rituals of watching them coming and going and wish for them a safe journey back to their homeland - or in the fall going for their winter break. They cover the full extent of Canada and are aptly named Canada geese.

They are mix of different sizes and habits, they are all over Canada, from far North to the cities, and Americans call them "Canada's darn geese." They are the only bird that can jam two jet engines at the same time!

The "Canada goose" - the name alone is Canada. Plus, it is found all over Canada, not just some provinces, so it makes a good national bird.

I feel the Canada Goose would be a good choice as it is widespread across Canada. :)

It's in our name already, it's beautiful but a complete a**hole if provoked, it travels thousands of miles, and quite frankly, though it's not as flashy as its cousin, the regular goose, it's way more badass, protects its young with fierce resolve, and helps out its fellow goose while flying with a symbolic V for victory ... a symbol that only Canada and Vietnam can claim as never being defeated (though that's another issue entirely).

Canada geese are so very beautiful as well as abundant, and are already named "Canada" goose; it seems appropriate to make these glorious birds our national symbol.

Canada geese are woefully misunderstood and unfairly maligned. They are resilient - bouncing back from near extinction to abundant populations in just a few decades. They are wonderful animals - strong, extremely intelligent and fiercely loyal.

Canada geese are pretty tough. That is a juxtaposition with Canadian nationality.

The key is in the name.

This is what people know about Canada. Canada goose all the way!

"Canada" is in both its common name and its scientific Latin name: Branta canadensis. why isn't it the national bird?

As far as I know, the Canada goose is the one bird that can be found naturally in every province and territory of Canada. It is historically an important source of food and down for clothing, its call is recognized everywhere and announces the changing of the seasons - a feature of life in Canada - its flight formation is emblematic of the importance of community, and the birds mate for life - echoing the strength of families of all kinds.

Has Canada in the name, so why not ...

Canada geese are a majestic symbol of our great country.

Its beautiful flight pattern, the famous "flying V" as used by hockey greats the Mighty Ducks and its loud, incessant honking, (as if the streets were filled with hockey fans after Canada has won the Gold) showcase this amazing bird's patriotic symbolism, making it the ultimate candidate for our national bird.

The Canada goose is not only one of the most hardy of waterfowl, living coast-to-coast in our great land, but also master of pond and sky. It, like all hardworking and honest Canadians, knows the importance of teamwork and flocking up to achieve a goal. Not only that, but the Canada goose also follows the time-honoured Canadian tradition of fleeing this frozen tundra for six months of the year to it's southern neighbour in Florida, so that it may survive to return to our glorious nation once it returns to a livable climate.

In short, to not choose the Canada goose is to not choose the most Canadian bird on your well-thought-out list.

Because it's the CANADA goose!

I think that the Canada goose should be our national bird. The majestic, wonderful flying goose represents our people as a whole. When I see a Canada goose I think, "Golly, it sure is nice to be a Canadian!" and then it flies off into the sunset over the rocky mountains. Everyone knows the Canada goose is Canadian. Hell, its name is CANADA GOOSE for a reason!

Much like the moose, the Canada goose is definitively Canadian. Flying north to south, east to west, up or down, left or right and sometimes just floating on the water, the goose is a far-travelled bird in a vast land with a wide culture of people. In A land of all colours, peoples, languages, cultures and customs, the goose flies far and the goose follows the wind with the seasons. The goose is Canadian. We are geese!

- ACP 2015

If any Canadian citizen had wings, we would probably also head to Florida for the winter.

The Canadian goose is pure awesomeness.

I love the other birds that are voting options, but it's the Canada goose that reminds me the most of Canada. I was in Denver, Colorado, recently and there were hundreds of them in the river near where I stayed, and it felt magical ... a touch of home.

Obviously, it should be the Canada goose. It is, after all, named after Canada. And they live everywhere: they're very adaptable and you find them in many other countries, just like Canadians.

It is the CANADA Goose. It is our bird, people.

What says Canada, but the Canada Goose?

The Canada goose resides in most of Canada, is already well known by people who are not into birds, carries Canada's name and a lot of people the world over already think it is Canada's national bird.

a) It's called the "Canada" goose
b) I thought it was Canada's national bird to begin with!
c) It's an absolutely beautiful bird that would represent our country well. Proud, Strong and Free!

Je trouve que ca serais une bel emblème et le nom Canada est là.

Love to hunt these. They are awesome birds to see enter into a field.

It's not called the Canada goose for nothing; it's no contest, in my honest opinion!

This bird is already nationally named and recognized. Even its voice is publicly known.

A bird found right across Canada. Already has a fitting name. Beautiful to see in flight or on the ground. Monogamous and protective of family. There are many good reasons why the Canada goose fits the bill.

One of the most common birds, easily observed in Canada.

It is difficult to choose between the Canada goose and the common loon. I decided on the Canada goose because the loon is already recognized by Ontario.

I think the Canada goose should be chosen also because of its name.

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