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National Bird Project - Vote for Canada's National Bird


Canada warbler (Cardellina canadensis)

Votes: 193

Canada warbler
Photo illustration: Canadian Geographic; Photo: Hans_Toom / CG Photoclub

This small warbler has yellow underparts with a speckled grey necklace and a dark-grey back and neck. It summers throughout the provinces east of the Rockies, seeking out damp woodlands with plentiful undergrowth.

(Both Sexes)
Weight 9-13 g
Length 12-15 cm
Wingspan 17-22 cm
Canada warbler range map
Range map courtesy iBird for Windows
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The Canada Warbler is by far my favourite candidate for Canada’s national bird. Its range extends to all the provinces and territories, except for Nunavut. Its bright yellow underparts and black streaked necklace make it very attractive. Though it’s a relatively small bird only 5.25 inches long, I was very excited the first time I saw it at Point Pelee National Park. Of course, the obvious reason is that the scientific name, Wilsonia canadensis, and the common name, Canada Warbler, both refer to the great country of Canada. Though it was formally known as the Canadian Fly-catcher because of its diet, it is a true wood warbler. Like some Canadians it goes to the southern states or northern South America during the winter, though it spends summer in Canada. Its prominent colour of yellow is on eight of the provincial flags. Its song is friendly just like Canadians. An uncommon sight throughout most of Canada, but it would win first place in a beauty contest among all other birds. Though it’s declining in numbers, any one who keeps their eyes peeled, can witness this beautiful bird. I think the Canada Warbler would look great on the back of a coin. It is simply the most logical candidate for Canada’s national bird.
5 reasons why the Canada Warbler should be Canada’s national bird
1) It is beautiful.
2) It is found throughout most of Canada.
3) It refers to Canada in both its common name and scientific name.
4) Its song is friendly, just like Canadians.
5) It is a friend to campers because it decreases the number of flying insects.

I'd rather be a Canadian warbler than a Common Loon ;)

It's name seems fitting. It has amazing songs - and all in all, it's a darling little bird. VOTE CANADIAN WARBLER!!!

I agree with Jody. This beautiful little bird with Canada in its name is a perfect choice. What is more it has a lovely song unlike many of the top (so far) choices.FD

Great little Warbler and like most of them always busy.
This little bird comes with the Right Name

This lovely-sounding, pretty-feathered bird deserves to be honored with the title of Canada's national bird.
Vote for this bird if you agree!

The Canadian warbler is a sweet little bird, always welcoming, just like most Canadians. And, whats more? It's name is Canadian Warbler. It's suck a sweet little bird and seems to resemble Canadians in every way. This would be a great national bird. It is also not aggressive just like Canadians! I love these birds. These little birds seem so fluffy I could just pick one up and hug it, they are such sweet birds and bring joy to anyone who sees one!

The name says it all.

I have only seen this bird once and heard it sing. The sound is pleasant as are Canadians. This bird represents the true Canadian in its stature, it's beautiful,sound, and eagerness to please.

It has a cool name.

I think the national bird of Canada should be the Canada Warbler because I love it. It is cute.

Briel Age 5

How come there are still 40 birds left ?
Aren't you supposed to remove a few each round ?

I continue to say that Canada's national bird should not be also the bird emblem of any Canadian Province :

Provincial Bird Emblems [from West to East]:
British Columbia : Steller's Jay
Alberta : Great Horned Owl
Saskatchewan : Sharp-tailed Grouse
Manitoba : Great Grey Owl
Ontario : Common Loon
Québec : Snowy Owl
New Brunswick : Black-capped Chickadee
Nova Scotia : Osprey
Prince Edward Island : Blue Jay
Newfoundland and Labrador : Atlantic Puffin

Territorial Bird Emblems [from West to East]:
Yukon : Raven
Northwest Territories : Gyrfalcon
Nunavut : Rock Ptarmigan

All the 40 birds to choose from are beautiful, but I add that the selected bird will not meet with country-wide acceptance if it is any of the above.

Posting to my FB page Madawaska Ornitours.

I am always delighted to see the Canada Warbler, especially if it is a property , city or county bird. Best if it's a property bird it is listed in all 3 of these categories.

I say that Canada's National Bird should NOT already the Provincial/Territorial Bird of any Province/Territory, nor that of a contiguous USA state, nor an otherwise national symbol such as the Common Loon, for instance, that is already on our dollar. It's conservation status should also be taken into consideration. For all these reasons + the fact that the Canada Warbler bears has Canada as its first name, leads me to vote for this beautiful and endangered bird. And it sings nicely too.


La Paruline du Canada est une espèce menacée. De plus, elle est une de nos belles parulines et son chant est très beau. Ce qui ajoute à mon choix est d'avoir déjà trouvé son nid.

Great Bird With a Great Song

The Canada Warbler not only sports Canada in its name, but it also connects Canada to many other countries during its travels and is a beautiful representative for international collaboration.

I vote for the Canada Warbler, which is endangered.
Also, it is NOT the bird of any Canadian Province or Territory.
For instance, the Raven is the bird of the Yukon, and the Snowy Owl that of Québec.

This will be my second time voting for this magnificent endangered species. Although it is far behind in the 'race', I still feel that it is a good candidate because it may help spread awareness about endangered species. I hope that people will make an effort to manage and conserve our resources that these wonderful creatures call home. Thank you

I'd like the Canada Warbler to be considered for Canada's National Bird for these reasons. I have seen it across Canada from Ontario to BC's Peace River region. Firstly, it is one of several species of wood warblers found nowhere else in the world but in North America's boreal forest. Secondly, a colourful and delightful species identified by its rich and variable warbling song, its black necklaced pattern on a yellow chest and of course a bespectacled and studious warbler with its yellow glasses. And finally I wish to raise awareness to the plight of these warblers and their habitat much needing protection Therefore the name of the bird Canada's Warbler should be most fitting for Canada's national bird. What better choice is there?

I feel compelled to vote for the Raven; however I am taken by the name and the cheery disposition of the warbler.

C'est un oiseau que j'aime beaucoup.

Il est beau et j'aime la couleur bleu.

A beautiful bird, with a cheerful song, and a sure reminder of spring and the new season. We need beauty, delicate features, song and strength to be our national bird.

Canada Warbler because it's population is dwindling, and its designation will raise awareness about insectivores + diversity within migrating songbirds.

The Canada Warbler is a beautifully coloured song bird that could represent Canada very well.

The Canada Warbler is an excellent choice for Canada's national bird. It is small, but Its name fits the bill and its bold black necklace against its brilliant yellow breast makes it a spectacular looking bird.A vote for the Canada Warbler is a vote for one of our most beautiful song birds.

The Canada warbler should be Canada's national bird because:
1)it is named after Canada
2)it is beautiful
3)it's found throughout Canada
4)it is considered threatened because of habitat loss in both it's winter and summer range
5)it has an amazing migration
Please vote for this awesome bird!

I would vote for the Canada Warbler, because of its colour. I saw a blue bird at my waterfountain last summer, in Agassiz (B.C.) and didn't know what it was. Could it be that far West?

Petit oiseau qui attire toujours mon attention. Il semble plein d'intelligence. Il semble moins agité que les autres petits oiseaux de même taille. Très attirant.

My sightings of Canada Warbler in Canada have been few -- two in Alberta and one in Ontario during a Big Year we did in 2012. But on a 2013 trip to Colombia we saw dozens and dozens in their Andean home.

It's a beautiful bird, and its name alone makes it well worthy of being Canada's national bird.

For many years when I birded Pelee in the spring migration with a group of friends, the Canada Warbler was always the elusive warbler we were looking for. Also, because it is called a Canada Warbler, says it all.

This species is threatened so selecting it for our National Bird will hopefully help restore its numbers.

Canada Warbler needs our help and protection so bringing awareness to its plight will certainly assist in its protection, especially if it becomes Canada's National Bird.

En choisissant la paruline du Canada comme emblème aviaire du pays nous favoriserons la préservation de l'espèce.

I think the Canada Warbler should be Canada's national bird because it bears Canada's name. It is also threatened because of habitat loss. If it became the national bird more people would be aware of the problems and can help stop this decline.

The Canada Warbler is a striking, beautiful bird! Sadly, it is a Threatened species in Canada.

Son chant égaie nous égaie tout l'été. Une famille de parulines nous a adoptés pour nicher chaque année. Vive les parulines !

bright,beautiful little characters of the forest. Hearing these songbirds is always uplifting.

The Canada Warbler is one of the most beautiful warblers and I am sure most Canadian's don't even know it exists, let alone that it is a threatened species. Perhaps making the Canada Warbler Canada's National Bird would give the species more recognition and help ensure it is around for generations to come. Its song is a cheerful one that I don't hear often enough.

I voted for the round and cute bird that is known as the Canada warbler because it is small and 100% underrated for its size. Trust me, it is a 13cm pound of CUTENESS. Please pick it.
BTW makes great pet:)

The Canada Warbler (Cardellina canadensis)

Of all the birds that are declining in North America, Canadians should feel a particular sense of stewardship for this small bright warbler that shares our country’s name and provides an emblem for Bird Studies Canada’s goals and actions. By starting now, we can hope that in 20 years, birders won’t feel compelled to charter flights to ‘twitch’ the lone, singing Canada Warbler just spotted east of St. Leonard, New Brunswick.

I think the Canada Warbler should be chosen because it represents Canada well. The Canada warbler is less aggressive than the loon and I think it represents our kind population. As well, there are not many species named after our country so I think the bird is very special to us. Although it is not as well known as other birds it does call its home to Canada during the summer, it's distribution almost stretches out from coast to coast. The Canada warbler, being part of the wood warbler family makes for a symbolic species for it resides in Canada's forests which we share and treasure. Please chose the Canada Warbler, more Canadian's need to know about this bird!

A spectacular little warbler which bears Canada's name already. So proud to see this long-distance migrant on a trip to Ecuador.

We need to recognize and protect our beautiful song birds.

They are simply beautiful

I voted for this bird because it ranges across Canada in Many varied Habitats and carries Canada's name. I believe it was first discovered here as well. It was also painted by James Audubon.

Canada it its name. Resides in every province, but for NFLD&LB. H/e NFLD&LB has Puffin, making the rest of us jealous. Comes with the sun, carrying its joyful plumage and beautiful song. Shows our appreciation of the short summers that we get, meaning that every moment, every song, and every bird worth a pound of gold--the colour of this creature's belly.

the Canadian warbler is one of the many endangered species that call Canada home and I believe that making it the national symbol will help bring awareness to this creature as well as the others that are in so desperate need of attention.

C'est un petit oiseau magnifique que j'ai pu observer à plusieurs reprises.

I think the Canada Warbler is a great fit for Canada's national bird.

A species protected by the Species At Risk Act (SARA), I emphatically champion the small passerine as the name represents our country.

Great and beautiful.. I am fat so I appreciate their weight problem lol

Nationally, the Canada warbler is recognized as a threatened species and it (along with its boreal allies) deserve the attention of Canadians. Not only does this species symbolize our vast boreal forests, but they are a lovely warbler with beautiful and characteristic plumage.

Pretty little warbler. I've never seen one, that I know of, but I'd love to hear its song.

The most exciting bird sighting of 2014 for me and adorably cute. Plus, it has the name Canada in it. Can fly circles around a bald eagle.

It already has Canada in its name! Destiny.

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