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National Bird Project - Vote for Canada's National Bird

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Common murre (Uria aalge )

Votes: 21

Common murre
Photo illustration: Canadian Geographic; Photo: Dick Daniels / Wikicommons

This medium-sized seabird has dark-brown upperparts with white underparts, a long, black bill and a short tail. Preferring rocky coasts, it can be found near Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Ocean shores.

(Both Sexes)
Weight 0.8-1.13 kg
Length 38-43 cm
Wingspan 64-71 cm
Common murre range map
Range map courtesy iBird for Windows
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Very Beautiful bird.

Common murres have the most interesting family lives!

The common murre can be found in all our seas, truly connecting Canada from sea to sea to sea. This gregarious and social bird lives a long life, returning to its natal cliff home to rear its own offspring each summer. Common murres are excellent indicators of environmental health, with their own productivity sensitively tracking ocean productivity.

The guillemot is a neat little bird that looks like a cross between a seagull and a penguin. The black guillemot has bright red feet which is the same colour as our maple leaf.

Just look at my familly name, I could not vote for any other birds, the name of the common murre is the guillemot......

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