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National Bird Project - Vote for Canada's National Bird


Pine grosbeak (Pinicola enucleator )

Votes: 103

Pine grosbeak
Photo illustration: Canadian Geographic; Photo: Ron Knight / Wikicommons

This is a medium-sized, plump, coniferous-forest-dwelling songbird. It has black wings with a pair of white bars and a black, notched tail. The male is pink-red, while the female has a yellow head and rump, a grey back and grey underparts.

(Both Sexes)
Weight 56 g
Length 20-25 cm
Wingspan 33 cm
Pine grosbeak range map
Range map courtesy iBird for Windows
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I choose this bird for its color, as to the Red Maple Leaf on your Flag,

Its cool bird

This bird is found across most of the country. I think this is a good representative for Canada.

The male looks Canadian with his red color. This bird I truly a Canadian bird as it is found in all areas of Canada. The most appealing thing is that the Pine grosbeak is not the official bird of any of the provinces or territories therefore would stand alone as Canada's national bird.

I like the colours in this bird.

A beautiful bird whose habitat encompasses a large portion of Canada. It is because of it's vast range that makes it an ideal candidate to become the countries' national bird.

Beautiful color and found all across Canada. Shy, but independent and a song bird. Both the female and the male have colorful plumage!


Bird find across canada

I saw some today for the first time eating spruce larger red one on a higher branch watching out for younger red ones while they ate! So awesome!

Je choisis cet oiseau car il est de taille moyenne et coloré, qu'il loge dans les sapins, et qu'il peut être observé d'un océan à l'autre. L'oiseau parfait pour servir d'emblème du Canada!

I saw some today in Nova Scotia. They are here for the winter probably because there are a lot of spruce cones this year. They are Canada'
s bird because, like Canadians, they don't spook easily.

Il est presque partout au Canada et de plus il passe les hivers avec nous. Quelle robustesse !

Today, Nov 12, 2015, I saw the first of these birds gorging on small red decorative crab like apples on a tree in my yard. The red was much the same color as thr red in the male. They(1 male with 2 females) were very happy eating for hours! These plump birds are so very colorful! The male---WOW.

Both female and male are pretty and one can see them all over Canada.

Always working to find Canadian

I would like to vote for the Pine Grosbeak because of the grace and beauty of the
bird. This bird is so ADORABLE plus you can find it all over Canada so everyone can enjoy the Pine Grosbeak in it's Natural habitat. PLEASE vote for this bird. It would mean the world to me and my family. PEACE .

I just think it is a beautiful and unusual bird.

I love the Pine Grosbeak. It is an all Canadian bird, attractive and deserves some recognition.

The pine grosbeaks carry Canada colours from the dark forest to prairies to the beautiful fall leaves. It brightens the coldest winter days with its cheerful song.

The Pine grosbeak can handle the cold weather in Yukon. It is distinctive looking and beautifully coloured. You can see this bird in your yard from your window, making you smile and marvel in winter.

Son colorie et sa fréquentation a notre mangeoire l'hiver durant

Parce qu'on le retrouve sur l'ensemble du territoire canadien.Parce qu'il y est présent à l'ensemble de l'année. C'est un oiseau chanteur. Il est rouge comme le drapeau du Canada.Il n'est pas farouche, on peut s'en approcher. Il vit en groupe.

I love this bird, the Pine Grosbeak. It is somewhat shy but it is resourceful and does not need to depend on people. It fills its gizzard on a hill near my house which is sprinkled with sharp sand so that cars can get up the hill and don't go off the road coming down too fast. The birds seem fat and healthy from natural food in the bush but will also eat oil sunflower seeds or peanuts. They are quiet and beautiful. They are often in small groups of 3 to 8.

Cet oiseau est principalement présent au Canada dans la majorité des provinces.

The rich raspberry red of the male Pine Grosbeak on snow is the all Canadian Winter bird and the female's russet coloring reminds me of Fall colors. This hardy species has been seen coast to coast in Canada and would make a great national bird.

I am voting on this bird because it has the two beautiful Canadian colours, red and white.

Pine grosbeak
I think this is a good national bird because it lives in lots of different places around the country, and it is also a song bird. I like lots of birds, but I think this one is the best because it has one of the national colours.

With red plumage and a distribution across the entire country, the pine grosbeak is a fitting symbol for Canada. It's habitat is the boreal forest, one of the most enduring symbols of our great nation. It might not be a mighty bird of prey or have a cry as haunting as the loon, but Canada has never been known for ostentatious displays of might nor for calling attention to itself. Like this songbird, most Canadians just want to live their lives in harmony with others, without drawing too much attention to themselves. Of course, we can't help but show a bit of a cheeky display every now and then, and what better way to do so than with a flurry of red feathers and a short little ditty.

Seasonal eruption across the land resulting in bouquets of pink carnations on a cold winter day.

The pine grosbeak is a very beautiful bird. They are also very calm and get along very well with other species of birds who eat together at the feeder, such as evening grosbeaks woodpeckers, redpolls and chickadees. It seems that a picture of a pine grosbeak is rarely seen, however I would love to send you a good picture of one, as I have several which I could email to you.

We have many beautiful birds in our area, and my husband was an avid birdwatcher. I think the pine grosbeak is our most beautiful bird, especially when the winter sun is shining on it!

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