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La Société géographique royale du Canada et Canadian Geographic présentent :
Projet d'oiseau national
Projet d'oiseau national

Plongeons, oiseaux aquatiques et oiseaux marins

Petit Garrot (Bucephala albeola )

Votes : 44

Petit Garrot
Photo illustration : Canadian Geographic; Photo : George Whalen / CG Photo Club

(Les deux sexes)
Poids 272-635 g
Longueur 32-40 cm
Envergure des ailes 55 cm
Petit Garrot : Carte d’aire de répartition
Carte d’aire de répartition (avec l’aimable autorisation d’iBird pour Windows)
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Élisez Petit Garrot comme oiseau national du Canada

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En vedette

Clara likes the Bufflehead Duck because she thinks she's seen them on her lake - Lake Eugenia. She likes the name Bufflehead.
-Clara, age 4

The bufflehead is a duck with a beautiful buffley head and a mellifluous name. 10/10 would vote for this as national bird again.

The Bufflehead duck is so adorable that it should be our national bird!

(Excerpt written by Bob Peart)
These energetic ‘butter ball of a duck’ return with clockwork regularity to the Sidney region on October 15th — the 298th day of the solar cycle.

Buffleheads are the smallest of our diving ducks. During nesting season they are found in woodlands along the lakes, ponds and rivers of the boreal forest and in the higher elevation rangelands of British Columbia’s interior. They nest in the cavities of living and dead trees, usually excavated and left over by the Northern Flicker. For the winter many Buffleheads migrate to the sheltered salt bays of the Pacific coast.Their habitat is truly coast to coast - not just British Columbia.

Their regular return at the same time every year is quite remarkable and it seems this timeliness has no match in the bird world — I’ve been told that they are even better the swallows of San Juan Capistrano! For over ten years now the Friends of Shoal Harbour have been building the public awareness of this amazing duck by celebrating their punctual return and highlighting the importance of conserving the habitat they need to feed and overwinter.
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I think the bufflehead duck should be Canada's bird.

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