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La Société géographique royale du Canada et Canadian Geographic présentent :
Projet d'oiseau national
Projet d'oiseau national

Oiseaux de proie

Petite Nyctale (Aegolius acadicus)

Votes : 195

Petite Nyctale
Photo illustration : Canadian Geographic; Photo : Katz 1_2 / CG Photo Club

C’est un petit hibou avec une tête ronde tachetée, relativement grosse. Ses parties supérieures sont brunes et mouchetées tandis que ses parties inférieures présentent des rayures brunes et blanches. Son disque facial gris est marqué d’un Y de couleur pâle entre ses yeux jaunes. La Petite Nyctale se reproduit ou vit toute l’année dans toutes les provinces canadiennes. On la rencontre dans les épaisses forêts de conifères ou d’arbres décidus.

(Les deux sexes)
Poids 65-151 g
Longueur 18-21 cm
Envergure des ailes 42-48 cm
Petite Nyctale : Carte d’aire de répartition
Carte d’aire de répartition (avec l’aimable autorisation d’iBird pour Windows)
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Élisez Petite Nyctale comme oiseau national du Canada

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Secretive wonderment
Silent moonlit nights
Shy and unassuming exterior
Fierce hunter inside
Unflinching gaze
Forest dweller
Great Canadian wilderness

The Northern saw-whet owl represents Canada well with its friendly non-threatening face.


The Northern saw-whet owl is found throughout Canada, as are loons, which are already Ontario's provincial bird. The Northern saw-whet owl is an absolutely beautiful creature. Owls are known for being wise and if we protect their habitat, Canadians would be doing something wise.

They are one of the cutest Owls around!

Je souhaite que le Canada devienne comme la petite nyctale:
sage, discrète et avec une vision exceptionnelle...

Définitivement un bel emblèeme national. La Petite Nyctale a un regard qui t'interpelle à la manière du regard humain.

Owls symbolize wisdom and this little guy sure looks smart as well as cute....nothing wrong with that. The Northern Saw-Whet owl is found across Canada and when we think of Canada, we usually think of the north, so the name of this owl seems appropriate to be our national bird. It's a tough, resilient bird for its size and Canada is a tough, resilient nation even though we don't have a huge population. What could be a better choice for our national bird?

I voted for this bird because its a peaceful bird and Canada is a very peaceful country.

I love its look because it has big yellow eyes and brown dots on it.

I Like the Northern Saw Whet owl because it is a beautiful bird.

I think the Northern Saw-Whet Owl should be the next National Bird because it is such a beautiful bird and Canada's a beautiful and majestic place.

This bird is so cute and looks friendly and Canada is a friendly place.

The choice is clear saw whet owl is the right bird for national bird.Sure there attitude is high on scale but the only use that attitude if they have to, I mean look at those big eye's the size of LOONIES, The saw whet has a cat like face, an over sized head, bright yellow eyes and they are very cute.Do you know that the saw whet is going extinct so save the owl from cruelness and democracy.The little saw whet is a caring and loving owl, but it will harm you if it feels the need to
other than that they are the perfect little guy for the job.

Save the Saw Whet Owl!!!

You can see saw whet owls everywhere in Canada except for in the arctic. This the saw whet owl call is a sharp too too too. The saw whet owl has a cat-like face, big head and bright yellow or red eyes. The saw whet owls eyes are the size of loons. The saw whet owl is exploding with altitude The saw whet owl lives in the forest. The saw whet owl likes to hide in thick trees. The saw whet owl eat little mice and rats. If you put food in our hand The saw whet owl will come and eat out of our hand. The saw whet owl are the size of a child's palm. The saw whet owl is one of the cutest birds on the plant. The saw whet owl are going extinct. We can save this little bird if we all vote for the saw whet owl, so lets save the saw whet owl!!!

So helpful in many ways
and it is like a ball of soft
white feathers.
Wacky wild fun.
high flying adventure.
educates others with it’s wisdom and
teaches others lots.
Off the
wall with excitement.
loyal and thinks about others like Canadians.

I am voting for the Northern Saw Whet Owl because they represent Canada the best in my opinion. They have lots of attitude but they can be vary cute.I am also voting for this bird because I love their call. They also live/nest in a cavity of a tree so they are easier to spot (I find).It is endangered and so if we vote for the little Saw Whet Owl we could save it from extinction.

I think that the Northern Saw-whet owl is beautiful owl that I ever seen. The Northern saw whet owl do not survive into their second year. Their life expectancy in captivity is unknown, but one captive owl lived for 16 years. That's why I think that the northern saw whet owl would make a great owl.

I took a picture of a wee one in the evening while visiting family in Windsor. It's just the cutest little owl with such great eyes. So the ayes have it for me :-)

The Northern Saw-Whet Owl has spunk!

The saw whet is the cutest bird.

Northern Saw-whet owl. It cute and I love it

It is the cutest Bird in the world

La petite Nyctale est facile d'approche et parfois autour de nos demeure si nous avons un boisé près de nos demeures. J'ai photographié cet bel oiseau à quelques mètres. De fort belles photos prises en hiver 2012 à Sherbrooke, Québec. Un oiseau de proie à protéger!
Hubert Lavoie

La petite nyctale est adorable et mignon et il est un bon chasseur. La petite nyctale est très petite.

I chose this bird beacause I know that they are good at hunting and I know that most owls sleep during the day and that is really cool about the owl. They also have amazing eye sight. Another thing is they live in British Columbia.

La forêt boréal est selon moi ce qui représente le mieux le Canada et la petite nyctale est l'oiseau le plus représentatif de cet habitat pour moi

I vote for the Northern Saw Whet Owl since it reflects the fact that humans should be more aware of how small we really are in comparison to the world and especially the Canadian North. We should be more like the Saw Whet, inquistive, living in harmony with our environment even if we eat other living things now and then, and finding a place of balance in the ecosystem so we don't destroy our habitat. Saw Whets don't wage wars, or wipe out other species. but will defend themselves like tiny bundles of fuzzy fury if they have to. The Saw Whet- Canada's National Bird.

I like owls.

Cette petite chouette qui pourrait vraiment passer inaperçue au randonneur non attentif est une espèce dont la population varie d'annee en année.

Owls of all types have been an all time favorite of mine, but have to vote for the Northern saw-whet owl. I live in Bella Coola and hear them call often and occasionally see them.

C'ast un oiseau qui me fascine par son regard
et que je trouve magnifique.

La petite Nyctale est un oiseaux de proie tres unique avec un gros tete ronde.Il se trouve dans tout les provinces du Canada alor,cela veux dire qu'il peuvent reproduire dans plusieur different climats.Il se trouve generalment dans des foret conifer et il y a plusieur foret conifer qui se trouve au Canada.

I saw one in the wilds and was captivated. These are marvelous creatures and I don't think they are well known. If they would win this contest they'd get greater profile.

A few years ago we were travelling and came across one of these little guys on the side of the rode looking stressed and what we suspected was a broken wing. We carefully picked him up and were lucky enough to be near a nature sanctuary around Brooks AB I believe. He was a charmer for sure even though our time with him was short. I know nothing about birds but this little one has remained a fond memory, one I cherish. He was better than a Valentine and box of chocolates.

The Northern saw-whet owl is not a provincial bird as some are in these categories. I don't think a bird that is already on a coin, a provincial bird
or not really Canadian enough in different ways should be chosen as the national bird. This owl is beautiful and spunky looking.

I love the look of this owl. An owl signifies wisdom which describes Canada.It also quietly oversees it's territory & surroundings. Our national bird also needs to be easy to market. A soft cuddly owl with big friendly eyes will touch more hearts of varied age groups as well as world wide cultures than any other bird [eg:loon, goose].It will also be easy to promote at major world events[NHL,Olympics,Expo etc]. It will be fun to make songs including this bird & a national contest could include the participation of school children & famous Canadian singer/songwriters.

I vote for the Northern saw-whet owl because the first word in it's name is my first reason. Northern says where we are and who we are.
Secondly, the saw-whet owl is a distinctive species that, although the complete name might not be easily remembered, people will readily recognize. It has great association -bird to country (like Eagle to the USA)- potential.
Besides all of that, it's cute and stands out from the crowd and like Canadians it gives a hoot about the world.

My personall opinion is for you to choose the Northern saw-whet owl because they are graceful beautiful creatures. I also think you should pick that bird because of their cute big eyes and squished face. I would recommend choosing this bird because it lives in Canada. That is why I know you have to pick the northern saw-whet owl.

Such a visually striking and memorable bird...

I voted for this bird because the photo you presented gives it a look of wide-eyed innocence, a look not present in the photos of the other birds.

Because I think it's cute

A lovely little raptor who is also a rapacious hunter and survivor, understated and not to underestimated, sort of like Canadians

This tiny but beautiful Owl would make more sense as Canada's National Bird choice. The Snowy Owl (the leader at the moment) is a gorgeous owl but it doesn't always irrupt into southern Canada during our winter months - being a wildlife photographer it would be wonderful if it did. I think the raptor should be native to all of Canada to be considered. I have had several encounters with this sweet owl and they are very photogenic and would look great on coins, etc.

It was my photo of a northern saw-whet owl that really stirred my interest in photography. The photo is used by North America's largest owl site,, and was featured on the OSPCA calendar not too long ago. The saw-whet, then, is a special bird to me.

The northern saw whet owl is a quiet, gorgeous little bird that is loved by most, and would be a good representative of our society.

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