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Projet d'oiseau national
Projet d'oiseau national

Oiseaux de proie

Buse à queue rousse (Buteo jamaicensis)

Votes : 538

Buse à queue rousse
Photo illustration : Canadian Geographic; Photo : Michelle Valberg / CG Photo Club

Il s’agit d’un gros rapace doté d’une large poitrine, d’ailes arrondies et d’une queue courte et large. La plupart des Buses à queue rousse ont des parties supérieures mouchetées de brun et des dessous pâles marqués de rayures brun foncé. La queue de couleur brun roux se termine par une bande noire. Elle niche sur tout le territoire canadien dans une diversité d’habitats.

(Les deux sexes)
Poids 0.69-1.3 kg
Longueur 50-65 cm
Envergure des ailes 1.14-1.33 m
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I share my world with the Red-tailed hawk from April to October each year. It is my index species to health of my world. I look forward to its arrival marking spring; often experiencing dreadful weather during mating and laying and note its departure meaning fall is here again often experiencing bad weather. I hear the screech even when the bird is not here. I know it has had a difficult migration north by no mating or late mating and small egg clutches. It has demonstrated acute adaptability to changing habitat over which it has no control. The birds I know show high fidelity to their home range and nests. They have working relationships; often fractious with other raptors with which it shares habitat. The adults are good parents to offspring. The juveniles grow very quickly under guidance. Lots of onsite training to fly and hunt. if the food is abundant and the weather good then the families prosper as they need to be to do the migration south. They don't get shot or poisoned like in the past but they do get killed from vehicle collisions, electrocution and barbed wire fences. There are well meaning human helpers who rescue and rehabilitate. I foster some orphans into active nests and the host accepts them. The population I know is stable in the short term but not growing. When nests are destroyed and birds relocate some people notice immediate increases in the rodent pest population. I am always impressed with the evolution and adaptability of the Red-Tail. Now if I could get some micro transmitters on the juveniles I would know what is going on at dispersal of the family and it would be one less question to answer.

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My choice for the red-tailed hawk begins with my right arm tattoo exhibiting the Red-tail hawk imbedded inside a Canadian red maple leaf. So; hopefully this illustrates my personal commitment for my selection. The Red-tail Hawk is visible at most major golf courses and parks across Canada. Timeless beauty never fades and the Red tail hawk lives up to that image. When you consider our National Bird, we as Canadians should consider factors outside the normal scope. After all, they will be a representation of our Canadian values and that bird should encompasses those values. For comparison purposes if you look at the goose, loons or other type of common birds we see each day those falling to prey, cars or even high-rise building? Think about the drivers who run over our national bird each and every day? think about the golf balls that hit our national bird? think about the traffic that is stopped by our national bird? think about all the "crap" exhibited by our national bird at parks and golf courses. The "shear" facts all point to the Red tail bird who "soars" above the sky majestically and for that reason alone is enough to render. Timeless Beauty, Strength, Smart, Majestic, Elegance, illusive, Iconic and "Symbolic" Red tail = Red Maple Leaf. Alright already, this is the pick EH!

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As I drive along the back roads that are edged by fields nothing is more exciting than spotting a Red-tailed hawk soaring overhead, riding the thermals. As one becomes familiar with this Raptor, I search fence posts, road signs and branches to also spot this handsome bird. This bird sits large and observant, its breast feathers move
in the breeze and once in flight one can see the reddish tail feathers.
Year round I now listen for its telltale scream. Binoculars in hand I follow that cry
to see the Red-tailed. I have noticed over the last few years they are easier to spot
in the city or even in neighbourhoods. I fear it is due to all the development of treed
areas and farmland. While thrilling for a Raptor watcher, I still prefer to see them soar over open land. I have made the Red-tailed 'my' bird of choice. It is my sign in
the sky that all is right. I have a desire to have one sit on my arm one day. I have attended many Raptor bird displays to get up close, perhaps one day I will be able to
have one fly over to me!
While I do admire the Loon and that haunting call, I feel the Loon has status i.e.the Loonie. Northern Ontario uses this bird in much of its advertising, I would like a less known bird to garner some attention.
My vote goes to this regal hunter who resides in our province year round.

you are my number one bird

A strong North American bird, the perfect symbol!!

A majestic raptor that sports our national colours on its tail, and has such an iconic cry as it soars in the sky above every province and territory. What better symbol than the Red Tail Hawk?

Interesting bird that I like, it is a raptor, red, like Canada's colour.

The red tailed hawk should become Canada's national bird for two reasons. Firstly, it is red and white just like our nation's colours. Secondly, it is a raptor just like the national bird of the United States (the bald eagle). People in the United States have assumed for many years that Canada's national bird is the Canada goose and there is much talk amongst them saying that this makes them the superior country since the bald eagle eats Canada geese. Having a raptor as our national bird is a way to represent that we are equal to our neighbours to the south and neither of us is superior.

I just like this bird.
It's really beautiful and majestic.

I think that the Red-tailed Hawk should be the Canadian National Bird because it is an amazing species just like Canada is an amazing country. It is fast and athletic like our Canadian athletes.

These beautiful birds can be found all over Canada gliding over fields searching for mice and other food. They are wonderful to watch and are useful in keeping rodents under control

I saw a demonstration of this bird. It was an amazing, beautiful animal. I know several people want the loon but people, eagles eat loons. Why not choose a bird that is not the prey of another bird...especially when you consider the national bird of our neighbours to the south!

The Red Tailed Hawk represents all of Canada. It is found in all provinces and territories. It has one of our national colours in its' name and morphology. It is a wonderful all around bird adept at hunting its' own prey - helping to keep down pest rodents in farmers fields and also it patrols the highways feeding on road kill.
This is also a very majestic looking bird which has adapted nicely to living with humans.

Cool birds, distributed across the whole country and successful even in cities.

A pair soars over our meadow using updraft to reconnoiter, land on the phone lines and drop like a stone to pick off a tasty rodent. Efficient and beautiful.

Did a research on tha bird when I was in 6th grade as a kid and I have seen many in my youth near my home in the back country so I must vote for this one. Plus it has an aggressive look and I like that.

What a wonderful bird of prey with a magnificent call to have as a Canadian bird. And native only to North America.

Red Tails are found across the country and in many habitats .. it is an adaptive species and familiar to recognized by most folks.

I am not really sure why Americans are invited to vote for Canada's national bird but I think the red tailed hawk exemplifies the spirit of Canada as a strong beautiful bird with it's own 'screech" often recorded to sound like eagles and other large birds of prey....

I believe that the red tailed hawk should be Canada's national bird. It is a strong and versatile bird or prey, located in all provinces and territories of our nation. It is adaptive and nobile. And a red tail to show Canadian price.

Red-tailed hawk is found in all Canadian Provinces.

this is our native bird, and USA has eagle, we do not want any of our national bird that will be the food for eagle.

Red-tailed hawk is a majestic bird that is the perfect choice as Canada's national bird!

I just think it's important to pick something strong and resilient, that's thriving in cities and provinces across Canada!

A screaming comes across the sky.

The Red-tailed hawk is unassuming, yet noble. It is powerful and majestic, yet hardy and resilient, a bird capable of adapting to a wide range of circumstances. Although it is a common sight in much of the country, its easy, powerful glide is consistently awe inspiring.

My granddaughter, who is almost seven, has decided that it is her mission to teach family and friends about how important the red-tailed hawk is. She convinced me that this bird should be Canada's national bird.

We attended Gardenscape in Saskatoon yesterday and saw your demonstration. The humourous man that educated us on why the Red-tailed Hawk would be the perfect bird for our great country totally convinced me. While the Canada Goose is pretty cool, it does poop everywhere, is killed easily (by our drivers, tall buildings, the American national bird, etc, is not that majestic, etc but the Red-Tailed Hawk has a tail full of our national cool eh?!..., is majestic, flies high above in our great Canadian skies, is not a common prey of the Bald Eagle (I even found a youtube video of a Red-Tailed Hawk chasing a bald eagle away-super awesome), is found across Canada surviving in many ecosystems including our super cold temps...yes! Let's make the Red-Tailed Hawk Canada's National Bird so we can instill more pride in this great country!!

You can't deny that they're better than the Canada Goose. If we vote for a goose that's eaten by bald eagles we know where we stand in the food chain of nations . Even Mexico figured that one out . If I could find something that eats eagles I'd be looking at that one . Peregrine falcons were up there on my list as well ,but I haven't seen too many around . Endangered species might not be a good choice for a national bird . I hope you come up with something good that we can all stand for .

The Red-tailed hawk is found everywhere in Canada. They have the colours of the Canadian flag.

It's got our National colours in its tail feathers!!
And it's just plain cool. I love that I can see this bird of prey as easily downtown Ottawa... as I can out in the valley woods.

i believe the redtail is the obvious choice ,they are found in every province they like to live in our Maple trees , they have a red tail for our red leaf in our flag , they are a quick ,agile, majestic looking bird, not a large bird bird like the eagle , this reflects our military small well trained clever adaptable force, they are able to fend for themselves through all of our seasons. they can stand up to an eagle in competition for the same prey .

This is a beautiful bird seen along many roads on telephone wires. It tends to be the hawk seen most frequently. Its a bird of power and strength.

Everyday as a drive through the city of Toronto I see the red tailed hawk soaring above the sky waiting for its prey. It seems that no matter where I go my eyes will follow the red tail hawk. Over the last few years I've noticed the population of red tail hawks boom not sure what that could be. I thought to myself maybe it is just because I have become interested in the bird and look for it but it seems I see them everywhere whether it's flying or perched on a post off the highway or in a tree off a side road.

Vote Red Tail Hawk!

The red tailed hawk is strong proud and ruggedly beautiful just like Canada!

(The following is the same submission I made to The Canadian Raptor Conservancy for my choice in their National bird petition)Ever since I was 12 years old (44 yrs ago) the Red-tailed Hawk has always amazed me. From it's timeless gliding, as if flaunting it's freedom, to it's lightning descent on prey, this magnificent bird symbolizes what Canada truly is. Free to travel wherever it pleases, and often choosing to stay at home during the winter, not at all concerned about the conditions, as the large majority of Canadian humans are. And again as it glides so gracefully in the skies the Red-tailed Hawk seems to enjoy the crisp winter air, like so many Canadian humans do. If it could not fly it would probably play hockey! Establishing a home wherever opportunity exists is another trait of Canadian humans, be it the hustle and bustle of city life, or the relaxation of the country. Canadian humans have learned to adapt to their chosen environment just as this magnificent species has adapted to Canadian humans. This stay-at-home beauty is my choice for Canada's National Bird.

The red tailed hawk is a survivor, balances its innate power and use of its environment to survive.

A beautiful majestic bird. Red tail as on the flag.

It has a red tail! It is powerful, graceful and beautiful.

I think it should be the red-tailed hawk because red is a color of Canada and it's an amazing bird.

Really, are we going to have a national bird that could be completely eaten by the U.S.A's Bald Eagle National Bird? Our national bird needs to be tough but modest, is does not need to be showy and pompous like the 'American' Bald Eagle, and is subtle in showing it's patriotic national colour on it's red tail feathers like how we show our pride on the inside, that is the Canadian way. I admit my close 2nd pick would be the snowy owl, since even in our most southern part of Canada we get to visit with these magnificent birds - again having strength in anything that represents Canada is important, with the owl or the hawk, two birds that are quiet and shy but you still wouldn't want to mess with them. Even thought the loon is a cool bird, it's not what I'd like to see as a national bird, leave it's fame to the loonie. Give something else in our vast natural environment some recognition.

We need a bird that is smart, sleek and powerful. What's not to love about the Red Tailed Hawk. It even has similar colors to our flag (sort of). It is not the biggest bird on the block but it is beautiful, graceful, intelligent and flies far and free throughout our wonderful country. Do we really want to be known as Loons or Geese...It's like saying we have symbols that represent us as crazy people or poop.

Two red-tailed hawks live in my neighbourhood in London Ontario. The female is called Lemmy and the male is called Shelly. They are the top of the food chain around here and they are always watching over us. Ask and I can send you pictures of urban hawk fighting and hunting.

This is the most magnificent bird. I love to watch it soar over the fields near my home. I attended a company function with a friend and they had a silent auction. I bid on a painting of this majestic bird. I was delighted when I had the final bid and he now graces my living room wall.

Bonjour, je fais du deltaplane et la buse à queue rousse vole souvent avec nous. C'est un oiseau assez facile à reconnaître. Sa distribution colle bien avec les frontières canadiennes. L'outarde serait aussi un bon choix mais cette buse a avantage à être connue. Pourquoi pas les deux comme oiseaux nationaux?

Red tails have a red tail, how patriotic is that! And they can give the bald eagle a good run for their money. True North Strong and Free!

Most beautiful and common bird of prey in the Provinces. It should get the recognition it deserves. Plus it wears one of our national colours - red, even has it in it's name. Oh Canada......

Canada's national bird should be the Red Tailed Hawk. I see this bird more than any other bird in my travels around my county and province. This is the only bird that the American Eagle will not go after. I think that is amazing and sets us apart from our neighbor. I just love this beautiful bird.

After attending a workshop on Birds of Prey I think and prefer that this bird deserves national attention and is well suited to represent Canada from province to province.

Very few words are required to support a birds that makes it's home in ever province in Canada!

1. The Red tail is native to north America.
2. Strong and Free.
3. A goose? really people,Do we a National bird that other Nation's National birds prey on.

This bird has been my favourite for many, many years. For me, it symbolizes grace, beauty, and tenacity. Everywhere, it can be seen perched regally (and watchfully) or soaring the thermals, flashing that lovely red tail in the sunlight. A wonderful symbol for Canada standing 'on guard' for its wide open spaces.

This majestic raptor can been seen in almost all provinces of Canada. It is a large, strong bird which commands its territory from perches often seen by Canadians traveling on roads across the country. It is not a pest, or a recluse. It is a proud symbol of a Canadian's strength and ability in this world.

Most importantly, it is not a food staple of the American Bald Eagle, as are the Canada Goose, and the Common Loone.

The Red-Tailed Hawk is an alert and attractive bird possessing strength and presence. It inhabits Canada year round coast to coast.

The RedTail Hawk hunts from a tree branch, light post, fence post etc. When I drive the highways of Ontario it is as if the bird is standing on guard.

I support the Red-tailed hawk because they are very majestic birds , great hunters, good survivors, graceful, the farmer's friend and they are found in EVERY province and territory in Canada.

The Red-Tailed Hawk is proud and fierce when needed. It patrols a large stretch of land and controls it with a firm hand( or talon). It challenges threats but prefers not to fight. It's hard working and it doesn't give up when faced with a challenge. It fights for what's needed and risks it's life in the process. It cares fiercely for it's young and will do anything to keep them alive. It's voice is original and is constantly copied by other birds/countries. That's why the Red-Tailed Hawk is the best choice for it's nations bird.

It's Red, and it's not a weak bird that other birds eat.

Cet oiseau peut se camoufler dans les branches et il se trouve partout dans le Canada, même dans les villes.

This is a widely distributed bird .. all provinces and many habitats .. diverse in nature and quiet by character but adaptable and fierce when it needs to be .. a survivor and facinating when you look into its nature. Sounds pretty Canadian to me.

Red Tails live everywhere in Canada, and Bald Eagles don't mess with them. Think about that...

I get to see many of these birds near where I live by the Niagara escarpment and what I love about them is how they symbolize wilderness which is something Canada is known for - that wilderness represents natural beauty.

These birds also represent great Canadian values particularly in their hardiness. I have seen them balancing on telephone wires in the middle of winter storms ; also their grace in the sky as they glide majestically searching for prey, and then their power and fierce determination as they dive-bomb a target and never miss!

To me they symbolize strength and endurance like our troops have in the wars they've been sent to, and lastly they have a distinct and colourful look especially when you see the flash of the red tail and know exactly what kind of hawk you're seeing.

I vote Red Tail Hawk.

This is a beautiful, fierce, iconic bird. Widely distributed and resident in many places year-round (a pair winter in the park across the street from me every year), they have the gravitas and the qualities that reflect our land and our people.

The red tail hawk's breeding (summer) range extends from the Pacific to the Arctic and to the Atlantic Coasts. Its breeding range also includes 9 of the ten provinces and two of the three territories making it a bird of prey that is a neighbour to most Canadians and a suitable national bird.

They are found in every province I have visited. I love watching them hunt. I have watched them above our golf course and sometimes they hover and I'm fascinated. Their screech is eerie.

Magnificent Bird, quite common in most parts of Canada.

I understand that the Red Tailed Hawk is found in all provinces and territories in Canada
I also believe that it is the only bird that a bald eagle will not attack.
THat alone is pretty impressive.

The Red tailed Hawk is found in every Province and territory. It has a brick red tail...akin to our national flag. It's call is distinctive, so much so that Hollywood uses it in movies where there are Bald Eagles and other birds of prey.

DO NOT vote for the Canada Goose. It is prey to America's national bird, the Bald Eagle, and it poops every 2 minutes, wherever it happens to be, making a terrible mess in parks and other recreational settings.

The Red Tailed Hawk is found all over Canada and the red tail is perfect to represent our red maple leaf of our flag.

This is a majestic bird with a distinctive cry that we see year round in southern Ontario and most parts of Canada.

I understand the red tailed hawk is the only bird that can be found in all our provinces and territories. That is reason enough for this bird to be our national bird.

The Red-tailed hawk is an elegant & graceful bird. It is not some doe eyed owl, or a "loonie", or a shrill jay, or a large public space destroying pooping machine, or some other small & somewhat obscure bird. Canada deserves better and that would be the Red-tailed hawk.

The Red Tailed Hawk is commonly found across the country and in all provinces. It is a majestic bird that can be seen along roadsides waiting for moles and mice to appear.

The Red Tailed Hawk is found all over Canada, which is why I have selected it.

The Red-tailed hawk is a beauty to see and behold.

Truly appreciable closeup when the reality of his size is made magnanimous and the depth of his stare paralyzes and captures.

He resonates a yearning. His presence reminding your soul of stirrings and possibilities of once not so long ago.

An answer now seems near with him here.

Suddenly his perch is ended with his launching up towards the sky and his red-tail catches the sun, reflecting in your eye, and igniting a place inside that seems now to have been unlit for too long.

A sigh is released and now floats with your beliefs and hopes, dreams and wishes, limits and possibilities, towards the sky that is home to such beautiful creatures as the Red-tailed hawk.

He is like Canada - the more you look the more you see and the more you see the more you want to know. A country to be discovered and to help you discover yourself.

Beauty as expanse as the wings of a hawk.

I believe we should be picking a bird with these characteristics.
- not already chosen by other provinces,states, or territories in North America
- A bird of strength
- abundance
- all of Canada as it's habitat (except for the Arctic)
The Red Tail is a very intelligent, statuesque bird.
It will protect it's home (like Canadians) very forcefully.
The Red Tail Hawk may not get as many votes as the other birds,but,using the above criteria, I am sure if it was up to judges,they would come to the same conclusion.

My spirits soar whenever these fierce, resourceful yet beautiful birds appear in our skies (or neighbour's back yard).
They are Canadian symbols of the wilderness that was once this urban land.

The Red-tailed hawk is resident throughout Canada; Canada needs a national bird that symbolizes Canada as strong and shows a present throughout the world. The US has the Eagle, we need a bird of similar strength and stature; like our national anthem "The True North strong and free!
From far and wide, O Canada"

Simply that they are the predominant raptor in southern Ontario where I live.

I believe it is the only bird on the list that lives in all provinces and territories.

The Red Tail Hawk is the obvious choice because it has red in it like the flag and because it is virtually found everywhere in he country.It is visible and easily recognized and is not intimidated by bald eagles.The Canadian Raptor Association sold me on this years ago when I first found out we did not have a national bird. We called them 401 Hawks and made the kids count them on the long road down the 401 from Windsor to Cornwall one point for a hawk minus one for a crow.............I saw 25 of them on one trip like that........

Hawks are reselient, they like meat and they are solid hunters, which are qualities that Canada possesses with our love of bacon, our redneck hunters and our resiliency to the winter cold.

I chose the red-tailed hawk because they are readily visible everywhere. They are a majestic, and a good symbol of being free and strong. Other birds like the owl are rare. Do you really want a winking, sleepy owl representing our national bird?

Red-tailed Hawk is found in every province and territory of Canada. It was chosen as the front cover of Bird Songs of Canada (a comprehensive audio guide to all of Canada's birds)because of its popularity.

I believe that the Red-Tail Hawk deserves to be Canada's national bird because it can defeat the eagle. Also, it isn't a national province.

I think this should be the canada animal because it's lovely it's awesome and it's a raptor which is a cool animal

The Red-tailed Hawk may be found in all urban and rural areas of
every province of this vast country.

Maintains pest population. Found all over canada (not just in one province). Is not eaten by the bald eagle (National bird of US).

All the options are great but I choose the Red-tailed hawk because it's such a confident and independant looking bird. I've always been fascinated by this species. It's also the one I see most often in Southwestern Ontario, you're sure to always see one perched on a light post on the expressway. I believe they do this because you can't pull over on an on-ramp when you're already 10 minutes late for work and don't have your camera on you.

Red taied Hawks have made an extraordinary come-back in Ontario!

The red tail hawk is a strong bird just like our country. A very independent bird and a great hunter and provider for its young.

Red tail lives in most parts of Canada.

The Red-tailed Hawk is an amazing bird of prey that lives all throughout Canada.

The Red Tailed Hawk Is A Calm Bird But Yet Has The Capability To Kill Yet Chooses To Only When Necessary.

Beautiful birds

This raptor is found in every province unlike many of the other birds listed on the vote list.

The loon and the snowy are wonderful options but I think the Red tail is a wonderful bird that when people visit our country they can actually see in the wild. The loon and more so snowy are rarely see even by people that live their entire lives in Canada.

I have been an avid red-tail watcher since my husband introduced me to hawk-spotting 40 years ago. In fact, when we go for a drive, I always watch for, and almost always, find them. They are a beautiful, noble, and powerful bird, and pretty well ubiquitous in Canada. I believe that they are an excellent choice for our national bird.

I am a proud Canadian who has had to move to Ohio. I miss my country daily. When I see a hawk around here it makes me think of Southern Ontario and my home of Kitchener, where my heart is. The hawk is an excellent bird to stand for Canadian Pride and Solidity!!

Although I do not know whether this bird is in all provinces at all times of the year, where I live, this bird can be a year round resident which I feel helps to move it to the top of the board.

The red tailed hawk represent canada because its red, friendly, and brave.

i feel the Red Tail Hawk should be Canada's National Bird because it is very intelligent, is found all across Canada as well as the US and it's so adaptable and is able to live pretty much anywhere there is a suitable food source. After watching streaming Red Tail Hawk videos of them raising their young, they seem to be wonderful parents as well.

I seen the little ones from year to year this yr the babies have turned little fat but its so quiet and watching all the animals hide its neat as they don't go after any animal I did see them get mice

It is found all across Canada. Red tail represents the red in our flag. It is one incredible raptor and so is Canada!

Grey jays are lovely! I can definitely see that as a great representation. My personal favourite is the red tail hawk. The messenger in aboriginal culture. Let's send the message as leaders of the future in being and living in a good way :) grounded, poised, watchful, and strike when action is needed.

I love all the birds to choose from in your list, but the Red Tailed Hawk is the bird I see the most in my daily life in Southern Ontario. My territory ranges from 445 minutes north of Toronto to our cottage just north of West Guilford and the bird that spans that terrain is the beautiful Red Tailed Hawk. Often I wonder how many commuters notice this majestic bird sitting atop light standards along the 404 highway. On the odd occasion when the remains of a Red Tailed Hawk is left on the roadway, I am saddened by the loss of life resulting from a laser-focus on prey and ensuing dive, with suspended awareness of the oncoming wheels and steel.

It makes sense to have a majestic hunter like the Red Tailed Hawk as our national bird. The red tail says Canada.

It is a bird which breeds in all provinces and 2 out of the 3 territories.

Another reason for it to be chosen is a strange one. Its cry is often used in commercials when showing the Bald Eagle. I won't discuss the Bald Eagle`s cry, but isn`t it time for the Red-tailed Hawk to get credit for its fantastic cry.

The red-tailed hawk is representative of an adaptive and clever species able to live in the harsh conditions of Canada. It's a survivor, resilient and majestic.

The red-tailed hawk is ubiquitous to very much every province and territory and to most types of habitats - urban, rural,prairie, arctic, mountain, boreal, mixed hardwoods, open grasslands and maritime. It is a wonderful bird to watch and is very easy for even the most non-birder to identify. The bird represents power, grace and fierceness. I have watched red-tails hunt for pigeons from high rise balconies near Toronto and am always in awe of their flight and hunting skills. Additionally, they are not a threatened species and are very numerous - drive along any southern Ontario highway and watch the utility poles and trees.

The Red Tail Hawk best represents Canada as a nation. It is found coast to coast in all areas of Canada. This majestic bird demonstrates the strength of Canada as a nation. It is widely known and are known for their piercing call.

Please don't pick the Loon or the Canada Goose, these are terrible options. The Bald Eagle literally eats the Canada Goose, how embarrassing is that! and the loon, is well, as the name suggests, common! The Red-tailed Hawk, however, is a big, beautiful, and strong bird. A bird that we can be proud of, a bird that earns respect.

I strongly feel that Canada's national bird should be a raptor, specifically the red tail hawk. The red tail hawk is strong, intelegent, resourceful and adaptable. The sound of its cry is iconic, it's used regularly as the sound of the American bald eagle, which is actually mute. I think Canada should reclaim the cry and proudly declaring it as the cry of our national bird! The red tail hawk is not among the largest raptors, but like Canada, it's small size ( population wise) is not reflective of its power and strength. It is a noble and beautiful bird.

Habitat covers the entire country which a truly national symbol should do. Majestic animal.

Common, resilient, and a raptor to be reckoned with. Not to mention they're sound is used in place of a LOT of different birds, including the American Bald Eagle in many cases, which could be considered an homage to Canada. D

The Red tailed hawk is a wonderful choice for becoming Canada's national bird. The Loon who some are suggesting is already associated with the province Ontario.

"Red-tailed hawks can acclimate to all the biomes within their range." "It breeds throughout most of North America, from western Alaska and northern Canada to as far south as Panama and the West Indies, and is one of the most common buteos in North America." That sounds to me like a hardy bird that can handle a wide range of weather without compliant, like a good Canadian would.

"Both sexes incubate the eggs for four to five weeks, and feed the young from the time they hatch until they leave the nest about six weeks later." Canadians have maternity and parental leave and both parents typically raise the children. This sounds like our kind of bird!

Excellent symbolic aerial guard for the country.

We see the red-tailed hawk (red and white for Canada) circling above when we visit Waterton Lakes National Park, which is often. There is also an osprey nest there every year at a certain water spot. Also there, are the myriad of water fowl including trumpeter swans. Stellar's jays and gray jays are there year round.
Where we live though, we have the western meadowlark with its "I broke my pants in Ireland" call and bright lemon-yellow breast and they often perch on our deck railing, spring through fall. We also have plenty of magpies, robins, sparrows (?what kind), king birds, barn swallows, cedar waxwings, northern flickers, downy woodpeckers, some kind of resident owl in our village which we hear but do not see, canaries migrating in the fall, hummingbirds visiting our flowers.....and so many more, all very enjoyable.
Hard to choose!

As someone who has let the red tailed hawk guide my life for the last 3 years it seems only fitting that I would vote for it. I see them almost daily and they are not a nuisance, they are beautiful and graceful! They should represent Canada as they are courageous and adaptable!

I live in rural southern Ontario and Red-tailed hawks are everywhere. A majestic hunter. And a beautiful bird.

Red and white like Canada's Colours, Sound used in movies, Only raptor found in every province in Canada

Red-tailed hawk, a very majestic bird that can be seen in every province. I checked many of the other birds suggested and so many are only in the west. Our national bird needs to have a nation-wide habitat, too.

They adapt to people encroaching on their land and are resourceful when looking for shelter and food. They don't hide in the shadows, but are not assuming. They are quick and capable in their hunting for survival. What bird can better draw a parallel to the people of Canada?

When I see a red-tailed hawk soaring above me I just love it. They are so beautiful and such a strong, capable bird that deserves our vote for National Bird.

A bird with presence despite the squeaky voice. Easy to identify, rural and urban. A nesting pair in this city neighbourhood provides enjoyment year round. Particularly entertaining is the period when the young are launched (we think the adults go to Las Vegas to detach from their youngsters) as they teeter on unlikely objects piteously wailing for parents bearing food.

I believe the red-tailed-hawk should be Canada’s national bird because on the Canadian flag one of the colors is red and on the Red-Tail-Hawk its tail has a tint of rusty red on it even though it’s not the same red but it’s still in the category of the color red.
For another reason Red-Tailed-Hawks should be Canada’s national bird is because they are around Canada one hundred percent each year and not that many birds stay here for the hole entire year so that’s my only reason for this statement for the Red-Tailed-Hawk. You can find Red-Tailed-Hawks on the sides of the streets and hydro lines and in the sea along the coasts and around the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.
The Red-Tailed-Hawk also makes a noise and the noise is familiar in some movies that have been made.
Also the parents both stay and raise their young. If a Red-Tailed-Hawk feels threatened by someone or by a different animal they will attack if they have to protect their loved ones.
Also they are one of Canada’s top predators of the bird family.
Another reason why red tailed hawks should be Canada’s national bird is because they can sometimes be really smart in some cases and they can sometimes blend in some trees when they are trying to hide from stronger predators.
Another reason why they should be Canada’s national bird is because they are majestic beautiful birds that are interesting to see flying around the coasts of Canada and around Canada’s national parks and some rivers.
Also red tailed hawks are the most common bird to be found across North America and the reason why I chose this reason is because the red tailed hawk is a common bird to be found across north America and to me that’s kind of big deal because it’s a common specie to be found around here and it’s not that common to be found anywhere else.

I believe the Red-Tailed Hawk should be the National bird because it is fierce, fast, and gloriously beautiful. First of all the Hawk has a red tail and the tail is the color of part of our flag so that is important to me because we need something that is loyal in our color.
You can find the Red-Tailed Hawk all around Canada and on sides of streets and on hydro lines. This is probably the most common hawk in North America, you see them all year around because they sometimes migrate to the south but most stay here. You should pick this bird because its habitat is Canada and most do not leave.
The red-tailed hawk is carnivorous, and an opportunistic feeder. Its diet is mainly small mammals, but it also includes birds and reptiles. Prey varies with regional and seasonal availability, but usually centers on rodents, comprising up to 85% of a hawk's diet. Most commonly reported prey types include mice, including both native Peromyscus species and house mice gophers, voles, chipmunks, ground squirrels and tree squirrels.
They are also one of the most protective of all birds of their nest. If something or someone attacks it or threatens the nest they will attack whatever does attacks the nest. Another reason is both parents protect their young. So if something is attacking the nest they protect young first or the young hides somewhere in the nest. The nest is actually really big bigger than your would think.
Last of all the red-tailed hawk is large and broad-breasted, with rounded wings and a short, wide tail. Most have mottled brown upperparts and pale underparts with dark brown streaks. Their tails are red-brown with a black terminal band. They breed throughout Canada and can be seen in a wide range of habitats.

Not "taken" already as a provincial or territorial bird not on any of our Canadian coins and soars ALL over Canada. A Canadian noble bird for sure!

I just want Canada to have a bird that is strong, beautiful in the air and plentiful enough so that anyone can see it when they are out and about.

The Red-Tailed Hawk should be Canada's National bird because you can literally find this bird everywhere in Canada you go. It is a very majestic bird with amazing instincts. It is a very recognizable bird, sporting both red and white plumage which are Canada's colours too! I believe the Red-Tailed Hawk would be a wonderfully great representative for all of Canada!

I think the Red-tailed Hawk would be a wonderful bird to choose as Canada's National Bird.

It is found throughout Canada any time of the year and commonly seen soaring overhead or resting on a lamp post or pole next to our highways, watching for prey.

The Red-tailed piercing call is as impressive as that of an Eagle, and one of the most beautiful raptors we have in Canada.

It's got a RED tail and is ubiquitous all across our nation. *starts chanting* Red Tailed Hawk! Red Tailed Hawk!

The Red-tailed hawk is majestic and powerful. What more do we need than that?

They are beautiful, elegant but deadly hunters that can be found in every province of Canada. Adaptable and smart, they are extensively used in falconry. I think it would make an excellent national bird of Canada!

Criteria for choosing a bird

1. Should be able to be seen in most parts of Canada.
2. Should be relatively common. Found quite easily if looking for it.
3. Not already a provincial bird or national icon.
4. Not a national bird of another country.

I would love to have voted for the Canada warbler, which is a very attractive bird, but it is uncommon in the part of Canada where you can see it for four months of the year.

The red-tailed hawk is country wide. Easily identifiable and can be seen year round in some parts of the country. It also has a strong call that is identifiable. It is a bird of prey, so will not be scoffed at by other nationalities.

J'aime les rapaces en général, et en particulier la buse à queue rousse. On la voit fréquemment, à toutes les latitudes du pays, dont au sud où se trouve la plus grande partie de la population humaine canadienne. En plus, c'est un oiseau facilement identifiable, ce qui n'est pas le cas de tous les rapaces. D'autres espèces sont intéressantes, notamment le geai du Canada et le tétras, mais ne se s'aperçoivent qu'en forêt boréale, où la majorité des gens ne mettent pas les pieds.

A beautiful bird that needs protecting.

Red-tailed hawk

I believe that you should pick the red-tailed hawk for Canada’s national bird. First of all, the red tail is our colour, because it is on our flag; the flag is red and the tail represents it.

Also, you can find the red-tailed hawk all around Canada, and on sides of streets and hydro lines. You can see them on the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

They are also one of the most protective of all birds of their nest. If something or someone attacks it or threatens it they will attack.

Another reason, is that both parents protect young when they're babies. So if something is attacking the nest they protect young first or the young hides.

Then last of all, the call is the easiest to identify because it is one of a kind, and if you’re a Canadian you will recognize it.

Every day, I am greeted by elegant red-tailed hawks that surf the jet streams above the Rosedale ravine - it is a sight to behold. They are fiercely beautiful.

I think that it should be the red-tailed hawk, because it has red and white on it and those are our national colours; another reason it should be Canada's national bird is that it's friendly and does not make annoying sounds. Also, when it flies it looks proud and strong.

The powerful call of the red-tailed hawk is so impressive that TV networks have borrowed it's call to replace that of the eagle. Many people believe that call belongs to America's bald eagle because of this.

Her beautiful red tail matches the red of our maple leaf.

She is strong, and captures her prey with agility and strength. She and her mate attend to the needs of their offspring, take care of their young diligently year after year.

We can see her guarding the highways as we drive to our destinations, and she gives us a sense of awe and wonder if we chance to see her swoop down in the fields nearby.

This bird is found all over Canada and is the sound of most commercials that picture a bald eagle, and would make the perfect bird for our fabulous country.

The red-tailed hawk is a strong, majestic bird - has red and white in its plumage and is found throughout Canada. It also has a thrilling call!

The red-tailed hawk is found in every province across Canada - this was an easy decision for me and it's the only choice I have for Canada's national bird. :)

A noble, handsome raptor that can be seen soaring over most of Canada. They also have an awesome (as in awe, not the "groovy" slang meaning) call that is so spectacular, it is often used as a voice-over for our neighbour's beautiful, but call-challenged national bird, the bald eagle, in many movies and TV shows. Go RTH!

As I drive along the highways and county roads in Ontario, I see the red-tailed hawks at their regular intervals. They are majestic and powerful and a symbol of Ontario

You always see this beautiful raptor sitting along Ontario's roadways, or soaring over fields of crops, their red tails their signature. This beautiful bird deserves to represent Canada.

This is the bird I see most often. The one that makes me feel at home no matter where I travel.

Seen across Canada, and a beautiful hawk.

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