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Projet d'oiseau national
Projet d'oiseau national

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Harfang des neiges (Bubo scandiacus)

Votes : 8948

Harfang des neiges
Photo illustration : Canadian Geographic; Photo : Chazz / CG Photo Club

Il s’agit d’un gros hibou trapu au plumage blanc parsemé de marques noires et brunes, surtout chez la femelle. Le mâle devient plus pâle en vieillissant. Ses pattes et ses doigts emplumés le protègent du froid arctique. Il passe l’été dans le Haut-Arctique, vit toute l’année à des latitudes arctiques inférieures et hiverne dans toutes les provinces et tous les territoires du Canada ainsi que dans le nord des États-Unis.

*Oiseau provincial du Québec

(Les deux sexes)
Poids 1.6-2.95 kg
Longueur 52-71 cm
Envergure des ailes 1.26-1.45 m
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According to legend, Ookpik, the snowy owl brings messages from the other side and accompanies those who travel from this side to the other. We have entered a time of extraordinary peril, where we see the loss of so many plant and sentient species, entire habitats destroyed. It is clear to those with the eyes to see that this life of comfort for some, based on oil, is coming to a close. It is too late to change the course we have set in motion and we must adapt. We need to respect our arctic heritage and take to heart its disaster alarm. We must learn new ways, develop new understandings that respects our arctic heritage, accepts the mystery Snowy Owl sometimes whispers, sometimes screams.

Here is my poem, titled:
"Night Prayer, to prepare the soul for its passage to eternal life"

That tributary to the glacier-fed North Saskatchewan River, Whitemud Creek
offers its water mixed with mud, white like bones
That gives to the river the water the river wants.

That High Level Bridge
That carries the load of the Canadian Pacific Railway high above the river
that plummets raging from Rocky Mountain House.

That bridge in Edmonton, the High Level Bridge, black and girded like a Corbusier skyscraper pushed to the ground.
That bridge to span the gulch at the city’s heart —

City Fathers on the North bank, wordlessly revolving atop the Chateau Lacombe,
Taxi drivers and widows on the South, stuffed into townhouses called Lord Byron Place and Balmoral Estates

That Edmonton whose praise you sing, to sanctify, to keep at bay, to bargain with
That Hour Appointed, when all hell and all black night overtook the light, a flock of starlings, grackles, magpies, and crows

That some call garbage birds, junk species (as if anything can ever be thrown away)
That townhouse where you cooked your last supper, roast chicken, boiled potatoes and frozen peas, fear outstripped by necessity, for

That widow mother too sick, with the mononucleosis
That Edmonton you have never wanted to wake up

That you want to stay dead because your eyes can’t see to the middle of the bridge
That place in the middle where the light does not reach and there is no possible way you can know there’s an owl on the High Level Bridge

That sends the cars one-way across the bridge and never brings them back, for example, the one
That carried your dad across the river and did not come back he stayed on the other side

That owl, the Great White, whose muffling feathers fur its fatal talons
That brings the snow, there is no summer now, the winter extends and extends like Whitemud Creek

That pours its heart out until there is no day and all colour is no longer and the spirits Ookpik carries to the other side, its downy wings of snow.

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Mme Laurenti's Kindergarten classroom chose the Snowy Owl because:
-Canada is known for it's winters and this bird likes winter
-this bird likes snow
-it's a pretty bird and I want one
-I would like one as a pet
-it's cute and fluffy
-it's a big bird

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I feel a National bird needs to be:
1. relevant to all Canadians across as mush of the country as possible.
2. needs to be easily recognizable.
3. should have some special meaning to various aboriginal cultures.
4. be relatively tough and resilient being present in Canada during most of the year ( i.e. no snow bird retreating to the tropics)
5. have special meaning to many people when they see it. People need to know when they see one.

I started looking at range first to see what species had relatively broad across Canada occurrences- even if just rare and seasonal.
- Lapland Longspur
- Snow Bunting
- Snowy Owl
- Raven (little or no presence in the Grasslands- I also understand the geneticist may have decided there may be more than one species)
- Gyrfalcon ( rare in south)
- Peregrine Falcon
- Rough legged Hawk
- American Pipit
- Common Redpoll
- Common Loon

I ended up voting for the Snowy Owl but could have as easily voted for the Raven or Peregrine. I would hope the team doing the final selection or preparing the final recommendation would develop some sort of criteria instead of just choosing based on a popularity contest which may reflect a distinct geographic or seasonal bias.

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I think the Snowy Owl is a great choice because it is very beautiful, it is found in all provinces and territories of Canada and it is a symbol of strength and perseverance. I learned about this owl when I did a project about it in Grade 4 (I'm now in 5th Grade) and it is a very resilient bird who adapts to harsh climates and can travel wherever it needs to in order to survive difficult winters. Last Winter, large numbers were spotted as far south as Florida. Some were seen at Florida beaches where they camouflaged with the white sand. It reminded me of all the Canadians who love to travel in the Winter months also.

It's head turns completely around to give it a 360 degree view (observant and symbolizes hearing others and seeing the full picture) and it represents strength as Canada is in the world. Their wing span is 4.2 to 4.8 feet which makes them so impressive to see. There are no other birds that are predators to the Snowy Owl - their great eyesight, size and hearing make them very difficult to catch. These owls also work together as a couple to take care of their families.

I think the Snowy Owl is a great choice for Canada's National Bird!

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Silence lingered through the night
a ghostly creature took it's flight

Soaring high above the trees
barely a hinderance to what it sees

Feathers circling the eyes with care
to reflect sound back by which to hear

Wings outstretched in glorious stride
choosing when and where to hide

A nest built strong upon high branches
leaving no room for foolish chances

One mate for life to keep it's true
even among man that is far and few

Stalking quietly through the day
seeking out delicious prey

Rodents, Foxes, Lemmings, and Hare
a beak and claws: all sharp to tear

Small, round and beady eyes
allow for terrain that never lies

Wolves may come to try and feed
but they'll find themselves left to bleed

The Snowy Owls share my home, my heart and this Canadian land
with pride and delight, I share my vote, I take my stand.

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I would like the Snowy Owl to win because I love raptors and owls are cool. They can turn their head very far around, and they have owl pellets.
Lauren, age 9

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I'm a grade one student and I have a school project about Snowy Owls. They camouflage into the snow to take care of their babies, and they are really strong. That's what I like about them.

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The Snowy Owl

I have seen few large wild birds in their natural habitat and my encounter with a snowy owl was an exception. It was late at night one winter when I was sitting in a car with a friend, chatting and enjoying the view of the frozen river and the white snow around us when a snowy owl landed, seemingly out of nowhere, on the boardwalk a few feet away from the car. It sat on snow, eyeing its surroundings, its magnificent head turning, its bright yellow eyes blinking occasionally.

For several minutes, it just sat in the cold snow, its wings not tucked in but trailing on the snow. When it finally moved, it was in a waddling walk, one wing tracing a shallow trail in the snow beside it. Clearly, the bird was not made for walking. After walking a bit, it flapped its wings and rose a few meters in air no higher than the top of a lamppost that cast its white glow into the cold air, then settled back on the ground as if exhausted and lost after a long journey from some snowy mountainous region in the Maritimes. Perhaps it had come across the Gulf of St. Lawrence, buffered by the recent snowfall and biting winds.

The owl was a splendid creature with its brown-and-black-tipped white feathers that made it look like it had silvery tufts tucked into its plumage. We assumed it might have hurt its wing and had sought respite on our island, finding shelter under the Hillsboro bridge. Before long, another owl, almost a pure white, landed a few feet farther than the first, but that one did not stay, launching over the frozen inlet and disappearing under the bridge before long. We surmised that the birds were mates and were seeking refuge because one of them had been hurt.

My companion, ever concerned, ever helpful, stepped out to see how badly hurt the bird on the ground might be, approaching it warily. He was concerned the bird might be attacked by a fox that had, only a short time earlier, prowled along the river's edge on some nocturnal mission. I warned him to take care because owls, after all, are wild birds and predators, their small hooked beaks sharp, their long and threatening talons camouflaged under feathered feet. My friend stopped a little more than an arm's length from the owl, thinking its wing broken, and for a split second, man and bird stood under the same circle of light, creating a frosty mist in the crisp night air. One second then the bird gathered its wings and lifted them, drawing ever so slightly closer to the man, hovering for but a moment, before it pulled away and lifted into the air, flying after its pair to find shelter under the bridge. Did the bird think it was being threatened? Would it have attacked the man? Perhaps the trailing wing was merely a ploy to attract prey. It could have spotted the fox and planned on abducting it, but encountering a creature larger than it could possibly lift across the icy inlet, it changed its mind and decided to retreat instead. We guessed it must have been that because it spread its majestic wings, longer across than my friend was tall--and he is not a small man--and swooped away, gliding like a white kite in the night without the slightest hint of an injury. It disappeared under the bridge, invisible in the shadows.

It was on the news, the next day, that a pair of snowy owls had taken up residence under the Hillsboro bridge, and after a few more days of being in the forefront of unusual events of interest only to the locals that long winter, the birds were found to have abandoned their temporary shelter. It was my first encounter with a bird that has long enthralled me because of its beauty and wildness and its symbolism as the wisest of creatures. It was more magnificent than any photograph could ever depict and, in making its choice to leave us, undoubtedly wise in choosing the wintry wilderness where it was born and, without human interference, will hopefully live out its life.


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the Snowy Owl carries a connotation of northern wisdom. in a world clouded by friction, greed and regional hostilities, i think a global level head is more relevant than ever. Canada's international discretion transcends parties and governments, and remains consistent from administration to administration because it's a reflection of a highly-educated people, toughened by elements and hard episodes of war, blessed by well-stewarded natural resources and friendly borders, and committed to care for the weak, the poor and the suffering.

In case people confuse the wise and watchful character of the Snowy Owl for weakness, it's good to remember that it is also a powerful and deadly hunter with few natural enemies, and no enemies whatsoever that it fears attacking when it's defence is tested. The Snowy Owl is considered to be an exceptionally patient hunter, and maybe it's this above all that demonstrates its Canadian-ness. The United States guaranteed its freedom from British rule with the loss of 50,000 dead and wounded. Canada waited, carefully calculating and negotiating step-by-step, for 200 years to achieve the same end in 1980 without a single loss of life. Wisdom indeed.

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I believe the Snowy Owl would be an excellent choice for Canada's national bird as not only does this species have a range all across our country, but they are powerful, loyal and incredibly beautiful.

Although their breeding ground consists of the colder places in northern Canada, they also enjoy taking up warmer residences in fields, marshes and beaches closer to the American border in southern Canada. This fulfils an assortment of habitats across the country, representing all kinds of different places where Canadians live. They are fierce when it comes to protecting their young, a loyal trait I think relates to Canada as a whole. In fact, this owl has been known to defend it's young from wolves. This magnificenet owl, with their sharp eyesight and excellent hearing, are patient hunters and wait for the opportune moment to swoop down in pursuit of their prey. With Canada's patient manner when dealing with conflict, I think this relates exactly. Finally, The gorgeous white plumage for males is a perfect depiction of all of Canada's snowiest and coldest regions, while the female's beautiful dusky markings portray the various wildernesses of Canada.

Please consider this incredible and perfectly suited species as Canada's National bird, and thank you for your consideration.

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The snowy owl is a magnificent fowl.
It flies on silent wings.
It eats rodents and bugs and frogs and worms
And other nasty things.

The snowy owl is a fabulous bird
Golden eyes set in feathers of white
Mysterious, wild and free to roam
And extremely easy to spot at night

And so I vote for the magnificent owl
Whose habitat is our northern snow
This owl is the bird that gets my word
Go, snowy owl, Go!

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Canada's national bird should be found in all our provinces and territories. The majestic Snowy Owl can be seen from Pacific at Boundary Bay in Vancouver BC to the Atlantic shores of Newfoundland, and from Pelee Island ON in Canada's extreme south to the high Arctic of our Northern Territories, and all parts of Canada in between.

As the song says:

"From the Vancouver Island to the Alberta Highland 'Cross the Prairies, the lakes to Ontario's towers. From the sound of Mount Royal's chimes, up to the Maritimes. Something to be proud of, this Owl of ours". (okay, maybe the last line is different in This Land of Ours)

Our national bird should reflect our strength, our ability to live well and to thrive in a cold country. No other bird says "Canada" to the rest of the world like the beautiful Snowy Owl.

Even the late Canadian Fiddling legend, Frankie Rodgers wrote a song in its honour called "The Ookpik Waltz".

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My submission for Canada's national bird is the snowy owl. I favour this bird for a few reasons. Its habitat includes ALL of Canada.

Owls are well known for their perceived wisdom and their skillful hunting techniques. They are mostly silent, which reminds me of a rhyme I learned as a child:

There once was an owl who lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard
Why can't we be like that wise old bird!

I think this attitude sums up the position of Canada in international politics. We wait for more information before committing ourselves to follow blindly the larger powers.

I enjoyed the other essays, but none of their birds have as wide a Canadian range as the snowy owl.

A friend living near Tofino found the body of a dead Snowy Owl on a nearby beach.

She and her husband arranged for a taxidermist to preserve the body of the creature, because the body didn't appear injured upon discovery or after the taxidermist examined it.

It was a fully grown Snowy Owl, that probably passed away naturally and without violence or disease.

I think of that magnificent bird whenever I remember the impeccable preservation of the dead Snowy Owl, provided by the taxidermist.

We chose the Snowy Owl, since in our area, this bird comes down from the north quite frequently allowing us to view it on telephone poles , fence posts etc. in late winter. We always feel privileged when we see them. They are amazing!

Lynn Duffy

Please choose the Snowy Owl! It is majestic, large, takes good care of itself and its family, and it stays in Canada throughout the Winter. It is found in ALL provinces and territories of Canada! It has a large wingspan and does not have any other bird predators (which is not the case for other birds) so it protects itself and no other bird will ever kill it or do something to their young offsprings! It is a very intelligent bird who calmly but efficiently (and wisely) scans its environment for food and water and just like Canada, is very independent and persistent. Just looking at one is breathtaking! It is the best bird to represent our large and great country!

The Snowy Owl is a beautiful, stately-looking bird that symbolizes wisdom. It has an independent and fearless nature; fine attributes to depict Canada. Also, its wing span is imposing as is the vastness of our country. Large golden eyes to symbolize our 'east' rising and 'west' setting sun. Further, they are capable of being active both day and night -- how Canadian. And "Snowy," need we say more?

The snowy owl is beautiful and majestic. It represents Canada best because it is white and it lives in Canada.

This is a large strong hunting bird. Majestic and represents the "snowy" image of Canada.

The owl is a symbol of wisdom, and as a raptor, it is a bird of strength, cunning and precision. The snowy owl embodies resolve, pride, strength and grace, and represents the Strong Canadian spirit well.

I like the snowy owl!

Snowy is the inspiration of OOK PIK & a treasured memory of youth from Expo '67 & should be revived, revitalized & returned to full service....our long history of welcoming frivolity to all & sundry would benefit from more OOK PIKs & is about as supportive of Inuit as this contest can manage in my view....

The Snowy Owl is a majestic, wise, industrious, and hardy bird that exemplifies Canadians.

It is a beautiful, strong, silent bird.

The owl is the best -- Owls can rotate their necks 270 degrees! Canadians can achieve 270 degree things!

We already have the loon on our money. The snowy owl is like a hand of iron in a velvet glove - we're soft on the outside, but don't push us!

We live on Amherst Island and have the great pleasure of seeing snowies from October - May each year and were in the Arctic last summer where we saw them in the North. Magnificent birds!

Owls are amazing.
My daughter loves them, and snowy owls are very pretty.

I feel the Snowy owl shoud be the National Bird. It is seriously very Canadian and the loon is already honoured on the loonie.

It's so badass.

It is quiet. Stately. And reminds me its saying "Who Who" for The who band.

The Snowy Owl is a northern bird, as Canada is a northern nation. The Snowy Owl can be seen in every province and territory in Canada, even as far south as Southern Ontario during some winters.

I have the luxury of seeing a snowy owl perched on one of my white pines, it is such an exceptional site. It leaves me in awe just as seeing the dear on my rock outcrop.

I believe the Snowy Owl represents Canada the best. Yes the Loon is everywhere,yes all other birds are beautiful but the Snowy Owl stands out from all of them. It's majestic which in my eyes represents all of what Canada is.

In December of 2013, we had an intense ice storm. Trees looked as though we were in a war zone. The GTA lost 20% of the tree canopy -- frightening, indeed. It was scary to walk near the trees -- so much so that neighbourhood pets steered clear of them. We worried the birds would have no resting place, while flying about. One afternoon, we saw an absolutely beautiful work of art, from Nature: a snowy owl, perched on a fence by the park behind us. Omigosh, what a sight! The sight took our breath away... We hoped she/he would be safe. It was an amazing experience! :) All birds are wondrous. :) Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this. We appreciate it.

When I was a young child, my parents took us cross country skiing. A snowy own emerged from a barn, looming above our family. We all recognized it immediately as an invitation to the natural worlLd. Though this relization may have not been conscious, over time it's become clear to me the role this bird played in my sense of self as a Canadian, and as a being that respects massive predatory animals.

love them,

We have snowy owls in our area and they are beautiful.


The Great Snowy Owl defines Canada's "True North Strong & Free".

The snowy owl is symbolic of the snow in Canada

Thank you for doing this and I am quite happy I can vote on-line. Being a Canadian diplomat, I will be proud to share your website info, in French and English, with colleagues and friends around the world.

Well done folks!

Josee Marcotte
Embassy of Canada

My vote for this bird is because of it's majestic look and it truly lives in all of Canada.

My vote is for the snowy owls because.... yes ..I'm a little biast ... I live on Wolfe Island which happens to be part of their migration route... they come down for the winter here to eat ....
Beautiful birds... I know most of the county probably hasn't seen one in the wild... but... they are Truly Canadian in a couple ways...





I vote for the Snowy Owl.

The snowy owl is a noble bird that thrives in a challenging climate in each province and territory of Canada. I would be proud to have such an elegant and capable bird represent my country and so am casting my vote for the snowy owl and encourage others to do the same.

The Snowy Owl is hardy, brave,self-sufficient and ferocious in safeguarding its home - and thoroughly Northern - the True North Strong and Free.

A wonderful permanent

A wonderful permanent Canadian bird worthy of being our national bird.


A bird that is a beauty to behold, a wonderful and silent hunter , an affectionate parent and representative of the vast area of most of Canada and especially the Arctic. A most suitable choice.

Winter is the best season in Canada and it would be great to have a bird to represent Canada's north!

The snowy owl is truly a majestic Canadian bird. The fact that it lives in our country all year round and doesn't migrate to the USA is the perfect reason to make it our national bird.

The snowy owl reminds me of myself in that it is awesome and loves Canada.

You don't see snowy owls a lot but when you do see one its a life changing experience. Majestic. Beautiful. Powerful. Hey man they're Canadian.

I think it's quiet, shy, yet don't mess with me behaviour, represents Canada. Besides it's a beautiful, magnificent looking bird. I would be proud ro have it as our national bird.

The snowy owl and loon are tops in my books.

I vote for the Snowy owl because i have one in my backyard and i love it.

I vote for the Snowy owl because i have one in my backyard and i love it.

Only in Canada you say - pity. (who says only tea is unique)

My father served this country proudly in WW2 as a navigator (as did many men and women in WW2) and his squadron was represented by the Snowy Owl. Over the years I have seen the majestic snowy owl so many times in so many feels iconic of the country in the great white north that we call Canada so that is why I have nominated this bird.

I've always loved owls. They are a majestic bird. The snow owl represents Canada best because it's is strong yet subtle. It braves the harsh Canadian winters and if it could I'm sure it would play hockey.

Since the owl is usually associated with wisdom, it would be a good symbol for Canada. Perhaps the government and Canadian citizens would be moved to act accordingly. Canadians would therefore be seen world-wide to exemplify this worthy attribute.

I believe it is a most majestic, hardy and beautiful bird!
It will represent Canada well.

He cool

A real Canadian bird.

A true Canadian who remains in Canada and it's territories all year.
You can't beat it's bravery and stamina plus determination, true Canadian traits.

Beautiful bird.

wonderful bird that lives in canada in many regions

As a child, I learned about this bird through discovering its regurgitated pellets under our trees..
Beautiful bird =)

Owls are cool and Snowy Owl would be a great Canadian bird in my opinion.

I think the Snowy Owl is a very regal and wise bird.

Such a representative of the north - summering and nesting in the high arctic where i have seen them nesting on the ground surrounded by lemmings laid out neatly on the nest edges awaiting hungry mouths to feed - and overwintering in places like Regina and Vancouver, catching hares and voles. A true ambassador of the diversity of Canada's landscape.

We live in a rural area and often catch glimpses of these magnificent creatures. They epitomize our Canadian culture...strong, independent, unassuming and good providers in caring for their young. Of course it goes without saying like any Canadian ,they prove their resilience through their ability to withstand and thrive in our often challenging weather .

Snowy owls are beautiful, amazing and I love them!

Such a spectacular and majestic bird and so appropriate to be Canada's national bird!

What bird better symbolizes the Great White North than the awe-inspiring Snowy Owl? A unique, beautiful country like Canada deserves this unique, beautiful representative.

I was listening to this discussion on CBC radio today and was surprised that the Canada Goose was not our national bird.
While I love Loons and try to imitate their call, they already appear on our currency. The Snowy Owl sounds like a forgotten bird. Since other countries think Canada is covered in snow more than in just winter, I thought this would me a good choice.

The Snowy Owl represents Canada's northern location, resilience to the cold and snow and adapting/blending into the Canadian landscape.

Most birds entered to be our Canadian bird, are just as numerous elsewhere; and many are only here in migration.. Our truly Canadian beautiful Snowy Owl, truly represents Canada in all its seasons. With snowy winter-white feathers this owl is the best part of
"The True North Strong and Free.. Standing on Guard for us. No other bird as well known and popular can claim distinction.. And I don't need more words to add even though it says I have 4535 left!.

Most birds entered to be our Canadian bird, are just as numerous elsewhere; and many are only here in migration.. Our truly Canadian beautiful Snowy Owl, truly represents Canada in all its seasons. With snowy winter-white feathers this owl is the best part of
"The True North Strong and Free.. Standing on Guard for us. No other bird as well known and popular can claim distinction.. And I don't need more words to add even though it says I have 4535 left!.

I'd rather vote for a bird that remains in Canada, is not known to attack people (Canada Goose), and is majestic.

The loon and Canada Goose are too obvious!

The Snowy Owl has a quiet elegance that reflects the best qualities of the Canadian character. It is a skillful hunter, moves unobtrusively, & owns its territory. It is strong but beautiful & it hints at deep mindfulness & spirituality. Truly a bird to be proud of & a symbol of Canadian values.

The Snowy owl is hands down THE Most Canadian Bird! Unlike the common loon, the range of the Snowy Owl spans the entire width and breadth of Canada, including the farthest northern reaches of the Arctic. Also, unlike the common loon which spends half the year in the USA, the Snowy Owl spends the entire year in Canada, winter and summer. Can't get much more Canadian than that!

The loon is the first bird that comes to mind. Her tremulous evening wails haunted many a camping trip of my youth. However it is the snowy owl, le harfang des neiges, that perhaps most holistically embodies my country.

If I could have a snowy owl I would put in my swimming pool and give it lots of fish to eat.I like the snowy owl because it's white.

love the eyes fears bird of all time

Really i was hoping to be able to pick the common Crow or Sea Gull but i suppose that the Snowy Owl is good to.

snowy owl flies
all the way from north to south
becasue Canada

A Snowy Owl is a very proud, strong and free looking bird. Being native to the Arctic it certainly represents what is needed to survive in the Great White North. The Snowy Owl is white which is one of the colours of our National Flag. The owl being such a majestic looking bird truly deserves to have the honour of being our National Bird.

When I lived in the Arctic I watched these magnificent raptors hunt to feed their young. Their prey never knew what hit them. Never did I see an Arctic Hare move or struggle after the assault, death was immediate. They truly are a magnificent bird of prey.

The Snowy owl is a good choice because it is in Canda all seasons, and in all provinces.

I think the Snowy Owl symbolizes all of Canada

I am voting for the Snowy Owl because I like its look and because it would represent Canada well as it is a great hunter and is white like the snowy north.

Best choice for Canada's bird. Only saw one once, in flight at night in a snow storm in Montreal. Beautiful. Since it's range is all across Canada it is most suitable for our National Bird.

majestic bird that represents our northern heritage

They are strong, quiet and strong just like Canadians

Looks cool.

So many interesting and deserving species to choose from. The Snowy Owl epitomizes so much that we value in Canada. Resourceful, tough, adaptable, and quietly efficient. It adapts to the change in seasons (for the most part staying year round in Canada), and to the area it migrates to. It can hunt by day or by night. It can roost on the ground or on top of a building (As I have seen in winter here in Oakville). It is as capable and proficient in hunting lemmings on the "barrens", as it is in hunting seagulls etc. on the Great Lakes. A beautiful and fascinating bird that would be a great choice for Canada.

good luck

No essay. I just think it's beautiful.

Elegant, spirited, fearless and symbolic of northerly latitudes that our vast country embraces.

When people think about Canada they nearly always think of snow!!!!

I think a beautiful white Snowy Owl would be the perfect bird to represent Canada!!!

A lovely raptor that can be found in all provinces and territories.

A truly Canadian bird.

Bel oiseau qui reste au Canada en toutes saisons et nous débarasse des souris et des rats!

The Snowy Owl is the coolest bird ever. It loves winter and Canada is a winter country. It's beautiful and an excellent hunter. And Harry Potter's owl Hedwig is a Snowy Owl. And I know that has nothing to do with Canada, but if a Snowy Owl is good enough for Harry Potter, it's good enough for me!

Snowy owl looks awesome

the true north strong and free !

One night we were driving to the cottage. Due to traffic we took a backroad. Suddenly this huge snowy owl came flying towards us it went up & over the car. It's wingspan was wider than the car. It was a magnificent sight. We stopped the car & just sat there for a while amazed at what we had seen. To see a snowy owl in flight coming towards you is unforgettable.

A beautiful bird, very rare and one always feels priviliged to see it. I believe that this should be our national bird. A bird associated with the north of Canada instead of the south, which is also our location geographically.

Snowy will Trump LOON !!!!! Snowy eats LOONS for LUNCH !!!!

the owl is a bird of great patience and determination regarded with respect and honor as Canada standing in the world today.


Though the loon is my preferred choice, I understand that the aim is to choose a bird that is not the bird of a province or territory therefore choose the snowy owl

I just love the way they look... and their hardiness in the face of winter is very Canadian !

How wise!

The Snowy Owl is a spectacular bird, and unlike the Amarican national bird, it's not a scavenger. The loon is already on the dollar.

I remember when I first saw a picture of a snowy owl. One was wintering (I guess) near Quebec City and it was remarked that it was rare to see one that far south. Later I learned that the ookpik toys I saw were snowy owls. It seems a very Canadian bird to me, and truthfully the way it's white colouration reminds me of snow and winter are a factor too. I like any kind of owl, but snowy owls especially. Whenever one is spotted in the south it's a big deal, but I think snowy owls should be considered a big deal all the time!

The LOON cannot be used as it is already a PROVINCIAL BIRD !!!!! GO SNOWY GO !!!!!

Although I almost vote for the Loon as it's haunting calls remind me of summer nights by the Lake; but it's the majestic Snowy Owl that makes me catch my breath every time I see them hunting and just sitting at the airport. Until 2 years ago I had never seen this stunning bird, but we now have a family of them at Pearson and they are strong, calm, confident and stunning birds. I think they represent Canada well.


A national bird should be majestic, proud and powerful. Likewise it should be found all across our land, be representative of all Canadians and be able to withstand the rigours of our winters. The Snowy Owl (or Ookpik in Aboriginal legends) is a great choice because it has these qualities.

The snowy owl is non-migratory. It is a "wise" bird capable of withstanding our canadian winters.

The LOON cannot be used as it is already a PROVINCIAL BIRD !!!!! GO SNOWY GO !!!!!

Magestic and beautiful !

This bird does not leave Canada.

The Snowy Owl is not "LOONIE" !!!!!

Owls are known for being wise. I feel this is the kind of symbolism Canadians would want to reflect our nation. The fact that this is a snowy owl is the cherry on top considering some still think we all live in igloo...
Personally I'm a little upset my pick wasn't available. We should follow suit like Scotland with the unicorn as their national animal and splurged on naming the Phoenix as our national bird. Eh.

I like when snowy owl take the pose on the traffic camera!

It is a non-migratory bird that exhibits Canadian characteristics. Being "wise" and able to withstand the cold Canadian winters - it is my choice.

great all Canadian bird. wise and hard-working

The Snowy Owl is a true Canadian bird which spends the entire year in Canada.

What a wonderful Canadian bird.

I think the Snowy Owl is characteristic of Canada. Rugged, independent and very beautiful.

Canada: Nordic country.
Snowy owl: Nordic Bird

the white beast of the north, Snowies are beautiful creatures who are powerful, protecting their territory and family with passion.

I love raptors, they are keen, intelligent birds. Owls strike me as the ghost hunters amongst raptors with their ability to fly silently and take their prey swiftly. I find owls in general a beautiful bird.

The Snowy Owl is found in Canada's Arctic in the summer and in all Canada's Provinces in the winter. I had also considered the Bald Eagle since seem to have more of them than the USA.

I am from the Prairies where in some place you can look 360 degrees and see nothing but prairie landscape. The snowy owl is a prominent bird in the prairies and does not migrate to the United States. The snowy owl can see almost 360 degrees. They are so beautiful in the Journey to the Arctic exhibit at the Assiniboine Zoo. I wish to vote for the snowy owl!

I prefer the snowy owl but could live with the loon.

Majestic. Hard-working. Stays in Canada year round.

Most beautiful

Represents the True North & the Canadian flag colour.

A quintessentially Canadian bird. Beautiful, and reflective of our northern climate and geography!

Majestic. Hard-working. Stays in Canada year round.

It IS truly Canadian...and it stays IN Canada all year, not like some other fair weather birds!!

From coast to coast to coast the Snowy Owl graces all of Canada with its wild beauty. An imposing sight to see soaring through the skies. No bad jokes can be made of the Snowy Owl. It is our very own ookpik.

We believe Canada is wise like the great Owl.

We are best at peacekeeping in times of issues and wars.

Canada is an open nation that welcomes people of all diverse nationalities and cultures.

The owl symbolizes wisdom, acceptance, peace and understanding.

Loon is my second choice

Snowy Owl is truly Canada range. Hide to find but a smart looking bird, mais oui!

Beautiful owl and common.

I have always liked the snowy owl. Several years in a heavy early fall snow, one was grounded in our town. I had the opportunity to hold it briefly. It was a beautiful young bird amazingly very light and docile. Slowly as it recovered you could feel the strength rise up and the determination to survive return. Its not noisy, its watchful as any sentinel and has sturdy qualities that are very visible in our Country in many ways shapes and forms.

my first encounter was in downtown ottawa walking to my car parked beside the Rideau River.This beautiful owl was being dived bombed by at least ten agitated crows while perched in a pine tree and didn't mind a bit.

This beautiful bird is emblematic of knowledge and wisdom making it an optimum choice to represent our nation.
The shear beauty of this majestic bird's white plumage in flight or in still would leave anyone feeling fortunate to have been in its presence.
The white Snow Owl carries a hypnotic gaze in their golden or turquois blue eye colour that reflect all too often a spirit that can see what other cannot see.

The snow owl is the keeper of wisdom, mystery and protection winging its way through this vast nation of the artic weather and terrain signifying the realm of spirit.

This is truly a fascinating creature that has earned its place as one of Canada's national symbols.

I would give a hoot!

I just love their ooooting call.

I vote Snowy Owl. it is one of the few birds that does not migrate but lives year round in Canada. it handles every climate. Also i believe our national bird should be one that is not a provincial bird at this time.

Truly a national bird that embodies Canada's northern clime. Handsome and hard working wise creature.

I love birds, so it was difficult to choose. I chose the snowy owl because we are a snowy country. The snowy owl is an Arctic bird, but in the winter it flies as far south as Southern Ontario to hunt. That bird brightens a wintry day, if you are lucky enough to see it!

Owls are wise and subtle, just like Canadians.
Just like Canadians, owls have great vision, scanning the whole landscape rather than take a narrow field of view.
Snowy owls do all this, in crazy winters, just like Canadians.
Just like Canadians, they are also good at hockey.

This bird represents liberty and the vast artic toundra that caracterizes Canada.

Owls are majestic.

Back in the 1980's I lived not too far from the Wye Marsh in Ontario. Going into work very early one winter morning, my headlights caught something, and I thought there was a child standing on the side of the county road I was travelling on. I stopped the car and got out, and to my surprise what I thought was a child was an incredible snowy owl standing on the side of the road. He wasn't interested in the fact I thought I has stopped to save him and he opened that incredible wing span and flew toward the car and up and over it. Between the reflection from the snow of the winters night and his feathers glowing in the dark sky, I don't think I have ever seen a winter scene as beautiful. He disappeared into the night and the encounter was over. For me now, the snowy owl represents the mysticism that is Canada - this vast country that holds secrets round every corner if we are only aware enough to notice.

I voted for the Snowy Owl as first it is non migratory and remains in Canada throughout the winter. I also believe that when non Canadians would see the Snowy Owl it would bring an immediate connection to Canada. (The Great White North). The owl has beautiful plumage and the species is always is associated with knowledge. Canada"s image throughout the world is as a peaceful people and that comes through knowledge and understanding.

this animal is my fav bird of them all so that why I pick snowy owl

The national bird should be recognizable by the world; otherwise, it doesn't represent anything. The Snowy Owl is a beautiful, dignified bird, representing the climate of most of Canada.

I would love the snowy owl it never leaves our beautiful country

A majestic bird that resides in Canada year round makes it a true Canadian.

Such a wise and beautiful bird.

Such a wise and beautiful bird.

It's very simple really, the Snowy Owl is regal looking in all weather conditions, all year long, like us humans in Canada, most of us anyway, it is proud to live in Canada for the full 12 months of the year, fending for itself and rearing a family.

sitting on a cedar post around here ( its favorite spot ) ruler of all it surveys, not much seems to bother it, it just goes about its business, minding its own business, just like the people who live around here.

lovely bird, and deserves greater recognition.

I voted for the Snowy Owl because of its’ prominence during our winter months and its’ distribution through our northern environment. During the annual Christmas Bird counts, it is still a treat to see these magnificent birds even though I enjoy all of our other winter residents as well. In the winter, I’ve usually spotted them perched on high ground or a telephone pole sitting quietly, carefully observing its’ surroundings but ready to fly with a quiet lethality when necessary...very Canadian, eh?

The Snowy Owl truly represents the Canadian soul. Thoughtful, careful, investigative, the Snowy Owl rules its domain. It lives in Canada all year and endures our many seasons. It is one of the most beautiful birds in the world.

Beautiful, Intelligent, Resourceful, at home in cold or heat, a national bird for our home and native land!

I voted for the Snowy Owl because it's a beautiful majestic bird. It is also a bird found across most of Canada and it stays in Canada during winter

What better symbol for the Great White North? Large, majestic and silent, noble and aloof, self reliant and mysterious, if mountain lions had wings, they would strive to be the raptor of the frozen North.

Of the many excellent possibilities, the "snowy" just stands out and it seems most fitting from all quarters!

It depicts Canada the best and does not annoy anyone.

I like the snowy owl because he is white. I think the loon is too crazy to be our national birdy. I think the snowy owl would like playing in the snow and would want to make a snowman with me. Do you think that the snowy owl's favourite Disney film is Frozen? I hope so.

Whenever you see this Majestic Owl you only think of how great the North is.

Beautiful and majestic, the snowy owl is truly representative of what how I see Canada.

The bird is of strength and wisdom also this bird never leaves Canada all year.

SNOWY OWL represents the hardiness of Canadian people.

Snowy owl is fast becoming a rare species. I oppose the Loonie as our national bird because Canadians will be called loonatics. No, prestige it that!

Snowy Owls show wisdom, strategy and strength. Just like the greek goddess Athena. Athena's symbol is the Snowy Owl and Athena is the greek myth goddess of warfare, wisdom and strategy.

The Snowy lives here the Loon migrates. We should have a bird that's tough enough to handle Canadian winters!

Best to represent Canada for wisdom. Greatness while remaining in the background.

A regal national bird

It is strong and free.

The Snowy Owl , is truly an all Canadian bird, because it does not go south.

Bird is beautiful. Is in every Canadian province...doesn't leave to winter and although is nocturnal hunts during the day as well

Snowy Owl

the Snowy owl is the most suited bird to represent all of Canada

The snowy owl is a special choice for the following reasons:

This wise and powerful bird should make all Canadian's think about the impact we all have on climate change and think carefully about what Canada would be like without snow or this special bird.

The northern regions of Canada is recognized as mostly being underpopulated and as such this bird is also one that most Canadian have not seen in the wild. This fact should make us think even more about the special responsibility we all have as Canadians to protect our unexplored and precious northern backyard and the lands and wildlife we are responsible to protect for the future. The snowy owl, when seen in the wild, or potentially recognized as Canada's official bird, should create a special memory and a desire to respect its presence in this country.

Imagine seeing one and knowing we have a special wise and powerful role in knowing we are thinking of this birds future, based on the actions we make every day. Those in Canada that have the special privilege of actually seeing them in the wild can likely share more why this bird is so extra special.

It is truly Canadian as it stays in Canada year round - does not fly south.It is wise and intelligent and its appearance promotes a state of calm in photos. These are all qualities of us as Canadians.

The most majestic of raptors. My father nearly drove of the road years ago, when one appeared right at the driving window, flying beside the car.

The Snowy Owl is a beautiful bird and spends all seasons in Canada. It is very hardy and elegant at the same time. The Snowy Owl lives in all provinces and territories, so this is truly a Canadian bird.

i am just a fan.

It stays all year and doesn't migrate

Snowy Owl rules

It lives in Canada all year around, do not immigrate anywhere. it shows what is authentically local for the country.

They are strong, resilient and tough out our winters. Very regal.

I got to experience photographing the snowy owl outside of Ottawa and it was amazing!

I love the Snowy White Owl, it has always been my favorite.

The Snowy Owl is a beautiful regal bird. People have to realize if they vote in the Loon we are leaving ourselves open to ridicule. I can hear it now "those Canadians are as loony as their national bird" Jeez people think!!!! As for the Canada goose it is the most despised bird here in Ont for its invasion into lawns and residential ponds.

I love the Snowy White Owl, it has always been my favorite.

Canadian citizen: The majestic bird of Canada. A true snow-bird who winters in southern Canada when all the humans hibernate indoors. For me, nothing beats a rare glimpse of the Auroral spirits in the night sky. The Snowy Owl is Canadians link between North and South, earth and sky.

Majestic,humble and hard working.....truly Canadian !

Canada's National Bird should be a species that remains in the country year round (this would exclude all migratory birds) and that it should be present in each province and territory. That is why I believe that the Snowy Owl is the most suitable bird to represent Canada.

This is one hard-working bird that is in Canada year round

The snowy owl is found all across Canada & is here year round.

The Snowy owl is seen all over Canada , it endures winter like our people . It stays with us true thick and thin like our Canadian character of never quitting no matter the difficult terrain and weather.

The snowy owl is distinctly Canadian, strong and beautiful.

The Snowy owl is seen all over Canada , it endures winter like our people . It stays with us true thick and thin like our Canadian character of never quitting no matter the difficult terrain and weather.

When I see a Snowy owl, I think of beauty and strength of character. A protector and a bird who shows instincts of survival, that would be the way I see the people of Canada . So let's have a bird that most represents our very fevers fief country, that for allowing me to express my opinion about this topic, John.

The Snowy Owl stays in Canada all year and is beautiful. It has all the traits of a Canadian.

The snowy owl is distinctly Canadian, strong and beautiful.

pass; I will try editing this later, but it is a truly Canadian bird summering in high Arctic & wintering in every province as far south as Canada/U.S. border

The owl is a sign of wisdom and what Canada represents on the world stage.

So majestic and powerful and really represents beauty. On and above our
barren frozen tundra!

I like them.

my vote is for the Snowy Owl. they are a majestic hunter, regal, intelligent. the owl has always been a symbol of wisdom.

I had the privilege to see a snowy owl up close when our friend Stephen Bucciarelli was setting it free after healing it from an injury. It's a gorgeous bird with golden eyes and fluffy soft white feathers. I wished I could have hugged it. To me, the snowy owl reminds me so much of Canada. It's feathers remind us of the blanket of snow that covers us over our long cold winters and the golden eyes remind us of the warm sun that we enjoy most days. It's quiet strength, grace and beauty are truly Canadian qualities. A perfect choice.

A beautiful bird that is found throughout Canada .

Snowy Owl because it is the only bird that stays in Canada all year round. Totally Canadian!!

They are cool! Way cooler than loons. C'mon. A loon is so traditional and boring.

This bird exemplifies the Canadian spirit. As symbol of wisdom and knowledge it displays qualities of how Canada is seen on the global stage. We tend to be regarded as a nation that has a cool head in a crisis and this bird also embodies the majesty of our landscape. It's picture perfect!

The owl is a symbol of wisdom, the loon, on the other hand, sounds a bit unhinged.

I think the Snowy Owl is a little more majestic oppose to the Canada Goose and the Loon
because it doesn't make a lot of sound and the way they fly it's just so beautiful.

For me, the Snowy owl would best represent Canada.

Iconic symbol of the North.

I think the Snowy Owl should be our National bird because we had a RCA squadron in WWII named after it and the pilot died after being hit by German bullets. The plane was flown back to its base by the navigator and others.
The Snowy Owl reminds me of its stealth power, keen hunting skills and its beautiful white plumage.

Hello. I am voting for the snowy owl because it is fitting to vote for a bird that looks like snow as Canada is known for its snow and its just so darn pretty with all those white feathers.

National bird should reside in Canada all year!

And Snowy Owl is magestic!

Of all the birds chosen the snowy owl is a perfect choice for Canada. An odd and rare sort, it's Beauty and it's wise perception is a perfect representative of this country. I'm not sure how anyone would want to be associated with or be called a "loon"

I have had the pleasure of seeing many snowy owls over the years on Amherst Island and they are a beautiful majestic bird.

Beautiful, stately, intelligent bird. Confident and watchful.

We lived with a Snowy Owl all our lives. When I was young we where racing pigeons and the Snowy Owl was always taking a few for dinner. My dad wanted to take him out so they put a pigeon as bate for the Owl. I don't know why he brought me that day to capture the Owl. I looked up at him with my 5 year old eyes and asked him. Daddy why do you want to hurt the Owl he is a beautiful bird did he do something wrong. Everything stopped we gathered the trap and went home. My dad never stopped the owl from feeding again and lived with him lurking in the high tree waiting for dinner.

This story lived with me forever and is one of just a few stores I remember with my dad. He died at the age of 40 on his birthday I was 7.

Eugene Bumbacco

This is a true Canadian bird.

The Snowy Owl is a truly Canadian bird. It winters in our true north, wild and free. It summers in every province and territory in Canada even as far South as Windsor where I live. Unlike the Common Loon it is not as common in the United States.

majestic bird, totally canadian stays here all seasons.

I think the fact that the owl is named the Snowy Owl is a good reason for it to be named as Canada's National Bird. In winter, snow is very beautiful and a lot of countries never get to wittness snow. Also like the bird the white snow on an open field looks so beautiful and clean same as the snowy owl.

The Snowy Owl is all Canadian.

The Snowy Owl makes Canada it's home throughout the entire year and can be found in all parts of the country.
When I was a Brownie leader, my name was Snowy Owl so how could I vote for any other bird!
We are so lucky to enjoy the great variety of birds within our borders.

I voted for the snoweyowl because I have loved them since childhood. I have taken some beautiful pictures of them in recent years and their majestic, wise beauty always amazes me. We are very lucky to have the here in Ontario for the few short winter months they come. It makes the frigid northern Ontario winter well worth it!

Love the snow owl

The snowy owl represents the the truth north -- we are strong and we are free. It also stays with us during our hottest and coldest days. It doesn't take off in the winter.

True north strong and free.

I think a snowy owl should be the national bird. There are so many owls but this one is definitely the best. Look, a loon is already on the dollar. Loons are everywhere , stuffier, posters, pictures, drawings and paintings. Snowy owls are not as common as loons. Snowy owls are amazing raptors . I hope you understand that the snowy owl is the perfect choice to symbolize Canada's national bird
Thank you.
Brady. Foster
Age. 8

Snow falls in every province in Canada - so a bird known for its wisdom and that incorporates the idea of Canada being a country of snow would be a very representative and inclusive symbol.


I think the Snowy Owl is our number one choice.

The Snowy Owl is a beautiful bird and if a national bird will represent Canada I think the word "snowy" is a word I would prefer to "loonie" in describing our national identity. The Blue Jay has a loud squawking call so if I could select a bird that truly represents Canada it would be the Blue Bird (of happiness). A bird that sings a song so beautiful it represents the joy of being a Canadian.

I'm retired military, and have seen the Snowy Owl in all provinces where I've worked. A Canadian choice!

I voted for the snoweyowl because I have loved them since childhood. I have taken some beautiful pictures of them in recent years and their majestic, wise beauty always amazes me. We are very lucky to have the here in Ontario for the few short winter months they come. It makes the frigid northern Ontario winter well worth it!

Represents the beauty and strength of our country.

The bird should be relative to all provinces and territories. It should reflect our country and our culture. I feel the snowy owl does this best.

I prefer the Snowy Owl over the loon. Snowy Owls just seem like a more majestic looking bird, whether in flight or sitting still.

It is a beautiful all Canadian bird.

A bird that lives in all provinces.

Love the appearance of the snowy owl

Although the loon is indigenous to Canada and I love the haunting call,, the snowy owl always stops me in my tracks when I have the honour to see one. Beautiful. Majestic.

Love them all....tweet tweet

The Snowy Owl is a very "majestic" bird. It especially reflects the grand and lofty mountainous terrains situated in various provinces from coast to coast of Canada.

I think that Canada should have a bird of pray as an emblem. It is a majestic bird. The snowy owl represent one of our characteristic season (not every country as a snowy winter) and is a bird of pray. The loon has the lead right now but it is a lonely bird and very tame. Boring emblem.

In my travels, for work and pleasure, I have observed Snowy Owls in all Provinces and Territories in winter.

The silent and majestic snowy owl is a welcome site every winter. Its links to our aboriginal culture also support its adoption as our national bird

Looks good


As mysterious, as it is majestic

The snowy owl is seen across the country and particularly in the far north, which I love as a symbol of all our shores and all the country. They are amazing birds; I saw one fly silently over my head in urban Richmond more than twenty years ago.

A few years ago on a snowy day we were out for a drive was snowing...but a beautiful day, Trees were covered with snow and it was quite cloudy..but a was a nice winter day. A snowy owl came out from trees across the road and soared in flight near the was a beautiful and majestic sight...I can still visualize it...thie snowy owl would be great as our national bird. Diane

this beautiful bird would be a great representation of Canada


I gotta go to work.

It's a good predator, and we see it in many parts of Canada.

The snowy owl is found in all Canadian provinces and territories.

The Snowy Owl is a bird that is so very distinctive.It does not just stay in northern Canada but also travels to the southern parts of Canada including Nova Scotia. It is so very distinctive from other owls and birds. On the other hand the Loon is a common bird and the loon it is hard to identify from other common loons. The Snowy Owl helps to tie together the country as a whole and identifies all of Canada with our northern territories.
Granted the call of the loon is so very nice to hear but the snowy owl is so very nice to see. This owl portrays a look of vigilance and gives a statement of strength and wisdom as does this nation of Canada.

I assumed the Canada Goose was already our national bird so was surprised to find it isn't. I did not vote for it as it is not a good representation of our diversity in Canada. And though I love the call of the Loon it is also found many other places in the world.

I voted for the Snowy Owl as it makes me think of Canada. It's beautiful plumage specifically designed for life in Canada and the Arctic is soft and represents the soft side of our country while it's skill as a bird of prey and it's intelligence represents the other strong side of Canada. It is beautiful, quiet and yet very skilled.

The Snowy Owl. A perfect bird for Canada

Canada's national bird should be a bird that lives here year-round, hence my choice of the snowy owl.
It was a difficult decision, as the common loon is an iconic symbol of our wilderness areas.

Thanks for doing this!

This is a noble, beautiful bird!

I have seen the Snowy Owl in B.C. And Ontario. It has a territory that ranges from coast to coast to coast. The uniqueness to Canada is something that I find appealing.

I feel our National bird should be one that remains in Canada all year. A tough bird who can handle all of Canada's weather.

Snowy Owl on top of a tree
Looking down; all it can see!
The little mouse,
The small bird in a tree,
Snowy Owl looks over our world daily.

Flying with grace,
in cities and rural landscapes,
East and west, everywhere,
Canada's snow owl is rare!
Quiet dignity in the air.

The owl reflects our people,
Lifestyle and ways!
We fly easily, calmly, with grace.
Lead the way, live in families,
work hard and play.

Snowy Owls,
active day and night,
Reflect our Canadian life,
Protective, doing right!
Taking flight, adding light.

The other birds
In this competitive offering are wee.
Snowy Owl is strong and free
Just like Canadians you and me,
Snowy Owl as our National Bird please!

What better bird than the snowy owl to symbolize Canada's northern identity.? I think it is important that it winters in every province. It also seems to figure largely in Innuit art, so it can be seen as inclusive of Canada's Indigenous peoples.

The snowy owl, being a bird that thrives in the harsh conditions of Canadian Winters, is an appropriate reflection of the hardiness, strong-willed people of all Canada's provinces. The snowy owl has significance with our aboriginal communities, and can be easily recognized and appreciated by all Canadians.

The snowy owl is the best fit for Canada's National bird.

My choice is based on the fact that the Snowy Owl stays with us all year. We often see them up on the hangar eaves or our fuel signs at the Hamilton Airport They are even more riveting in the winter when their pristine white plumage outshines the snow! They are strong, regal & proud, all traits indicative of Canadians & our beautiful country.

A true symbol of the true north, strong and free.

My Father used to carve birds. His snowy owl was my favourite. I think this bird would beautifully represent our fabulous country.

A Snowy owl sighting on a cold winter day is a sight to be seen! They lift your spirits!

This is a large and majestic bird. Very beautiful and would represent the wintry appeal of Canada.

I think that the Snowy Owl is the best option.

I like the Snowy Owl, as it the name contains the word snow and we are known for the great white north. I also like the nobility of the bird. Additionally, I would like the bird that represents Canada to be smart! Owl's are known for the intelligence.

Why not have an Arctic bird to symbolize our Arctic sovereignty?

Lives in Canada throughout the year. It does not retreat to us for winter.

I chose the Snowy Owl because it is an example of a strong, independent and beautiful species - just like Canada. I also chose it as it is representative of a species found all across the country.

The snowy owl is a majestic bird. It is very cracefull and stealthy when it hunts its pray.

The Snowy owl represents everything Canadian in the current dispensation. The Arctic and Sub-Arctic conditions are it's mainstay but it winters all across the southern province. She is rare but can occassionaly be seen on the farms of Ontario and Quebec throughout the winter. Her sensitive range is now gradually declining due to mineral and oil exploration. This campaign might help bring attention to her woes!

We don't want to lose such a charismatic species. She is more Canadian than any Canadian.


What better representative of "The true North, strong and free" than a Snowy Owl? Strong, free, representing the "Great White North" with its elegant white plumage.

By the way, the contest is not clear whether we can vote for just one bird overall or one in each category. You should clarify that.

I don't have an essay but I'd like to mention that if people knew the real Snowy Owl behind the popular visage, they would come to realize that this owl is truly a marvel of evolution and deserving of the highest respect. They're a symbol of the north facing an uncertain future. Snowy Owls can silently fly thousands of kilometres and survive the most brutal cold of dark Arctic winters, but can they survive the climate change threatening the north?

This beautiful bird covers all of Canada year-round & would be a truly majestic example of the hardy Canadian spirit.

Easily the best choice to represent Canada.

Strong, Graceful, Beautiful

They are great, beautiful !!

I think it is a nice icon of Canada. Stoic and powerful

Le Harfang Des Neiges
On apperçoit cet oiseau presque exclusivement au Canada. En plus de sa grace à couper le souffle, cet espèce monogame démontre courage, persévérance, fidélité et même de compassion (hé oui de la compassion, surprenant mais vrai) pour assurer le bien être de sa famille. Discret, d'un air calme et posé mais toujours à la fut, conscient de son environnement, prêt à défendre son territoire et sa progéniture. Ces caractéristiques, j'aime le croire, reflète bien les valeurs des canadiens et canadiennes. Je dois aussi admettre que d'avoir un Huard/Canard comme oiseau emblème me gênerait un peu du fait qu'au canada les chasseurs adorent le canard...

Snowy owls are dressed for Canada's weather. C'mon! What better bird to represent us. They wear feather boots! (plus they are wise, northern beauties.

The Snowy owl is my choice as an avian symbol for Canada. This bird has an air of dignity about it, that is if you don't spend much time around its nest while it is feeding its young. It seems to spend much time in contemplation of its surroundings, and yet it works day and night. It is a bold yet respectful bird. The Snowy owl is found at different times in most parts of Canada including suburban areas. Although it is an open country bird it traverses forested areas, hunting on the way. This is a bird that comes to us wherever we are rather than us having to go find it. This bird is less well represented in the northern contiguous U.S. than the other two main contenders, and it does not nest there so the U.S. is less likely to have an emotional claim to it. The common loon is out for me because U.S. citizens are known to have a strong attachment to it and it spends the winter in large numbers south of the border including way down south. The Whiskey jack is a strong contender in my estimation, but like the loon we do not have a unique claim to it. I believe the Whiskey jack could be the representative bird for the Canadian government because it is bold in its acquisition of resources when others aren't looking. No, it has to be the Snowy owl.

PK at SJ

P.S. My wife Susan (same details as above) agrees with me on this. That makes it two votes. She's busy making pickles and is very dedicated to that task right now.

I think the snowy owl would be a good representation for represents some of the different seasons we have and is very interesting...much like our country!!

Please not the loon. I love loons, but other countries already make fun of the loonie. This just perpetuates a Canadian stereotype! The snowy owl is majestic, calm, silent yet effective. I think it represents a better, more honourable picture of Canada.

What a majestic Animal, sitting silently watching the world around it, waiting for the perfect moment to glide effortlessly through the air to its target. Silent, contemplative, snowy, and proud. Much like this great country.

Its the one bird i seen that is purly canadian and its snowy like canada.

I believe the Snowy Owl is a good representation of our country. As everyone knows that Canada is a northern country. Its known for its winters, so the bird's natural colour represents this. One of our themes is the Great North Strong and Free in our national anthem. The Snowy Owl is a large bird and known for its strength and lives in the large open free areas of the arctic. This raptor strongly represents this theme. They are known as a family bird with both parents assisting in raising the young. Our country is known for its strong open arms to help other countries in the world. So this would show another aspect of our country.

It`s a wintery, it`s a symbol of wisdom, and it would have a lot more luck against a bald eagle than a loon would...

Coolest bird ever! They're huge and fierce hunters.

Avec les hivers interminables et froids que nous avons, je crois que ce beau hiboux blanc est tout à fait approprié pour être un symbole national...

I think the Snowy Owl is the perfect symbol for Canada. It is powerful yet judicious with that power, exercising it quietly when necessary.

snowy owl nice fit

The snowy owl should be the bird of Canada

There are a lot of admirable candidates to vote for. However, many have one drawback or another. For instance, a lovely little brown bird that sings "Oh Canada, Canada, Canada" - what could be more Canadian than that? But unfortunately, the White Throated Sparrow lacks the distinctness of appearance to qualify it as a national symbol. The Raven makes mischief - not necessarily the image we want to project, and the Canada goose unfortunately has a reputation as a bit of a pest, defouling park ponds across the nation during the spring and summer. I think the Snowy Owl has a distinct and dignified appearance that is both easy to recognise and representative of the (often cold) enigmatic beauty that is the Canadian landscape.

Such a beatiful and majestic bird.

This is the most magnificent bird on the list because of its beauty, adaptability and the astonishing plumage which blends into its surroundings from season to season. Its strength is in its ability to glide silently through forest and over water in search of sustenance. It protects its young with fierce devotion and its haunting call gives me goosebumps like no other bird. When I see a snowy owl (or any owl), I feel at one with our age-old forests and my spirit feels complete for an enduring moment.

It's a beautiful animal and is indicative of the North.

Because Canada is a northern country and the snowy owl for the most part is a northern bird moving south when food is hard to find, to come by up north. The snowy white feathered male, [female has some grey] owl is really suited for our cold northern climate with down under their layered feathers. Maybe because of twenty fours of day light they hunt mostly during the day not nocturnal like most owls.

These solitary, territorial, nomadic, majestic, icon of a bird speaks for itself thus to become Canada's national bird choice.

The Snowy owl is the best of all the birds listed. Thank you for your consideration.

No thank you.

Since the rest of the world associates Canada with the snow, I think the Snowy Owl is appropriate!

I Love OWLS,
they are so unique for a National Bird, it would set us apart.
Yah for the Snowy OWL

The Canadian bird needs to be fierce and be able to handle the winter climate in Canada... The Snowy Owl is the best vote in my opinion:D

I chose the Snowy owl because to me it represents stealth, skill, intelligence and beauty. It is a hunter gatherer like the first inhabitants of this great land. It has a range in the forest and is on guard to protect its borders. It is a calm and reserved animal not unlike the Canadian people. He is constantly alert looking at the world through piercing yellow eyes. It truly is a majestic raptor that pictures wisdom.

I feel Canada's national bird should be a species that can be found across Canada.

A majestic bird that brightens up the dull cold winter

Love the Snowy Owl. Love Owl's, so beautiful and majestic, and thoughtful!!

The Canadian bird should be a bird that is present in Canada year round to signify that it has a permanent home in Canada. ie Snowy Owl, Chickadee, Junco, Canada Goose. Rather than it be a migratory bird meaning it also has a home elsewhere part of the time. This feature should have a category from which to choose on that basis alone. Be it "truly representative" of Canada.

I think of Canada the same as the Snowy Owl. Canada is a loner with very cold winters and a beautiful blanket of snow for three of four months of the year. Like the owl it stands alone protecting its territories from introduers.

Because the country is covered in a blanket of snow for a good portion of the year and that the Snowy Owl breeds in the far north and that it winters mainly in Canada it is a truly unique Canadian bird!

It is such a majestic bird, and beautiful, useful, and loyal.

A strong, wise and beautiful bird that can found in all parts of Canada.

Il connait et vit l'hiver plus que nous. Il représente bien tous les habitants du Canada car sa présence s'étant sur tout le pays. C'est un oiseau magnifique qui donne une image de noblesse et de sagesse comme je souhaite que mon pays exprime.

I moved here from southern California many years ago and the first time I ever laid eyes on an unexpected snowy owl is a memory that remains with me to this day. Its size, beauty and calm demeanour at having humans pass through its space was amazing; all it did was swivel its head and gaze down on us as we went by on a snowmobile. I've only seen them on very rare occasions and never fail to get excited, feeling as though a wondrous gift has been bestowed upon me.

I love the snowy owl , it is so soft and beautiful looking . As SENIOR CITIZEN I love listening to birds of all sorts . I also find the snowy owl is very gentle looking and I would love to be able to hold one .

We are so fortunate in Canada to have access to such a wide diversity of birds! I grew up with that powerful symbol Canadian geese in our corn fields. I have enjoyed canoeing with great blue herons and loons. I look for the haunting sounds of the Tundra swans over head in the spring. And my daily ritual is to feed and sit with the wide variety of birds that live and visit our country property. My vote goes to the Snowy owl though. I had the prevlige of siting my first snowy owl last winter just down my road! It took my breath away. A bird so beautiful, that travels from our far north to south of our country seems to be a great representative of our wild and beautiful land.

Le Nichoir est beaucoup pour moi qui suis une des quatre fondatrices du début.
Bravo pour ceux et celles qui continu à faire du Nichoir un lieu superbe pour nos chers
oiseaux du Canada.


Snowy Owls are like, the most awesome birds and there's only one other country to my knowledge (Greece) that has an owl as their national bird. CHOOSE THE SNOWY OWL THEY'RE HELLA COOL AND SUPER PRETTY JUST DO IT!

A truly Canadian bird!

Such a powerful and beautiful bird living in extreme environments - truly Canadian!

As a citizen birder sending in observations for the Cornell University through e-Bird has widened my knowledge of many bird species. I find that the Snowy Owl captures some unique characteristics. First this species does appear in every region of our country and is awaited with anticipation by people of all skill levels. It is less hawk=like in appearance and carries a visage of calm, concentrated observing before gliding to its prey and then alighting to its perch again to take up its observation point. It is tolerant of human presence to a good degree. Its plumage changes throughout its life in keeping with maturity. These are good attributes in the citizens of Canadians.

I think the Snowy Owl best represents the wintry nature of Canada. It is a majestic bird found throughout Canada encouraging us to last out the winter and spring will finally come.

The snowy epitomizes Canada: it is strong but graceful, silent and determined, and white, as much of our country is 5 or so months of the year.

Pour sa spécificité et son originalité typique du Canada

Cet oiseau majestueux est présent a l'année dans ma région et a diverses périodes dans plusieurs provinces du Canada.

C'est un oiseau qui inspirele respectet est très associé à notre climat.

ces le plus majestueux .

Something very Canadian about a bird that migrates south to over winter in northern Alberta....

I would like a symbol that reflects the intelligence and patience of Canadians.

This beautiful owl elicits gasps whenever I spot one. Although they are not an uncommon site in the winter, over the past few years in these parts at least, seeing a Snowy perched on a tree branch or a fence or a wire causes me to stop in my tracks. Usually the owl seems fully aware of my presence, often seeming to make eye contact, yet remaining unruffled by the intrusion. Its appearance on the perch is serene, alert, inquisitive. On the wing the owl's massive size is even more apparent and it exudes power, skill, focus, agility. All these qualities, and the fact that the bird winters in all Canadian provinces, make it a fitting symbol for our country.

USA has a raptor for national bird, Canada should do likewise - and Snowy Owl is very appropriate

Magestic predator

The Snowy Owl is beautiful like Canada, survives bitter cold winters and is very symbolic of our great white north!

Snowy Owls will always remind me of growing up on an Alberta Cattle Ranch.


I think it is a wise choice. (Wise old owl)

It's very beautiful, I like it!

This iconic and majestic bird is unique to Canada. IT is already the provincial bird of Quebec. IT snows strength and is very at home in the winter. What is more Canadian

The Snowy Owl is the quintessentially Canadian bird. Few can be found outside Canada. It's one of the few animals that can survive the harsh Arctic winter. It likes snow! They're beautiful to watch too. People who complain they've never seen one haven't looked - all you need is a drive out of the city in the winter. It's like going on a treasure hunt, and the prize is very satisfying. I can't think why people want to choose the Common Loon as the national bird. For one thing, it's already been honored by being on the one dollar coin. It doesn't need to be the national bird as well. And it hates snow! Even before the snow falls, it drops its attractive plumage and turns into something unrecognizable, then flies south for the winter. We can't have a wussy bird like that as the national bird now, can we? Snowy Owls are majestic and awesome. They are useful too! They live on lemmings and other rodents, so they help keep rodent populations down. To me, there is no contest. The Snowy Owl is an obvious choice for national bird. Don't be a loonatic, vote for Snowy Owl!

Vote for snowy owl

So cute

The Snowy Owl is a bird of grace and character. These two qualities among many describe what it means to be a Canadian.

Snowy owl, northern snow birds, it is the most representative of the spirit of Canada.

It is cool!

The Snowy Owl represents the true North.

Fierce guardians of the north

The Snowy Owl depicts our great white north and a country strong and free.


I believe the Snowy Owl is the best vote for 3 reasons. The owl is thought to be old and wise much like Canadians. It lives in Canada year round unlike the Loon and last it is a feared and powerful bird much like our Canadian army.

this beautiful majestic bird is truly Canadian, he lives in every province and territory and is hardly every found out of Canada.

the snowy owl is the best

Ducks are lame. Geese are lame. Owls are badass.

The snowy owl ... according to the migration chart ... doesn't really leave canada.

He's super cool, on account of the snow.

The snowy owl can be found all across canada while the loon is uncommon, ironically contradicting the name

Snowy owl hands down.

quiet and well adapted, without being overly agressive, I think this majestic animal shoudl be a good national bird for Canada

With there being two seasons in Canada - winter and winter's coming, an iconic white bird like the snowy owl is a fitting Canadain emblem. But jokes aside the owl embodies discernment, strength through a steely and stealthily silence, wisdom and knowledge. All strong characteristics of Canadians, when Canadians are at their best.

The Snowy Owl is my favorite owl, because it looks cool...and my Dad thinks they are a great symbol for a strong northern country like ours...

The snowy owl, or great white owl's, colour conjours images of the snowy North. The Snowy Owl ranges throughout Canada which makes it a fine representative for Canadians from coast to coast to coast. The snowy owls diurnal habits make it a little more relatable to people than other owl species. The owl is also commonly looked at as a symbol of wisdom, a characteristics that we as a nation should strive for.

I like snowy owls.

The owl is a spiritual animal , owls are connected with the wisdom of the soul. However, there are other qualities that owl has. Owls are often seen as mysterious, mostly because many owls are strictly nocturnal and humans have always found night to be full of mystery and the unknown. Owls live within the darkness, which includes magic, mystery, and ancient knowledge. Related to the night is the moon, which owls are also connected to. The snowy owl represents Canada with our snowy cold winters which sets us apart from our southern neighbours.

I just don't want those mean geese to win.

A beautiful and iconic year-round, country-wide, Canadian occupant.

The snowy owl is a majestic bird of prey.

Canada is the most beautiful northern country on earth and well known for our winters. The Snowy owl is most likely choice for the national bird because it reflects our climate and also our heritage. These birds are beautiful and awe inspiring to see in the wild.
Loons are loony, geese arent that bright (and go south in the winter), but owls are wise. Good choice for national bird.

The snowy owl is a majestic bird that lives in most of Canada. They are graceful and elegant, quiet and protective.

They would make a great National Bird.

J ai 7 ans
J'aime le harfang parce qu'il est blanc comme la neige du Canada

Snowy owls are beautiful and powerful birds. I love them and I think they would be a wonderful representative of Canada!! It is always lovely to see them in the wild :)

While I love the loon, I think it would be like the US having the Wild Turkey as its National Bird, and we would be ridiculed. We need a beautiful bird that represents Canada in its looks (snowy) and its quiet but not weak or timid demeanor. Whatever bird we choose will then be a national priority to protect, and the snowys are in deeper trouble.

We have a cottage on the shore of Nottawasaga Bay in Ontario. For the last three years a SNOWY OWL has appeared in the spring, sitting on the ground at the shore. Twice it has stayed overnight. A beautiful bird and a welcome visitor.

I voted for the snowy owl because it lives in Canada year round.

(Also, many associate snow with Canada...and it is in the name.)

Because it is wise!

The Snowy Owl is a beautiful bird of prey that is predominant in the Northern & Arctic regions of North America/ Canada and does not migrate south. Therefore, it should definitely be the National Bird of the North!!

Owls are rad
Loons have a coin
Vote for Owl

I believe Canada's National Bird should be a year round resident of our great country and be synonymous with the true north. The Snowy Owl fits that bill to a tee.

just love the looks of the snowy owl

I voted for the Snowy Owl as it appeared to be the only bird that was native to Canada, and I think it represents the Canadian character .

The snowy owl is an excellent symbol of patience, toughness and wisdom; and it handles the cold without complaining.

I just really like the snowy owl.

I strongly believe that the Snowy Owl is the perfect national bird for Canada. It is beautiful, astute, impressive in terms of its intelligence and resourcefulness (example: it can travel great distances and is extremely observant in harsh environments and can adapt very well to changes in its habitat) and a bird that would be a great symbol for our country.

When you see a snowy owl, it represents Canada's vast richness and traits and it is a bird that one can identify Canada with. Here are some of it's characteristics that make it a bird one can identify Canada with: 1) It's location in the world - in the North Hemisphere and it lives in all parts of Canada, 2) it represents wisdom and patient listening skills (with its incredible sense of hearing and observation), 3) It represents observing and looking at issues from all perspectives (with its amazing eyesight and ability to turn its head 360 degrees - looking at all angles and options before making a move), 4) it represents bravery and strength (with its size and the way it protects its family), 5) it represents the size of Canada (it's the largest owl and has a wingspan of about 4 feet! 6) it represents us proudly to our closest neighbour the USA (with its colour, markings, yellow eyes, and its presence beside an eagle). Something many people may not know is that Bald Eagles eat Common Loons' babies!! It doesn't seem right that our National Bird (if the Common Loon is the choice) has a serious problem with Bald Eagles who eat the eggs and babies of Common Loons!

I strongly believe that the Snowy Owl is a bird one can be proud of standing next to other birds and yet, it's a very wise, calm, humble and observant looking bird. I hope the Snowy Owl is chosen!!

I remember seeing the Snowy Owl as a child and the feeling has stayed with me all my days. Such a majestic survivor; living in cold harsh conditions and flying great distances to the south of the country. An adventurer soul for a Canadian Bird.

I was wanting the Red Tailed Hawk but saw it was drastically behind in votes. The Snowy Owl is leading the whisky Jack by not much. I think a bird of prey is best suited as a national bird. Power/Leadership. I support the owl to support the birds of prey.

I have had many opportunities, throughout our great country, to see these magnificent birds in flight, hunting, perched in a tree, sitting atop a power or telephone pole, large hay bales and farm fence posts. I currently live in an area where I somewhat frequently have the opportunity to see them, through all seasons of the year, and all times of the day.

The snowy owl should be our national bird because it is beautiful and ferocious, unperturbed and calm but strong and proud just like Canadians. And we don't want to be called loonies!

I vote for the snowy owl because it's nice.

I vote for this bird because it lives through out Canada and is very pretty.Also their feathers have white in them.

A beautiful and resilient bird that is seen all across this country. Even in Vancouver. Not as many as when I was growing up in the Yukon mind you.

Beautiful Canadian bird. Everyone should know it by name or picture. More people are seeing them in Ontario.

Difficult to understand, shy, strong and durable - truly Canadian.

Mystical snow falls, silent
A swooping blanket of white
A cloud of northern crystals
Transcends earth, inhabits sky infinitely
A world transformed, nothing as it seems
Coalescing in a bird-like form.

I like that this bird remains in Canada all year and is not a "snowbird" who leaves our cold winters. I have met a snowy owl near my home in West Quebec. Truly a riveting gaze, powerful and beautiful!

i think the snowy owl represents peace and Canada is a fairly peaceful place

i want this bird to be Canada national bird!!!


The snowy owl is my choice for Canada's bird. It is quite wide spread and beautiful .

clearly the snowy owl is the best choice, the loon they are everywhere!

owls are mervelous creatures

Snowy owls are a northern breed that mainly lives in Canada. Its beautiful, free and tried to native stories. Its very fitting.

The Snowy Owl is truly a Canadian Bird. It's habit is to be hidden, yet it lives throughout all of Canada. It does not migrate south, conversely it travels north in the cold months, even to the islands in the highest Arctic. The symbol of a 'wise' owl I think represents worthy Canadian values.

Although native to the Arctic the Snowy Owl can be spotted in most parts of Canada during its frequent southerly incursions in the winter.

quiet guardian of the north

Majesctic, strong and gracious, the snowy owl is my favorite national bird.

A very beautiful magnificent bird that is found in all provinces of Canada. This bird commands awe and respect and thus it is my pick for Canada's national bird.

I think the national bird of Canada should be the Snowy Owl because it is an awesome bird.

By Gaige age 7

the snowy owl is found in most regions of Canada. It is a bird that is at the top of the food chain that shows our need for proper conservation of our country for it to remain a species that is strong.

Driving from the farm into Winnipeg down hwy #2 you're sure to see 'Snowy Bubo' every day during winter season.

This country has so much open land, plenty of cold weather and snow, a place where many people want to come live as it's a safe place to be, a new start, a place of hope. The owl is such a wise caring bird. It will continue to fly over us watching and protecting us from danger as it does it's young. Anywhere you travel, when you tell them you are from Canada, they immediately think of nothing but cold and snow, polar bears and such.The snow owl is a beautiful magnificent creature and one that most nature lovers and photographers around here will venture out in any kind of weather to find and photograph. It is definitely our most sought after owl to add to our list.

I just like this bird

I don't have an essay. I have always loved the snowy owl. It is a magnificent, silent hunter. Unlike birds that leave Canada for warmer climes during our winter, the snowy owl remains true to its Canadian birthplace. We Canadians would be well represented by a bird that is this magnificent and beautiful.

Owls are not loud and boisterous and are solid reliable hunters. they look after their young, do not migrate south and eatr locall stuff.
Not to be messed with they are top predaters

I think the snowy owl is a beautiful symbol for canada. When I look at one it reminds of winter. Canada is known for our beautiful winter conditions and I can't think of a better or more stunning bird to capture that.

Cause it represents are country the best and makes the most sense to me.

The Snowy Owl represents the great white north, strong and free as it mirrors the qualities that has defined Canada over the centuries. Canadians are a rugged free spirited people with a keen connection to the environment. Moreover, the First Nations people, like the Snowy owl, hunt and live off the land in some of the harshest weather on the planet and survive.

The Snowy Owl represents these qualities that are steeped in Canadian values. Furthermore only one other nation has an owl as a national bird.

I think this is a great choice for a national bird. It is majestic, found across the country and I believe in all provinces.
And I like WISE AS AN OWL. They have that look in their eyes, a gaze that says I now what I am doing.

Beautiful bird

They're found in all provinces and territories, they're designed for winter conditions and they like to eat vermin.

I've seen one snowy owl in flight in my 69 years. It look not only beautiful from an standpoint of engineering, but also had that look of confidence.

the name says it all. Snowy owl cause we are a snow country

L'oiseau des grands espaces

beautiful, tenacious, hearty and symbolic of the great white north!

I think it matters that the Snowy Owl inhabits all areas of Canada at different points in the season and it has relatively little territory outside our country. This makes it more distinctly Canadian than the Loon or Canada Goose.
Also a beautiful, majestic bird. I love to see and hear many of our Canadian birds but I will never forget my one Snowy Owl sighting which took place about 55 years ago.

Snowy Owls can been found across Canada in every province and territory. They are also seen in Alaska. Their beauty and grace when they fly without a sound is something to behold. They would represent our country, which to many people includes the white snow covered arctic and the north pole, and would be recognized by people around the world.

This is a very beautiful bird and lives almost exclusively in Canada, making it representative of our country. And who doesn't want a wise bird as a symbol of our country?

Voir Harphang des neiges 6 janvier 2016 sur YouTube

Owls represent wisdom. A perfect concept for our country and a reminder to all its citizens to make wise choices for themselves and the future of Canada.
The snowy owl is very beautiful. Canada is a very beautiful, diverse country with lots of variety to its beauty, be it lakes, mountains, prairies, tundra, oceans, wetlands, foothills, grasslands.

It's a beautiful bird whose colour represents Canada as the great white north.

Contrairement au huard et à la bernache, le harfang des neiges occupe notre territoire à l'année.

To be the national bird of Canada, " The Great White North," no other bird than, " The Great White Snowy Owl! " If a bird would represent, " Canada Strong and Free," then this Snowy Owl bird, it should be!

This magestic Raptor is on the decline heRt in Canada. It has beauty, representative of Canada for its intelligence, quiet but powerful strength which I feel is representative of the environment of Canada. While the loon is popular I'm not clear why I strongly feel the snowy owl is a true representation of Canada in appearance and personality

The snowy owl is just so majestic. It has power, intelligence & beauty.

Je trouve que cet oiseau est magnifique. Il habite dans tous les territoires de Canada.

Il dégage beaucoup de noblesse et de force .

Les harfangs sont très utiles car il mange des petits rats des

champs qui sont en trop grand nombre.

J'aimerais beaucoup que cet oiseau devienne l'oiseau emblème du canada.

Ce oiseau est très beau, majestueux, calme, avec les ailes larges symbolisant la largeur du territoire du Canada.

Quel bel oiseau!
Nous avons débuté il y a près de deux l'ornithologie est c'est tellement facinant de voir ces oiseaux.

They hunt, they are good looking. They like the snow and don't bother anyone. Snowy owl is my vote

Beautiful, elegant, fierce and independent.canadian through and through. Vote snowy owl

Il est déjà le symbole du Québec et on le retrouve d'un bout à l'autre du Canada.

Le harfang des neige a toujours représenté pour moi le Canada, sa nordicité et son blanc éclantant hivernal.

It is beautiful and comfortable in cold weather.... Just like us Canadians!

Snowy Owls are quiet birds... just like Canadians
Snowy Owls change colour in the winter...
Snowy Owls have covered feet...

Other birds often nest close to Snowy Owls to take advantage of the protection they provide from predators...

What a striking bird. I choose the Snowy Owl because this bird covers this great land from coast to coast to coast.

le harfang-des-neiges: un oiseau fier, qui comme nous , n'a pas peur du climat rigoureux de notre pays.

Oiseau magistral en vol

je vote pour le harfang des neiges car il est beau, grand, nordique puissant,élégant et gracieux a la fois tout comme le canada:)

I think Canada's National Bird should represent the majority of Canadians, be an inspiration to all Canadians and demonstrate the hardiness of Canadians to the rest of the world.

The primary attributes for a National Bird should be:
- Found all across Canada
- Resides in Canada summer and winter
- Reflects Canadian tenacity and resilience

I think the Snowy Owl is the best bird to represent Canada.

L`harfang des neiges est très représentatif de nos hivers canadiens.

J'aime cette hibou

Unique au territoire canadien

Il est beau et noble.

The regal Snowy Owl is one of the few birds that can get even non-birders to come out for a look. This largest (by weight) North American owl shows up irregularly in winter to hunt in windswept fields or dunes, a pale shape with catlike yellow eyes. They spend summers far north of the Arctic Circle hunting lemmings, ptarmigan, and other prey in 24-hour daylight. In years of lemming population booms they can raise double or triple the usual number of young.

They Are One Of The Most Beautiful Birds I Have EVER Seen !!

The Snowy Owl is the obvious choice for Canada's National Bird!

The bird is the word!

Please don't let the Canada Goose be our National bird. They're aggressive, unintelligent, and far from a good representative of our noble country.

The snowy owl is a great fit for Canada it represents our beautiful cold winters,adaptability and strength

The Snowy owl is one of the prettiest birds and covers all of Canada from winter in the south and summers in the Arctic.

its cool

At least this bird can defend itself against a bald eagle unlike the loon.

Le seul à passer l'hivers avec nous...

L'harfang est majestueux et il reste ici tout l'hiver!

These are absolutely beautiful, majestic and graceful. They are patient under duress from other birds such as crows, and they are so s ilent in their flight. Their voice is mournful but compelling. I love these birds.

ever since Ookpik in 1976, the snowy owl has captured the imagination of Canadians across the country.

The snowy owl doesn't migrate, it's located everywhere in the country and it represents the snowy north. Great bird.

Majestic and beautiful.

The Snowy Owl would be the best choice because it is beautiful, majestic and it is a symbol of a strong and confident country like Canada in the world. It also represents the North, which is where we are on Earth! Unlike other candidates, it is found all over Canada but it travels as well! The Snowy Owl is a very strong bird that is not attacked by any other bird, and it's even stronger and larger than the Bald Eagle! Even though it is the provincial bird of Quebec, choosing the Snowy Owl will make them feel more included in the country since the Snowy Owl is found all over Canada!

When you look at a Snowy Owl, you think of Canada. But when you look at some of the other birds, like the Common Loon or the Gray Jay, you don't really think of Canada as much. Many people have seen the Common Loon in the United States also. I think that the Snowy Owl would be a great choice for Canada's National Bird!

I just really like owls.

I am nit writing an essay about this bird thing, but the snowy owl would be the best because Canada is full of snow

The Snowy Owl is a regal bird, a magnificent bird, the largest owl by weight and native to the arctic regions of North America. It deserves a status of being a National bird. I just saw my first Snowy Owl in Churchill, I will always remember how magnificent it was.

what else then to have a symbol of wisdom as our national bird?

Snowy Owl is really only found in doesn't leave when it gets cold. That is a true Canadian!

Extremely appealing raptor and are well distributed throughout the country.
Not very common but great to spot on occasion as I live in Southern central Ontario.

The loon has had its glory. Let the owl have a turn.

A noble bird that represents all the territories of Canada. It is quiet and strong, much like the Canadian identity.

The best for the best!

A truly Canadian bird, is one that stays in Canada all year round. I know others do too, but this majestic animal is a true northerner.

I have a copy of a snowy owl painting by Peter Stewart titled " Northern Landscape " and I was lucky enough to see one near where I live in southwestern Ontario. The Snowy in my opinion would be a great choice due to our long winters.

Why?: Regal, pure and hopefully intelligent.

I remember seeing Snowy owls in the wild for the first time when they came south to Boundary Bay BC. We went to see them on my birthday, and it was pretty special!

The other birds I'd like to see win would be the Common Loon or Common Raven <3

C'est l'oiseau qui représente le mieux notre beau immense pays
Avec nos 4 saisons dont il fait parti et aussi survivant des grands froids et paysages hivernale si mémorable et impressionnant. Il est l'oiseau de la résilience et le meilleur emblème du Canada. Nous représentant de la plus grande façon.

The Snowy Owl provides us with the symbol of fierce pride and independence

The Snowy Owl is the symbol of what it means to be a Canadian - THE TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE. With the change in our climate, we find the Snowy Owl more abundantly in the southern regions of our nation

I was very curious about the national bird of Canada. Owls are very special creatures as far as predatory birds are discussed and with all the snow around it has to be the Snowy owl that gets my vote. All the dangers of global warming do reduce their numbers. They should be treasured not just be seen as Harry Potter's owl. We can save the owl from vanishing off from face of the earth if they get more exposure.

A flying emblem that shows Canada is a country of beauty, strength, perseverance, and peace.

A beautiful bird yet a skilled hunter. Swift and quiet.

What a tough task, choosing from so many good birds.

I chose Snowy Owls because, of their name and the climate they live in this made me think that the Snowy Owls will be the perfect choice for Canada's national bird. I also chose the Snowy Owls because of some of its features like being patient while hunting and because it has good eyesight. I feel these qualities will represent Canada in a positive way.

A beautiful, strong and majestic bird should represent our wonderful, majestic country. This bird is an icon for our longest season--Winter---which can be at once breathtakingly beautiful but then become horrifyingly dangerous.

The snowy owl covers almost all of Canada and stays close to it when it does leave. We have enough of our people who are snowbirds going to the U.S. wouldn't it be nice if our National Bird was really ours?

An amazing bird, both beautiful and powerful. Fitting ambassador for our "True North Strong and Free"

A bird that blends in with the snow? That flies with silent grace through our beautiful forests, and

Our national bird should live throughout the country, with a range that matches our greatness.

I retain my Canadian citizenship, and am always pleased to see these birds down here. They're impressive and hardworking - managing to defend their territory very effectively without excessive bluster or bravado.

Canada is a special country, unqiue. Us Canadians want a national bird just as amazing as our country. The Snowy Owl is perfect. Just like the Snowy Owl we are graceful, beautiful, amazing, and used to the cold Canadian Climate! I love Canada and I think the snowy owl would be one of the best choices. The snowy owl is white just like our flag and it has golden eyes making this bird the "Golden" choice. That's why I think we should choose the Snowy Owl to be our national bird.

Okpik it's called in Inuktitut. Most vibrant across the tundra in the arctic circle.

The snowy owl is Quebec's national bird as well as it should be Canada's national bird. Snowy owls are Majestic, Graceful and AWESOME.
So lets make Snowy Owls our national Bird!!!

Sentinels of the North, found all across our great country.

we were driving home from a hockey game one crisp winter evening.
Turned off the highway onto a country road.
As we turned the corner perched on a hydro pole was a great snowy owl. We almost missed him. We turned around quickly and approached him slowly. There he was in all his glory. An outstanding thrill for my husband, eighty-four
year old father in law and me. I will never forget the opportunity to observe nature at it's best.
My husband has been a bird watcher since he was a young boy growing up on a farm. Our hobby has brought us many years of enjoyment.....

The snowy owl is a unique bird which would be appropriate for our national bird. It would be very noticeable and show the strength of our country

I support the adoption of the Snowy Owl as Canada`s national bird because it captures and promotes so many of Canada`s renowned attributes. These include: ethereal beauty, association with a snowy climate, large scale size, and haunting wilderness. Selecting the snowy owl would make a significant contribution to the strength of the brand that is Canada!

An owl signifies wisdom. I believe that Canada is able to make fairly informed decisions to be viewed as an snowy owl. A snowy owl is accustomed to the winter like we Canadians are, being up north and a snowy owl are nocturnal hunters. We, Canadians, are some what like night hunters. We're behind the scenes players, sometimes needing to step up to the spot light but most of the time we're over shadowed by our big brother, the United States.

I think its universal that the United States is a bald eagle. The snowy owl and the bald eagle both are at the top of the food chain and both are proud. Similar yet different at the same time. I think the snowy owl would be a great fit for Canada's national bird.

A bird that loves the winter deserves to be Canada national bird

A beautiful bird, one you would expect to be in a northern country.

Majestic, strong and intelligent, much like our country.

Even though I live in Victoria now, I grew up in northern Ontario so when I think of Canada I think of snow, and the Snowy owl represents that. It is also a magnificent majestic bird, so again, the Snowy owl is a great representation of a magnificent and majestic country, Canada.

Canada has a very long and sometimes depressing winter. The snowy owl is a breathtaking creature that is both majestic an beautiful. It is also a quiet and deadly hunter. These are also all qualities of the Canadian people! To see a snowy owl in the winter takes away those winter blues. As most of the rest of the world is concerned, we are a winter country; so why not have a national bird that reflects that!

The bird is respectable and is well known.

I'm voting for the Snowy Owl because it resides here year round and its name speaks to winter which we have lots of plus it is primarily a Canadian resident

The snowy owl is a distinguished-looking bird that suggests strength with a quiet sense of power and dignity. I think it would be a very suitable selection.

The Snowy Owl fills me with awe whenever I see it. It is beautiful, majestic, and graceful in its flight. It has a presence of dignity and a quietly assertive strong self esteem. It evokes our sense of pride in being a serene and strong Northern nation.

It's classy.

Nothing says Canada like Snow, and this Owl screams snow. It is also Quebecs "national" bird, so why not make the national title they like to give it here truly appropriate. I think this awesome bird deserves to get an upgrade from Quebec to Canada.

I choose snowy owl because it can survive the harsh arctic conditions.

The great white north needs a powerful and majestic symbol. The snowy owl has the look, strength and character to represent Canada.

The snowy owl is a majestic bird of the north. known as a raptor, it hunts mainly lemmings. this bird lives on the open tundra, nesting on the ground and hunting in the daytime as well as night.
i think the snowy owl represents Canada,with the northern soverenty and adaptability of the people making up this great country

The snowy owl is the embodiment of what constitutes a Canadian: They protect their offsprings and their territory from danger; they are quiet; and they live in the north (and in cold climate).

The Snowy is Canadian and only ventures south as a tourist. (I'll admit, Alaska has some too, but mostly they are the Canadian ghost bird.

uniquely Canadian bird who thrives in our Canadian winter and the other 3 seasons. Tough and resilient, like a Canadian. Majestic and powerful, like our land.

With all due respect to my retired colleagues and relations, true Canadians embrace winter, they ski and ice fish. They don't skip the country until it warms up. Migrating birds like the goose, loon or heron need not apply for this title.

The raven I just can't get behind, though he has his appeal, as brilliant and playful as he is. Canada's just not that gothic,and the whole scavenging business is just not what we want to project to the world. They are very impressive to look in the eye - I just had a staring contest with one yesterday and he was deinitely mocking my defeat. They are social but I hear very cliquey with a real hierarchy, and that's just too high school for me. Sorry trickster!

Then there's the loon. Winning this vote so far despite his migration. The common loon. What a miserable name! It's true you can't beat their haunting call on a starry night while canoeing, or their lung capacity, or that super-pointy beak, and of course their symbolism of Canadian cottage country, but did I mention the migrating thing yet? And really do we want Ontario's bird to win this? No we don't. And I live in Ontario so trust me on this. You don't want to encourage them.

I admit I love chickadees. No question. They are polite, nice, cute and keep us company in city and country all year. When they are eating seeds out of our hands, it's a Canadian tradition. But they are just too small, too cute, and nice. What do you get if you are polite to an eagle? You are breakfast.

And no I'm not just attacking other birds, I'll bring positive campaigning too. Here we go for the snowy owl.

Ask yourself what do we really want in a national bird?

Hardiness in the face of winter, he represents winter! He owns winter.

Impressive size and strength so they won't be outmatched by an eagle, no problem!

Identifiable (not like some boring little gray bird), of course!

Beautiful but not gaudy! That white is perfect in any season!

Loyal to family. A fierce hunter. A true northerner swiveling it's head around from coast to coast to coast.

Just think of it looking down with its piercing gaze at that American bald (ha! bald) eagle. Staring him down coldly. Overlooking the world from a snowy tree with patience and wisdom. Quiet. Observant.

Ok yes it's the Quebec bird, but why not tie that province ever more tightly into the fabric of the country. Show that respect for them, it's perfect. How could they ever leave us then! We could just say: "We get to keep the bird...".

The snowy owl doesn't just represent the cold and snow that Canada is infamous for. This sage and wise bird also represents hard work, resiliency, the ability to deal in tough situations and beauty that is all its own. I feel these are all traits that Canada has as well.

Snowy Owls live and breed in some of the toughest conditions. They live in the northern most part of the country, where they build their nests on the ground. This puts them in the way of constant predation. However, this tenacious owl is able to fight off grey wolves, other birds of prey, even humans. The need to work together as a pair is a necessity in for these animals to survive. Canada is a country built on cooperation; much like the snowy owl we have worked to build this great nation in conditions that haven't always been easy. But we have always persevered and these owls do as well, cooperating to raise young and live life in an other wise stark yet beautiful environment.

A bird like the owl is intelligent, more then just a hunter, they come equipped with adaptations such to hunt prey stealthily in total darkness. These incredible animals bring honour to Canada, both with their beauty and ability.

uhm why not the snowy owl...aka raptor? Way better then a "common" loon.

The Snowy owl is a amazing and interesting bird that I think should be the Canadian national bird and it is an amazing bird that you should vote for. It has lots of adaptations to help it survive all through out Canada like its warm white fur helps it to blend into the Snowy winter so it doesn’t be seen by foxes or wolves and so it has enough fur to be warm. It all so lives all across Canada so it is a great choice to pick.The snowy owl has lots of white and black fur which makes it a beautiful bird to look at. I think the snowy owl is a great bird and I think you should vote for it for the Canadian national bird!

Im voting for the snowy owl because it has fluffy feat that are fluffier than the fluffiest fluff and cloud ;)

I saw one as a child in the field across from my home. It has held my heart ever since.

The Snowy Owl lives in the snow and my favorite season is winter.

This bird is majestic, beautiful, uniquely northern, wise, and approachable. Sounds Canadian to me. Mostly found in the hinterlands of Canada where our crown jewels of natural resources are. Doesn't migrate south, they can take a Canadian winter with grace and resiliency. What's more Canadian than that?

Owls are wise and beautiful!

Here are some reasons to chose the snowy owl.
1.the first reason isit has a colour of the canadain flag white.
2the second reason is that the snowy owl is found in all provinces and territories.
3.the third reason is that snowy owls maily eats small mammals and its able to catch small birds on fly.
4. the fourth reason is the snowy owl represent in a cave painting in europe.
5.the fifth reason is that the snowy owl likes treeless places and wide open spaces.

here are some reasons why you should vote for the snowy owl
1.the snowy owl is very independent
2.all owls can turn there heads around i that is very useful.
3.snowy owl is nocturnal.
4.the snowy owl is very swift and fast in the air.
5.the snowy owl is very brave. night the snowy owl catches a lot of animals
7.snowy owl sits a lot of sitting.
8.snowy owls eat small trammels particular lemmings

The Snowy Owl is a wonderful candidate for Canada's national bird. An imposing creature, they seem to radiate a sence of calm and awesome force all at the same time.

The absolute epitome of the Snowbird! Majestic, Strong and Northern!

The snowy owl is well known as a wise bird, and it is widespread across Canada. This wise bird will represent all Canadians well.



Proud Hunter

I believe the Snowy Owl Symbolizes the strong Canadian spirit and grit while also showing grace and poise.

Snowy Owl: 1) A true northern bird - stays in Canada year round!!
2) They have a quiet, intelligent dignity to them - much like Canadians :D
3) They make the most of adverse conditions (nests on the Arctic tundra and eats lemmings) much like
Canada's burgeoning working poor :P
4) A Snowy Owl would look great on a coin... Kenojuak's Owls are iconic
5) OOKPIK!!! who didn't/doesn't love Ookpik!?!
6) A Snowy Owl is strong, graceful and focused
7) I am sooo tired of seeing the loon plastered all over everything... they've had their day/decade(s)

Snowy! Elegant, handsome, striking,
Visits Victoria occasionally.

I think that people should vote for the Snowy Owl because it is very pretty and quite peaceful!

Snowy owls look cool

I picked it beacause snowy owls are really cool and also they have long sharp talons. And they can catch mice and other small animals.

I like the snowy owl because its white with brown spots. I also love the snowy owl because its feathers are as soft as snow

Because it can go in the winter and survive.

This is why I want to vote for the snowy owl its wings are pretty and they make an amazing sound and they are cute.

Do you know why I love snowy owls?!Because canada is very cold and snowy owls live in cold places!

I love Snowy Owls because they look cute and they are very large owls.

I love the snowy owl because it is so regal. The snowy owl also has such a strange call but,I like it anyways .

The Snowy Owl is an awesome bird. Since the Loon is already Ontario's provincial bird, I don't feel the Loon should become Canada's national bird.

Ne migre pas.

i love the snowy owl because it is so cute and i love snow and the last thing is that it is soooooooooo fluffy

For having seen this magestic bird fly at night, he is just something to be admired.

We are choosing The Snowy Owl because we have just finished a project in our classroom all about these wonderful creatures.
The grade three and four students of Baie Comeau High School enjoyed learning about these fascinating creatures and how they survive the Canadian tundra.
Due to our keen interest and their unique beauty we feel the snowy owl would be an excellent choice for the national bird.

I think the Snowy Owl sould be the Nationial bird, because it lives in the cold and Canada is a cold country. Also the Snowy Owl is a bautiful bird and Canada has bautiful nature and arciture. Snowy Owl live year round so that you can see them all year long in Canada. Snowy Owls are smart birds and Canadians are smart. Snowy Owls are big birds and Canada has a big waterfall called Niagra Falls. So please vote for this bird!

I was several times at the Commonwealth Institute in London (unfortunately long since defunct) in 1966 torn between emigrating to Canada, Australia or New Zealand. The institute had permanent and elaborate three dimensional displays showing major elements of life in all the Commonwealth countries. All three of the stated countries were sorely tempting. The taxidermist prepared Snowy owl tipped the balance and I emigrated to Canada in 1967.

Barry Devonald.

I think that the Snowy Owl should DEFINITELY be Canada's new national bird because Snowy Owls are winter birds and Canada is very very COLD in the winter. Another reason is because they are white, and white is one of Canada's national colors. Also, they are really big birds and Canada is a big country. They look a little different than normal owls, so people know one when they see one. A national bird has to be able to be identified. They are very smart, which would be a good thing to represent Canada with. They also live all over Canada, so they really are "national". Another reason is because they are not threatened or endangered because if the national bird goes extinct, we have to vote all over again! Plus, the Snowy Owl is already the provincial bird of Quebec. I did a project on this bird in school, and I know it could be the perfect new national bird. So please vote for the Snowy Owl to be Canada's new national bird.

I think you should vote for the snowy owl for Canada's national bird because its a facinating bird it looks cool and their not common but their always at the zoo and that's why I like them Vote for them now

Bubo Scandiacus, more commonly known as the snowy owl; it is a beautiful and graceful creature that many would admire, but if it's neat is threatened it will do whatever it take to protect it. If one was to compare these facts with Canadian history they would see enough similarities that it would seem obvious that this is the bird that best represents Canada as a nation.

The snowy owl is indigenous to Canada's far north and migrates only nominally to southern areas. It is, therefore, a truly Canadian bird. It's majestic appearance, its mythic characteristic of wisdom, and its unique colouring for a raptor all make it visually and intellectually something of which Canadians can be proud. I noted the loon is running in first place at the moment. While this is a bird associated with cottage country lakes and wilderness, it migrates to the U.S. en masse, and to have Canada associated with its unfortunate name, would, perhaps, cause laughter from other nations.

I took some time to really think this over. I have always loved birds of all kinds, so making such a choice was not at all a quick and easy thing for me. The most important things to consider for me were range, it had to be found across Canada and not just in pockets, it had to winter here, and it had to be strong. No sweet little singer, tiny hummingbird, waddling waterfowl or comical near-pest goose would fit the bill to represent the huge, amazing true north strong and free quite like our wonderful white raptor. It really has to be the Snowy Owl.

I had the honour of seeing one in person on a very cold winter day this year. I have seen many of the birds on this list in person before, and there is not one which gave me the same feeling of awe and wonder that this encounter did. Seeing that majestic, silently and unobtrusively powerful creature was a deeply spiritually moving experience which will stay with me my whole life. THAT is the bird which represents our beautiful, naturally wonderous country, So many have said it far better than I can, but in the end I know there can be no other choice,

Because Harry Potter that's why.

I'm not writing an essay. Just make this thee national bird.

To vote loon is to vote Loonacy! He is the root of EVIL. Vote snowy if you care.

The Snowy Owl is unique to Canada. It symbolises the north. It is an majestic and iconic bird.

I have loved the Snowy Owl since we first witnessed them live in Richmond B.C. in Landsdowne Park on top of a Soccer Goal and on our roof in the early 1960's. At first we thought they were big white cats. That winter, I understand, they came down to Richmond B.C. for the winter and food. My sons and I were enchanted by their regal beauty. Here's hoping this beautiful bird will be our National Pride.

I voted for this owl because its gorgeous and it mostly stays within Canada.

I am casting my vote for the snowy owl as it is a magnificent bird of which all Canadians can be proud. It is large, as our country is large, wise, and often camouflaged by its environment so it seems to work in the background just as Canadians work for peace in the world. Please, honour the snowy owl as our national bird.

And not just a vote for the Snowy owl but please name it, and Snowy owls, Hedwig?

The Snowy Owl -- true north, strong and free.

Represents everything Canadian; beauty, strength, resilience, intelligence,

It's gorgeous!!

I would like a national bird that was not hunted for sport.

I believe the Snowy Owl would truly represent Canada for our National Bird.
It is the most beautiful bird in my opinion.

i chose it because of its beauty, intelligence and it's nearly exclusive range in Canada

It's such an icon of the north. Canada may not all be far north, but it has a bigger share than does the US. The Snowy Owl project has shared many of your Canadian birds with the US and entranced many birders.

A majestic bird and one that epitomizes our northern country. Strong, graceful and white.

The Snowy Owl is not often found outside Canada and Alaska, and its breeding habitat is threatened by climate change. Making it the national bird will encourage conservation.

The loon already has its place on the dollar coin - it doesn't need more visibility. The Snowy Owl, though, is an iconic bird, and almost exclusively Canadian (well, Alaskan too). Sure, they come down to the lower 48 states occasionally, but those are times are rare. People swoon over Snowy Owl photos, and travel long distances to see one. I was recently in Alberta and was lucky to see 13 of them. My photos on Facebook received more likes than any other birds I've photographed (including loons in their gorgeous alternate plumage). Canada's birds have many challenges in front of them, raising awareness of their plight is important, and the Snowy Owl could go a long way to helping with this. Its breeding habitat is endangered with climate change - but many people are not aware of that yet. Making it the national bird would make far more people aware of these issues.

The snowy owls are patient hunter, have white plumage, represent very well the Canada.

the owl is preee cool , and like kills stuff. Oh and it has a cool neck that rotates .

Would like to vote for the Snowy Owl because it is a spectacular and stunning bird.

beautiful bird

Canada is a winter country. The snowy owl is a large and majestic bird. Yet it is silent, proud and self-sufficient. This is typical of the early settlers of our fine Country.

je trouve cet oiseau tres magestueu et bien represantatif

My favourite of all owls!

Stop the Loon!!! This wimp of a bird heads south at the first sign of frost. It never even shows up in Southern Saskatchewan and Alberta.
The Snowy Owl is a true Canadian.
We need a national bird that stays in Canada for the winter.
The Snowy's range is all of Canada and like a true Canadian they stay for the winter only visiting the southern USA on rare occasions. In winter they may be found in the northern USA but I assume that is just a bit of cross boarder shopping. A great hunter that loves the snow, can you get more Canadian.
Go Snowy!!

do I really have to write an essay? I think it is obvious that the Snowy Owl is synonymous with Canada. It is the True North Proud and Free after all.

They are a beautiful, amazing birds.

The Snowy Owl epitomizes the phrase in our National Anthem, "the true North, strong and free"!

This bird embodies gracefulness, humility, and intelligence. Plus Harry Potter was chilling with a snowy owl so like thats dope.

snowy owl is my second choice but my first choice the golden eagle does not have a chance of winning.

Represents strength and wisdom. Its range reaches from sea-to-sea, from tundra to prairie. A raptor that I think fully represents Canada.


Strong, Fierce, Adaptable, Explorers, loyal parenting,

I believe the Snowy Owl should be the national bird of Canada because it is a beautiful bird and is quintessentially Canadian. The owl is swift and graceful. I have visited Canada many times while birding and whenever I see the avian I simply smile. This is the only place where this amazing bird stays year round. Unsurprisingly it is an obvious sign of Canada. Although I am from the states I think you should seriously consider my vote. I love you Canada! Please make the Snowy Owl your national bird.

It is awesome and majestic

a family spirit bird which has special significance to us..... magical, moon bird

They are so Canadian and summer so far north that they come south for the winter to Ottawa where its only goes down to -35. That is a Canadian bird !!

I love this owl, I have seen it only 3 times in 15 years.
First time there were 3 perched on fence posts along Hwy 40 to Walpole Island.
The 2 and 3rd time was this past winter in a field going toward Brigden,Ont.
Very majestic bird, my favourite other than bald eagle.

I feel that the Snowy Owl should be our national bird because it is so beautiful and gracious when it flies. It is a rare site to see and absolutely takes your breath away when you see it. You also can't really make fun of it like the loon (looney tunes) or goose (silly goose or to get goosed). It is majestic, proud and stunningly beautiful, like our great nation.

The snowy owl is an awesome bird and is the only bird that could accurately represent Canada. The snowy owl is powerful, majestic, intelligent, and beautiful, what else could you ask of a national bird?

Choose this gorgeous bird, as its territory stretches right across Canada !

The Snowy Owl is the main species in the top 10 that only breed in Canada and can be found in many places across Canada where they migrate and hunt. Even though they can only be found from about november - april they are one of the most special creatures to see when you get the chance. They should be Canada's national bird because that would mean they could be put under higher protection if their population was to ever decline.

The conservation of every bird species is something the world desperately needs.

Thank you

I love the snowy owl. I believe a snowy owl would kill the common loon. End of story.

Powerful raptor & to me signifies Canada

Beautiful Bird and found in many areas of Canada

I just love the snowy owl and feel it would represent Canada very well

I found this a very difficult choice because are several birds on the list that I love.
I have been fortunate enough to have seen a few Snowy Owls. The first while we lived in southwestern Ontario several years. I was coming off of the Hwy. 402 going into Strathroy late one snowy afternoon and there on a post sat this magnificent bird. I had not realized they came so far south. My second sighting was in the late nineties here in Dryden. It was a winter of many different species of owls visiting our area. Such a wonderful hunter that is able to silently swoop down to catch ots prey! I guess I would choose it for its magnificence and also it stays in Canada for the winter.

This should be the national bird because it is sick and viscous and cold represents Canada.

It makes its life in Canada and I believe it's a great name that can represent a big part of every Canadians life-snowy! This beautiful bird is unique in its snowy appearance and is such a graceful flyer. I believe that sums up a Canadian citizen. In our hearts we are truly unique and graceful.

This bird of prey is found across the country from coast to coast

Très bel oiseau majestueux et digne de représenter le Canada.

Il est magnifique.

I like the snowy owl because of cammoflauge and softness

Who has not felt intense emotion and wonderment as the Canada Geese fly overhead in "v" formation against a backdrop of a thousand shades autumn leaves? and hearing the loon’s lonely laughter out on the still waters of an Ontario lake. However the Snowy Owl is found throughout Canada and adapts well to the coldest and windiest weather making it the most Canadian bird.
I have been a non resident of Canada for many years but when it comes to voting for Canada’s national bird, I can proudly say, the Snowy Owl.

Such a noble character. A perfect fit for a noble nation! And so wise. He just sits elegantly and waits for the right moment to act, and always does so with precision and intelligence. A model for us all.

The snowy owl is a beautiful owl . We go driving around all winter to catch a glimpse of one as they are in the vicinity for the winter.

I believe the Snowy Owl is uniquely Canadian in that it thrives in its environment but when sustenance becomes scarce, it will migrate to other areas where food is more plentiful. In addition, the owl is the symbol of wisdom and we need to be reminded of the importance of this quality as a people, especially in times such as these.

I feel that the snowy owl is a bird that is found in the Canadian arctic and does not migrate far. It was a symbol that has been used in Canadian history an by institutions.

Snowy owl represents distinction and great knowledge, just as Canada does. We are a country that well reserved, but if threatened we will act accordingly. The Snowy Owl is a great majestic raptor that flies with great strength and silence, just as Canada does with our dealing throughout history.

Snowy owl i love owl because a votes is 5734 it is cool and fun to see

Snowy owl. I think the Snowy owl should be the Canadian bird.
The bird is from Quebec. The bird is in Canada most of the year.

I vote for the snowy owl because I like owls.

This bird is very intelligent and it's is very strong and it Wings are very big and it beak can can food for it to eat

I love them so much better
because they are lovely and nice

I like to learned about the snowy owl become I like owl.

Snowy owl

I like to learn about snowy owls. They live in Canada! They are awesome?

My nomination for The snowy owl is because it lives near Canada and

The snowy owl looks like it belongs here - "the true north strong and free". I believe it is a very fitting symbol for the Canada I hold dear. It is watchful while not overt. It is quiet while introspective. It is defensive while protective. It is confident while humble. It is majestic and it is sublime.

Actually I wanted to vote for the Great Gray Owl, but to cheer up my friend at work I'm voting for the 2nd best owl, the Snowy Owl.

The Snowy Owl is a superb hunter, parent, survivalist and defender - reminiscent of our attributes as Canadians, not to mention our northern identity. It would be a national bird to have overwhelming pride in as it's also simply gorgeous and stately.

There is nothing more Canadian than the beauty and majesty of the Snowy Owl. It represents Canada as a whole, yet not in an obvious way, such as the Canadian Goose, or the Loon. Those birds do not represent Canada well, putting Canada or Canadian in the name doesn't make it a representation, or a symbol of Canada. The Snowy owl has a gentleness in its look, a wisdom in its eye. I think the Snowy Owl is the perfect bird to represent our amazing country and home.

A unique bird to our country

A majestic owl combining the quality of fierce survivalist and wisdom of an owl.

Besides the indisputable fact that owls in general are awesome, and of it being an all around good choice for Canada's Top Bird award, i like that it would also help to keep up the misconception that Canada is always covered in snow. Also when my sister and i were young, our dad a biologist, "adopted" a banded Snowy Owl. P-88 was it's band number. We would sometimes get updates of our owl sightings. I wonder what ever became of old P-88... Anyways i don't know what is being looked for or expected from an essay, but those are my reasons for picking Snowy Owl. Here's to you P-88. Cheers

The Snowy Owl seems to encompass the spirit and tenacity of Canadians far more than any other bird. It is a national treasure as is the Polar Bear which should be our national animal instead of the beaver, but I leave that argument for another day.

The loon is already well known, thanks to our coinage. The snowy owl is very Canadian, even if found elsewhere. It's snowy, a very capable hunter and it's intelligent. Oh, you can add good looking -- a great combination with the aforementioned intelligence.

Spectacular bird.

becuase it's cute and adorable. And it's in 2nd place.

I LOVE THE SNOWY OWL and there are no flying hockey moose, so my hand is forced.

I am not a Canadian by birth. I have only been living here for eight years, but this is how see Canada - a land of white!

Because they turn their head 360 and that's Canadian.


I think the Snowy Owl is very beautiful. It would represent Canada well.

The national bird should definitely be one that lives primarily in Canada. The Snowy Owl is a bird that lives in nearly every part of Canada at some time of the year, thereby representing all Canadians. While many of the other birds in the running live here in summer only, there are very few that do not abandon our land in winter. Our national bird needs to have the adaptability and strength to remain in Canada year-round, as well as exhibiting traits that represent Canadian values, such as the traditional wisdom attributed to owls.

My essay? I'm not writing an essay. Had enough essay writing in college. The snowy owl is the perfect national bird for Canada. The snowy owl is beautiful, is an intelligent, majestic, and an amazing hunter. The snowy owl can not only endure our harsh environments but thrives in them. Makes me disappointed people vote the loon due to being accustom the "loonie". Whelp hope the snowy owl become our national bird not the loon

Because the Loon is already Ontario's birds and because the Canada Goose is a pest

I have seen but one Snowy Owl & they are indeed a magnificent bird! One sat on our fence post in Whitby, and have "heard" they are quite common at the Darlington Nuclear Plant.

I think that the Snowy Owl should be picked because it's a beautiful animal and I think it represents Canada.

The loon already has a coin, so I think the Snowy Owl deserves a hoot.

These owls are majestic and are easily recognizable by international visitors.
As a powerful and already popular Canadian symbol, the snowy owl proudly appears on the $50 bill. This bird is a perfect candidate to be named as Canada's national bird.

I understand it is Quebec's bird but this Owl sum's up Canada at one look = majestic, snow, great vision and powerful.

One of the only birds whose range is national. Most Canadians have a chance to see one near their homes.

Canada is a snowy place, and no bird exemplifies this better than the Snowy Owl. I live in Burlington and spotted one flying over my house about 1 month ago, the only wild one I've ever seen. It is a beautiful flyer and a great hunter.

Il couvre tout le terrain canadien.

I love every aspect and consider it very Canadian...they live up north, attack only if threatened or hungry...and can do backwards somersaults to defend against incoming attacks...
Like me they love they snow, they match the snow and the Loon is already on out dollar.

Wise, majestic and white like the northern snow

The Snowy Owl is a majestic bird, befitting of the title, Canada's National Bird.
As all Canadians everywhere know full well, snow exists throughout our nation, whether in smaller amounts or as ground cover (what's that>grass?) Canada also has an international reputation for being extremely cold, and supposedly we have winter
ALL OF THE YEAR! And live in igloos. But I digress. The Snowy Owl would gently convey Canadians' hardiness, as well as a poke at those believing the stereotype.Owls are intelligent, sensitive, protective, curious and independent creatures, yet they are also attached to their families. Snowys have my vote and appreciation.

The snowy owl is common to most parts of the country. It enters your world on silent wings (just like Canadians) and can be a killer. (So can we, when needed.) I think it represents us very well. Proud, quiet and deadly when it has to be.

Such a beautiful creature from the North. Certainly represents one of the most iconic regions of Canada, and one that is well-known by the rest of the world. Anyone who has seen one in the wild reveres the Snowy Owl!

lived in Canada all my life, never seen a loon. Have seen a snowy owl though.

A bird of the true north!!

A Snowy Owl is a tough Canadian bird that stays in Canada during winter. It does not hide or go South because it is cold. The Snowy Owl can kick a Bald Eagle' butt anytime of the year!

While the Snowy Owl is not one of our most populous bird for me it is truly special. My husband worked in the Arctic where he often saw them and then one winter in the late 1980's several were to be seen on Lake of Two Mountains outside of Montreal. Artist Melinda Brewer was commissioned to paint them. My husband surprised me by purchasing one of her sketches for me. It is still one of my most precious pieces of art.

I chose the Snowy Owl because it reminds me of all things Canadian: regal, unafraid and somewhat aloof, a good hunter/provider, beautiful, calm and patient. All of these opinions gathered from taking pictures of these beauties.

The Snowy Owl looks hardy, formidable, A Survivor! Despite the harshest of conditions at times, they find ways to survive.

Beautiful and majestic - you don't need 5,000 words to describe this bird.

I am sorry that I did not do the admirable research as B. D. from Hamilton Ontario prepared and I think if more voters read his/her comments we would have more votes.

But let us pick a bird that lives mostly in Canada during the 12-months and not a ‘Snow-bird’ (sorry for the comparison) that cannot winter the weather from November to March — eeh

im a grad 5 student and i feel the snowy owl is a amazing bird did you know that tis wing spand is 4.2-4.8 feet long .i think that they are such beautiful intelligint unequ indipendent responsible animals as we should be when our wings spred .In January 2009, a snowy owl appeared in Spring Hill, Tennessee, the first reported sighting in the state since 1987.[9] Also notable is the mass southern migration in the winter of 2011/2012, when thousands of snowy owls were spotted in various locations across the United States.[10] This was then followed by an even larger mass southern migration in 2013/2014 with the first snowy owls seen in Florida for decades.The Ontario invasion of snowy owls in 2013 was called an irruption. This year, the second year of the phenomenon, is called an echo.

An irruption is a dramatic, irregular migration of large numbers of birds to areas where they aren’t typically found. An echo year occurs when the same phenomenon occurs the following year.

the snowy owl is a phenominal bird and it is just so beautiful and indipendent and responsible also independent feel it is how we should all grow up and be like when we spread our wings

The snowy owl is awesome and represents the great white north,Canada

This bird stays in Canada all year. It is so graceful and seeing it in southern Canada is a gift to the eyes.

Has all the qualities that make Canadian. Fierce, adaptable, patient, and not bothered by Canadian winters. In fact, they embrace it. Simply a majestic example of all we are as Canadians.

We vote for the snowy owl because it has the colour of the Canadian flag. It lives across the whole country.

The snowy owl represents to me peace. As our national athem says home and native land and true north strong and free and we stand on guard for thee god keep our land glorious and free. The snowy owl is free and perches high in trees guarding the forest like a night watchman. Also within Canada there are many native tribe and whithin their culture the white owl represents wisdom and knowledge.Not only does the white owl represent Canada as a whole but it also represent the diversaty within canada and our acceptance of so many different cultures. We are a pieceful country and the love we have as a country is unique like the snowy owl. If canada chooses a national bird it should not just represent Canada but what Canada represents nationally the praries the maritimes, grassland, wetland artic sub artic and many other habitats which is exactly what the snowy owl does.We are northern country and we get snow and lots of it and it can get very cold at times. Even the snowy owls name represents Canada and its color also represents canada. Snowy owls are also very beautiful. I have lived here in Canada my entire life and I am raisig my daughters here and I thank god every day for the oppourtunities that I have and the oppourtunities my girls will have as they grow up. Reach for the stars and in Canada you can. Fly free as the the snowy owl does thank you Venessa Walker

This bird best represents Canada's national character. Quietly observing while others make noise. Wise, smart and able to withstand all types of weather. Seen from the deep artic, to the mountains to Canada's southern areas.

We are so often called, "The Great White North." What better way to represent the nation by having a "Great White Bird." It is a beautiful our beautiful nation. It is out bold summer and winter. Just like we, citizens brave the cold to enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, skating....winter is one of the things we are known let us have a winter bird.
It is our Majestic vistas. It survives in all kinds of our citizens.
This bird makes people stop and stare in awe, much like visitors when they view the icebergs off the east coast....the orcas off the west coast....the Rocky Mountains, Algonquin Park...the Agawa canyon...Peggy's cove.
Just look at the bird, wing span wide as it flies against a blue sky. It is wonderful, beautiful, and the perfect choice for a National Bird for our great nation.

I believe it should be the snowy owl because when you think north you think snow the colour white and cold weather as well as beauty and peace also because we also have many native tribes within canada and they believe the snowy owl represents knowledge and wisdom within their culture.

Territorial yet know the parameters of its territories. Won't intrude on other territories. Graceful, smart, wise and majestic.
An Arctic bird, representative of our northern sovereign territry

Once you have seen one up close, you can't forget it.

Beautiful majestic free

What can I say about the Snowy? It's strong, determined, doesn't flinch a feather in the cold, and is clever always using the home team advantage against its prey... Sorry am I supposed to be talking about the bird or Canadians? Haha! No but seriously! The snowy IS a very strong and durable bird, just look at how much they fly every other year or so! There are birds born to migrate, there are those that don't at all, then there's those that don't want to, but Have to! Like the snowy, and they do a hell of a job at doing so! Now the snowy is obviously very well known in Canada, but it also can be found in Russia and Eurasia, very few places obviously in this world. Which goes to show of how precious they are! Since you don't see them everywhere it makes you want to seem them more often doesn't it? Well, the fact that the Snowy would be Canada's national bird would be a way to show everyone of how extraordinary our country is! Now I'm as patriotic as the next, but I'll go back a bit. It's strong and determined like I said, and that's my point! We as Canadians are strong (just look at 1812, showed those woosies whose boss!) and are determined! Our as it is, is frigid, tough, an a challenge itself. Yet we don't break! And neither do the owls!

Snowy owls are often spotted in many areas of Canada. It is a majestic and prestigious animal. This bird fully deserves to be our national bird as it is always dwelling in our country.

Snowy owls are da!!!! Go Canada!!!

The numbers of birds in Canada are far too vast and makes it hard for me to pick just one. Therefore I found that the best way to cull such a tip-top bird as a candidate for Canada’s national bird is to pick a few of the most preeminent. Then have it one by one be eliminated until I only have one left. The Common Crow and Raven are more common in Canada than most birds, but alas lacks dignity since they could be immensely vicious. The loon is more visible and better heard than the broad line of birds in the nation, but who would want a loud animal as a national bird! The most ideal and superior bird in my opinion, is the snowy owl, since I feel that it’s power is more appropriate for a national symbol.

The snowy owl carries a connotation of northern wisdom, and has adapted to the long and gelid winters which at times, could be catastrophic. They are very resilient, and would travel wherever it needs to in order to survive the most difficult winters. Last winter, large numbers were spotted as far south as florida, where they camouflaged with the white sand. It reminded me of all the canadians who loves to travel in the winter months. As well as this magnificent bird could be found in almost all parts of Canada, and makes all the more reason why it’s a perfect candidate as our nation’s iconic bird.

The plumage of a male snowy owl is white. It is a color of the Canadian flag, which represents peace. Also, This bird is the epitome of loyalty, strength, and bravery for many reasons. The snowy owl chooses a breeding partner, and usually stays with that owl for the rest of their lives (loyalty). They are quiet and shy like canadians, but if threatened would not doublethink to attack (bravery). They were able to withstand the cold winters of Canada due to their adaptation (strength). This astounding bird is also very observant and has a 360 degree view, and symbolizes hearing others and seeing the full picture of a situation. These values could have great relevance to a world surrounded by greed, conflict, and regional hostilities.

The snowy owl is truly a Canadian icon, and symbolizes many values, that is a perfect influence and example for Canada's inhabitants everywhere. I have great reverence for this astonishing bird due to it’s many suitable characteristics. I strongly think that this ideal bird would perfectly represent how Canada really is.

Oiseau magnifique qui représente bien la nordicité canadienne.

Awesome, majestic, graceful, fierce, powerful... these characteristics describe both our country, Canada, and this rugged avian species.
The patient wait and peaceful flight; the enduring tenacity to survive - seriously, the Snowy Owl is the bird best suited to represent Canada.

Saw one on a fencepost spitting out the fur from a mouse back in about 1963 near Lefroy, Lake Simcoe.

Snowy, like Canada.

I believe that the Snowy Owl's wisdom goes far, far beyond its years, so much that it represents Canada as a country. WISE, WISE,

I have seen a snowy owl in my area on a few occasions and it is always an honour. Such a majestic and even slightly magical feeling. Once a snowy owl flew just inches over my head while I was walking through the quiet woods. It was nearly silent, but I felt the breeze from it's wings. I am not a fan of winter but those have been some of the best moments. The snowy owl almost makes me appreciate snow.
This raptor lives in the north, south, east and west, and in various geographical regions of our vast country. A majestic and beautiful nation like Canada deserves a national bird with the same qualities.

The Snowy Owl is just so beautiful & being so while is also a very good one for Canada with it's snowy winters which are so long in most areas. I've never seen one in the wild but they are just beautiful Thanks for the opportunity to vote.

I really like the loon and think the Whiskey Jack would make a fine national bird as well but think the Snowy Owl is the most awe inspiring.

Uniquely Canadian.

snowy owls r rly fabls

Come on, this one is a no brainer! Common Loons are great, they are beautiful and their call is mystical but if you want something that can compete with the Bald Eagle you gotta go with the Snowy Owl. It just screams - GREAT WHITE NORTH!

Snowies are the best choice, living and breeding primarily in Canada across most of the country and along all our coastlines.

The Snowy Owl reflects Canada's beauty, freedom, quiet & thoughtful nature, strong, and determined spirit.

This is a majestic bird. It represents Canada well.
Thank you,

It represents a greater geographic portion of Canada. it is white like the majority of Canada is for a greater portion of the year and the majority of the Canadian population has never seen one.

What bird exemplifies Canada more than the Snowy Owl? A bird that can survive and thrive in the Tundra of the north and make migratory trips of 1,000's of kilometers south when the winters are harsh.

Snowies are the ghosts of the north and many people in the south cross their fingers each winter hoping that an irruption of these beautiful birds will occur and we may get the chance to see them.

I have seen many Snowy Owls and it is something else to see one perched high on a tree top or an antenna when the wind is blowing and it is minus 20 out. A true Canadian if ever I have seen one.

The snowy owl has one of the widest ranges in Canada therefore it would be truly representative as a national bird. It is very distinctive and easily identified. Our country usually has snow in all parts or provinces so again this is truly Canadian as is the bird.

Comme nous sommes un pays de froid et de neige, je crois que l'Harfand nous représente bien. Pour moi, cet oiseau évoque par son blanc livide la pureté et par son vol majesteux, la grâce. Face à l'aigle américain, je trouve qu'il ferait meilleure figure que la mésange par exemple !

Owls are elusive and intriguing. The snowy owl is seen in most of Canada. The snowy owl lives in harsh conditions and fluorishes.

I belive that the snowy owl should be Canada's national animal. The reason why I belive this is because acording to Canadian Goegraphic the snowy owl is native to ALL porvinces and territories. This is why i personally think that the national bird of Canada should be the snowy owl.

I have some concers about how acurate this project is going to be for many reasons. Fisrt of all I personally dont think that many people know about this project if I hadnt found out about the project from my teacher I would have no clue about this. ALL CANADIANS HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE, if they dont know about the project then they cant vote. So I belive that you need to get the word out about this project somehow. My second concern is that people could go through and change the data by alot by simply putting in fake email adresses and postal codes, citys and names, contrys and provinces. This is why I am concerned about the acuraccy of this project.

Anonomus Canadian
Sorry about any spelling mistakes also please specify the fact that for the code to avoid automated submissions you must use capitals where they show capital letters. Thank You Very Much For Your Time.

Snowy Owl is a beautiful majestic bird. We have seen one scoop up a muskrat off the road right in front of our truck. Amazing to see.

Snow is one common element you can find all across Canada ... so the Snowy Owl just makes sense ... and they are a lot cuter then the Loon

I think the national bird should be one found all across Canada and to thrive in our climate which can be harsh.

Il reflète le calme, la force et est sublime. Un bon représentant pour nous.

Please choose the Snowy Owl.

In the land of ice and snow, what better bird to represent us than the Snowy Owl?!

Primarily a Canadian bird!

Canada is known for its cold snowy winters. I saw one for the first time just before 2014 Christmas and just sat there and watched and ended up talking to it and taking pictures. I texted a number of people and luckily this guy sat there on top of a hydro pole all day, looking very majestic and regal. Beautiful beyond words. This bird must have made this area his home because we saw it again last week on our country road. I've heard they have come down more south than they normally go. Love, love, love this bird!!!!

While the Common Crow and Raven are more common in Canada, they lack the dignity of the Snowy Owl. The Loon is more visible and better heard than the owl, but I feel the power of the owl is more appropriate for a national symbol. I am surprised that the Red Tailed Hawk has not garnered more votes. It, too, would be very representative of this fair land. That said, I'm sticking with the Snowy Owl for my vote.

i think it is an awesome bird an would love it to be our national bird!

What eats artic hares, has dark brown spots and is not nocturnal? If you said the “snowy owl” your right! Male snowy owls are pure white but female snowy owls have dark brown spots on the lower have of their bodies. Snowy owls are very aggressive protecting their nest and will attack those that disturb their nest. I think the snowy owls should be Canada’s official bird because their found through all of Canada, its strong and can pack a punch like Canadians, and are loyal like Canadians are.

The first reason I think the snowy owl should be Canada’s official bird because its found in all of Canada. These northern-dwelling birds are found year-round in the artic regions of North America, during breading season they can be spotted on the tree line of Canada, they can also be seen in Northern Quebec and Northern Labrador.

The next reason I think it should be Canada’s official bird is that their strong and pack a punch like Canadians. Snowy owls have adapted to our artic environment, the snowy owl is well equipped for hunting and can see farther distance than humans, and also their eyes have circles of feathers around them that help reflect sound to their ears.

My final reason for the snowy owl to be Canada’s official bird is that their loyal like Canadians. Snowy owls chose a breeding partner and usually stay with that partner for the rest of their life (unless separated), the female incubates eggs while the male brings her food and guards the nest, young owls begin to leave the nest in about 25 days but aren’t able to fly until 50 days of age so they help out their dads (loyalty).
For its distribution, strength and loyalty I think the snowy owl will be a great official bird for Canada.

Have you ever heard of a Snowy Owl? Well for Harry Potter fans have. All of the Harry Potter fans know Hedwig. We all LOVE hedwig.
Snowy Owls eat mice, rabbit, lemmings and other kinds of small mammals. Whenever snowy owls eat they never chew it the just swallows it .Snowy Owls attack other animals if the attack there nest. Snowy Owls weigh about 1.6-2.95 kg, length about 52-71 cm and there wingspan is 126-145 cm. Snowy owls can lay eggs about 3-11 eggs. Female snowy owls are larger the male snowy owls. The snowy owls are the symbol of straight and perseverance. Snowy owls hang out in air ports because it reminds them self of the tundra because of the wide open. A tundra is a type of biome where tree growth is hindered by low temperature and short growing season.

This are some common names of Snowy owls are: Artic owls, great white owl, and great white north, tundra ghost owl and white terror of the north and the scientific name of the snowy owls is bubo scandaica.
This is some reason of why the snowy owls should be the national bird of Canada because. First reason is the snowy owls is found anywhere in Canada. In summer it is found anywhere .In winter it is found in the upper Quebec and in the upper territories.

The second reason is the snowy owls are very common in Canada because mostly all the Canadian loves the snowy owl. Canadian loves the snowy owls because the snowy owls is a very intelligent and a nice bird to the Canadians. The final reason is the snowy owls act like a truly Canadian bird because one of the common names of the snowy owls is the great white.

So many beautiful birds are deserving of our recognition and celebration, we love them all! I cannot help but choose the Snowy owl as the enduring symbol of the vast Canadian wilderness, the quiet woodlands and the bountiful flora and fauna that are ours to cherish and protect forever.

Most majestic a creature. We need a raptor as our national symbol

I chose the Snowy Owl because it really shows who we are (wise, proud, hard workers, self-sufficient and many more)!

N- Nosy
O- Off-beat
W- Working
Y- Youngish

O- Offensive
W- Waiting
L- Lethal

The snowy owl is truly a northern bird. Much like Canadians it is normally quiet, but very efficient when ticked off.

I think the snowy owl would be a good national bird, because it is found everywhere in Canada. It is a very majestic bird and it is always a memorable experience to see one.

It represents canada winters and snow

Canada is known as the 'Great White North'. The Snowy Owl is mostly white, is very silent when flying (like falling snow), and lives mostly in the northern regions of Canada where it snows a lot!!

The snowy owl is an elegant creature loved by all. It makes it's way through the long, cold winters, just like us . using his white colour to blend in with the world. He is up all night with his amazing eye sight he flies to get his exercise. he's on the move though he isn't seen. he's white like the Canadian flag. he's perfect to represent Canada

Je pense que le harfang des neiges est un excellent choix pour l'oiseau national du Canada. Je pense que cela à cause de presque toutes les fonctionnalités de l'oiseau. Les couleurs de l' harfang des neiges est blanc avec des bandes noires et brunes sur elle , je trouve que ces couleurs correspondent à la enviorment dans lequel le Canada est le plus connu pour , qui est forêts enneigées. Autre que les couleurs , l'oiseau se trouve dans toutes les provinces et est très belle . Le harfang des neiges a une énorme envergure de jusqu'à 5,5 pieds , et il pèse 50 à 70 onces , parce que ce est un grand oiseau ça me donne envie comme notre oiseau national encore plus , car il donne au pays un oiseau majestueux et intimidant , au lieu d'un mignon et inoffensif. Le regard mystérieux et majestueux et les caractéristiques étonnantes sont ma raison, je voudrais cela comme oiseau national du Canada .

the snowy owl is
n,ever shy
I,mpossibly pretty
a, carnivore
n,esting on the ground

Great bird that lives all over the country and nests in the north. Bold predator that withstands the brutal Canadian winter, often in the open in cold blustery times, a hardy Canadian bird! Plus it is interesting looking and its white plumage fits another national motif - snow.

A bonjour

Pour moi, c'est le plus beau, le plus majestueux.

The Snowy owl is an iconic bird of prey, whose distinct plumage and spunky nature perfectly embodies the Canadian spirit.

Oiseau robuste représentant bien nos hivers canadiens...

They are totally Canadian and awesome birds with fluffy talons! I am Musashi. I am 8 years old. My friends like snowy owls, too.

Le Harfang des neiges m'apparait l'oiseau qui représente le mieux notre pays nordique. De plus, il demeure toute l'année chez nous alors il mérite bien le titre d'oiseau national du Canada. Et il est si impressionnant lorsqu'il fait un tour complet avec sa tête !!

The snowy owls the best out of the choices

Every Canadian citizen knows the harsh, snowy winters that arrive with icy blasts every December. We're known for toughing out the winter with amusing activities, such as ice hockey, tobogganing, skiing, and many more.
I believe that our national bird should represent something that Canada is known for: tough, cold winters. The snowy owl is known for living in harsh, snowy regions in Canada, away from a large population. But the snowy owl has a soft, gentle plumage. Canadians are know for being polite and gentle people.
With their deep yellow eyes and weathered features, the snowy owl has a wise and serene quality. Around the world Canada is known for having an intelligent and peaceful population.

I believe that the snowy owl deserves to be Canada's national bird Because it embodies much of what Canada is known for and what we truly are. The most obvious of these is the fact that snow is a part of daily life for nearly half the year in most of our country. Shovels and snowboards are nearly as common as brooms and bicycles. Another thing that the Snowy owl embodies, along with all owls, is wisdom and intelligence. This bird is also majestic to look at, and captures the beauty of all Canadian wilderness and wildlife.

Un mot: majestueux!

J'ai choisi l'harfang des neiges car il s'agit selon moi de l'oiseau le plus majestueux de la liste et il symbolise la blancheur de nos hivers canadiens.

L'Harfang des neiges représente le froid, la neige et la robustesse comme les habitants du Canada.

Un oiseau gracieux, puissant et majestueux.
Blanc comme nos hiver.


Hello my name is Damani Maxwell. Today I am going to be talking to you about an amazing bird. This bird has pearl white feathers with brown spots. This bird is capable of living in lots of climates and this bird is Quebec’s national bird. If you said this bird is the snowy owl you are totally right.
Snowy owls are the biggest birds in the arctic. These birds are 63 — 73 cm tall. The snowy owl has brown spots on it and the female owls have darker spots on their bodies. The male owl are pure white coated. The baby owls have darker spots than the male and female owls.
The female snowy owl usually lays 3-11 eggs. The female stays with the eggs until they hatch. Meanwhile the male owl hunts for his prey. Then the male owl catches his prey and brings the prey to the female so that the male and female can eat.
The snowy owl is a carnivore. The snowy owl usually hunts for their prey by lurking around to find its prey. When the owl finds its prey the owl will glide down from the tree and gets its prey.
They might eat rabbits, seabirds, lemmings, mice and fish. If the snowy owl is thirsty they will eat the snow from the ground.

The snowy owl has lots of predators. Some of the animals that are predators to the snowy owl are the foxes, dogs, wolves and other big birds. The male owl usually takes watch for any predators that’s coming to eat the female’s babies or itself. So the male bird will try to distract the predators so that the female and the babies don’t get eaten.
Where do they live?
The snowy owl lives in very cold regions across the world. These birds breed in ALASKA, CANADA, GREENLAND, NORTHERN SCADINVIA, RUSSIA, SOUTHERN NOVAYA ZEMLYA AND NORTHERN SIBERIA. In winter the snowy owls can be found in CANADA, NORTHERN UNITED STATES, ICELAND, BRITISH ISLES, NORTHERN EUROPE, CENTRAL RUSSIA, and NORTHERN CHINA AND SAKHALIN. They are mostly spending their years in south Arctic in the winter.
The snowy owl is capable to communicate with other birds. They use sight and sound to communicate and understand each other. Males often “HOOT” to save his family and territory from getting harmed by any predators coming. They can also make other sounds like “RICK, RICK, RICK” and “KRE, KRE, KRE” and more. The snowy owl can communicate a mile away from each other.

My first reason the snowy owl should be Canada’s national bird is due to its pearl white feathers. The pearl white feathers camouflages it’s self with the snow from getting eaten by its predators which are, dogs, foxes, jaegers, and wolves. These birds don’t usually get eaten because of wiseness.
My second reason the snowy owl should be Canada’s national bird is because the snowy owl are pure white coated with a few coats under that will keep the snowy owl warm while the owl is in very cold weather.
Another reason this bird should be Canada’s national bird is because of its intelligences. This bird can set traps for animals bigger than its kind. It can even set traps for humans. Then when their prey is in the trap the snowy owl will eat it. In the Arctic the snowy owl might not eat the people there because they grow a bound with them.
My fourth reason this bird should be Canada’s national bird is because of its hunting skills. This bird will lurk around until he sees its prey. The owl will then snatch its prey and bring it home to his family and will eat the prey. In order to do that, he needs skill and intelligence.

Finally the snowy owl should be Canada’s national bird is because the snowy owl can live up to at least 9 years. The oldest snowy owl ever lived was 28 years old. WOW! That is very old for a bird.
I think the snowy owl should be exposed to Canada as the national bird, because this bird is wise, intelligent and skillful. The snowy owl looks, behaviours, its habitat, diet, and communications are all things that Canada are exposed to and links to Canada.
Reasons why I picked this bird:
1. My first reason why I picked this bird is because this bird breeds and lives in Canada.
2. My second reason why I picked this bird is because this bird is coated pure white (the male birds). They look like the snow. Because of their pure white coated feathers, they can camouflage in the snow.
3. My additional reason I picked this bird is because this bird is very intelligent and wise. These birds can set traps for other animals and even humans. If the set is successful the owl will eat the animal or human. In the arctic the snowy owl won’t eat the human because they grow a bound with the human.
4. Another reason I picked this bird is because the snowy owl are very brave birds. These brave birds sometimes travel other places successfully without getting eaten by the snow owl’s predators which are the Arctic dogs, foxes, jaegers wolves and bigger birds.
5. My fifth reason I picked this bird is because the male owl can hunt really good. He hunts for food for the female bird(s) and the baby birds. These birds are carnivores. These birds will eat lemmings, fish, rabbits, mice and sea birds.
6. My final reason I picked this bird is because these birds can grow up to 63-73 cm tall and their wings grow up to120 cm long. These birds are one of the biggest birds in the Arctic.

Thank you for listening to my bird project. Hope you learned a lot from these facts.

The Snowy Owl

Canada has many national symbols like, the beaver, the maple tree and the trillium, to name a few. However, believe it or not, Canada does not have a national bird. That is why the national bird project has taken palace, and all Canadians must vote, and I think the snowy owl is perfect for this role. The snowy owl is a wise creature and is often called the artic owl. The snowy owl is an amazing owl for all these reasons.
First of all the snowy owl lives all over Canada. In the summer range the snowy owl migrates to the three territories, were it is winter constantly. Were in a winter range, the snowy owl nests in any of the ten provinces. The snowy owl was built for our Canadian winters. And that’s not all, the snowy owl displays Canada from there character. There strong just like Canadians and they always give their best. The snowy owl also wears a national colour proudly. They have feather of white just like fluffy snow and the white on our flag. The snowy owl has Canada written all over them. They truly are a beautiful bird.
Not only does the snowy owl live in Canada and wear one of our national colour, they are amazing hunters. And Canadian history states that the First Nations who lived hear hunted and hunted well, and so does the snowy owl and they do it with ease. First they keep their eyes peeled, then once they find a prey, like lemming and other rodents they swoop down out of thin air, then the snowy owl SNATCHES the prey with his large talons and GOBBLES them up! Did you know that the snowy owl can eat up to 1’600 mouse-like creatures and lemming per year! They sure can eat a lot!
And finally the snowy owl has so many cool creature features and adaptations. The snowy owl has sensitive sense. For example the snowy owls keen eyes are always peeled and his ears always sharply listing. Also the snowy owl feathers help them camouflage in the snow from predators like the Artic fox and man-kind ourselves, Not only that but the snowy owls feathers keep them warm in Canada’s frigid cold winter we are famous for. And last but not least the snowy owl has strong wings for hard core and long flights .The snowy owl is a strong raptor and with these adaptation and features the snowy owl can live up to 9.5 years in the wild.
So in conclusion if Canada needs a national bird what better bird than the wise and majestic snowy owl. Thank you for reading, and together we can vote for the snowy owl.

Hoot! Hoot!
Did you know that Canada needs a bird to represent it?
VOTE for the snowy owl! This raptor like owl is very
White at winter and brown at summer.

It has white like on are flag. Snowy owls mainly eat mammals, ranging from small rodents to large bunnies. They are also known to eat birds ranging in size from small songbirds to medium sized geese and lemmings so they eat rodents
It has no natural enemies like Canada and if the Americans have the
Bold eagle we should to.

Sooooooo! The owl represents bravery swiftness and
Wisdom it’s also found all over Canada that’s why you should vote now!

What eats artic hares, has dark brown spots and is not nocturnal? If you said the “snowy owl” your right! Male snowy owls are pure white but female snowy owls have dark brown spots on the lower have of their bodies. Snowy owls are very aggressive protecting their nest and will attack those that disturb their nest. I think the snowy owls should be Canada’s official bird because their found through all of Canada, its strong and can pack a punch like Canadians, and are loyal like Canadians are.

The first reason I think the snowy owl should be Canada’s official bird because its found in all of Canada. These northern-dwelling birds are found year-round in the artic regions of North America, during breading season they can be spotted on the tree line of Canada, they can also be seen in Northern Quebec and Northern Labrador.

The next reason I think it should be Canada’s official bird is that their strong and pack a punch like Canadians. Snowy owls have adapted to our artic environment, the snowy owl is well equipped for hunting and can see farther distance than humans, and also their eyes have circles of feathers around them that help reflect sound to their ears.

My final reason for the snowy owl to be Canada’s official bird is that their loyal like Canadians. Snowy owls chose a breeding partner and usually stay with that partner for the rest of their life (unless separated), the female incubates eggs while the male brings her food and guards the nest, young owls begin to leave the nest in about 25 days but aren’t able to fly until 50 days of age so they help out their dads (loyalty).

For its distribution, strength and loyalty I think the snowy owl will be a great official bird for Canada.

Je trouve que c'est un oiseau très noble.

Quand je pense au canada, je pense au castor et à l'harfang des neiges. Les canards sont déjà sur la monnaie.

Cher Canadian Geographic,
Mon vote pour notre oiseau national serait le Harfang des neiges, avec monde assombri ma gourmandise et la friction entre les gens, nous devons montrer que le Canada demeure un pays dirigé sage et niveau. Le harfang des neiges beaucoup comme le Canada peut être confondue pour faible et effrayé, mais les gens oublient que ce comme le Canada peut être mortelle et fort. Le Canada devrait être présenté comme un pays fier, sage et la vie en danger se ils sont victimes de l'attaque, tout comme le harfang des neiges. Le Harfang des neiges peuvent être trouvées partout au Canada et ils sont un oiseau très majestueux, avec la plupart des gens se émerveiller quand ils les voient. Les couleurs des mâles et femelles harfangs des neiges reflètent Canada, les mâles sont un beau blanc montrant les régions du nord et enneigées du Canada. Les femelles sont plus sombres et sombre repéré montrant le désert et les forêts du Canada.

Cet oiseau représente bien la nordicité au même titre que l'ours polaire.

Bel oiseau local

I agree with the Toronto Field Naturalist article in the March 2015 issue ... "the criteria for selecting a national bird should be: found in most of Canada; its population found mostly in Canada; and, inspiring".
The Snowy Owl is the only one that meets those criteria. And more so: it thrives in what we consider most unique about our country: a vast cold wilderness containing many bioregions.
My own reason: having an arctic bird as our national bird, may hope to shame/inspire/provoke the powers that be to keep the arctic, just that. Maybe we need a sublimely beautiful and ethereal arctic creature, to give us the sentimental/emotional reason/prod we sorely need, to care and act.

On le retrouve partout au Canada.

Le harfang des neiges représente bien la beauté et la grandeur du pays. Il est capable de bien s'adapté au changement du climat, comme le font les canadiens.

We like the fact that the snowy owl is really a truly canadian bird.

Le harfang est magestueux, c'Est un oiseaux furtif, et a mon avis le plus beau au Canada

They are a very elegant bird and are becoming more and more accessible to everyone.

I think they should be the national bird. They are cool.

The Snowy Owl is a good choice to be the national bird. First of all the Snowy owl is ready to survive and thrive in the cold Canadian winters just like we Canadians. Second the Snowy owl live all over Canada and can be recognized by any Canadian. Third Snowy owls are very protective of their home and will do everything they can to keep it safe just like us Canadians. Last but not least owls represent intelligence which is something Canadians are known for. This is why I think the Snowy owl should the national bird.

Beautiful intelligent bird that's here year round.

Snowy owl is prevelant in all of canadian provinces and is exclusive to canada. They migrate throughout southern canada in the winter

Since Canada does not have an national bird I thought that the Snowy Owl would be the perfect fit. What do you think of when you think of Canada? SNOW! Well unlike the other 39 Candidates for the national bird the Snowy Owl has snow right in its name.This means that the Snowy Owl has the perfect name to suit Canada.Also the only reason the Snowy Owl would even want to migrate is when the food supply in the Arctic run low.Its like if Canada was running short on bacon everyone would move to america to find even more delicious bacon!And finally the snowy owl lives here all-year round like true Canadians.The snowy owl stays in Canada even in the winter (unlike false Canadians who buy time shares in Aruba.)

There isn’t a bird that is truly a worthy symbol of a country, if only because birds haven’t evolved to be symbols, but rather to survive within a specific niche in the biosphere. All are equal in that regard, all surviving to the degree that they are each suited to their particular niches. Unfairly, whichever bird the nation settles on will be cherished, for no reason for which it can rightfully claim any responsibility, above all others, protected above all others, and regarded as superior for doing nothing more than all the other birds are doing equally well: surviving. And survival isn't pretty. We’ll forget, just as we do of the Queen, that all birds eat gross things, and sh**, and make noise, and prey on others, and have brains remarkably similar in size to a pea. Well, perhaps the Queen isn’t all of that, but you see the point.

People casting about looking for a worthy symbol aren’t bothered of course. That’s because it’s not about the bird, it’s about us. We want to look out into the world and find a leader, a king of some kind. Something exemplary. We want the national bird to reflect our culture back to ourselves, and for that reason, if we are going do this properly, we need to choose one that has been written on, one that has already been invested with cultural meaning. Because it’s the meaning we’re looking for, not the bird.

Hence, the snowy owl. It’s white, pure as the driven snow, at least at some times of the year and when it hasn’t soiled itself. But we can look away whenever it needs its privacy. That’s because we like pure. We’re humans, we like clean and orderly. And we’re Canadian, so we have to pretend to like snow and to identify with it, because we have precious little else that unites us. (Truly, why isn’t the toque a national symbol? We wear toques because we know that being warm trumps looking dorky. The word ‘toque’ seems to belong to us, too, and scores very nicely in Scrabble, depending.)

In addition to being clean and white, owls are also seen as wise, which is a good thing, too. Old, wise, constant, just like so many of the best of us, such as Justin Bieber, Don Cherry, Pamela Anderson, and Wayne Gretzky’s father. Children’s books tell us about the wise old owl, and despite the fact that the brain of the snowy owl is actually smaller than either of its eyeballs, we it seems wise because little to say. Being quiet, seldom and, when speaking doing it in low hushed tones, is kind of like being wise. Except when it’s not. But given our druthers, we’ll take it. ‘Silence means security’ was a phrase used by the US on a wartime recruitment poster featuring the image of an owl. It sounds good and can be reassuring in as much as it is indistinguishable from the silence that means not having anything to say, which is the actual truth behind the snowy owl’s tight lip. Loud, harsh, dating Selena Gomez—our culture doesn’t posit those things as wise. It posits them as bossy. We don’t like bossy. We’d prefer others to shut up and leave us alone. “Henny Penny” was a silly, anxious chicken who didn’t have anything positive to say still wouldn’t shut. Wise owls, they know better. They shut up and if the sky actually was falling, they don’t have the mental capacity to process it.

As Canadians, we typically like others to leave us alone, and the snowy owl is great at that. You won’t see one in your yard, or by the road. They won’t eat your cotoneasters; they won’t wake you by pecking on the tin chimney cover. They just screw off and stay there. We like that, especially when the game is on.

Owls eat mice whole and regurgitate the hair and bones in a solid ball. How great is that?! We can put the image on our Olympic uniforms: we’ll eat you alive and regurgitate your inedible bits in a solid hairball! Take that Sweden!

But, again, it’s not about what they are—dumb, anti-social, eaters of raw mice whole—it’s what we want them to be: wise, quiet, pure, long-lived. And, just as we say “so much for global warming!” every time the temperature stays cold for two days in a row, we don’t want our delusions disrupted. And the snowy old certainly won’t do that. What better choice could you possibly find as a symbol of Canada?

What a wonderful choice. The beautiful graceful snowy owl, a true marvel of strength, grace, persistence, something that all us Canadians have in our soul. I'am a proud Canadian worthy of all that this beautiful bird has. It should be proud to grace our currency and there for should be our national bird.

As a decorated Canadian with one of this countries highest civilian honours,I would be proud to wear this bird on a medal as I'am proud to wear the Medal Of Bravery.. Thank you, God bless and good luck to my choice.

John Harris M.B.

would prefer the great horned owl, but the snowy owl is good.

I am voting for the Snowy Owl because it is truly Canadian and a good representation of the Climate we experience. The color is beautiful, too. Snowy Owls are residents across the whole country so thus all provinces have representation. I like the uniqueness to Canada of the Snowy Owl as I feel our national bird should have.

Because the snowy owl reminds me of the Canadian cold winters that we have!

Cet oiseau exprime la nordicité du territoire. Son habitat peut être autant urbain que rural

Cet oiseau exprime la nordicité du territoire. Son habitat peut être autant urbain que rural

Le harfang est un oiseau fier, noble, migrateur, et de plus en plus fréquent sur notre territoire.
Souvent utilisé dans les représentations amérindiennes, les hiboux et chouettes de façon générale représentent très bien tous les peuples du Canada.

both majestic and ellusive the snow owl is a canadian icon.

A majestic bird, a year-round resident of ALL provinces and territories of Canada, a fierce protector of family, nest and territory, a fearless predator - all great characteristics for our national bird.

i think this is a good bird because it represents the snow and and moon at night when they hunt.

I love snow and I love the waxing and waining of the moon.

thank you,


We already have our Name on those geese that some in the rest of North America don't like.
You have to come to Canada to see a Snowy, and I have seen them in Richmond when I was helping keep them away from the Aircraft at YVR.
Nations often choose birds that live higher on the food pyramid than the bottom feeders, and as an all Canadian Bird, and a Raptor, I like the Snowy Owl.

Unnoticably the creature balances upon a slightly elavated curve of snow. Suddenly with a blast of the chilled arctic air its feathers are ruffled and some of the off-white down is evident for a moment. Not enough of a hint that it is even there. The head and eyes do not move off its prey. A small moving mound of snow that stops and starts in erractic course near the owl.
With incredible agility and silence the hunter jumps and flaps into the pre dawn dimness. It climbs quickly and circles above the snow blanketed field. With incredible visual acuity it never loses sight of the small tuft of moving snow. The moment arrives. The small rodent breaks the surface of the patchy snow. It eyes quickly darting left and right. Its nostrils flaring for any hint of danger.

Razor sharp talons grab unerringly onto the back and neck of the now food. Its life is over quickly as a claw finds the throat. The majestic bird lands one one foot as the other holds tight to its meal. The beak is very sharp also and easily tears away strips of flesh.

Never missing anything the owl wings away with the half eaten carcass as an unwanted visitor breaks the tree line. Its lost over the trees surly looking for a perch to finish the succulent flesh.

Beautiful, free, in harmony, quiet but deadly when it needs to be. This is the Snowy Owl. This is Canada. This is a perfect symbol for our proud country's national bird.

I voted for the Snowy Owl because I really love it.It is the most beautiful bird in the world.

I feel that the snowy owl is a kind a bird that represents the true north , strong and and lives in total freedom from from preditores. It will remaine passive until provoked by by anything that is willing to take that away, At which time will fight to the death to protect it's values.It also lives from sea to sea to sea. Having said that. It is truly a bird that represents our country.

The snowy owl is nice and beatiful like Canada , and graceful.

The snowy owl is a true Canadian ... This beautiful owl-full of grace never leaves... Lives from coast to coast and stays in Canada, They are here through good times and bad!

A beautiful bird that is a terrific hunter both at night and during the day. I has awesome hearing and eyesight and its flying abilities are excellent. This bird is one of the biggest raptors and stays in Canada all year around. The owl is depicted often on University and College coat of arms because it symbolizes knowledge and intelligence. This bird is hands-down my favorite and is an excellent choice for Canada's national bird.

I vote with my heart and in memory of Grandma Harriet Ella Sturgeon (Withers) who loved owls and appreciated the wisdom of nature.

It is a bird that represents all Canadian provinces, and is also a symbol of the Great White North. It is a majestic bird, quiet in flight, and fits in well to our winter landscape. The sight of this bird is also a welcome sight to all Canadians.

J'ai bien hésité entre le grand héron, la bernache, la mésange à tête noire mais la saison m'a incitée à choisir le harfang des neiges. Ils sont fabuleux.

I'm billy, I like owls, pls pick,

It's true that the Snowy Owl is found in every province and territory of Canada, but that's not why it should be the national bird.

It's also true that it particularly represents our far north, which is of increasing interest to the nation in many ways, but that's not why it should be the national bird.

It is beautiful, and majestic to behold in flight, but that has absolutely nothing to do with it. Intelligent, graceful, whatever. Forget about all of that.

The Snowy Owl should be our national bird because it's huge, and it's vicious. With its fearsome beak, its horrific talons and its ruthless methods, it can kill almost anything it wants to, and that's just awesome.

How does that make it a symbol of Canada?, you ask. Exquisitely. That's how.

Canadians, we're taught in school, forged their identity on the battlefields of Europe during World War I. But what does that really mean? It means we killed, and that we were vicious about it. We killed and we killed, and we kept killing until all the killing was done. We are a nation of bloodthirsty killers, and that's just the way it is. You may not like it, but there's nothing to be done about it now, anyway. The identity has been forged.

The Snowy Owl is like us, then. I don't just mean that it's also ferocious, but that it calmly, and coldly, accepts that about itself. It doesn't look back, and it doesn't hesitate. It just flies determinedly on, quietly confident and ready to kill again.

That's Canada.

When I was Teenager, I helped with the Brownie Pack and was named Snowy Owl. Eventually, I became a Tawny Owl and later a fully fledged Brown Owl (leader) but it was as Snowy Owl that I felt specially loved by the Brownies!
I saw a Bateman painting of a Snowy Owl that I loved. Recently a friend sent me a photo of a Snowy Owl in her garden. I think there are more of them around these days. We were at a meeting in September and the drapes had not been drawn. We were all mesmerized to see 2 Snowy Owls fly past.. Symbols of Magic, Serenity, purity, and flight to higher places.

Why can't I increase the size of this report? Print size is microscic!!

I like the Snowy Owl because they are cute.

Un des plus beaux oiseaux du Canada. Il est majestueux.

J'aime les harfangs des neiges parce que ça se cache dans la neige.

J'aime les harfangs des neiges parce qu'il est sur le billet de cinquante dollars et les bébés sonnent mignons.

Les harfangs des neiges ert très belle et on a un dans notre classe.

J'aime les harfangs des neiges parce qu'ils sont belles.

J'aime ça parce que c'est mignon et c'est bon.

Les harfangs des neiges sont des belles oiseaux.

Les harfangs des neiges mangent des autres oiseaux.

Je vote pour cet oiseau parce que nous avons un harfangs des neiges dans notre classe.

The snowy owl is the most majestic of all the birds. I'm very interested in Ornithology and have seen a huge amount of birds in my life, but nothing is quite like this beauty.
With an emblem bird like that, Canada would not need to be ashamed to fly wing to wing with the grand American eagle, in contrary it would just fly as gloriously.

Because the snow owl is so pretty and we have one in our classroom

As a child i helped my father extricate a snowy owl from a barbed wire fence on our farm. Memorable!! It had flown into the wire and caught its outspread wings and its momentum had flipped it up and over the line of wire. It was not happy with us but we freed it and it flew away. MK

The snowy owl lives in North America. Like all owls, it has a round face for good hearing. It can fly quietly because of it's soft feathers, stalking it's prey.

I would like to vote for the Snowy owl and I believe that the Snowy Owl is the best representation of the national bird of Canada. Canadian winters are long and cold and if the last couple of days proved anything, it proved this to be true. Pretty much 11/12 months are cool/cold in Canada and when it snows, it snows hard. The Snowy Owl, will be very symbolic and representative of these long cold months. Though, I have not seen a Snowy Owl in Toronto, I do believe if I looked hard enough, I just may spot one!

I love snowy owls!
Anything but Canada geese. I actually like the geese but they are so out of hand now that they are destroying habitat. Flocks are mixed with snow geese. It doesn't make sense to choose a bird that is hunted and that may need to be actively destroyed to save other birds.

It is the most magnificent, and regal bird, worthy of the status as our national bird.

Harfang des neiges

I think that the snowy owl reprsents us because he is strong like us,he is white like our snow,his brown feathers represent our rich soil,his is big like our country and he is always ready for action and so are we!

Snowy owl > Loon

It is truly Canadian doesn't go to the states ... And it is in ALL our provinces and territories ... It represents intelligence ... It is a hunter ... It is one of Canadas colour ... And it doesn't migrate to the states ...

It's a beautiful bird.

The Snowy owl is a very majestic bird befitting the title of Canada's national bird. Also the snowy owl speaks to Csnsdisn winters just by it's name and Canadians can see the snowy owl all year long. Canada's national bird has to be a bird that stays here for the winter. I saw two snowy owls today just outside of Calgary in February.

The Snowy Owl spends it's time year round in Canada and can be seen coast to coast. It is something that is rather special to witness, as sighting one feels uncommon and like you're witnessing a magical creature; yet it is very recognizable to Canadians even who are unfamiliar with identification of bird species.

Le Harfang des neiges représente très bien les hivers au Québec...

The loon is already the unofficial bird of Canada thanks to the dollar coin.
But much like the fact that although, if asked, many Canadians would say hockey is our national sport
-- and it is actually lacrosse --- I say "why not double dip"?

If we choose the snowy owl as the 'official' bird - then we sort of get bird awareness for two species for the
efforts towards one.

After all -- why not have two in the hand rather than just one in the bush ...

The snowy owl is a beautiful and of course wise specimen of bird that would be a delightful representative of our Canadian culture and heritage.

Pour sa beauté, sa pureté, sa prestance et sa couleur me rappelle la neige.Il vit discrètement et ne dépend que de lui-même pour survivre.

Oiseau présent partout au Canada et ceci presque exclusivement. de plus sa couleur blanche qui fait penser à la neige nous identifie comme pays nordique.

parce qu'il habite presqu'exclusivement au Canada et qu'il y réside à l'année longue.
Sa blancheur nous rappèle que nous vivons dans un pays nordique

Très beau oiseau du Canada, pays nordique et de neige! En plus un oiseau de proie de distinction! En plus il est très beau!!

Bon choix

I'Am a big fan of hummingbirds, the rufous hummingbird being my favorite as I live in BC and look forward to seeing them every year. However I cannot vote for a "official bird of Canada" that is not seen in all of Canada. So my vote goes to a bird of prey and not just any raptor but one that fly's on silent wings. As Canada is strong, vast yet I feel we have a silence about us, you don't think about us till we are there, on top of a situation handiling it, with full tactical force. So I do believe an owl suites Canada very well, and what better owl then a snowy owl, as not many think of Canada without thinking of Canadian winters of wind and snow. I would be proud to have a white bird to accompany our red and white flag. A bird that like all true Canadians are not minded to defeat or conquer the land that we love but embrace it in all its natural glory and use it to our advantage.

A very majestic bird. It's name suits our perceived Canadian climate.

This is a strong, poud, and wise animale much like Canada!

This bird is a true symbol of Canadian spirit and values, a winter bird, a hunter (raptor) a survivor. Canada is winter and despite the harshness of our winters this bird thrives.

When looking at all the birds (first impression) and keeping in mind the birds of other countries, the Snowy Owl is the best choice. There are many reasons that have already been listed that make this the ideal bird for Canada particularly how it is found in all provinces and territories of our country. Now picture this: A Bald Eagle (representing USA) beside a Common Loon (lives also in US) if that is the choice for Canada's bird. VERSUS A Bald Eagle beside a Snowy Owl representing Canada. The Snowy Owl with its yellow crystal eyes, strength, size, wing span of 4+ feet, head turning all the way around (360 view), great hearing and piercing eyesight would be amazing!

I think the Snowy Owl should be our national bird for a few fundamental reasons. For one, this bird is found in EVERY province and territory in Canada. That's a very important factor considering that very few things in this country are "Canadian" from coast to coast to coast. Second, it's a bird of prey. This characteristic may contrast with Canada's peacekeeping reputation, but it checks the box of the Canadians who think that "our national animal(bird) should be cool like other country's national animal(birds), specifically like the United States'(Bald Eagle). And other than the fact that it is stunningly beautiful; especially the usually all snow white males, it is an animal that is synonymous with the north and winter. Canada as a whole has been slowly warming up to the idea of being an arctic nation. Which we are technically. And there is no question that winter is the soul of our country. So why not choose an animal that represents those realities? It has been well documented, but dismally known that winter was the force that made the first successful European immigrants indiginize and become Canadian. So I think our national bird should be one that visually and conceptually represents that soul...the Snowy Owl.

Premièrement, j'adore les hiboux depuis très longtemps. Je vois en cet oiseau des qualités d'endurance et sa capacité de voir ce que les autres ne distinguent pas. Ses habitudes de migration se limitent surtout au Canada et il est de plus en plus populaire dans notre région.

I voted for this owl because the bird is in Canada year round and has been moving farther south into all the provinces.

Parce que j'aime cet oiseau de proie........ il veille sur nous jour et nuit et il est simplement magnifique

like the snowy owl because it looks cool being white and a lot of people like it.

The snowy owl is the cuties owl ever and i think that it

Le Canada étant un pays nordique..........alors je ne vois que le Harfang des Neiges comme l'oiseau qui nous ressemble le plus de nous qui sommes représentés par les esquimaux, les autochtones, les blancs et toute les ethnies qui complètent notre population canadienne.

Mon vote va à cet oiseau qui selon moi, décrit bien notre pays comme le dit si bien Gilles Vigneault , notre pays c'est un pays d'hiver et il ressemble et me fait penser à cette saison..
Il est tout emmitoufflé , tout comme nous la plupart du temps..

L'harfang des neiges est un oiseau magnifique, la forme de ses yeux lui donnent un air mystérieux . Son plumage blanc fait ressortir ses yeux et son bec . Son vol majestueux. fait penser aux grands espaces qui sont un atout du vaste pays qu'est le Canada .

It looks cool

there is something about seeing a Snowy Owl in southern Alberta in the winter time. I look forward to every winter in the hopes of seeing one of these magnificent sitting on a electrical pole along the highway between Medicine Hat and Calgary. On my last trip to the big city I seen 2 of them.

Permanent resident.

Le Canada est un pays de neige. L'harfang des neiges est majestueux et représenterait bien le Canada.

Très majestueux,très beau, et partout au canada

I like my choice because this beautiful bird spends most of it's life in Canada and doesn't travel too far into the USA. It is proud and silent but also powerful and deadly when needed. It would be a great bird to represent Canada.

je crois que l'harfang des neiges représente bien le Canada, c'est un oiseau qui vie au Canada à l'année.

I choose the Snowy Owl because:
1.Is nocturnal.
2.Strong flyer.
3.Eats meat mostly mice.
4.Is beautiful when is flying in the sky.

I think this is a beautiful bird a sign of strength and beauty in it. it lives in a harsh habitat it has the skill and agility to live there in Alaska and works hard to build a community; this bird represents our skill to invent new things and our country is strong and beautiful. this bird is much like us. we should protect its habitat. the snowy owl is very sensitive about things, and it also represents our strength in war and in time and in future this bird has highly adapted to its habitat and so are we we are both highly connected with the environment

I choose the Snowy Owl because:
1.Is a strong flyer.
2.Is nocturnal.
3.Hunts for meat,ecspasialy for mice.

the snowy owl is awesome

Oiseau des neiges et d'hivers, jamais pressé, toujours avisé,
D'un naturel discret à la grandeur éloquente.
Il nous ressemble.

Vincent Charron, Ottawa, ON

Il est très spécial, unique et majestueux. Il représente l'hiver j ai une peinture d un harfang sur un poteau de clôture de bois dans un champ de neige. Toutes ces caractèristiques représentent le Canada et le Québec. Il est utile et pourrait aider à le préserver.

Having recently seen my 1st 2nd and 3rd in the wild. I think the snowy Owl would make a great choice.

I love the snowy owl.

I think the Snowy Owl should be the national bird because in Canada we have lots of snow and it gets very cold. Therefore our national bird should be a hardy, winter bird. Canadians are hardy, winter people. Snowy Owls stay in Canada all year round and they nest in the Arctic Tundra. Nothing says Canada more than Snow Owls nesting on the windswept barren tundra.

Sure they are a bit rare, but that is one reason why I chose this bird. When you do see one it is very exciting. I also think that the Snowy Owl would differentiate us from the United States, who use the Bald Eagle. They are excellent hunters who can fly almost silently. They are good parents raising and protecting their young. They are large, beautiful birds that protect large territories.

The Snowy Owl is tough. They do not migrate far south, but stay mostly in Canada all year round. They stay when it gets to -20 C and covered in snow. That is what Canada is, so that is why I picked the Snowy Owl.

We need a raptor. The Arctic Owl will have to do

Un oiseau de proie blanc pour les hivers québécois!!

On trouve aussi bien cet oiseau en région nordique qu'en région tempérée au Canada.

Snowy Owl is so Canadian

I voted for the snowy owl because it loves winter and I love winter.It also stays up all night.

The owl is a proud bird and an equal to the American Eagle, beautiful and unique it well represents the true north, strong & free.

Nice bird to be

Snowy Owl FTW!!!!!

this is da best bird ever

Harfang des neiges, tout simplement pour sa beauté et sa majesté.

The Snowy Owl breeds on the tundra, which covers a significant portion of our country's territory, and is a hardy and resourceful bird, much like Canadians, capable of success in a harsh environment!

I am voting for the Snowy Owl. The Snow Owl is a strong, quiet, independent, bird adjusted to the cold and snow like the Canadian people.
The Snow Owl lives in every province of our great nation and stay here all winter with us.

Je trouve cet oiseau superbe et noble pour ce qu'il dégage. Grand ,fort , patient ,très bonne vision et silencieux dans son planage un superbe chasseur quel notoriété .

le huard n'est pas en majorité au Canada. Donc ridicule que ce soit lui!

A great and majestic northern bird for a great northern nation.

I am very excited about your national bird project . I have reviewed the forty choices and eliminated all birds that leave in winter and game birds .Being from
Quebec my first choice is the snowy owl although i am not sure it can be found across Canada

J'aimerais le corbeau .Il represente les coureurs des bois qui parcouraient le canada .Il est solitaire comme eux.C'est un oiseau qui est partout au Canada comme le harfang des neiges. Les autres sont des oiseaux qu'on retrouve seulement dans leur province. Prenons soins de l'environnement pour notre avenir merci.

Je vote pour cet oiseau parce que c'est un oiseau qu'on voit seulement au Canada. Quand on regarde la carte où on le trouve, ça semble être le seul oiseau dont le territoire occupe la Canada et pas les USA.

Snowy Owl is found in all provinces and territories. It has a limited range in the USA.

I think Canada should be represented by a raptor, a bird of strength and grace. Fortitude in the cold dark winters of the great white north, and beauty in the long summer evenings is captured perfectly in the gentle poise of a snowy owl. An owl is representative of the Canadian people, calm and quiet, yet strong and determined. The snowy owl should be Canada's national bird.

Définitivement, le harfang des neiges serait le plus reprentatif.

The owl is wise and so are we! I like that it is a wintery bird.

Last winter,in cold Bracebridge, a neighbour called to invite me to come see what was sitting on her deck (facing the Muskokoa River). What a sight it was--a beautiful snowy owl sitting on the railing about 10 feet from the window. It sat perfectly still except for turning it's head R to L constantly,for about Two or Three hours. Not a sound!!.
It was a gift - to sit in silence & watch this majestic bird.
I would be delighted if it were chosen as the national bird!! It would be perfect.

The town wisdom was that it was probably a juvenile & had come south looking for food. There were many sightings over a week or more. We hoped this young one would survive.

Snowy owls are apperently really big and strong and Canada is strong and big too.Snowy owls are white and a part of the Canadien flag.Also lots of kids read harry potter and Hedwig is the snowy owls and even if it is american kids and teenagers love it and it's awesome.Snowy owls are very pretty and sneaky (because they are owls)and Canada is pretty and only some times they are sneaky.Snowy owls are white and that represents all this snow we are having.Also snowy owls are spiritual.I really want the bird to be this snowy owl because it's perfect and all my friends want it too.This owl is powerful and so are we.Snowy owls are free and Canada is a free country.Snowy owls technically go to every single province or territory throughout the year, they go to 13 provinces and that's perfect because it is every single province and for a national bird for all these provinces that it goes to.Please choose this bird.

I think that because they are white it could represent all the snow we are having.Also snowy owls are big and strong so is Canada and the flag is white and they are white to.

Un oiseau de proie avec un vol majestueux, qui réside au Canada hiver comme l'été.


L'Harfang des neiges est déjà l'oiseau national du Québec, peut-être qu'il pourrait devenir l'oiseau national du Canada.

The snowy owl is a strong bird that represents the wisdom and perseverance of our country. It is a winter bird which is great because we are known for our winters. It is truly a Canadian bird because it resides in every part of Canada and barely touches the states. The snowy owl is a beautiful bird and it is smart. It is a bird of the true north strong and free and I think that it would be a very good choice for our national bird.

Snowies spend most of their lives in Canada (with the exception of irruption events), breeding in the high Arctic and along our Arctic margins and wintering along our sea coasts, in much of the continental interior and all along our southern border with the United States. They are truly representative of the length and breadth of our country and would make a splendid national symbol.

I do realize the Snowy owl is already the provincial bird of Quebec. However, the Snowy owl is a grand choice for Canada's national bird. A true "bird of the North," the Snowy's ecological niche is at the top of the food chain, making it especially vulnerable to changes in climate, food sources and nesting sites.

If Canada elevates the Snowy owl to national bird status, much good will come from people paying special attention to the welfare of this wonderful bird. An increased focus upon habitat, global warming, artificial lighting and shoreline development will benefit not only the Snowy owl but many other avian species as well as host of prey and non-prey species.

As an American, I've seen Snowies only twice in my life, both times in the summer: once in Maryland; and once in Maine. Both sightings were highly memorable events.

Please vote for the Snowy owl!

The Snowy Owl is a strong bird, and is all over Canada! The Snowy Owl Is One Of The Largest Owls To. There are a lot of Snowy Owls so they won’t be endangered anytime soon. That’s why I’m voting for the Snowy Owl

In Ottawa (Ontario) we frequently spy snowy owls in our suburban neighbourhood. What a beautiful sight it is to see this majestic bird sitting on a roof top or on a fence at our Experimental Farm! The snowy owl would truly represent Canada's winter wonderland as our National Bird.

Nous sommes un pays de neige et de glace pendant plusieurs mois d'une année et je crois qu'un oiseau caractérisé par un déploiement pan canadien, qui réussi à survivre et se reproduire dans un climat parfois très austère mėrite de devenir notre emblème aviaire nationale.
J Moulins
Montréal, 9 février 2015

Je vote pour le harfang des neiges,car l'emblème doit représenter en y habitant dans chacune des provinces.

je vote pour le Harfang des neige, car ses "aires de vie" sont presque exclusivement au Canada. Il est aussi majestueux!

My vote goes to the snowy owl. Not only majestic, it is one of a very few on the list that is common right across Canada, and pretty much only in Canada. It's territory doesn't extend into the US, making it a truly Canadian symbol.

J'adore cet oiseau: aussi beau et mystérieux, aussi silencieux et efficace à foncer sur ses proies, aussi fragile et robuste à la fois...

oui, c'est qu'il est difficile à appercevoir, sauf que son vol est tellement majestueux. Il sait "régner" sur son territoire tout haut perché sur un poteau de téléphone ou d'une tête d'arbre mort. Pour le voir, il faut sortir de la ville et aller à la campagne, faire comme lui, sortir et prendre l'air.

The majestic snowy owl is so unique and beautiful.
There is no bird like it in the world and it has no enemies...just like Canada!

Le harfang des neiges est magnifique. Par sa blancheur il représente bien un pays nordique comme le nôtre. De plus il vit chez-nous à l'année.

We are a Winter people, and nothing says Winter like the Snowy Owl!

The Snowy Owl. Regally serene as it perches on top of a spruce, hydro pole or solar panel. Silently watching, feathers flicking, eyes blinking. It has presence. Wonderfully magical when you see one.

Le plus beau.

nous sommes un pays d hiver, cet oiseau aussi.

En raison du caractère et de la beauté de cet oiseaux. Il doit survivre au froid intense de nos régions tel les premiers colons de notre nation.

Quel oiseau ! Gracieux, silencieux, majestueux !

C'est mon oiseau préféré : d'où une collection (plus de 500 pièces) logées dans mon "hiboudoir" et d'où mon indicatif courriel !

Ma collection comprend des toiles, des photos, des broches, des vêtements, des statuettes, de la vaisselle, des fanions, etc !

Pour l'avoir observé à plusieurs reprises, le harfang des neiges est, à mon avis,le plus majestueux de nos oiseaux. Il est doté de nombreuses qualités une vue exceptionnelle, un ouï et une faculté de survie hors pair ainsi qu'une distribution qui le qualifie plus qu'outrageusement devant tous...
Au plaisir,

The snowy owl lives it's entire life in Canada and doesn't migrate away to warmer climates. He makes the best of our winters and doesn't run away to warmer climates. He is an inspiration and a symbol of Canadian toughness at its finest. It is also one of the biggest owls so its size can be intimidates and owls are so much wiser than the other birds. All round a good representation of what makes Canada and Canadians special! Hoot on big own!

This is a majestic wise bird that should be given it's true place in our country Canada, as the loon is already on the one dollar coin. To see this bird in full flight, speaks volumes in itself, as the saying goes, "A wise old Owl" Time to give it, it's true recognition, as the "BIRD OF CANADA"

It is one of the few birds that stays in Canada all year round. The loon, albeit a very recognizable northern Canada bird, migrates. I think the national bird should be something that is truly unique to Canada or northern climates.

Canada is the true north strong and free, where the Snowy belongs!

This beautiful owl lives in all of Canada's provinces and territories..coast to coast to coast. Like Canada, to see a Snowy Owl is to see something impressive beyond expectation.

Beautiful bird, indigenous to Canada

Snowy owl is one of the few birds that puts up with the long Canadian winters therefore has my vote.

The owl is strength not flashy just laid back. "Like the saying wise as an old owl". Canada is strong and respected through out the world.

Second only to hockey as Canada's most recognizable symbol of our place in the northern hemisphere.This creature is strong and proud and shows great patience in its outlook on the world beneath its feet.Many Canadians could learn from this presdigous view.Thank-you.

Majestic on silent wings, the snowy owl is a beautiful symbol of the north. Fierce and tough, it survives and thrives in the Arctic. As a species that lives in the Arctic for part of the year, like many arctic plants and animals, it may be sensitive to environmental change, and a good keystone or umbrella species.

Beautiful & Majestic

The Snowy Owl. The most awesome owl of them all. Breeding in the arctic, it spends spring, summer and fall in the white north hunting for its survival and the survival of the owlets. In the winter it migrates through southern Canada in search of food. It is one of the most amazing owls that can be found within Canada, and in the past few years a lot of Canadians have been able to see this extraordinary creature (that is if you can distinguish the snowy owl from all the bumps of snow out there). Let us make the Snowy Owl, Canada's national bird!

I hovered between using my vote for either the loon or snowy owl. Snowy owl got it because it sticks around all year, has a range through much of Canada & when you see one it takes your breath away with its beauty. Anything that eats mice also gets my vote.

The Snowy Owl typifies the Great White North.

the snowy owl is truly a Canadian living in the artic during summer but visiting southern Canada in winter. It inspires anyone who sees it with the snowy feathers and staturesque figure. What more is needed?

Beautiful, majestic, strong and all across Canada, all year round.

Mysterious and beautiful. Always a treat to see. Ranging over large territory and residing across Canada. This majestic Bird has my vote for Canada's national bird.

J'ai eu la chance d'en photographier un l'an dernier, majestueux.

The snowy owl is boss. It represents our arctic weather and is quite and powerful, like Canada.

Hello, my name is Kathleen Ryan and I live for snowy owls!! They are a beatiful bird and they deserve to be Canada's national bird!

C'est un oiseau d'hiver et comme le Canada est un pays de neige, le harfang représente bien notre pays.

To keep it brief the Snowy Owl is synonymous with Canada due to its adapting ability & calm & confident nature. As well the Goose would be a god choice but rather overdone when related to Canada. Time for the Owl to Shine!



Le Harfang des neiges est un oiseau de grande prestance, possédant des méthodes de survie impressionnantes grâce sa puissance et ses habiletés hors pairs.

Le Harfang des Neiges représente bien le Canada. Son plumage blanc nous rappelle l'hiver et c'est une espèce connue à travers le monde (pensons au hibou de Harry Potter). Un rapace représente aussi un symbole fort. Le harfang avec son vole silencieux possède aussi une majesté à la grandeur de notre pays.

Snowy owls are such impressive birds. The name and appearance of this bird implies NORTH for which we Canadians are so well known. Also, the name is not too funny-sounding like loon or goose. I think our national bird should look the part and I believe the snowy owl does this quite well. Every time I see one of these impressive birds, either roosting or in flight, they take my breath away with their regal appearance. I would be proud to have the snowy owl represent our country.

Nous sommes un pays de la nordicité comme l'a si bien décrit le professeur Louis Edmond Hamelin. Cet oiseau magnifique symbolise très bien cet aspect important de notre climat. Ce serait un atout pour inciter la population à protéger son environnement menacé par les changements climatiques.

The Snowy Owl is an elegant bird and I believe is found mostly in Canada. For that reason, I have made my selection as a lot of the other birds listed are found in other countries.

a snow covered field bordered by forest and fence
the graceful snowy owl lifts itself off the barren branches with a pulse from its great wing span
cutting through the wind swept snow it cuts a path towards the movement it spotted from the tree
sweeping down and pouncing on its prey flying away all in one motion
strength and grace in motion

a nation would be proud

Majestic and proud looking bird

Beautiful and majestic, like Canada.

snowy owl looks great

The snowy owl is the obvious choice, it is a majestic, mysterious top predator. The loon is a lame duck that inhabits the bottom of the food chain.

I had considered the loon, and the Great blue Heron, but, upon looking at the map (thank you for providing it!), I think it is very important that our National bird be a bird that is found only (or at least primarily) IN CANADA!!!

Thus, i have chosen the Snowy owl, which I think most people would naturally assume comes from Canada. The Snowy owl looks majestic and has an air of confidence. Perfect!!!

Question: Do we vote only once OR can we vote daily?

Since we are known as the "Great White North",it is only fitting that our National Bird should reflect this

So beautiful. So Canadian.
And the kids love them.
Going for a hike at Kortright Conservation area
the guides taught us what to look for - at night in the snow and cold.
Ever since then - we go looking for owls,a dn have seen and heard many. Especially at night in winter.
Definitely my favourite.

Actually, this is just a comment. ANYTHING BUT THE ****!NG LOON.
Sorry, I just had to get that out.
The snowy owl has a dignified appearance and, to me, represents a survival instinct that can overcome adversity. This reflects how I feel about Canada, not a brash and aggressive scavenger like a Bald Eagle, and certainly not common like a loon.
I'll have a real essay for the next round of voting.

The loon already is on a dollar coin, the snowy owl is majestic & deserves to be recognized.

Snowy owl lives predominantly in northern areas of Canada, unlike most other migratory birds. It's a magnificent bird of prey, stealth with strength, silent yet strong.

The snowy owl is an incredible bird. It should, in my opinion,be Canada's national bird.

Unlike the Common Loon , the Snowy Owl resides all over Canada , all year round , and within reason only in Canada . The Loon is Common and all over North America . The Loon is already the bird of Ontario and on the Loonie. The Snowy Owl also captures more of the heart of Canada and Canadians.

When I think of Canada, I think of the Snowy owl. Large. Strong. Free. Nomadic.

I was born in Canada. But I am so very proud of our ethnic diversity. From my own heritage, to friends from other countries, to the native Indians who first called Canada home.

We deserve to have a strong bird reflect our heritage. One that is not afraid to roam and change. One that is watchful and protective of its young. The Snowy owl is just such a natural fit. And gets my vote. Ten times over.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the voting !

I realise that the Common Loon seems to be a favourite, but its habitat includes virtually all of North America, whereas the Snowy Owl resides nearly 100% within our borders, which makes the bird far more Canadian than the Loon.

Thus my vote for the wonderful owl.

We love the snowy owl. It is beautiful and majestic just like Canada

A prestigious bird of pray. Representative of our great white north. An still seen in southern areas of our vast country.

Snowy owl breeds in Canada and lives here year-round. A regal bird and amazing sight to see standing up on the ice.

I believe that the snowy owl perfectly embodies Canada. It is majestic. It is quiet. But it is proud, and powerful. the snow owl survives through harsh conditions, and excels. That is what Canada has always done. We are few people across a lot of territory, and we all work hard to keep this country afloat. Lets give this country the bird it deserves, the bird that will perfectly express Canada. The Snowy Owl.

I work in rural Grande Prairie and I've seen quite a few snowy owls flying around majestically above the snow covered roads, they, to me, are perfect for the title because they are around full time and stick with us in the good and the ugly. They are beautiful birds and I would love to see them named Canada's national bird.

Cet oiseau est présent dans l'ensemble du Canada et son apparence est très belle. Avoir la chance de l'observer est une expérience innoubliable.

C'est le plus bel oiseau du Canada. Il est nordique et imposant!

The snowy Owl is everywhere in Canada

Why have you opened the vote up to the United States.
I want something majestic to symbolize Canada.

What a gorgeous creation!

The snowy owl just seems to exemplify what it means to be Canadian - in the middle of winter, that is! It is representative of wisdom and has the look of keen intelligence, something I like to think is, overall, a very Canadian trait.

It's face has this sort of formidable stoicism, like absolutely nothing could phase it, and it is prepared for all eventualities.

It is a stunningly beautiful bird both at rest and in flight, and it's pure whiteness is another romantic ideal I see as being like the heart of my native country.

Snowy owls are the best birds for our country

You may be lucky and see one of these in your lifetime, and when you do, it is truly a sight to behold as no other! You'll know you are in Canada when you sight a Snowy Owl.

The Snowy Owl reigns over the winter landscape, "summering" in Saskatchewan winter.

The Snowy Owl is a year round species of Canada, it doesn't migrate south of the border. It is a survivor of our harsh winters. It is very regal in appearance and gives off an air of confidence. It is a large predator and Canada is a large country.

I have loved owls since reading Farley Mowat's "Owls in the Family" as a child and to honour Mr. Mowat's memory, I select the beautiful Snowy owl. Its range touches all Canadian provinces and territories and even its name associates itself with the winter, which seems to characterize Canadians.

Seeing a snowy owl is such a special treat; it brings such joy during the long, cold winter. These birds are so spectacular and seem so Canadian to their core.

I first observed this majestic bird, the Snowy Owl, in the high Arctic of Canada, in the Northwest Territories. I later saw this bird in a completely different environment in the southern parts of Canada, in Pickering, Ontario. This magnificent bird enjoys the full range of diverse habitats that Canada provides.

Austere majesty
Wise, silent lord of the snow
Mice fear its shadow

Il y a un harfon de neige est sur le piece de monney de $50.

They're great.

I feel that the Snowy Owl would be a wonderful choice for Canada's national bird. Beautiful and majestic, yet wild and dangerous, it aptly symbolizes Canada's wilderness and terrain. To many around the world Canada is a land of winter, snow, and beautiful landscapes, land that the Snowy Owl inhabits across the country. Owls have symbolized wisdom and intelligence in many cultures throughout history, and Canada has often been seen as a voice of reason throughout the world. For these reasons, I'm voting for the Snowy Owl.

Car il reste tout lanee au canada.Et il represante notre hiver

I have loved the snowy owl ever since I read harry potter.

Snowy owls are a beautiful bird that is so rarely seen. But when you do see one, it is so awe inspiring

I believe this would be the perfect bird for our country as it represents our wisdom and our ability to thrive in our weather.

The snowy owl is perhaps the most suitable national bird because it symbolizes the great northern expanses of Canada with its beautifully varied landscape.
It symbolizes harmony with the environment, wisdom (it is revered as a wise bird in many cultures) and adaptive skills.
With its snowy feathers and plumage it blends in perfectly with the vibrant red & white colors of Canada's national flag.

Athena-Isabelle Gerakis

Canada is noted world wide as a country of snow and ice - and renowned for the inhabitants who not only survive - but thrive - in this environment. The Snowy Owl is a perfect symbol of this proud, Canadian trait.

A magnificent bird , seen from coast to coast. It is CANADA !
Gerry Shemilt North York, Ont.

Le harfang des neiges est blanc comme la neige. Il y a beaucoup de neige au Canada en hiver. Il reste toute l'annee au Canada. C'est pourquoi il est un bon symbole canadien.

It's a strong bird

Au Canada nous avons des hivers avec beaucoup de neige. C'est pourquoi le harfang des neiges represente bien notre pays. En outre, le drapeau canadien est rouge et blanc. Donc, cet oiseau blanc serait un bon symbole pour le Canada. Merci, la classe 4A.

The snowy owl is a majestic bird that claims as its range very close to exactly all of Canada.

Thank you so much, Canadian Geographic, for holding this ballot; it's high time that we actually had a national bird.

I love the power and resilience that the Snowy Owl represents. Go Canada.

It's awesome!! Those Snowies rock

I have travelled throughout this country, east, west, north and south and we have so many beautiful birds, it is difficult to pick. But with the snowy owl, I feel an immense awesomeness, love and respect no other bird gives me. Similar to how I feel about living in Canada. I vote the snowy owl.

The Snowy Owl is symbolic of the Great White North. Strong, majestic, intelligent it can eat the best and cough out the rest. They are, for me , awe inspiring.

I have always admired owls - calm, intelligent and observant. Their soundless glides after prey and effortless head roll are beautiful to watch.
I once watched a pair of adult owls encourage their youngster to take off from a big cedar branch.
They were patient and attentive - very Canadian.
I also belonged to the now disbanded Snowy Owl Squadron in Shearwater (air reserve) so I always have a place in my heart for a magnificent bird.

When people think about Canada, they think about cold/snow. I believe the snowy owl is a perfect choice.

I love the Snowy Owl because it's so interesting and it's Head-wig from Harry Potter. :-)

The pure white plumage gives a nod to our winter landscape. The Snowy Owl is intelligent, a skilled hunter and well adapted for northern living. A Canadian bird through and through!

I really like the snowy owl. Think we should have a strong wise bird that nests here as our representative of our country. It is also very magestic and beautiful. My second pick is the peregrine falcon. Lives in BC and New Brunswick while it nest in the north, coast to coast to coast. The peregrine falcon is also the fastest living thing on earth 389km/h. It can be found anywhere in the world, kind of like Canadians. Didn't see a vote for peregrine falcon though so picked the snowy owl.

What other bird could be more fitting for the great white north?

Oh great Snowy owl
your time has come, to be a
Canadian bird

Snowy owls are magnificent, glorious birds. They should be the representation of this nation.

Like Canada, the Snowy Owl is majestic. Its wings spread wide like our land. It is a model for the north, a place of cultural and, increasingly, environmental significance. The wisdom that is associated with the owl can also be seen as a Canadian trait. We pride ourselves in our international role as advisors, peacemakers, scientists, educators, and humanitarians. The Snowy Owl perfectly represents the majestic beauty of our land and the strength of our people, but it also evokes a sense of vulnerability and therefore responsibility. Now that's Canadian.

Most national birds are raptors of some variety or another, plus Quebec will never be happy unless they get to have their provincial bird as the new national bird.

Plus I'd rather have our national bird associated with a very Canadian thing like snow instead of lunacy.

The Snowy Owl is a magnificent representation of Canada.

It represents in many ways the freedoms we stand for and the democratic wisdom we built our country upon.

The Snowy Owl defends its nest. Both the male and female are partners in protecting their children from harm. So it is with Canadians. We stand on guard for our nation.

The Snowy Owl is resilient, adapting her hunting strategies through myriads of climates and seasons.She represent the resilience and resourcefulness of Canadians.

The Snowy Owl is nomadic and free. He has been spotted throughout Canada soaring proud in the sky. He is a globe-trotter, his expansive wings taking him to many other places around the world. We Canadians likewise stretch ourselves beyond our borders.

The Snowy Owl would represent Canada well. It is a strong symbol, a wise symbol for Canada. It would be an amazing bird to put forward to represent a prosperous, changing and dynamic country.

Like Canada, it is fierce and free.

No essay. I just feel the strength, perseverance and wisdom of this animal is a great representation of our amazing country.

Fly By Night !!!!

It looks cool

multiculturalism is ok, eh

This owl is pretty rad. It was this or the loon and we already have a coin named after it why not honour another great bird. The only downside is i cant have a chance of voting for the great blue heron but oh well snowy owl is by far better.

Snow Owl best owl

Going with the loon is just going with classic stereotypes. Go with the snowy owl to extenuate Canada's cultural growth. A fresh, identifiable symbol who is observant and wise, always strongly looking to the future.

Because Snow Owls are proud animals. Representing Canada's freedom to do what it wants without being hindered or hunted like a common prey animal. Canada will stay strong, even if others do not see it that way.

We should be proud, strong and free. We are the True North.

Small seed eating birds are not majestic and powerful enouph. What will a chikadee look like on an armoirie? Not very impressive, that's what.

The snowy owl is the perfect bird to represent Canada. Has the most widespread range, endures the icy winters, and is a marvelous hunter.
Snowy Owl please

I saw a snowy owl once and it was a very special experience I've never forgotten. It's not a common bird to see but it's beautiful and special - just like Canada.

The Snowy owl is a very inspiring bird. It is also a bird who shows courage, power, and bravery.


As a city dweller, I was inclined to vote for the ubiquitous pigeon, but I wouldn't actually want that as the national bird.

I like the idea of the Snowy Owl as it picks up the 'wintry northen land' aspect of this country, and I think of them as silent creatures who wait and watch before going off to hunt stealthily in the night. Sounds about right for a symbol for this country.

Anything but the loon!

The snowy owl is a strong beautiful bird that would do wonders to represent Canada on a national level, the same way that the Bald eagle represents the United States.

It's cool, it represents northern canada (a part of canada that is often ignored) and it was featured on the older fifty dollar bills. It's one of the birds that are symbolic of wisdom and power much like Canada.

I was torn between the Common Loon and the Snowy Owl. Both represent our large wild areas and the beauty of this country. The Loon has its haunting and familiar call, but leaves us during the winter months. The Snowy Owl; however, makes Canada its year round home. I think it has a quiet strength that allows it to endure whatever comes with grace.

This is one nice hooter.

The snowy owl is a powerful creature that rivals the American bald eagle.It is also more known around the world due to its role in the Harry Potter franchise.

I'm not writing an essay, I don't have time for that. No, instead I just want the Snowy Owl to win because...

1. It's badass.
2. It's not a Loon.
3. It's not a loon.

Thank you.

Eh kills rodents and isn't afraid of anything.

Canadians should pick a bird that is only exclusive to Canada like the Snow Owl which can be found IN ALL PROVINCES and not just the southern tips of a selected few. The reason I pick this amazing creature is not only the fact that it can be found in all provinces but also that it doesn't migrate south- it stays at home in the frozen north! I'm happy to know that the choice for this amazing bird is at second place and I hope it climbs to first. I really hope people don't choose the loon.

I believe our new national bird should be the snow owl, which presents a fierce but beautiful image for not only our country but to help build interest to preserve this amazing birds species.

Owls are awesome

I like The snowy owl. It suites Canada.

I grew up on a farm on the Townline North, Thornbury, Ontario and spent many a winter evening hanging out my bedroom window conversing with a pair of snowy owls. (also having a smoke, which I should not confess). I felt like the owls and I had an understanding.

One winter I noticed there was only one voice. Much to my disgust, I learned that one of our neighbours, (whose name I know but should not mention) had shot one of the owls. Imagine!

For a couple of winters the lone voice conversed; but, then no more.

It was all terribly sad.

I was quite fortunate to see several of these passing through Cape Spear two years ago and think they are a worthy candidate for national bird honours. We are blessed to have so many super birds here in Canada - but for my vote let's go with Snowy Owl!

They are amazing

they are very pretty and most spots in Canada have snow like they have in their name.

I picked the snowy owls beacause the are rare.

The reason I picked the snowy owl was because I love the way they fly and the gossomy colour

i have seen the snowy owl in all its habitat types - from the western arctic on its nest surrounded by a line-up of lemmings for the chicks, to hunting in the eastern arctic, to hanging out on top of the salad bar left overs waiting for rabbits to come and feed at the RCMP depot in Regina, to the rifle bird sanctuary near Vancouver ... and its so lovely! A true opportunist as a hunter but not a scavenger.

Big and white, like a lot of Canada for large portions of the year. A species that, by it's presence, reflects the good health of that habitat. Not well known or often seen but when you see one it's beauty remains in your memory for years (has for me).

The snowy owl is beautiful, majestic, and proud, just like the people of Canada. It is also found in most areas of Canada and would be symbolic of a land most of which is covered in snow for several months each year. We should celebrate our northern heritage.

It's truly Canadian. Stays here all winter long and loves the snow!

The snowy owl, with its large amber eyes and soft snowy feathers, represents Canada in my mind. The large eyes survey all to be seen, like Canada oversees and cares for its allies and neighbours. The soft white plumage, much like the soft winter snow that falls, represents a purity. Purity that is reflected in the untouched wilderness of our forests, tundras, marshes, grasslands and more.
The bird that surveys, guards, at night, so beautiful. Yet it will, if provoked, stand up for itself and its children. Canada is much like the snowy owl.

The snowy owl is a beautiful majestic bird, perfectly adapted to our northern climate. It is a great representation of our culture.

It's wise, hardy, and stays north of the border.

Winter in Canada is normal in the lives of Canadians. Winter comes after the splendour of fall that brings the radiance of changing colours of leaves - turning from normal green transforming in yellow and later into radiant firey red. Maple tree brings the joy of the sight of changing colours as also the sweetness of the glorious syrup.

As the leaves shed or shall we say 'fall', Halloween and Thanksgiving pave way to the annual Christmas Wait - as Canadians look forward to their favourite spectacle - 'the white Christmas'. So true is the 'colour' of white that it captures all the rainbow colours absorbed within it.

Yes. Winter is very special in Canada. No vision is as mesmerizing than the carpet of bright white snow overlooked by radiant blue sky on a sunny afternoon; that slips slowly into an enchanting sunset illuminating the whiteness below in various shades of colours.

It is during these times, the majestic 'snowy owls' overlook their majestic Canada covered in glorious white. Only lucky few get to see them. They truly reign. I offer my 'Ode' to the snowy owl.

"Glorious you are;
As you reign
Over in winter;
With your coat,
Matching the glory
Of snow below."

The loon doesn't stay year round. Snowy Owls never leave. Loons are snowbirds.

i think it should be the snowy owl .. it snows alot in canada

The snowy owl is so majestic and intelligent! It is very tough and can withstand the harsh arctic winters- a truly Canadian bird!

Curious,humble,beautiful,and reminds me of the great white north colour and all

Although I thought the Loon was our National Bird, when I first hear of the contest on the radio, I thought of the Snowy Owl. Love them all, but this is my favourite to win!

I like the snowy owl as our national bird because it is majestic looking and lives mostly in Canada and all year round.

I think this should be Canada's bird. After all we live in the land of snow and ice

The snowy owl is majestic and hardy. He's level headed but fierce. He's stunning and serious. He's efficient, strong and doesn't migrate south for the winter. In other words: He's a true Canadian.

Besides, people already think Canadians are nuts and you want the national bird to be the Loon???

Beautiful bird!!

The snowy owl is truly a raptor of note. Its snowy white coat belies its vicious predatory nature. Folks, this one's for the birds.

I picked the snowy owl because he/she represents the true north strong and free as is sang in our national anthem.

This bird is more unique to Canada! They are silent and soft.

the snowy owl is a very canadian bird, with most its range in canada. It is a powerful and silent hunter and very graceful.
This beautiful owl should symbolize the bueatiful wilderness and strength Canada has.

It is a majestic bird! Canada needs a strong representative and this Owl we can respect!

Go snowy owl! All others will be eaten...

Each time I viewed a snowy owl I felt honoured.
A thrill to see one especially one in flight.
Majestic, elusive. A haunting sight with snow as the backdrop.

this bird has a range canada wide, does not leave canada in migration and as a noble year round citizen should be our national bird

What a magnificent creature. I believe this is the right bird to represent Canada.
I have had the pleasure on two occasions to see this magnificent bird and words don't seen to describe the power and beauty of this very majestic bird. It will stay with me all of my life as it was such a powerful moment for me.

I believe that a bird that is the supposed representation of Canada should be something that all Canadians can see I don't believe that I've ever seen a loon ... and that's already designated as the province bird of Ontario. As much as they like to think it ... there are other provinces in Canada other than Ontario!

The Snowy Owl is a beautiful bird that is patience and wise but knows how to protect itself in troubled times - something I believe all Canadians are capable of. It's majestic and unassuming but stands proud knowing that it doesn't need to preen in order to be seen as a force to be reckoned with.

I love snowy owls

I LOOOVE the snowy owl because of the way it looks and its colours

Good luck Snowy Owl!

I simply find the Snowy Owl to be the most interesting to me.

I choose the snowy owl because it is Canadian.
Canada is its habitat. It has snow in its name. They watch, plan and act. So very Canadian.

Owls are beautiful and wise and the white of a snowy owl represents our great white North.

The snowy owl would represent Canada with strength and pride. Unlike the other leading bird . We need something to soar with the great bald eagle and show that "our country is strong and free".

When looking at the Snowy Owl, it is hard to find another bird that has a North American habitat range that so exclusive to Canada but also covers almost all of Canada.

I feel the Snowy Owl is the best suited bird to represent Canada as our National Bird because so many live their entire lives in Canada. They represents much of what is best about Canada...Beauty - of the our three coasts. Wisdom - of our forefather's. Ruggedness - of our mountains. Character - of our people. Versatility - of our nation as a whole. The Snowy Owl IS Canada!

They are beautiful creatures that reflect not only our winter-wonderland climate but also the diversity of wildlife, and human cultures, that flourish within it.

The Snowy Owl resides in Canada year round. This majestic bird can be found coast to coast so should be considered our national bird.

The Snowy Owl is iconic because it thrives in our winters. I believe it is found almost everywhere in Canada? It is a true northern bird, strong and free!

The snowy owl is a beautiful bird!!! Nothing like going for a walk on a crisp winter's day and hearing the hoot of the snowy owl! WOW!!

One sight of the beautiful snowy owl conjures up the mystery and majesty of this northern land to anyone who sees it. It seems to thrive as well on the far northern tundra as it does on the outskirts of the nation's capitol, and is a much looked-for (and photographed) visitor every winter wherever it appears across our country from coast to coast. Its haunting yellow eyes suggest both ancient wisdom and a glimpse into the future; its unmistakeable plumage reminds us of purity as well as vulnerability--things we need to safeguard if we value who we are.

The Snowy Owl is truly a Canadian bird, preferring not to stray down below the 49th to avoid the winter and bask in the sun. He is white, large, mysteriously beautiful, mythologically wise and totally admired. Definitely my first choice.

The snowy owl thrives in the Canadian Wilderness. It is a strong and powerful bird which easily adapts to the challenges presented to it. It is graceful, active, and lives throughout Canada. In particular it is perfectly suited for our Winters.

It's a majestic and powerful bird indigenous to the North. Perfect. The problem with the Whisky Jack/Gray Jay is that the average person probably can't pull up an image of them in their mind on name alone. Snowy Owl? Easy.

The Loon would be an obvious choice, but completely boring and not exactly a Canada-only bird.

And nobody likes geese.

this is a fascinating and mysterious bird.

cool bird, like how it dislikes the heat and gos farther north when it gets hot

Owls do not have any predators, much like Canada. Owls look wise and majestic and they are a fantastic choice in representing our country.

Snowy owls are a delight to watch for in winter. They are a stoic, constant presence in my area and a sign of the resiliance of Canadian birds, animals, and people. I believe their striking beauty and unique character make them the best choice for a bird to represent Canada.

I would love to see the Snowy Owl represent us as our national bird. It represents our country well as we are made up of snow and ice in much of our area and have snow in most of our provinces several months of the year. I also believe this is a bird that can be seen in most if not all of our provinces. To pick a bird that only some Canadians can see in some provinces would not represent the majority of Canadians...

love snowy owls.

The Snowy owl is the perfect national bird for Canada as it represents wisdom, observation, patience, and pride. The building blocks and heart of any true Canadian.
There is nothing that matches my love and pride for my country as a true Canadian. I have had the pleasure of seeing this country inside and out for what it truly is and there is no better justification for a Canadian as a symbol of the Snowy owl to represent us. What makes you Canadian? A Looney? I'd be heart broken if that was the answer. I truly believe in the Snowy Owl's symbolic interpretation of grace, balance, wisdom and spirit to lift our spirits to show more pride in what Canadians really mean to our world. Owls, along with Canadians are not the king of the jungle perhaps, but sore above and beyond what may slow others down. We think of things as whole before it's broken down and outside the box before we're trapped inside. We display intelligence before we show our strength and right before we prove what's wrong.
Have you ever been asked who you are? My first response is to always say, "I am Canadian". True, strong, and free. My vote may not mean as much as the next, but I am confident in my country to make the right vote to make the beautiful Snowy owl represent this beautiful nation.

I believe the Snowy Owl would suit perfectly for Canada's national bird, it is the symbol of wisdom, intuition, and knowledge. It is a symbol that Canada cannot be deceived, we stand strong and tall and we are able to overcome anything that may be thrown in our way.

It stays in Canada most of the time, nest there. It hunts that is part of Canadian history can be found all over canada. Yes it does vacation in the USA, but so do Canadians.

The snowy owl comes to our area every winter. It is the a very human friendly bird of prey and we a always very proud of the one that picks us as its home from the winter.

There when you least expect it, majestic in their silent flight. They turn their great golden eyes on you and it's like they can look through to the soul.

This bird is only in Canada . How cool is that

Just think it should be because of it's beauty and grace as well as it's power.

a wise bird with many survival skills.

I like silent hunters.

Cheers, Greg

It's a strong, intellligent and beautiful bird. It also winters in each province and territory of Canada, which truly makes it a Canadian bird!

A beautiful, strong, intelligent bird. Also very pretty and a good "listener".

Several years ago my husband and I took our four kids on a canoe trip in Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario. On one of our exploration days, we packed a picnic lunch, launched our canoes and found the hiking trail displayed on our map. We all disembarked from our 3 canoes and started walking. Our 4 kids were between the ages of 7 and 15. The little ones soon began to feel the results of the upward climb, until one of us stopped mid-track and caused us to stop. He put his finger to his lips to stop our talking, and pointed to a higher up branch of a dead tree. A fantastic site beheld us. There, perched high up in a large branch of a tree, was a great Snowy Owl. He seemed enormous and white and so in place. He looked at us, we stared at him. We were mesmerized to behold such a large beautiful bird. Once he realized we were no threat or rather, no meal, he spread his large wings and took flight. All aches and pains forgotten, we commented, laughed at our luck at seeing such a beautiful bird, and felt we had been part of a special moment. No one complained any more for the rest of the hike, and all of us tried to espy our special bird once more. This bird should definitely be voted Canada's National bird.

The Snowy Owl sounds like an ideal bird for Canada's National Bird. It is beautiful, white, ubiquitous, quiet, and it is a survivor. It preys on rodents thus helping us keep down the population of animals we would prefer not to over-populate. It usually stays within our borders. An owl is usually considered to be wise. These are all Canadian attributes, wouldn't you say?

I think the Snowy Owl is the perfect bird to represent Canada. Us Canadians are known for our snow and to supposedly be very apologetic and snow is in the bird's name. Also, if Canada decides to put the Snowy Owl on a loony (what would it be called if there's no loon on the coin?) I want our Prime Minister Stephen Harper to waste his money on the design of a dollar instead of what he SHOULD be doing (this essay is more than likely going to be reviewed in a negative light because of that.) The Snowy Owl seems to be very white so it can blend in with the snow during the winter and go unnoticed. When people notice our national bird they'll probably go crazy which more than likely annoys the bird. Poor guy. Anyways, me and 3000+ people want the Snowy Owl to be Canada's national bird.

The Snowy Owl is truly Canadian. It makes it home in Canada. The Snowy Owl is beautiful and graceful just like Canada is to me. Growing up in Northern Ontario we had the privilege of hearing owls at night it was wonderful. I would put it right up there with the Northern Lights awesome.

I like the idea of a large and majestic bird, wise, strong - almost magical - if you have ever caught a glimpse of a snowy owl on a fence post, and watched it take to the sky. Canada is a proud country, and this should be reflected in the choice of national bird.
Lastly....I agree that emphasis on the Snow Owl as a Canadian symbol may ensure that the species thrives.

The snowy owl is a juxtaposition: peaceful and deadly. She has beauty on her side too, her iconic white feathers perfectly match our Canadian winters.

My favorite always.

Having lived throughout Canada I have seen many Snowy Owl. They are a beautiful bird as they often just sit and study there prey or rest for a peace of contentment. They are graceful and silent in flight. We live in a country where all see snow during the winter and the snowy owl blends so uniquely in our environment. They are actually fearless in their pursuit of prey but spend time observing each movement preparing for their calculated attack. As a representative of our national bird the demonstrated the strategy that our country is constantly thinking, the majesty of our vast terrain, the beauty and elegance we as Canadians are surrounded by, and our desire for peace and tranquility within a turmoil world.

Canada on the whole gets snow. I love the Canada Geese but the snowy owl is unique to our northern area.

A majestic bird, a silent hunter.

The Snowy Owl is being seen the last few years across Maine to birders delight. The Loon is an excellent choice as well. The Canada (Gray) Jay is a friendly guy. Fun. Thank you for letting Mainers vote.

I think because this owl is a northern owl, it is fitting. I used to see them often when I worked at the airport. They are majestic, powerful, wise, serene and beautiful...
They are also often baited by zealous photographers, who place rodents in open fields in order to get the perfect photo. This practice exhausts the owls, and it is just uncalled for!! Perhaps if they had the status of 'national bird', more attention would be paid to their well-being.
Thank you for allowing us to take part in this vote!

I chose the Snowy owl because it is found in all provinces & territories, and does not extend its range deeply into the mainland of the United States. It makes the Snowy owl entirely Canadian (with an extension to Alaska).

The snowy owl is a strong, beautiful bird found almost exclusively in Canada. It epitomizes the beauty of our northern climate and the perseverence of our people. Also, it honours our First Nations whose spirit IS the spirit of the True North.

Simple - wise like Canadians, every watchful like Canadians

The snowy owl is simply beautiful.

The snowy owl is a majestic bird; it is from coast to coast to coast in Canada and represents the majesty or our great country.

A magnificent creature to represent a magnificent country. Other than the Canada goose, no other bird would make other countries think of Canada more than the snowy. Loons are great, but they are mostly associated with waterways. The Snowy has been sighted all over Canada, especially in recent years and people still get so excited to have spotted one. They are a special bird. :)

One word, Beautiful!

Most magnificent all year bird. A trophy...Gerard

I believe the Snowy Owl should be Canada's National bird based mostly on it's migratory patterns. If you look at its migratory pattern, you see that it lives almost exclusively in Canada. Of all the other choices, some may live throughout Canada but migrate to the states in the winter. I think because the Snowy Owl lives almost exclusively in Canada (based on the published migratory picture), it is truly the most Canadian bird. It also inhabits the greatest span of Canada, from the Artic to the southern most point. I believe this should make the Snowy Owl the bird of choice to be our national bird!

Wide spread across the country. Very majestic. Quiet. Canadian.

I believe that the national bird should be one that is largely found Canada-wide and remains here all year round; not a migrating bird that is here for a few months.
Therefore, what better bird than the Snowy Owl.

(I am a Canadian Geographic Society member)

What better bird to be emblematic of the Great White North, eh? These raptors occupy huge portions of our northern reaches and occasionally irrupt to our southern borders across the breadth of our land. Not too common a bird but likely to be seen by most Canadians at some point in their life, these owls reflect the Canadian character. They are not demonstrative or flashy but are cold and decisive when going about their business of survival.

Beautiful animal to represent a beautiful country.

I checked almost all birds nominated and thought the Snowy Owl was the most "Canadian", as it's range stays mostly inside our borders all year. It's presence in a region is always greeted with pride and avid interest by birders and photographers. It is a useful rodent hunter, helping control a population of vermin that could easily become a nuisance.
It is beautiful, noble, strong, free, useful.
It is Canadian !

Because it represents winter which we have like 9 months of

The snowy owl typifies Canada and our winter!!

I cannot thing of a more fitting bird to be voted as "Canada's National Bird". With it's snowy white feathers and a love for the frozen north it seems a match made in heaven. For the past two winters, the snowy owls' winter invasions into Southern Ontario have made many a surprised Canadian, smile in awe and admiration upon spotting this vision in white perched on a hydro pole or farmer's fence line. In fact, my young nieces frequently spotted the same Snowy Owl in the same location day after day. One of my nieces, only 4 years old at the time, affectionately and proudly named her Snowy Owl, Marshmallow! Quite appropriate, I might add.

When many people from around the world think of Canada, it is often referred to as, "The Great White North". A National Bird that reflects this snowy wonderland, would be a natural for our Nations' Bird. Not to mention the fact that many of the other birds listed in the voting spectrum, leave Canada and fly south for the winter. One might argue..."So do many Canadian "Snowbirds". I for one feel that the Snowy Owl has a tendency to stick closer to home and closer to the Heart of Canada and therefore is a better representation of what it means to be a Canadian. Not afraid of the cold, snowy winters to stay home!

What a thrill my niece would get from seeing her beloved Snowy Owl forever honoured as Canada's National Bird. With it's nearly pure white body invoking visions of peace and harmony, the Snowy Owl also fits our Nations' peace keeping nature and I can't think of a better Candidate to fit the bill.

I live just off the western shore of Lake Winnipeg and have never seen a loon, locally. However, I have seen the beautiful and majestic snowy owl, gracing the presence of the top of hydro poles, with his partner half a mile down the road also perched atop another pole. I'm always in awe when I am lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them.

The snowy owl should be our national bird because it represents Canada and a rugged but beautiful place

Snowy owl for the win!

they are very pretty

I think that the snowy owl deserves to be Canada's bird because it represents winter and strength of Canada.

Because it is absolutely beautiful.

If feel that the Loon as our national bird is a cliché.

Hockey may be synonymous with Canada today, but it is Lacrosse that was declared our national game in 1859.

Although the snowy owl is present across Canada, it only breeds in the arctic regions. As a result, its future is tied to our stewardship of our environment, in particular our North. I vote for the snowy owl as Canada's National bird.

I am choosing this bird because it is my favorite bird and i think it should be the Canadian National bird because it is awesome. This bird is incredibly rare and therefore, making it the national bird will create more awareness about it. Everybody already knows about popular birds such as the Loon or the Blue Jay. Why not try something new and unique like a snowy owl? This bird can be found in all provinces and all territories and nt only that but the USA too. Why not represent a large number of people by voting for this bird.

For my vote I chose a Snowy Owl. A Snowy Owl represents Canada at its finest. Both Canada and the Snowy Owl are mostly white. Snowy Owls and Canadians are also both used to living in near-freezing climates. That's why i think a Snowy Owl is the perfect bird for this snowy country.

A majestic, intelligent predator, who choses to survive with the rest of us Canadians in the great white north rather than escape to the less challenging weather to the south. It earns it's place in our community with it's pest congrol and goes about it's work quickly, efficiently and silently. There are those among us in the human race, who could learn something from this bird.

Beautiful. Majestic. Intelligent. What more can be said?

The majestic, mystical, powerful, independent and beautiful like Canada

Because it is one of the most majestic creatures on earth!

I love OWLS, especially the beautiful, proud snowy owl!

I travelled to Amherst Island in January 2010 with the goal of spotting and hopefully photographing a snowy owl. I didn't expect it to actually happen. When I first say the lightly barred young male it took my breath away. I distinctly remember feeling very Canadian in that moment...bundled up in layers of clothing to buck the -30 C weather and standing in thigh-deep snow drifts in an effort to photograph this oft-elusive and so beautifully majestic bird. That day is one I remember fondly and think of often. I also saw Boreal, Saw Whet, and Short-eared owls that day (along with many other beautiful birds). If one has the respect owed these lovely animals I would encourage a visit to Amherst Island as it surely will not be a disappointment.

I love the loon but I think the Snowy Owl is more uniquely Canadian.

The snowy is a beautiful bird,moving north and south each year across our great country.
Thank you.

white like snow, a good hunter of vermin, majestic like royalty,
pretty much describes this country

A strong, beautiful, bird with intelligence, adversity, abird of silence and strength....but will be noticed if it needs too. A nation with very similar qualities. I only mentioned a few.

Snowy Owl or Common Loon!


The nicest looking bird to represent Canada and all what she stands for.

During the 2013-2014 winter season, we had a record number of snowy owls inhabiting in and around our local area: the Parker River National Refuge on Plum Island in Massachusetts. For the first time in my life I was able to see and appreciate these wonderful creatures fairly up close in a natural habitat. It was wonderful and unforgettable. They had all come down from the northern parts of Québec. They would make a wonderful national bird.
Thanks for caring.

The majestic snowy owl is well deserving of being named Canada's national bird. It stands strong, as has this great nation. However, it also has a silent beauty to it as much of the great Canadian landscape does. It is very fitting- as are many of the other choices- but the snowy owl simply IS Canadian.

I believe the snowy owl is ideal because it lives almost exclusively in Canada, and can be found in every region in Canada.

Go Snowy!

Looking at the maps provided with each of the birds, I believe the snowy owl is the only one that stays north of the 49th parallel and does not go into the United States other than perhaps Alaska making it a truly Canadian bird.

Hopefully once choosen hooefully laws can be passed to prevent baiting

The snowy owl is unique and soars with freedom; so Canadian.

I think the snowy owl is a majestic bird, that silently goes about its business. I really hope the Loon does not end up being our national bird. It is rather like naming one's child - try not to pick a name that will end up being the joke of the playground and "Loon" will not a name of which we can be proud.

the snowy owl is a beautiful, elegant bird of medium to large size, just like our glorious country. Quiet and wise, an excellent hunter and a bit mysterious is how i would describe this bird. I think it's totally befitting and great match to the people and attitude of Canada

A regal bird that's wise, like Canadians, and lives primarily in Canada (across all provinces and territories). Truly a National bird to represent us all!

I chose the Snowy Owl because it can be seen all across Canada. Also it's not a nuisance bird like Canada Geese nor is it a scavenger like the Bald Eagle. It's majestic and beautiful.

I chose the Snowy Owl because it can be seen all across Canada. Also it's not a nuisance bird like Canada Geese nor is it a scavenger like the Bald Eagle. It's majestic and beautiful.

Any one of the birds would have been a good choice. But, I think the Snowy Owl is sort of a signature bird of Canada because generally speaking it typically spends it's entire life in Canada.

The Snowy Owl seems appropriate as a bird to represent our nation - a vast expanse of snow, lakes and wilderness. The True North strong and free!

Cet oiseau est beau,fort et intelligent. Ce sont des qualités propres à certains Canadiens. Les autres voudraient bien les posséder...

Canada Snowy Owl, Canadian lifestyle.
Beauty, Grace, Scenic, Colorful, Cultured,.
Sea too sea, 49th too the Artic,
You just never know what you will see.

the national bird should live in Canada year round, the snowy does, hard to see in winter, very majestic bird

I like the idea of a beautiful and powerful bird ambassador of the Great North Canada truly is. I don't feel our 'wilderness' is best represented by birds who inhabit domesticated environments, such as pretty little songbirds. Owls are fascinating, high on the food chain, and quite personable too.

Our national bird should be here all throughout the yr. The CanadIan goose and loon are beautiful but they aren't here all yr round. To survive through the winter months is a must.
Plus these birds are through our whole country
I've even seen one here (just north of Kingston) even though I will admit I was somewhat surprised. Pleasantly surprised but surprised non the less. They are absolutely beautiful. Intelligent and be a perfect choice for our national bird.

What better bird could represent our snowy country? Plus it's found everywhere, and doesn't leave as soon as the weather isn't warm. Now that's Canadian.

We have the bald eagle to the south. A loon can't really stand beside that, but a snowy owl totally can.

Simply majestic. And it can handle the cold!

Very hard to choose as all of the top 40 mean a lot to me but the Snowy Owl has a special meaning for me.

The snowy owl is a gorgeous bird and Canada is our gorgeous country. I do also think the Canada Goose would be perfect as our national bird.. but already has Canada in its name so we don't need to as everyone knows it is from here already. Other ideas were Cardinal or Blue Jay but not sure those originate from here or are just usually here ... and the Snowy owl is still prettier than them.

I've seen many wild and captured snowy owls across Canada. I love their calls and the intensity of their eyes.

The Snowy Owl is one of the largest species of owls. It has yellow eyes and black beak. The male is almost pure white, the female is also white but with some dark scalloping. It has a wingspan of up to 150 cm.
This bird nests on the ground and is very well adapted to live north of the Arctic Circle.
Arctic foxes,jaegers,and gray wolves are some of the Snowy Owl's predators.
Snowy Owls feed primarily on small mammals such as lemmings and deer mice. They will also take advantage of larger prey including ducks, gulls, squirrels, and hares; just to mention a few.
This majestic bird is listed as a threatened specie.

Pure beautiful northern creature

This bird occurs through most all Canada.

The specy is mostly restricted to Canada which would be unique to Canada

The Snowy Owl represents the ability to survive the extreme conditions found in Canada's tundra. Not for it the relatively cushy life of most forest birds with abundant prey and shelter most of the year, it must survive in the open and endure all the Arctic throws at it. It is the quintessential Canadian!

The Snowy Owl. Wow. What a beautiful specimen of strength, beauty, majesty and responsibility.

Male, and Female hunt and share together all their food until the chicks hatch and they switch responsibilities back and fourth keeping the chicks warm. (One of few Owls that hunt during the day.)

Piercing yellow eyes pierce through the flatlands.

They are a new visitor to Ottawa the Capital City of the greatest nation on Earth.

The most gorgeous bird ever!

Wise, one of the creatures Native revere the most along with the bison, eagle[thunderbird}, bear. Strong 'spirit'! Ed.

The snowy owl is majestic, wise, and fearsome. It is endangered, so it needs to be elevated in stature. The snowy owl was once featured on the $50 bill. The loon is lame.

They are very beautiful

the snowy owl is cute looks cuddly.

I have no essay, as such, however I did give some thought to the birds that we were to choose from. I considered the Loon first, as its beauty and iconic call are set fast into my childhood, lakeside memories. The Blue Jay is also a bold and beautiful bird, but is already linked to the Toronto baseball team. I have been fortunate enough to visit the nesting island of Puffins on our eastern coast and see the creatures up close, however, the information you've provided tells me that they are an Atlantic bird only, and I feel that our national bird should be a bit more, well...national. Herons are also a graceful and elegant choice, found near the abundant freshwaters, with which we in the country are so blessed. In the end, I think the Snowy Owl is the best choice as our national bird. It is strikingly handsome and proud in appearance, it represents our northern climate and its only North American habitat seems to be within Canada. I have read that there have been increased sighting of the Snowy Owl in new, more southerly, regions of the country. Whether this expansion of its domain is a result of climate change, I don't know, but it has brought this magnificent creature into the sights of more Canadians and people seem to be excited by it. Perhaps it is time for the beloved Loon (who already has a coin, after all) to step aside for a little while and let the Snowy Owl shine. And if it should prove that climate change is affecting the habitat of this bird's range, its choice as our national bird will help to keep that important issue in the limelight.

The snow owl is a very beautiful bird to see! They love to hang out on high electric poles along they highways . I see at least 10 a year!

Snowy Owls are awesome!!!

I strongly believe that the Snowy Owl should be Canada's national bird because it is Ottawa's bird and that is where they make all the laws. Also its cool look with a black beak and yellow eyes. The reason I want the Snowy Owl to be Canada's national bird is also because it is sighted often in the Ottawa area. Secondly, it is one of the largest species of owls in the North America region. Finally, you should pick the Snowy Owl for this other statement because it has a huge egg.

The snowy owl should be Canada's national bird because the name of it is what Canada is known for, snow. Snow is what people think of when they hear Canada. Also it is the owl that weighs the most in North America. That would be cool to have the heaviest owl in North America to be the national bid of North America. It is one more pound than the second heaviest owl the great horned owl. It is heavier than the tallest owl in North America. It weighs around for pounds. Don't you think the national bird of Canada should have these cool facts. The snowy owl should be the national bird of Canada.

The Snowy Owl is a majestic animal that is truly pan-Canadian. Who hasn't had that lurch of your stomach when you see one flying by? Wow! This would be an amazing representative of Canada!!

First bird I go looking for in late fall and right through to Easter. And if it does go south for the winter, not too far south.

My vote is for the majestic Snowy Owl. This magnificent mostly white bird is a great representative of Canada. It is resident in all provincres and territories Canada,"as it breeds in the high arctic and spends the summer in the lower arctic feeding on Lemmings and then migrates to the provinces and Territories during the winter. It can be spotted during daylight hours in all provinces from Pacific coast of BC to the Atlantic coast of Newfoundland and every province and territory in between. The male is usually all white, and the female is barred as are juveniles. In our area it is not unusual to be able to see 10 to 15 of these great birds during our winters and I love to get out and look for them and photograph them.
So my vote is for the Snowy Owl

nice looking bird

We need a bird that is an exclusive to Canada.
The snowy owl is that bird.

I think that snowy owls should be our national bird because it is beautiful and it is a very beautiful animal with many traits.

It's the best

For no real reason other than I think owl's are calm and wise (not bad attributes to work towards) as well as being beautiful. The fact that the Owl is named after SNOW and we are neck deep in it right now helped me make this decision.

While I agree the Loone is a beautiful bird, I think the Snowy Owl is a much more beautiful and majestic bird.. It reminds me of our National identity, unassuming, silent but strong.i have only seen one in the wild of Canadian Foothills of the Rockies, it is as awesome bird to behold and see in real life, it is so large you have to take a second look, All the cars were stopped on the hiway with everyone taking pictures with their smartphone. You won't see that kind of reaction for a Loone! Besides it (the Loone) already has it's place in Canadian history, being on the $1 coin. Also the Snowy Owl, best represents the "True North" Strong and Free.

Win Lose or Draw it has my Vote, I hope it closes the gap and wins.

As the range map indicates, the Snowy Owl ranges to almost all of Canada, unlike some of the other suggested birds. Not only beautiful and unique, but awesome.

I would like the snowy owl to be the national bird because there cute and they can stay year round. Also you never really see them so often so it would be cool to see one in person.

The snowy owl is an impressive looking bird that is a survivor in harsh conditions, much like the founders/settlers of Canada. It quietly goes about life. It is a thinking creature.

It is a pretty bird.

The snowy owl is located throughout Canada which links all territories and provinces as a national symbol. Its name is synonymous with Canada.

i like this owl because of its wingspan its size and its intelligence and its foot i think its foot is the most amaazing thing comparing to the other birds

snowy owls are beautiful and smart and would make a great symbol for canada

Snowy owls are pretty and smart.

Snowy Owls are large in size and spirit like Canada, white like Canada's winters,
calm and serene like our prairies and mountains, powerful like our waterfalls and rivers yet peaceful and unagressive as we Canucks! The big bird has my vote.

The Snowy Owl often visits Ontario in the winter down from its sub Arctic habitat. So I feel familiar with it and simply cannot get enough of this great bird. Does NOT compare in beauty to the rather plain Gray Jay that does not leave its territory either, so I never see it.

Last year for the very first time I had the pleasure to see a few snowy owls in there natural habitat, the wild. They were sitting on top of a hydro pole at which time I grabed my camera and started to shoot. The magestic bird allowed me to walk right up to the pole and allowed me to capture him on camera. Needless what I thought would be a once in a life time experience turned out to be a monthly sighting. I also was blessed in capture the Snowy owl in full attack flight mode. It is a beautiful bird that stands with such proudness...

I just think the Snowy Owl is a perfect fit for Canadas' Nationlal Bird Project.

The word snowy can be associated with Canada anywhere in the world making the snowy owl a perfect choice as our national bird. The snowy owl is regal, attracting attention when sighted and can be beautifully photographed. While this bird breeds in the north, it has been sighted all across Canada, important for a bird that is to be a national icon. The snowy owl is not as abundant as other contenders, but neither is the polar bear and it is not as obnoxious as the Canada Goose. The snowy owl is constantly on the watch, quietly observing its surroundings, feeding mostly on small rodents which are plentiful. It does not damage our environment like the beaver...The snowy owl, owl, a perfect choice as Canada's NATIONAL BIRD!

A beautiful and majestic bird. Truly worthy to represent Canada.

The snowy owl is a beautiful bird and because Canada is a country where we have a winter with lots of snow, the snowy owl should be a national bird of Canada.

this beautiful bird should be the national bird for Canada

The Snowy Owl is a native Canadian bird. It rarely travels to the lower states and is uncommon in the northern states. The Snowy Owl braves Arctic weather and snow as its natural home - a landscape not found in the U.S. The Loon, on the other hand, can be found quite commonly in the U.S. Shouldn't Canada's bird be rather unique to Canada?

The Snowy is a beautiful, hardy and majestic bird whose presence is commanding yet subtle. There is an ethereal quality that evokes wisdom, patience, and cunning. It is a diurnal creature that nests in the ground in very cold conditions, protecting its young fiercely from predators and travels great distances across Canada. It's just a damn cool bird.

A snowy owl is perfect it shows the white snowy side were know for and the owl is a calm animal respectful even and delicate and respected not to mention gracful

I feel the snowy owl best represents Canada because at various times it can be seen east or west, or north or south.

Let's be honest it's just such a cool bloody bird!

As his winter habitat covers all areas of Canada I think the snowy owl is both the most suitable and most majestic choice

I like this Owl very much. He does so much good.

Loons are too obvious. The Snowy Owl is the best of the raptors and it has class, style, grace, and looks great in all kinds of iconography. Besides, silent flight is just sooooo Canadian -- keeping a low profile while in actuality being a pretty tough character.

While the Snowy Owl lives in the Arctic, in winter it visits the rest of Canada on an irregular basis.
It's a beautiful, silent bird. Like all owls it can rotate its head in almost a full circle.
It is totally neutral as far as its impact on nature is concerned.
A lovely bird to watch in flight or just perched on some driftwood

Canada is always thought of as a winter country.. and the Snowy Owl definitely represents Canadian winter. Look at the excitement people get from seeing them - even those who aren't regular birdwatchers - when the Snow Owl makes its irruptions south and gets spotted. That tells you its thought of as a truly unique Canadian bird.. and should be our national bird.

This fluffy bird is quite the beaut,
Let's show Canadians give a hoot.

My wife is Canadian and loves snowy owls... and the owls also have a strong import for her family. So, the Snowy Owl for me!

I voted for the Snowy Owl because it is an exquisitly beautiful bird found throughout Canada. When she flies her spreads her wings and glides, silently, powerfully and gracefully. She is a bird that is ever watchful for danger. At the same time accepting of others around her. She learns to accept humans coming closer to her with extended presence at a safe distance. The Snowy Owl is also a bird that is self reliant and can fend for itself. As Canadians we are accepting of others and their cultures. We participate in world affairs and conscientiously participate gliding with power and grace to assist others while being watchful for peril. The Snowy Owl is a bird that can take care of business as needed but who will include others into her circle.

My e-mail address says it all... I love owls!

It's an arctic bird that #[email protected]$s up smaller, weaker creatures.

This is a magnificent, majestic bird, truly Canadian complete to the snowy part. This non migratory, permanent Canadian resident deserves to be our National Bird.

I believe we need a strong bird. We are already known for the beaver, and the maple leaf, let's add to their awesomeness with the Snowy Owl.

I voted for the snowy owl due to it's beauty. It changes it colour with the season, turning snow white hence it's name during the winter.

Gorgeous bird; courageous in nature. Never a nuisance bird. A proud bird for a proud country.

An imposing bird that can dominate a territory when settled

My vote on the snowy owl is because of southern Manitoba prairie memories seeing those absolutely white owls on the poles against the white wind-blown snow of the fields as its backdrop.

I watch for the Snowy Owl on trips and always find them, sometimes 5, on a 150 km trip. A joy that makes my family's day.

I'd love to vote for Canada to have the snowy white owl as our national vote. What a beautiful bird to represent.
...and it's fitting!

This is the clear choice since it stays in Canada year round & isn't just a "snow-bird" spending the summers here.

I think that a lot of people from other countries associate the Snowy Owl with Canada, not only the North. I myself have seen a snowy Owl a few years ago in the sunny Okanagan sitting in a tree across the street right in town. It made my day!!

The Owl is smart bird, I like it.

by far the most beautiful

The snowy owl should be our bird because it is a majestic bird and because it normally stays in Canada the whole year, unlike migratory birds which stay here only in summer. The white feathers symbolize snow which is another identifying feature of our country.

majestic bird.

I have always loved the Snowy Owl, wraps Canada up in the winter snow, sharp eyed, watches the world around. Overall, I like owls.... :) - sometimes you vote for something you love to see, no other reason.

I have always known my Father to be an honest man save for an incident involving a snowy owl. One evening at a dive bar in Winnipeg, he became enraptured with a stuffed snowy owl that stood on an ill tuned piano. With a mind clouded by an heroic volume of beer and the bravado of youth, he snatched the owl from its perch on the old Baldwin and jumped ass over tea kettle out the second story window. He survived the fall unscathed and the owl is with us still. My Father is long gone, but his legacy in the form of an ancient stuffed owl remains. If the snowy owl becomes Canada's national bird, I shall name it Norman, after my Father, the man of the North.

Although other birds have merit, my vote goes to the Snowy Owl because its summer, migratory and winter ranges exist almost exclusively in Canada. It can be found everywhere in every territory and province (except the highest altitudes of the Western Cordillera). Quiet, strong and hardy, it is a great ambassador for the true north strong and free.

Much thought running thru my mind on whether to choose the Loon or this Owl. Chose the Snowy Owl as it is truely a resident of Canada.

They are exemplar of Canadian winters, and Canada's winter is by its very nature a symbol of our country; Independent, resilient and noble.

I don't have the time for an essay, I just think The Snowy Owl is more worthy than the Common loon. It already has a coin...

I'm a Canadian citizen! I chose the Snowy Owl because it spends all year in Canada, unlike some of those other part-time Canadian birds who winter in the States...

The Snowy Owl is a powerful northern bird and Canada is a northern country so they are a good fit together. The Snowy Owl when sitting on a pole or tree hunting is like Canada and Canadians standing on guard as per our national anthem. Canada is a beautiful, powerful country and the Snowy Owl is a beautiful, powerful Canadian bird.

No Essay, just love the inquisitive look and beauty of the snowy owl.

A beautifully adapted bird demonstrating superb arctic survival technology, yet knows when to take a holiday and go south to warmer and more bountiful climes. If better known, would surely be an inspiration and fellow traveller to all Canadians!

Beauty and mystery combined just like Canada at times.

Canadians can share the identity of a wise old bird the owl but not a barn owl. This owl is more refined and affectionate. Able to blend into the background, brave a harsh winter, rise above adversity and a fierce accurate hunter.

Wise and wintery. Perfectly represents Canadians in fowl form.

The snowy owl is very interesting and would make be terrific as Canada's national bird.

it's snowy

An elegant predator, a symbol of wisdom and patience possessing a northern disposition

The snowy owl is a bird of the North and nests in the tundra. It is white like snow and, in the southern parts of Canada, is more likely to be seen in the winter when most other birds have left for the south. It is one of the few birds whose range extends over most of the area of Canada and who live here year-round.

The Snowy Owl is a full time resident of Canada, and is found throughout Canada. It's a beautiful bird. What better choice?

Very pretty bird makes us all go oooooh oooooooh

Most of the birds look like eagles. America has the eagle. Most of America thinks we all live on a frozen barren tundra. Therefore, the Snowy Owl fits the bill perfectly. It doesn't hurt that it is a gorgeous bird. Consider seriously the Snowy Owl for Canada's 150th. Wow, 4724 characters left. No wonder I didn't do well with essays. These are just my thoughts on the subject.
Kind Regards,

We love to get out and photograph the snowy owls when they arrive here for the winter. They look so pretty sitting on a fence post or a telephone pole against a beautiful blue Alberta sky.

I find that having the Snowy owl as our national animal would set us apart from other nations. Having anything that remotely resembles an eagle will simply relate us too closely to Americans.
The Snowy owl defines Canada; with its ability to brave harsh winters, it's intense intelligence, it's independence, and it's strategic abilities.

I was a teacher until 2005, and my most memorable student came from China with not only little English, but Autism. He discovered the Snowy Owl, and focused on that bird for 2 years. I would find anything I could on that bird to continue his interest in English reading, writing, talking etc. When he finished being my ESL student the second year, I bought him a scrapbook which had a snowy owl on its cover. He actually had tears in his eyes when I gave it to him.

No essay, just a comment - Our national bird should be one that spends its entire year here. In my opinion, seasonal visitors don't qualify.

I am no bird specialist, I could not write an essay on the Snowy Owl. I will just say that too me, it is terribly beautiful bird, and it has a lot of "class". Certainly as impressive a bird as the American eagle. I love the look of the Snowy Owl.

What a thrill to see a Snowy Owl. One was sitting on the fence post next door one day. In all my 74 years, I had never seen a wild one, but then I lived in Vancouver, BC most of my life, probably not too many ventured to the warm south coast of Canada and most of my life in the south I probably wasn't watching for any. If I remember correctly, the Ookpik or Ukpik was very popular as representative of Canada and many cuddly animal toy Ookpiks were to be found. To quote from the archives of a CBC news show, "Ookpik was chosen to represent Canada at a 1964 Philadelphia trade show" and further, "Ookpik may make a better Canadian mascot than the mighty beaver." If it's good enough for CBC, it's good enough for me. By the way, My daughter had a toy Ookpik (spelling is from the toy, the bird has several Inuit or corrupted Inuit spellings: Ukpik, Ukpikjuaq, Oopik and more). This beautiful bird, found all over Canada at various times of the year and is one of the biggest owls. It most certainly is a Canadian bird found throughout the country, is absolutely identifiable with Canada, and deserves to be Canada's bird.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity. I admire this magnificent bird. Although I have only seen one I will never forget the strength and grace of this powerful creature. It left me in aw.

Please don't pick the loon, other countries would have a field day with that one,( those canadian loons, etc.)

Length 23" Width 52 " Weight 4 llb (1,830 g)
The Snowy Owl(tundra born) nests on open tundra. It winters in open fields or marshes, where it often perches on the ground or fence posts even in daylight. Just a week ago a Snowy Owl was seen here in Moncton New Brunswick on a post along the Petitcodiac River here.They are more active at night, hunting small rodents and birds. Solitary and one of our largest Owls.Mostly white in all plumages,face and underwing coverts always pure white.
The Snowy Owl may fly 4,000 miles in it's ongoing search for food.
The legs of Snowy Owls are covered with feathers to reduce heat loss.
The Snowy Owl's vision is superb at a distance,but relatively poor up close, so at the last moment his eyelids wink shut to protect the eyes that he no longer needs to capture his kill. His talons strike and sink deep. The next morning a wisp of blood -tinged fur will litter the rock;another day and a wad of bones and fur will be see in the snow in a forest clearing where the Owl coughs up a pellet of parts he cannot digest.
The Snowy Owl can survive for days without food.His chunky body is sheathed in fat, which he can use instead of food for energy.
His wings are wrapped with soft feathers that make his fliht as silent as starlight.
The drifting silent passage of the Owl is like the advance of winter itself,subtle yet pervasive.
In Nova cotia it'S been noted as the Crows roost at nght they are vulnerable to big Owls, so often in these territories where the Crows
roost and feed,mombs of hundreds of them will drive the Snowy Owls out.In Oklahoma, the Snowy Owls are no real threat to Canada Geese as when he approaches a large gathering of them, they 'honk an alarm' and thousands rise with an intimidating thunder of wings. The Owl turns away.
The 'voice' of the Snowy Owl:Song, a deep muffled repeated hoot brooo.
Call: A high drawn - out screem

There is something majestic, old and mysterious about the snowy owl. Interesting to see that their range, summer and winter, is largely confined to Canada. Truly Canadian.

Although many people, especially cottagers, may think of the common loon when considering Canada, it is found in a far greater area, including the United States. The Canada Goose, which would seem to be a "no-brainer", is widespread and not picky about its country of choice. The snowy owl, on the other hand, although found in small areas elsewhere, is more limited to Canada. Given its name :"Snowy", plus the fact that Canada is morst definitely associated, in people's minds, with snow, it seems the obvious choice. A magnificent bird, worthy of our respect and worthy of representing our country.

The Canada bird should be one that is unique to Canada and is here all year long and the Snowy owl fits that criteria. Although the Loon has more votes it is a "snowbird" that head south for the winter rather then being able to stick it out like most of us do.

True North Strong and free, symbol of Canada and the disappearing arctic terrain it calls home.

I have 3 snowy owl in my area , a beautiful bird

they are found quite often here in canada , only normal that we would use it as a national bird

It suits Canada's cold climate and is not a bird that migrates south beyond our border. Epitomizes what we cherish as Canadians.

Snowy = Canada, Therefore I vote for snowy owl

Ex-pat from Saskatchewan. The sight of a snow owl and its flight is amazing.

Good to vote for a bird that spends its winters in Canada.

Perfect bird - much better choice than the loon.

Over the course of my life I have lived in provinces from the east to the west coast. No matter where I have lived, I have enjoyed the majesty and beauty of the Snowy Owl. And that I believe is the key to choosing a bird that represents our great Nation......a bird that is associated with every area of our country; one that is recognized and often seen by citizens from east to west, north to south.

I would also support the loon as Canada's national bird. The snowy owl however, I think can capture the size and geography and climate of Canada

I chose this bird because it is a widespread, year-round resident of Canada.

The Snowy owl is a great choice for Canada's national bird. As a nocturnal bird with the word snow in its name, the Snowy owl perfectly captures the Canadian condition. It's cold 5 months out of the 12 and our 9 to 5 beings and ends in darkness technically making us nocturnal.

I think this is truly a noble bird that resides in all parts of Northern Canada, and deserves to represent our country.

True North Strong and Free

The snowy owl is both wise and haunting like our Northern nights. It is a bird of prey as well a beautiful adornment in the trees of the forest. A snowy owl is always 'on guard for thee.'

Love the look of this majestic bird and the white snowy colour.Beautiful looking while in flight and a great hunter.
And looks so cute when sitting in the tree sleeping in the afternoon.

The snowy owl is found in all Canadian provinces, and does not really go down into the US, which makes it unique to us in the western hemisphere.

The Snowy Owl typically means the North. Canada is the North.

Silent, Strong and Observant. The Snowy Owl represents the quiet strength of the Nation with respect for it's environment and ability to survive in harsher climates.

I would like to see the male snowy owl selected. The reason being I had a huge male perched atop our 30' weeping birch. It was marvellous to see it fly away with its huge wing span.

This bird is found in all Canadian provinces and territories and examples well the Canadian character and landscape.

The reason that I believe the snowy owl is the best representation of Canada is due both to its tendency to live in a cold climate and its inherent wisdom. All owls are known to be very intelligent and wise, a trait backed by the fact that Canadians are some of the most educated citizens on Earth. We also live in cold climates (Although I am not much of an expert on that, considering I live in Southern Ontario), a fact that further strengthens its claim to the throne. Finally, snowy owls are fierce predators that both provide for its own and remove many rodents from the woods; Canada is similar, in our fight for freedom and to remove evil from the world.

The snowy owl range extends coast to coast --east-west-North
Vey few places in Canada do not have recorded sightings .

As much as I would like the Canada name attached to the national bird like Gray canada Jay
The jay is not found in the artctic portion of Nunavut.

So the Snowy Owl surely is a Canadian representative bird.

The goose is great and the loon is cool, but nothing beats a snowy owl. It's a true Canadian icon that effortlessly manages to combine both majesty and flat out cuteness in one bird.

Blanc pour la paix, il est résistant et vie dans des zones difficile, il est magnifique et un grand voyageur.

I personally believe that Canadian geographic should pick the snowy owl to be the Canadian national bird because Canada has a lot of snow and i think it fits in allot with the personalty of our country Canada the snowy owl has allot of the great things that Canada has just like the Canada hockey team wants you see it it gone so Canadian geographic would be very smart if they picked the snowy owl to be our national bird.

The snowy owl is the most Canadian therefore the best choice. Besides, she's a damn fine looking bird.

A snow owl is an all season bird and favors are north.

Has to be the snoy owl, it is all that is canada and candians - quiet, independent but also proud and fearless in face of danger
We already have the looney for the loon so we need the Snowy Owl

I strongly believe that you pick the snowy owl to be Canada's national bird because, snowy owls are not endangered.Also, you should pick the snowy owl because they only have 6 animals hunting them. That is why you should pick the snowy owl.

The beautiful snowy owl seems to resonate Canada; in it's looks and it's nature. The stunning white captures Canada at it's best, winter time. It is incredibly adept at accomplishing everything it sets out to do. Canadians, also are reisilient, laid back but will not be taken advantage of.
For me it was between the lovely Raven and the Snowy Owl. The Raven does such good work for us and are incredibly smart, but when I look at the Snowy Owl, I just see Canada.
I have had the opportunity to see one in my entire lifetime (I am 60). That was an experience I will never forget.
Anne Wright

It was a tough choice between the snow owl and the loon, but several factors tipped me in favour of the former.

Unlike the loon, the snowy owl lives year-round in Canada and is adapted to the cold, which makes it a better representative of our country.

It stands for wisdom, but also has claws--modern Canadians (aka "kids today") sometimes forget that Canada as a nation was fundamentally forged by the violence of foreign wars.

Finally, as a raptor, it is at the top of the food chain, and so is more sensitive to everything that happens lower down, making it a bird worth paying attention to as an environmental indicator.

The snowy owl as our national bird will remind us of all these things, making it the appropriate choice.

I'm Canadian.

The Snowy Owl is a year-round resident of Canada, and its very name epitomizes the Canadian way of life. Most Canadians live in a snowy environment more than half of the year - every year! And, we endure it well, again, for the most part. I would love to see this wonderful bird become an official part of Canada's culture, the Snowy Owl is a perfect choice.

Out of all of the birds on this list, the Snowy Owl appears to reside in Canada within most regions year-round and less liekly to live south of the border. A true National :)

We are the North and should be represented as such.

The snowy owl is very wise, strong, and adapted. They handle all seasons of weather and are never shy of a food source. They are the eyes of the trees and are respected amongst the other birds much like a hawk.

The owl is distinguished and wise. It's plumage echos the landscape of the true north.

(Please, please, please don't choose the loon! Although the cry is beautiful and haunting, it would not best represent our great nation. Perhaps the connotations with madness have not been considered by those who have voted for it.)

Thank you for your consideration.

A truly majestic bird and rarely witnessed in its natural habitat.


I have seen many majestic snowy owls lately and their beauty and grace remind me of this wonderful country... plus we have lots of snow!

I really want to vote for this owl because it is really pretty and Canadian we will like to have one of those in Canada and the snow owl should win please I am begging u

Canada has some the most pristine wilderness areas of the world. Something to be proud of and hopefully keep our focus on preserving it. The Snowy Owl in all of it's glorious white splendor represents both the purity of our nation wilderness and it's fragility.

Hello-Bonjour !

I have always been fascinated by the Snowy owl, as we call here in Québec le harfang des neiges.

It survives Under the harshest conditions, weather in particular. The Snowy owl is testimony to what Canadian is all about - love of snow, spirited, and is survivor.

A bird of prey - however it is majestic... I firmly believe it truly represents Canada.

I chose the snowy owl partly by looking at the maps you provided with each bird. The snowy owl exists almost everywhere in Canada and almost nowhere in the USA (yes, I realize that Siberia has many snowy owls)...... and that is what makes it OUR bird.

The snowy owl breeds in the north - as our national bird it would help define our Arctic sovereignty.

The snowy owl is a spectacular bird! It is easy to identify. Because it is not very common to see one in Canada's south, every sighting is memorable.

Just try to outsmart this predator

The snowy owl should be Canada's national bird because it symbolizes everything that makes us Canadian. It is beautiful, powerful and courageous bird that quietly goes about it business. When you see it fly it can take your breath away. Canada and its people are a lot like that.

The loon is already the bird of the coin. The Snowy Owl is the bird of the Arctic, the largest part of Canada, and is more emblematic of this country.

The snowy owl is a beautiful majestic bird representative of Canada - our challenging Arctic and Boreal Forest climate. It is a raptor that only kills to feed itself or its young. It is a dignified intelligent bird representative of wisdom.

Canada's national bird should be found in all our provinces and territories and predominately found only in Canada. I have been photographing them for the past 15 years in the Calgary area and they are such a magnificent bird, quite majestic.

A fine and good looking bird

A true northern bird, strong and free, at home in its native land from sea to shining sea.

No other bird reflects the Canadian seasons, particularly Winter, as the Snowy Owl. It is a magnificent Canadian emblem that no other country could claim as its constant inhabitant.

I like Snowy Owl because it is such an elegant bird and is truly Canadian as it's habitat is truly in Canada.

It's territory is mostly Canadian. Enough said.

Winter, north, fluffy and discreet, that represents well Canadians in their environment.

I vote for the snowy owl, it's a great iconic bird for Canada representing our country with its vast beauty and strong talents

I just like the idea of the owl being like the Canadian. Doesn't bother anyone, minds their own business and isn't mean. They work for their food and don't expect anyone to give it to them for free.

I met my first Snowy Owl in the winter of 1951 in a farmers field near a frozen lake. I was 16 years old and was out hunting with my family. The Huge White Owl was gliding overhead in the noon sun. It was a sight I will never forget as the majestic bird flapped its wings only once... and glided out of sight. After over 60 years.... I still have a photo memory of that experience.

If we have to have a raptor, the snowy owl seems most endemic to Canada. I would still prefer the chickadee, though.

The Snowy Owl represents the true, north strong and free

Of all the birds in Canada the Snowy Owl is the most common being found in all parts of Canada

Strong quiet guardian of a territory, that says Canada EH.

I think the snowy owl should be the Canadian National Bird because it is native to Canada and it is such a beautiful bird and it it is defiantly a awesome bird g

The Snowy Owl represents well Canada. It can be found from the southern regions all the way to the northern regions. It is relatively easily seens by bird watchers and amateurs alike, making it possible to see for tourists, without being too obvious. Its flight is silent, representing Canada's calm. Its hunting skills are unparalleled, representing our nation's resilience and adaptation. Its feathers are white as snow, which covers most of the country. It is a large bird too, which is fitting for such a wide land. I truly believe the Snowy Owl is the best representative for our beautiful country. Thank you for consulting the population :)
PS: the loon already has it's spot on the loonie... time for another bird to take flight!

The Snowy Owl is such a beautiful, rare bird & would be nice as our National Bird !

The snowy owl is very pretty. I think it should win because how we have so much snow here in Canada so it just makes sense. This is why i would like the snowy owl to win!

The noble Snowy Owl is truly the national bird for us. This feathered friend of tundra, forest & coastline migrates to the furthest reaches of our country (Ellesmere Island) to raise their young. Snowy Owl's are hardy, they enjoy the cold, they eat a variety of tasty creatures and they relish "Lemming Meringue Pie"!

As a conservation photographer I have had the privilege of spending 3 weeks with an owl family to document them raising their young. You could not ask for a better symbol and member of the Canadian avian family to represent us.

This is a wonderful idea, and the Snowy Owl connects us to the indigenous peoples in many legends and tales, as well as being an iconic and truly beautiful representative of our exceptional country.

No other bird identifies Canada as well as the Snowy Owl

Snowy owl is a good and pretty bird/owl like creature

One day I looked out the backyard and I saw a pair of snowy owls in a rare appearance downtown Toronto.

My Italian neighbour told me a tale from his home country that when you see two owls together, it's a bad omen.

Within two months my land lady died at age 105. Maybe there was some truth to his belief, but it was a blessing she lived a long life on her own.

Nevertheless, I prefer to recall the time a student in kindergarten who began singing the sound of an owl as I approached her desk. She asked me if any one told me I looked like an owl. I took it as a compliment. Years later, I still recalled her comment.

In sum, I love owls because they are smart, beautiful, rare and represent a part of God's glorious Canadian country. No matter what religion or background we can all enjoy the rare beauty of the snowy owl in Canada.

In my opinion, Global warming will affect all northern birds and their southern migration will intensify. In Ontario we will see more and more raptors and owls descend in Ontario as their native land melts. We need to protect our wildlife and make this bird our national pride.

The Snowy Owl is appropriate as a national symbol; majestic, mysterious and well adapted to our long winter nights.

A true Canadian, the snowy owl is quiet and unobtrusive in the world, yet plays a powerful environmental role in it's domain. Located in every province and territory, this magnificent bird is admired by all who are lucky enough to see it.

The habitat of this distinctive bird is Canada-wide from sea to sea to sea. The Snowy owl is emblematic of Canada's place as a northern country, and is therefore a well-deserved choice for Canada's National Bird.

The Snowy Owl is one bird that stays here and doesn't fly south to the warmer climates. It's a survivor and can coop with the climate. It's also a beautiful bird.

The snowy owl stays with us all year round in Canada and is seen in almost every province. In winter, as it comes south to the populated areas, it keeps our rodent population down and looks so graceful atop telephone poles. Its white, layered feathers keep it from freezing and the white represents our long winters in Canada. Loyal even throughout the depths of 40 below, it is our reminder of wilderness and the vast distances we have that it flies across.

My vote goes to the snowy owl. Stealthy and graceful, this beauty does not flee south at the first sign of winter weather, but remains in Canada year-round. We may not see them very often but when we are able to catch a glimpse everyone always take pause to watch, whether it's silently flying through the forest, or scanning the ground from a roadside signpost.

I have always loved the snowy owl. It looks so clean and majestic.

The Snowy Owl truly represents Canada - the true NORTH, strong and free. It is not found in great numbers elsewhere in North America, and because it hunts in the day time, it is seen more often than many other owls. It shows how tough it is that when it goes "south" for the winter, it doesn't go to some warm climate, but sticks up here in Canada, even though it's cold and snowy. Unlike many suggested birds, it is not on the brink of extinction, and so should be around for many decades to come, for all to see.

This bird is white, like most of Canada for 6 months in the year. It winters here, lives off the land, beautiful and majestic. Everything Canada is, this bird is.

Well the Snowy Owl is recognizable in every province & territory, it is totally Canadian in every shape & form. Cheers

I think that this an amazing bird. It has a beautiful look to it. I think it is a great choice for the National Bird Project

The snowy owl really only lives in Canada, all the others basically are shared with our neighbours to the south.

I wasn't prepared to write an essay to accompany my vote for Canada's National Bird so, I will offer a statement instead.

It is my opinion that the Snowy Owl is Canada's most iconic and majestic raptors. With plumage reflective of it's True White North heritage and soulful eyes, this beautiful owl immediately tops of my list.



The Snowy Owl is ever watchful, silent and proud, yet a skillful hunter. They are seen throughout Canada and live here all year long. What better bird to represent Canada than one that is recognizable immediately by young and old, no other bird resembles the Snowy Owl.

Beautiful Bird. We only see it in the winter in southern Manitoba. It just sits and meditates on the hydro poles. It has a calming effect on me.

No hesitation in my choice. Those piercing yellow eyes and the white feathers represent Canada to my way of thinking

This should be a "No-Brainer" the Snowy Owl captivates what it is to live and survive in this great country before it was created and up to this day through hard work and perseverance no matter what the weather, odds or obstacles. Nothing more needs to be said.

Year round bird found across Canada.

The snowy owl is a magificent bird. And to me the snowy white owl is synonymous with the great white north. Its powerful, silent and beautiful.

I have spotted these gorgeous BOP in our area and find them rare and fascinating, their majestic presence overwhelms most people and having the opportunity to sit and watch them was a moment to remember, I think the loon is a good choice for representing Canada however we have paid tribute to the bird on many other items that display our country proudly, the Snowy Owl would be a wonderful candidate as they are small in numbers

Snowy Owl's range in North America is almost entirely in Canada. Perfect!

They look so beautiful and majestic and live in Canada year-round.

The Snowy would make a great Embasetor as they are found thougout our vast country at some time in the year.

For me, the Snowy owl symbolizes the beauty and majesty of Canada. I've spent a lot time photographing your wonderful county.

I saw them all the time growing up in Thunder Bay ... up very close once. An appropriate bird ... but may give visitors the wrong idea (ice and snow). ;^>

It's range encompasses most of Canada.

I think that the snowy owl signifies winter in the north. This hardy bird that is perfectly camouflaged for the winters in Canada. Its eyes alludes to intelligence and constant vigilance. The animal can be seen in icy Labrador or in urban areas just outside of Ottawa.

I feel the Snowy Owl represents the great white North as our National bird.
Canada is a Northern Nation & the Depiction of the Snowy owl defines our Nation as a Northern predator.
Snowy Owl gets my vote for Canada's National Bird hands down.
OH Canada !!!

Truly a national Bird and beautiful.

Majestic presence.

I strongly believe that that snowy owl represent very well our national bird. I will never forget the first time I saw one gracefully perched on a post. Then went on in the air and dived down to get his prey. Wow!

just a beautiful bird representative for the country and great white North

Beautiful bird and what more can we say about Canada...wise & snowy!!!

The Loon is lame. The Goose is international, really.

Mom! Look! Right over there! It's a SNOWY OWL! After you've read this essay, you would want to vote for the SNOWY OWL as the NATIONAL BIRD OF CANADA. Today right now at this very second, there is not a lot of these beautiful birds are still living on earth!

These birds are as cute as a Arctic Hare and as soft as pillow fluff. I know if you are able to come to look at all of these essays, you will be willing to give your vote to this interesting and in dander end animal. I've never seen one my self in real life but I get this incredible feeling that is unstoppable and it's trying to tell me that the snowy owl is some how strongly connected to me and everybody for real. The first time you see one, you would fall in love with it and immedeitly change your favourite animal to the snowy owl. After a while you might change it back but it would steal your second place.

Did you know that this animal has seven names! So it will be extremely cool if you joke your friends around saying all these names and still all these words mean the same! The seven names for this owl is Snowy Owl, Arctic Owl,Great White Owl,Harfang,Tundra Ghost Owl, White Terror Of The North and last but not least the Oopik. This type of owl has bright yellow eyes and large sized body! They have striking white plumage and they camaflage into the snow very well. And that's why it's named the Arctic owl. It's actually also named the Arctic owl because they live high up north with the Inuits. It's named the snowy owl, beacause the owls feathers is as white as the fresh fallen snow.

If your interested in the HARRY POTTER series of books, you might want to vote for this one. Do you know why, I bet you know. Harry Potter famouse feathered companion. Did you know that the poor Snowy Owl's IN DANGER! So if you vote for the Snowy Owl, and the Snowy Owl becomes the NATIONAL BIRD OF CANADA, and it could get distenguished from the world!!!! But if he/she becomes the National Bird, it's spirite would still be there and would still be living on this world, in this country Canada!

I truly wish that you could vote for the Snowy Owl as the national bird of Canada so it wouldn't leave the world for ever.

Thank you for reading.

The Snowy Owl is beautiful, strong, majestic bird, and is an obvious best choice. Unlike the bald eagle it is not a scavenger, so you don't go to the Landfill if you want to see one. Unlike the Canada Goose and Common Loon it does not fly south to escape Canada. It lives in our country all year long. We already own the Canada goose, that why it is named the Canada goose, and as majestic as the Common Loon is, it isn't in Canada long enough to qualify for Canadian health care. And as for the Loon, if Loon isn't bad enough reference then surly the name Common must offend? Maybe the Grey Jay, but only under its better known name, the Whiskey Jack. But that would cause too much confusion among the worlds ornitholigists I fear. Yes it must be the Snowy. But of course there will need to be a significant transfer payment to Manitoba for the rights since it is the Provincial bird of that province.

I would like to see the Snowy Owl as the National Bird. I believe it well represents every province and the great north as well. It is a majestic bird, highly intelligent, a wise hunter, with perceptive hearing and vision. It is prudent too. I have seen it care for it's family and each time I have seen this owl, I am awe struck and I marvel at the power in it's wings, as it flies above. It is a bird, worthy of this title."Our National Bird". Lastly, it remains here year round and it is a survivor.

I like the idea that this bird stays in Canada all year round.

Symbol of OUR northern country status.
Large Raptor.
Silent. Fearless.
Magnificent to observe.
Lives in ALL provinces and territories.
Already Quebec's 'National' Bird.

(The loon is already overdone and is not very interesting!
The Canada Goose is becoming a national embarrassment and is a filthy, cranky pest.)

I like it because of its shape and feathers and i think that the snowy owl is a nice representation of Canada.

They rock, plus I'm seeing more of them in my area. This is probably not a good thing, something must be wrong with where they were.

The Snowy Owl is awesome!

He is the epitome of THE GREAT WHITE NORTH! Quiet, intelligent and strong.

I think we need a bird that signifies strength, survival, and has persevered over the harsh Canadian climate. Something that stands proud. The loon is boring.

They are cool.

When I was in grade 3, I wrote an essay on the Snowy Owl. I wrote that it could see for millions of miles. It can't. But the Snowy Owl is still cool.

During the early 1980's I lived, worked and traveled throughout the western Arctic and fell in love with this sometimes harsh, barren, and majestic part of our wonderful country. The people are warm, caring and welcoming and the mysterious creatures of the Arctic have always fascinated me especially the winter white ones - polar bears; arctic terns, hare, ermine, foxes and wolves; ptarmigan; harp seals; gyrfalcon and of course my favorite the snowy owl!
Snowy owls are the largest bird species in the arctic with the females being larger and heavier than the males. These winged predators are among the largest species of owls with wingspans reaching 59 inches in width. Snowy owls are white with brown spots and bars. Females are usually darker with more markings than males. Young snowy owls are darker with more marks than adults. Snowy owls have piercing bright yellow eyes. The scalloped black-edged flowers of the Snowy Owl slowly disappear was winter sets in, making them almost entirely white. Snowy owls are closely related to horned owls and have ear-tufts, but they’re small and usually tucked away, so they’re not noticeable. Their legs and feet are covered in white feathers that protect them from the cold weather.
Snowy owls live in open tundra, from sea level up to about 300 m elevation. They also use salt grass meadows and freshwater wet meadows, especially for hunting. When food is scarce, snowy owls travel south to warmer climates in winter. The best winter habitat is in the Great Plains, and is similar to the tundra where they breed. In the winter, they can also be seen in villages and cities, and in marshes and on dunes. Unlike most owls, snowy owls are mostly active during the day (diurnal).Known to be nomadic, snowy owls adapt to variations in prey availability, sometimes living below the Arctic Circle for access to good hunting areas. The Snowy Owl primarily preys upon lemmings and other rodents as well as larger mammals like hares, raccoons and marmots, but will also eat juvenile ptarmigans (a species of grouse) and other birds. While Snowy Owls have few predators, they have to defend their nests fiercely against arctic foxes, corvids, dogs and gray wolves seeking eggs and vulnerable young.
Snowy owls are solitary and territorial and the males defend a territory during the breeding season. Males defend a territory during the breeding season. They vocalize and use certain postures to defend their territory. When a lot of food is available, territories are small because a pair doesn’t need a large area to hunt. When there is not much food, males defend much larger territories. During the winter, females defend hunting territories. Snowy owls are also migratory. Unlike most birds that always migrate north in the spring and south in the fall, snowy owls seem to migrate when food becomes scarce. Their migrations are difficult to predict. Every four years or so, many snowy owls fly south into the northern United States during the winter. This probably happens in years when lemmings, their prey, are scarce farther north.
Though they are usually found in the arctic, every few years, snowy owls spend the winter much farther south that the arctic. Snowy owls normally live their lives in the endless summer sunshine and perpetual winter darkness of the high Arctic. Every four years or so, many snowy owls fly south into the northern United States during the winter. This probably happens in years when lemmings, their prey, are scarce farther north. For reasons that are not fully understood, snowy owls come flooding down from the north in a phenomenon known as an irruption. Smaller irruptions happen every few years, but once or twice in a lifetime a mega-irruption occurs, when snowy owls show up much farther south, and in vastly greater numbers, than usual.
Last winter, 2013-14, was one such extraordinary event, the largest irruption in the Northeast and Great Lakes regions perhaps a century. Snowy owls were reported as far south as Florida and Bermuda.

The Snowy Owl
the mysterious Raptor from the north and comes and grace us with their presence, now the second year in a row we have been delighted and eager to search them out. Not a sound it makes when it flies from place to place.

After trying to get pregnant I saw my first snowy owl driving home from work. I knew at that moment I was pregnant. It was such a rare sighting. I took photos and a crowd began to gather. I now have a little girl and did her room in snowy owls. I do believe it is her totem. It's such a majestic beautiful bird. My little girls name is Lukaya and she is our little snowy owl.

Although the Snowy Owl is primarily a northern species, as the climate warms in the Arctic, we can expect to see more of them further south. They stay in Canada all year long and have to thrive in harsh environments - an admirable trait>

Owls r cool.

Its the best choice

The Snowy Owl is such a special bird for those of us in southern Canada. We see these majestic creatures only rarely and are sometimes like last year rewarded with an irruption that brings many juveniles to the south seeking food. They are clearly hardy, adaptable, persistent and beautiful, all appropriate Canadian characteristics.

About 20 years ago, it was a very cold winter, and we had 5 Snowy Owls hunting rabbits near where I worked. Sadly, several were shot and one was hit by a car. They were beautiful and magnificent, and we should appreciate their existence a great deal more.

I love owls but never lucky enough to spot one in the wild. But I know they are there slowly silently watching me from above, I am here for all seasons just like you are, I wait just like you for the first signs of spring, I will bring up my young here watch them fly to their independence here, for this beautiful land is my land to I call it home.

I'm giving my vote to the Snowy Owl because its territory is almost exclusively in Canada. We've only had the chance to see them locally in the past few years here, but they are magnificent birds. They don't call attention to themselves, but definitely attract it. The Gray Jay resides mainly in Canada but doesn't really stand out. I love chickadees, but as a national symbol, not sure they present the desired image. The yellow-bellied sapsucker is striking in colour, and lives fairly far north, but the name doesn't quite do it. The loon is not exclusive to Canada. So, the Snowy Owl for Canada.

It's character kinda representing Canadians' sprits. Snowy and beautiful. Anti-cold, brave. Just love it.

I like this bird the best.

It's beautiful!

No essay, just wanted to point out that I'm a Canadian living abroad!

I think it represents our great big country because of it's size and the name. Also the Snowy owl does not migrate.

The Snowy Owl is such a beautiful bird, with a range covering most of Canada.

We have seen the snowy owl in our subdivision here in Ashton just west of Ottawa. It was swooping low chasing a prey and look very impressive. On checking the habitate and range I saw that this raptor has habitat in all regions of Canada and is not shown with any appreciable range at all in the United States. My vote for the Snowy Owl is based on what I have personally seen (a beautiful bird), that it is in all (mostly all) parts of Canada, and is not shown at all (but scant areas) in the United States. The Snowy Owl appears to be a true Canadian bird, living and loving what we have here in Canada!

The snowy owl helps symbolize Canada's international reputation as an Arctic nation. Moreover the species is threatened in our nation and would benefit from the attention provided as a National Bird.

The loon seems like the obvious bird of choice. But making the snowy owl our bird will perhaps help us pay attention to the plight of our northern climes in the wake of climate change.

The wise, majestic and strong Snowy Owl would be the perfect Canadian bird!

The snowy owl is a majestic animal that deserves to be our bird. It flys gracefully throu our skies and should be recognized as our nation animal. It symbolizes our grace, our power, and our skill. They are deadly predators and by choosing this bird, it will symbolize our strong fighter side that's not afraid to fight for our beliefs and rights. Join me now, as we welcome the snowy owl as our national bird

It came down to two birds the Loon, which has my heart and the Snowy Owl whoooo won out for location, loction, location ~ Canada!

I think this would be a good choice because it is a bird that can be seen all across the country.

It is a fantastic bird that lives in all areas of Canada - I have seen the owls both in Ottawa and in southern BC. It is such a treat to see such spectacular birds.

i had thought I would vote for the loon, but it is too common to North America. In reading about the snowy owl, it is truly indigenous to Canada. My first sighting was on my backyard fence in a suburb of Toronto. It is awesome, silent, magnetic, powerful, and ranges across the whole country including the Arctic.

It is a magnificent looking bird, a (near) apex predator and rare.

When I worked on the DEW line in the Arctic, I saw many Snowy Owls. They are a beautiful, graceful bird, and very efficient hunters.

Snowy for our colder climate and the owl is intelligent, resourceful and very beautiful. The snowy owl has always been my favourite bird!

I like the idea of the Snowy Owl being pretty much a Canadian bird. It does not live anywhere else, with the exception of a little bit in the US. I believe this to truly be a Canadian bird, worthy of the distinction and recognition.

When thinking about a National Bird for Canada, I think about a bird that is found across this great expanse of territory. Coast to Coast to Coast to Coast. (Yes, I include the Great Lakes as a fourth coast).
That is the Snowy Owl.
Also when thinking about a National Bird, it needs to reflect our national identity. Canadians are wise, thoughtful, and love all seasons. The Snowy Owl is all of these and changes plumage to enjoy all seasons (Canadians don parkas or sandals). And what better bird to reflect our identity than one that can turn it's head all the way around? It's a Canadian trait to look at an issue from all perspectives. I vote the Snowy Owl for the National Bird of Canada.

Of the top contenders this is the sole bird that has a truly Canadian range.

The snowy owl represents our Canadian winter. He is majestic, beautiful, and powerful.

When I was thinking "National Bird" this was NOT one I would have thought of. But, when you see that their summer and winter habitat is almost entirely the whole of Canada and ONLY Canada (except for some northern US states), it just makes sense that this bird should represent our country.

My first time seeing this beauty snowy, hardy and majestic bird whose presence is commanding yet subtle. There is an ethereal quality that evokes wisdom, patience, and cunning. It is a diurnal creature that nests on the ground in very cold conditions, protecting its young fiercely from predators and travels great distances across Canada.

The most amazingly beautiful bird, the majestic Snowy Owl is the most emblematic of our country!

Snowy owls inhabit nearly all of Canada at various points in the year, making it a truly national species. Like Canadians, they thrive in the cold of the north - quietly strong and fierce but full of majestic beauty.

I was walking along the Seine River when I saw something white. My Husband said it was a grocery bag but I knew better I grabbed my cellphone put it on camera and started snapping! I got close enough where the owl turned looked at me and flew away! I posted the photos on Facebook and friends were impressed with the flight pictures I was quick but the owl was quicker!

Nothing seems epitomize our country and the realities of our seasons than the Snowy Owl. This creature has adapted over the years to not only survive but strive in harsh conditions of winter in the most northern areas of our country.

Its a testament to the Owls relevence as a national bird in that its migrational area enompasses almost our entire nation.

Truly a bird for all of us!!

Spent a day on a weekend with freezing rain, doing a survey of these birds. We found 24 altogether. They are a strong silent type of bird - more contemplative than raucous...impressive in stature...wise and exist in fairly tough conditions. Perfect to represent Canada.

They look majestic!

The snowy owl portrays what Canada should be represented at an international scale. Large, majestic and powerful.

It is a majestic and unique bird to Canada. Simple as that.

Majestic, wild, independant, snowy, northern and visits the US in the winter to escape the worst cold weather.

Snowy Owl is one of the only animals exclusive to Canada, and as a Canadian exclusive bird, it is incredibly rare to find in the wild. birders across the globe would have to come to Canada to find the Snowy Owl. It is a beautiful creature. Anything that can be found any where else in the globe (especially in the United States) would represent a bad image for Canada's national bird, and Canada's pride. As a nation, Canada needs to represent itself as a sovereign country already, apart from the rest of the world, especially the United States. This is why we need a bird exclusive to Canada, and nothing would befit that so well as the Snowy Owl.

The national bird of the United States is the bald eagle, even though there are more of them in B.C. alone than in their ENTIRE country. I don't want that to be the case for our national bird. We need something that's relatively exclusive to Canada, and that is also fairly widespread and very recognizable.

The snowy owl fits all those criteria. They primarily reside in Canada, while most other birds are common across North America, or migrate across it every year. Their unusual white, spotted colouring is sort of iconic to winter scenes and is very easy to recognize, even for young kids. It's basically the perfect mascot for our country.

The snowy owl would make a beautiful national bird for Canada. The snowy owl is majestic and a symbol of wisdom, A magnificent figure of strength and power yet projects an aura of kindness and love.

Many of the birds on the list would make wonderful choices but as an avid birder I have to say that none exemplifies us as well as the snowy owl.

Despite how much I can associate with the call of the loon on our northern lakes and the caring nature of these birds as couple and parents, I believe only the snowy owl can be deemed to be truly representative of us and as such our chosen bird. Other than Alaska, the snowy owl lives and breathes only in Canada and Canadians need to respect that.

owls are wise and they are the top of their food chain and they stay in Canada they are Majestic and all knowing silent observes of all in this great natural landscape
E we call Canada

it is a wonderful, elegant bird, white against our winter snow. Reflects our climate in Canada

It is a silent, stoic, powerful, beautiful bird. Kinda like Canadians.

Awe-inspiring bird, LIVES HERE.

DoesNotHaveArthritisInHisNeck... :)

Okay, this was the first bird on the list for choosing. But to have the Snowy Owl is the best choice for Canadas bird.
What are the two most cliche things about Canada?
The snow, and the snow.
Of course the one physical feature is that the Snowy Owl is a majestic white colour.(Side note: this text box wants me to correct the spelling of 'colour', that's not happening!) Like all owls they are swift and silent fighters, with amazing accuracy.

The snowy owl is so majestic.

Seeing a Snowy Owl, in my opinion, is one of the most magnificent sights one can witness, when driving along many country roads in Canada in the winter, and sometimes even in the Fall and Spring.

Therefore, I choose the Snowy Owl above all others, to be Canada's National Bird. The Common Loon is already Ontario's bird.

L'harfang des neiges représente l'hiver il se retrouve partout au Canada et ce, toute l'année. Il demeure aux aguets grâce à ses grands yeux et ses serres sont fermes, aiguisées.

Why there is nothing in french by the way aren't we in Canada?

They are so badass and beautiful!

Snowy owls are badass and beautiful- and so is Canada. It's a perfect pairing.

Le harfang des neiges est un oiseau rapace magnifique qui vit sur tout le territoire du Canada tout au long de l'année. Que demander de plus pour être désigné oiseau national.

Le harfang des neiges est un oiseau rapace magnifique qui vit sur tout le territoire du Canada tout au long de l'année. Que demander de plus pour être désigné oiseau national.

Not that they deserve it, but goose, loon and beaver all have jokes and derogatory connotations associated with them, whereas the snowy owl is graceful, beautiful, powerful and associated with wisdom...

very majestic, truly Canadian bird.

Snowy Owl’s Wisdom Includes:
Power of Stillness
Practical Elegance
How to Be Warm in Cold Places
Using Strategy to Your Advantage
Finding What You Are Searching For
Traveling the World
Knowing the Gentleness of True Strength
Waiting for the Right Time to Take Action
I believe Canada to share the same traits as the snowy owl. A beautiful white bird for a beautiful white capped country.
P.s the loons traits are nothing like Canada's nor is the Canada goose they are vocal birds bullies and very territorial.

Known and seen across Canada in every province and winters in the south ...of Canada. Spends summers along the shores of the Arctic ocean yet comes down south to visit when we are complaining about the cold and snow. It might call us "southerners' a bunch of whiners while it enjoys the comparative warmth of southern Canada's winter. A great bird to represent the Great White North, the Snowy Owl!

Le choix etait assez difficile a faire car les oiseaux "chanteurs" se font de plus en plus rare et ca...c est extremement triste.
Je suis a la campagne depuis 2001 et la difference de ceux qu il y avait et maintenant, inquietant!

Regal, strong, and beautiful. This creature best describes our beautiful country. Fierce hunter, defender of his home and so magnificent, nothing takes the breath away like seeing one glide towards you on its silent wings, spread as wide as a man stands tall.
Just like Canada, regal, strong and beautiful

Go Snowy Owl Go

Because it's a beautiful bird.

I love birds especially water foul an the martins and swallows that take over my out buildings all spring/early summer. However besides the wonderful abundance of birds I do believe that the snowy owl or common loon rank highest. The national bird should reflect our character if that is possible and should be present in all provinces and territories sometime during the year.

Of course there are so many candidates notwithstanding the raven and crow.

Parce que c'est l'oiseau le plus majestueux et qui correspond tout à fait à l'image du pays.

Chosen on the basis of its range. Almost entirely lives its life in Canada.

Un oiseau fier & majestueux, courageux pour combattre nos rudes hivers et observable à la campagne et même dans les grandes villes.

Puisque cet oiseau demeure toute l'année au Canada, cela en fait un bon candidat.

L'Harfang des Neiges est un oiseau d'une beaute indescriptible, rien n'echappe a ses yeux. D'une blancheur immaculee avec des petites zones ombragees, il represente bien le Canada qui se revet d'un manteau blanc enneige pour des mois!

Je pensais que le harfang des neiges était déjà nommé oiseau national du Canada. J'étais donc dans l'erreur. J'espère donc qu'il le sera pour vrai...

je trouve cet oiseau très majestueux et très représentatif de notre pays d'est en ouest

Les harfangs reviennent nous voir dans notre campagne, année après années. Je crois qu'il serait un bon symbol pour le canada car il niche dans le grand nord et passe l'hiver au sud du pays.

Le Canada étant un pays nordique, je choisis un oiseau dont la couleur (le blanc) et l'habitat (la neige) reflètent notre nordicité. De plus, demeurant au Canada l'année durant et dans toutes les provinces et territoires, le harfang des neiges(Snowy owl) reflète bien le Canada.

although I agree with Dr Bird on much of his reasoning for the Gray Jay, I have to go with my gut and vote for the Snowy. Firstly, it is beautiful but in a very dignified way, and secondly, because it is a resourceful, adaptable hunter, something that is emblematic of many Canadians. It is not territorial, but travels independently to where it must for food and territory. And, it has killer eyes.

I want to give this majestic bird a shot at winning over my Second choice the fabulous loon

I believe the Snowy Owl is the proper choice for Canada's national bird, unlike the the loons and geese this beautiful bird has the spirit to hang around and endure the winter and not tuck tail and head south to warmer climes for the winter.

Pour un pays nordique comme le nôtre, l'harfang des neiges est le symbole ideal pour representer notre plus, il est tres beau.

Oiseau majestueux que l'on peut voir d'un ocėan à l'autre au Canada. Son plumage représente bien nos hivers canadiens.

It's the only bird of the lot that's specifically found mainly in Canada (with a few locations along the border within the US only). It's the only truly "Canadian" bird of the bunch.

As compared to the common loon, which is found across the US, and in fact, is already the state bird of Minnesota.

Quite plain and simple. Of all the birds on the list, it's currently the only one that's represented from coast to coast to coast (except for a portion of BC's interior mountains) and is almost strictly a "Canadian" bird (as opposed to the rest which are found either regionally or are commonly found in both Canada and the US).

Compared to the current leading candidate, the common loon, which is found in the US as well as within Canada, and is already the state bird of Minnesota.

Beautiful bird....just like our beautiful country of Canada.

A magnificent bird with us all year round, does not migrate.

The snowy owl is a majestic and beautiful bird. The snowy white feathers is reminiscent of the north climates.

I had the pleasure of seeing these beautiful birds out in the wild. It's an experience that will stay with me.

The snowy owl is found in all areas of Canada.

As much as we need a strong bird, we are a middle power and it is too presumptuous to try to pick a bird equivalent to the Eagle, such as our southern neighbours have. The 'loon' potentially has negative connotations of being 'loony' and the Canada Goose is an annoying bird, and not something we might wish to be our representative. The 'Snowy Owl' is a beautiful and majestic bird, powerful yet not known for being overly aggressive, yet it represents what we are known for...our cold, snowy land, and beautiful despite it all.

The Snowy Owl is a resident of Canada from sea to sea to sea. It is identifiable by both the birding community and the general public. It is attached culturally to Canada's First People's. It usually spends the entire year in Canada.
It bears a strong resemblance to words we as Canadians are very familiar with "the true north strong and free".

Can we please have one national animal that is actually majestic and inspiring? Not to mention a bird that is widely recognized and distinctive. The only reason anyone outside of Canada has heard of a loon is because of the loonie, and they all just kind of laugh at that. For once, can we just pick something respectable and, dare I say it, cool?

Parce qu'il reste toujours au Canada.

I chose the snowy owl because it is the only bird in this group that is exclusive to Canada

In a contrary nature, I would like to suggest that the Turkey has been Canada's national bird. In Native lore this bird is known as the 'give-away' eagle and that has been the Canadian political head space for too many decades. We seem to believe that our primary resources are endless and should be given away the royalties on our oil is pittance compared to Norway we still ship unprocessed logs off to Asia like there were old growth forests in every valley LNG and fracking is being financed on the backs of tax payers prime farmland is being eagerly sold to the highest bidder who often live in other countries, and many Canadians don't even vote. We have been, up to date I believe, worse than a bunch of dumb Turkeys.

So it would be wonderful to have the Snowy Owl as our new national bird that would inspire us collectively to be more intelligent, to blend in sustainably with our lands and support our ecosystems by hunting out the 'varmints'. A symbolic bird to encourage us to adapt to change, to find other energy/food sources when one cycle goes down. An awesome, beautiful, careful hunter as this Arctic raptor would be uplifting and exhilarating as a northerly wind blowing out the grey clouds of winter inversion.

The winner should be largely a Canadian bird that s found n every province and territory. It should also be a majestic bird. The Snowy Owl fills the bill.

I think that the snowy owl is the one for me.

They're awesome, thats all you need to know.

A bird that is beautiful, intelligent, mainly silent but intense in its desire to do its job.

Such an amazing bird, wise, I think so.
What are they telling us?
I would like to know!

I love this magnificent bird. I've seen them in the winter trees around Calgary. I like that their territory so closely defines Canada.

I voted for the Snowy Owl because it's a primary resident of the North and Canada, it's a regal, showy, beautiful bird, and helps keep rodents in check. Both the Canada Goose and the Common Loon are mostly summer breeding residents of Canada. Most of the other resident birds of Canada are less well known than the Snowy Owl. I have seen many Snowy Owls in Barrow and Prudhoe Bay , Alaska, and at Boundary Bay near Vancouver, BC, so their range is quite extensive across Canada. Thank you, Dick Hahn

The wise owl is very majestic and elegant just like Canadians ...

Snowy owls are majestic hunters that represent all of Canada and that season we know so well.

This owl is so typically Canadian. It lives well in our diverse climate, represents our vast expanse of natural areas, it's powerful yet subtle, has a majestic image, and oh and it gives a hoot!

Majestic and found in most part of Canada

Snowy owls are so majestic and beautiful. They hunt at night and use those great big eyes to see their prey. Love that they have white feathers

There is nothing quite so magnificent as the ghostly flight of a snowy owl. Their stately almost magical presence inspires a sense of awe in anyone who is lucky enough to see one of these beautiful birds. Unique to Canada, they are representative of our northern identity and preoccupation with all things winter.

Clearly must be the Snowy Owl.

Its northern range, presence in all provinces and territories, representative of the winter - yet a year-round resident of Canada, perseverance, cunning, power, pride, wisdom and all-round General Coolness that' makes it a most suitable, stately, and uniquely Canadian counterpart to the Bald Headed Eagle of the U.S.

It also has very cool foot feathers.

The loon? We all love it too, but, come on, it has already been recognized on our coinage, and its name also opens the door to too many deriding comments or jokes. And it takes off in the winter. It bails! Not truly Canadian.

It was a difficult decision. I almost went for the loon or the Canada goose (obviously) but their habitats are more in the US. The snowy owl can be found throughout all of Canada and not really anywhere else. Gotta have a bird that is primarily a Canadian resident!

Of all the birds the Snowy owl is the most unique to Canada and they seem to thrive in the north which makes them Canadian indeed.

I feel the snowy owl would be a fantastic bird to represent Canada.
They are one of the largest owls just like Canada is one of the largest countries and are found in northern provinces during winteI again like canada being one of the most northern and coldest countries in the world.
they are a bird of prey but they don't have the aggressive look, let's say like an eagle or a hawk which most dictatorial or military active countries seem to prefer but a more calming yet alert demeanour, ready to defend itself or it's nest. They hunt for food only when necessary, but are one of the most fierd birds when defending their nest. Like canada. Under orders of foreign war commanders Canadian troops were ordered into suicide missions (vimmy ridge, ww1) , (dieppe ww2) to take positions vital to ending the wars. With so many losses canada still prevailed only because of the fear foreign troops had of Canadians troops. The snowy owl is a beautiful majestic looking bird and in my opinion would make it a great candidate as Canada's national bird.

Frank .

The Snowy Owl can be found across Canada, including the North. It is majestic, beautiful to watch in flight and strong. Not to many other birds, as lovely as they all are, are found across the country. The Snow Owl represents Canada.

This is a difficult choice - since I also think that birds such as the whippoorwill should have been included as a choice - if only to possibly help protect the species.

Having said that, the Snowy Owl is a fine representative of Canadians - for their resilience, their adaptability, and their graceful presence (in general -) ). I'm glad to see Canada will finally have a National Bird - let's hope it does us justice & vice versa. Good luck!

The Snowy owl is a very beautiful bird and stands out as very Canadian

The Snowy Owl is only found in Alaska as well as Canada. It is the only bird that spends most of the time here. Most others leave for the States or elswhere for the winter.
Joy Lertzman

The snowy owl is a beautiful creature that represents Canada.

Age 10

I believe Canada needs to have a big, majestic bird. Snowy owls meet that criteria for me. They are magnificent.

Other birds just aren't as impressive. My second choice would be the loon, but that is based more on familiarity with the bird and how much it is identified with Canada ... mostly because we carry it on our currency.

Snowy owls all the way... we are the true north, strong and free!

As a child growing up in Southern Ontario, I can clearly remember the first time I saw a snowy owl. It was in a maple tree on the street I grew up on. We were very close to an open field where the railway station and roundhouse yard had a large open area. I remember the neighbourhood kids and I hopping around with excitement in the dark of the early winter evening. It was around for several days. The presence of the owl has always been with me in my imagination, throughout my life. This is truly an iconic bird!!!

Most of these essays will convince you to choose their bird they voted for, give all the qualifying features for the bird, why they should be chosen. This may be a similar one but it will be meant to give a thought. Why stick with the common and well known just because it's comfortable to the majority why not go with a bird that is diverse, not so common, even endangered. Let's protect something that's worth protecting.

The Snowy owl is spread across all of Canada at one time or another during the year. It has made it presence known in the southern part of Canada much more in the past few years. It is a magnificent bird and it's color and markings make it easily recognizable to almost everyone in Canada. It would make an excellent candidate as the national bird of Canada!

Beuatiful bird that represent the north strong and free! It is in all provinces and territory in Canada and does not go much into the United States.

This is the best bird to represent our Country.

Thank you!

The snowy owl should be our national bird because it is remarkably recognizable and can be found across the vast Northern expanse our of country. The Owls change colour through the seasons which indicates they adaptability to their environment. Also, their babies are very cute and fluffy!

We love trees, horses, beavers, hockey and just about anything else in the snow you don't live in Canada without loving the snow eventually! Not only is the snowy owl majestic and representative of our country, it's also kinda a bad ass not to mention thanks to JK Rowlings and the HP series, snow owls are probably the most popular species of owl in the world why not add it to the list of awesome things from Canada

I absolutely love snowy owls. They're a beautiful sight to see on cold edmonton days.

I have enjoyed watching the Snowy owls visit us in southern Ontario. I like how they are all white, and how they represent the Arctic.

The Snowy Owl is a magnificent bird. It is strong, quiet and efficient, like many Canadians. This bird is worthy of the title Canada's National Bird.

I'm a Canadian living in the US. This bird represents the resilience of Canadian wild life.

Oiseau majestueux, le harfang des neiges observe les alentours de son poste, à la recherche de proies. Patient, il attend qu'un animal se risque à découvert pour s'envoler et fondre sur lui en silence.

Smart and tough, just like how we perceive ourselves ) Unlike the loon, who only spends its summers here, the GSO resides here year round.

It's a beautiful bird.

We vote for a snowy owl because 1, they should get more honour on our coins and symbols, and 2, this amazing bird controls mice population from crops in winter so that the crops have a better chance of growing in the summer! Also, this bird has excellent communication and eyesight and is a contributor to the balance of nature . Overall, this beautiful bird should be our national bird.

these magnificent birds are uniquely Canandian and great representatives of the Northern reaches of our country, my vote is strongly for the Snowy Owl.

Tres majestueux cet oiseau représente a non avis a la fois un symbole de puissance et de beauté comme notre pays.

It lives in Canada all year long it is a true northerner.

It is also used as the symbol of the Canadian Forces' Command and Staff College, in place of the owl associated with Athena used by the British Army Staff College at Camberley.

Il reste avec nous toute l'année, on le voie souvent et il est magnifique

The first time I ever saw a Snowy Owl was in the mid-70s while driving west to Corner Brook on a very snowy night. Our headlights caught the owl perfectly as it flew past our windshield and it was a majestic sight. This is truly a Canadian bird of great tenacity, beauty and strength.

This owl represents our Arctic heritage and wisdom. It is a beautiful Canadian species.

Nothing is more magnificent than seeing one of these birds perched in a tree or gliding over the landscape as though a protector of these Canadian lands. It would be a wonderful symbol representing all people of Canada!

Goes without saying...snowy Owl is a truly Canadian bird, while the common loon and Canada goose spend a great deal of time exploring all of aborts America! Great example of the Canadian '"snowbird" but not of a Canadian icon... Snowy Owl it should be!

Canada,"Our lady of the snows," deserves a symbol representative of our national aspirations:wisdom, endurance valour and justice. In mythology the owl has long been associated with wisdom and other admirable qualities as described in the following excerpt from WikiPedia:
"Minerva (Etruscan: Menrva) was the Roman goddess of wisdom and sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy. She was born with weapons from the head of Jupiter.[1] Jupiter had sex with his sister Metis and impregnated her. Fearing that their child would grow stronger than him and rule the Heavens in his place, Jupiter ripped the child from her womb and devoured it and Minerva was born from his forehead. From the 2nd century BC onwards, the Romans equated her with the Greek goddess Athena.[2] She was the virgin goddess of music, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, and magic.[3] She is often depicted with her sacred creature, an owl usually named as the "owl of Minerva",[4]"
The silent flight of the snowy owl over long distances through the darkness of winter testifies to its discretion as well as its ability battle the elements to endure and even thrive in one of the harshest environments on earth, evoking virtues associated with the Roman goddess, Minerva, and the Greek, Athena.
For these qualities and for its unmatched beauty and grace I nominate the magnificent Snowy Owl as a symbol worthy of our great country.

Birds have been an integral part of my life since I was a child having just left the city for a rural life with my family. Birds were everywhere. The colours and sounds moved me to pick up a paint brush. i new then at the age of 8 i am an artist. painting is still now at the age of 57 my raison d'etre. No I'm not a nature artist, although birds still sneak into my work.
My interest in this project comes from a recent direct t experience with a snowy a owl that had an inner effect on me. One very early morning, the sun just rising as I was driving to work. I was enjoying the sun rising on my right when I caught out of the corner of my left this enormous white bird flying along the side of my truck. it looked at me with it's luminous yellow eyes, turned a sudden right so it was in front of me then a left so I was following him ( it had the distinct black bars indicating it to be a male). Then I noticed the true size of him, his wingspan at least ass wide as my pick up truck. As suddenly as it appeared it was gone, straight up. A ghost. I was touched by a noble creature in flight. This is my vote.

Nothing says Canada like snow and the snowy owl is a majestic example of Canadian wildlife that thrives in our harsh winters. Snowy owl, majestic hunter of the Canadian north!

the Snowy Owl is both beautiful and graceful while being an adept hunter and predator. Few other birds can represent strenght and grace as the Snowy can.

It is a large bird (and we have a large country). It is white, quiet and yet lethal. Like Canada, it stands on guard and watches over things. Not a flashy bird, yet strong and magnificent. It inhabits all of our territories and provinces and lives in the coldest climates. A very good representation of our country!

Oiseaux blancs de pureté et de sagesse, qui impose le respect.

It is a beautiful animal and it's calmness (except when hunting)... there's nothing more to be said.

Wise, often solitary in view, amazing listener and hunter yet blends in with our often frozen, beautiful landscape!

This bird is so serene and majestic looking.

The Snowy Owl, reminds me of what I feel about Cacada. Strong, beautiful, regal, thoughtfully, pensive, and stead fast.

The Snowy Owl is a very Canadian bird. It's summer and winter ranges cover all of Canada. And for the most part is only Canada. A beautiful bird with clean lines. Also quite powerful without being overly obvious about it.

The cry of the loon, how can you get any more Canadian than that.

The bird is the true symbol of how we adapt to the changes around us .

The Snowy Owl is a perfect fit. This bird can be found in most Canadian provinces most really does make perfect sense.

Excellent choice. Seems fitting.

It is a beautiful, majestic, powerful hunter.

I first saw a Snowy Owl 43 years ago. It was sitting on a fence post no more than 20 feet away.I was in awe of this bird and have been since that day.There in my opinion ,is no better bird to have as Canada's National Bird.

Wisdom, precision, strenght, patience, elegance, stealth.
This Owl is the gentleman of birds.
On top of being a beautiful creature, it represents everything we should aspire for as a nation, and most importantly, as human beings.

I spent quite a few years in the Boy Scout organization. During my time in Scouts and while living on a Canadian Radar Station in Moosonee Ontario, we were out for a Saturday hike in the early fall, around 1969. As we walked along we came around a bend in the trail where, standing on the side of the trail, we met up with a full grown Snowy Owl. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and it appeared totally unafraid of us. We stood within 4 feet of this magnificent animal for the better part of an hour while it just calmly watched us through it's big beautiful eyes. I have never forgotten it. A fitting representative bird for our great country!

Common Loon is basic, owls are not what they seem

Owls are so majestic!

The snowy owl is the one bird that is in evidence throughout the whole country.

It was very difficult to choose just one bird to represent a country as varied as Canada. We have climates that range from Mediterranean to tundra, with remarkable avian species that survive in them all. My choice was for either the iconic loon, with its haunting call that we all recognise or the elegant snowy owl. I finally chose the snowy owl as it can be seen in a few more environments than can the loon. One has to be near water to be able to see the loon but the owl can be seen in the forest, the prairie and near water.

Snowy Owl is a natural for a country that is virtually snow bound for half of the year. They have a quiet, refined air of dignity about them and a devastating stealth attack profile.

Great bird for representing Canada

I've always loved all of the images of the Snowy owl that I've seen via our Canadian (and National) Geographic. My father has a lifetime subscription to the magazine and I've always been interested in stories / images around our Canadian wildlife.

This bird stays in Canada all year round winter and summer.

The loon is a too obvious choice since. Being associated with the loony, it sounds silly and is associated with money. Though the birds are beautiful, I think it is a poor choice to represent us nationally. Snowies are way more fun. They symbolize wisdom and the north.

Thank you for this opportunity, I love the snowy owl can be seen across all of the provinces and territories

The Snowy Owl is majestic, quiet, regal and stoic.

One of our largest birds, the Snowy Owl is Canada's stealth fighter. He does a superb job in keeping down small animals that would otherwise overpopulate the areas in which he has his range. This is also a very beautiful creature and I, personally prefer raptors to bottom feeders like the loon.

Coolest. Bird. Ever

Wise and calm but with a subtle yet unmistakable strength and majesty. No stranger to the cold and barren Canadian Shield yet just as familiar in a forest across the land.

What could be more beautiful, and more Canadian? Readily identified, and found throughout the country, and is present in Canada throughout the year, the Snowy Owl is one of the most exciting of birds to see. It seems unfazed by human presence. It is not a provincial bird (as is the loon). It is large and imperious, but not pushy, a fitting type of bird to represent our country.

Great white northern magnificent bird.

I have lived in the Yukon, British Columbia, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. As an avid outdoorsman, the Snowy Owl is one of the greatest creatures known to Canada. The owl has been seen coast to coast and is revered by all.
A survivalist hunter, taking its prey easily and swiftly. Majestic in its movements and its colouring. Not easily seen as they are creatures of disguise. When observed, no one can deny its beauty and strength, much like our Nation of Canada.
There is no better bird to represent our great country, nation wide.

The snowy owl typifies the Canadian Geography and peoples better than any other bird.

Just pure, clean and super majestic ... Have you ever seen one in -30c weather in high winds just sitting on a pole ... shimmering feathers and all in the wind ... Like nothing, just sittin there watching you like nothing ... Just gorgeous ... And besides all that the owl is the greatest hunter bird of all fowl, by far ... With that talent by itself and notoriety, it definitely deserves the hallmark of Canada's national bird for sure (y) ... No other bird comes close.

I think an owl is a great symbol of our resiliency in the cold, and its stoic nature that Canada exemplifies. An intelligent and beautiful creature, it would represent our nation well.

Unlike the loon it is not common! And it's range keeps it North(Canada) a true representative of Canada!

should be a predatory bird of any kind or a goose or loon.

I would really like the Snowy Owl to be the National Bird I am very fond of owls mostly because of Harry Potter, but also out of all the choices, I have seen Snowy Owls the most

All birds are beautiful, majestic creatures, but many of the birds pictured are also seen in other countries, especially the United States.

The snowy owl would make a great national bird because it represents the North. It is strong, it is striking, and it is extremely intelligent.

Plus, let's face it...snowies are cute as hell.

Snow Owls are truly a Canadian bird. They live in the north and will come south in the winter months.
I vote 'No' to the Canada Goose.
Just thought I should get a NO vote as well. )

The very best choice without question!

In a country almost synonymous with winter, there is something symbolic about a Snow White bird. The snowy owl is found across the whole country, and projects strength and confidence.

The summer and winter range of this bird is almost exclusively within the existing borders of Canada and encompasses all provinces and territories.

The Snowy owl is the majestic raptor of the true North strong and free. It has to deal with a types of environmental diversity and conditions in the arctic and sub arctic regions.

In my opinion, the national bird should be a species that is at once found over most, if not all of the country and found rarely elsewhere. For that reason, as well as its beauty, I choose the Snowy Owl.

Le plus BEAU!!

The snowy owl is such a bird or quiet majesty, silent and swift. it represents the stealth of Canada, the cold days and the wonderful friendliness we are know for. It is pure beauty.

It's beautiful it's white as snow it's Canada!

Such a beautiful strong distinguishied bird. Myth-filled Sweeping

The loon already has the loonie. The snowy owl is an epic animal. Common guys, easy choice.

As the range exhibits a very Canadian Bird.

Snowy Owl, Snowy Owl
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Snowy Owl!

I went camping in junior high school and we were sitting on rocks next to the water and behind us were heard some westling in the woods, I turned around and it was a snowy Owl, it was the most beautiful thing I ever seen.

The snowy owl represents Canadian culture in many ways , it is majestic like our land ,imperial and dignified like our people, breathtakingly beautiful like our way of life. when one spots a snowy one feels like a gift has been given it never fails to uplift the spirits (kind of like our national anthem ).

Bird of Prey=strength. Beautiful. Embodies the true north. Strong and free.

I first saw this bird when I was about 7 years old in mid winter in Lambton County.
It was sitting on a fence post and wouldn't let me come close.
He flew off and I was impressed with his gracefulness and silence in flight!
The snowy Owl is a magnificent bird.

Hearty, calm & composed. Great Canadian attributes!

What better avian representative could there be for Canada than the Snowy Owl, a bird of considerable proportions and majesty, that never truly migrates south. To see one is an awe-inspiring experience.

My son, Alexander, really wanted to vote for the Snowy Owl.

It's found everywhere in Canada (all provinces & territories)and virtually nowhere else, except for parts of Alaska and a very small part of Greenland.
I considered the Common Loon, but it already has its own coin. I also considered the Canada Goose, but it's all over the place outside of Canada and I'm tired of cleaning up the goose poop they leave all over my cottage property!

I voted because the Snowy Owl represnts Canada and it's cold winters very well. They are also very cute.

Sticks around all year like most of us, quiet but tough, stately, beautiful.


beautiful, a survivor in a harsh land.

A truly northern bird, just as Canada is a northern country.

Owls are awesome. much greater then a damn loon. and horrible grammar is par for the course.

I remember that the Ookpik was very prominent in 1967 when we were celebrating Canada's 100th birthday. The Snowy Owl is so iconically Canadian. I love the fact that it stays in the winter (doesn't wuss out and go south.) I can't think of another bird that approaches the perfection of the snowy owl to represent our nation. It has Canada's beauty, size, strength, determination to survive and something we aspire to, wisdom. I completely agree that while the loon is lovely and well loved by Canadians, it isn't as uniquely representative of our northern country, (being very common south of the border). The Snowy Owl couldn't be a more perfect choice for us!

The snowy owl is a truly Canadian bird. It's found in every province and territory, and its own territory doesn't extend much further south than Canada's southern boundary.

A northern bird found coast to coast to coast - strong, beautiful and snowy, just like our country.

the range of this bird as well as its white majestic beauty suggest canada to me

This is really the most beautiful bird we have, its resilience his the best representation of our Nation.

Any bird that winters outside of canada is disqualified. This tough cookie winters in the subarctic!

I settled on the Snowy Owl because Canada and snow are synonymous. Loons have their image on a coin, Blue Jays have a baseball team named after them, other birds aren't seen in every province or territory. Snowies win!

Noble, strong, free

It's the best bird and the loon can't win

The snowy owl stays with us year round no matter the weather. One has to admire that.

A true Canadian winters in Canada.

I had a wonderful experience a few years ago.
While at BC Children's hospital, I went on an afternoon pass with my mom to Boundary Bay. We had heard that there were some snowy owls there and wanted to see if we could spot one. So we drove down, parked the car, and eagerly got out with the hope of seeing even one owl.

We were amazed.

Dotting the beach, only 50 meters or so away from us, were over twenty snowy owls. They were quietly resting, with the occasional ruffle of feathers or turn of the head that served to remind us that they were indeed real. My mother and I were in awe. Just half an hour ago, we had been surrounded by the endless bustle and noise of a hospital. Now, here we were, at a quiet bay surrounded by these quiet yet noble owls.

It was magic.

The Snowy Owl is one of those birds you see and pretty much only see in Canada.

Just love it...and saw one one day and it was stirring on my eyes...they are part of us

It is a most stunning and impressive bird. It feels like Canada when you admire it. It's intense, smart, tough, beautiful and although Canada is not the only snowy country in the world, it is certainly one of the most. The snowy owl will represent us well as proud Canadians.

They are a beautiful, majestic bird with a range covering most of Canada. I believe they would be an excellent bird to represent our wonderful country.

The Snowy Owl is resilient and represents Canada as the Great White North.

The two times I've seen a Snowy owl up close in the wild I first heard the sound of a kitten crying. I followed the sound deeper into the woods and instead of a kitten saw the white owl. Others have told me that the Snowy Owl does not make kitten sounds, but I know different! This owl is magnificent and keeps to the northern part of NA for the most part. I also love the eagles and the hummingbirds, but if we are choosing a national bird let us choose one that doesn't also go south.

I think that Canada's National Bird should live here year round. There is also something very majestic about the Snowy Owl.

The snowy owl because it is a true northern bird and it can change with the seasons.

A prime example of Canadian hardiness.

A national bird should be just that- a creature that lives across the country and makes its home in that country at all times of the year. Canadians are loyal, enduring, strong, quietly effective and I think this bird is a good representative of those values. Concerning other possible candidates,I think loons are incredibly beautiful but they migrate- they don't stick around the entire year. Ravens are amazingly intelligent, playful survivors but they are commonly found in other parts of the world [wait a minute, that's like Canadians who love to travel, remember the 70's?] My other choice would be the blue jay, found in all seasons and provinces, clever, prudent savers, beautiful, initially raucous [like Canadian sports fans] but showing an intriguing range of language and vocalizations when you get to know them, similar to our very diverse population.

A bird found in every province and territory but whose home is in the far north of the continent just like us.

Our country is filled with snow. What a perfect place for the Snowy Owl.
I am 8 years old and love Snowy Owls!

Beautiful creature, wise, economic and silent in flight, a perfect representative of the true North.

I think the Snowy Owl is a perfect fit for our National Bird. They are a majestic very beautiful bird. When I think of Canada I see the Snowy Owl. They represent our true Northern Frontier. They make you feel truly Canadian at heart. This bird needs to be our Symbol.

All birds are beautiful and special. The Snowy Owl population is growing and it truely represents Canada. Loves the cold!

I have only seen one in my life, but it was spectacularly beautiful, like Canada.

The first time I saw a Snowy Owl, it was in a field in the middle of winter. This huge white bird looked so majestic. It just looked at us with its big eyes and it seemed to be saying sorry for interrupting our walk.

I have had only one encounter with a Snowy owl many years ago but it was something I will never forget. I was walking my Old English Sheep Dog around a frozen lake in Ontario when she disturbed it from the marsh grass. It rose from the ground in front of me and I watched until it flew out of sight. What made the hairs on the back of my neck jump to attention was the lack of sound. So eerie and beautiful to see and to realise that a bird that size has stealth capabilities, it took my breath away. My dog "Old Boot" never even saw it!Mother Nature certainly knows her stuff.

Owls are like flying Dinosaurs.... Who doesn't like flying Dinosaurs?!?!

Quiet, thoughtful, intelligent (at least looking) and the white coat all represents qualities Canadians value.

Canada has always represented the 'Strong Silent type'. Anyway we could graft the Red Tail Hawks tail...oh never mind.


Snowy owls are majestic, mysterious and bring to mind images of tough Canadian winters.

Doesn't beg for food and gets the job done when it shows up - the Snowy Owl!

A majestic bird that represents the best of Canada: beautiful, large and confident.

Was not aware of this mission until today, Would always have considered the Snowy Owl my choice, but believe it or not I have been watching one since around Xmas and see "him" most mornings at first light. Beautiful bird and certainly my choice for Canada'a national Bird.

I believe that Canada's National Bird should be one that reflects the culture of the country. The Snowy Owl is strong and resilient. It does not leave Canada in search of warm weather but battles the elements. The Snowy Owl is strong, patient, beautiful and wise, just like Canada. For those reasons I think the Snowy Owl should be Canada's National Bird.


A great bird representing the true north

Snowy owl endures and thrives in the coldest
weather of Canada, as we Canadians do.

An Angel in our skies.

There shouldn't be an scroll down option for "country" when voting on Canada's national bird.

Beautiful, majestic, and symbolic of wisdom.

A strong elegant bird that "stands on guard". Powerful, represents the snow of Canada but the quiet intelligence as well. I think this is a wonderful choice.

The Snowy Owl.
What an amazing adaptive animal. Able to range huge distances from northern latitudes to southern climes.

Its silent ability to fly and hunt is astounding.
Majestic, strong, capable, dedicated, proud can all be used as descriptors

Truly Canadian bird

The Arctic Tern is a strong contender, despite its few votes: look at its range: ad mari usque ad mare coast to coast to coast. But the extent of territory of the Snowy Owl, plus the noble features noted by others win the day.

We ice fish a lot here in the winter months.. That means we drive out to the lake everyday.on our drive we play the game of *who* spots the most. It's amazing we have seen as many as 6 in a 10 mile radius! To me, they are a northern bird and I think a great national bird.

The snowy owl is appropriate as the symbol of Canada as it is around the country year round, eats vermin and is kept in the dark. It also looks a lot smarter than it is.

Epitomises the country, can change and adapt to our climate.

The Snowy Owl is the only bird meeting all the criteria I consider important. It is found year round in every province and territory. Of all the range maps, it maps most perfectly onto Canada, and only Canada, overall. While the spruce grouse competes well on this criterion, it cannot beat an easily identifiable bird of prey, with its awesome capabilities and majesty. The symbolic meaning of owls varies but my (admittedly cursory and non-scientific) review suggests both modern Western culture and native American culture agree they symbolize wisdom. (Interestingly, Wiki says the Finnish word for "idiot" is the same as the word for "owl". They have claimed the Whooper Swan as their national bird.)

The Snowy Owl would be a beautiful and fitting symbol for Canada. It is native to this country
and reflects wisdom.

The Snowy Owl is very representative of Canada with "Snow" in its name. The Snowy Owl is also found in every province and territory and is a very majestic looking animal.

If Canada is going to vote for a National Bird, I think it should be a northern, vicious and wise bird.


It's a beautiful bird, also dangerous, like Canada. As being British, I support Canada and if any bird should represent Canada, it should be beautiful like the country, but vicious too, like the people who stand for it.

So, Snowy owl is my kind of bird. Not much of an essay but hey, Snowy Owl. :)

A beautiful bird that represent our northern country well.

It's a Canadian Icon
It's found all across Canada
It's a symbol of the North
It's a bird of prey on top of the food chain
(True North Strong and Free) Sums it up!

Wisdom, beauty, strength and the spirit of the north all come together in this magnificent bird.

Our Snowy Owl is as far as I am concerned on of the most beautiful birds in North America. With it's gorgeous yellow eyes and full white plumage, it's ability to blend into the landscape is amazing.I'ts camouflage while hunting for rodents is number one. It has even been seen as far south as Dundas Ontario.

The Snowy owl is elegant, powerfull, and can be found in every province and territory.

Meets criteria for Canada's national bird.

I like snowy owls.


I think the snowy owl is the most Canadian bird, because unlike other species it's habitat is nearly inclusive to Canada. This means any one wanting to see our national bird bust come to our great country to see it.

The only bird which lives almost exclusively in Canada. Majestic and strong, coexisting harmoniously with the world.

I will choose the Snowy Owl but am disappointed that the Canada Goose is not in contention.

A beautiful creature!

This Majestic and imposing bird scared the heck out of me and my friend Kenneth when were where in our teens. We were walking along in our usual trail in some overgrown unkempt bush in S-E NB on the coast. As we were just walking and chatting along, the Snowy Owl suddenly started flying towards us from one of the tall leaf covered bush, we never saw it until the loud flapping of his wings startled us. He never attacked us or anything, but he actually flew towards us gaining flight and coasted above us mearly meters away as if he was either showing off his beautiful species or just plain wanted to scare the crap out of us, of course we were probably the ones who scared (woke) him from his shady perch. I was never aware of the size these Owls can get.

The snowy owl is primarily Canadian and covers most of Canada !

The Snowy Owl speaks to the spirit of Canada in many ways, it is a majestic, formidable creature with mythical and spiritual connotations that are understood in both Aboriginal Culture and global cultures. It is highly adaptable, especially in extreme weather conditions and has an incredible ability to survive, travelling vast distances in order to hunt. They vehemently protect their young from predators and their beauty and majesty offers a glimpse of an ethereal presence that supports the heart of Canadian culture.

I'm voting for the snowy owl because it can be found in every province and territory of Canada, and because lives in Canada all year long.

The Snowy Owl is unique to the north, beautiful, and a hunter. It says "Canada".

It lives in Canada, from coast to coast to coast.

Snowy owl can only be outdone in this competition by a bird that would have the ability to sing like Celine Dion or score goals like Wayne Gretzky!

For my first job as an animator I had to move up and live in Sudbury, Northern Ontario. While there in the evenings and nights on my way home, I would occasionally be blessed with seeing the majestic Snowy owl. This powerful bird glided silently through the air with great resolve and grace. Seeing this bird swelled up my Canadian patriotism to the levels of when I sang 'O Canada' for the first time at my Canadian citizenship axeptance ceremony. This bird flying just felt like Canada. A bit irrational but it totally felt this way.

So to sum it up this bird has all the needed symbolic qualities that apply to modern Canada. It has brains(Snowy owl is fairly intelligent bird)Canada has rational foreign policies.
It has power. Canadian Military Stands tall and strong in fighting for freedom around the globe.But at the same time it isn't overly aggressive as say our neighbours' Bald Eagle to the south from us.
It is very polite in that its feathers are barely making any sound as it flies. No one gets annoyed or disturbed! (Well im sure mice are not crazy about it, but thats nature red in tooth and claw for you Eh?!)Oh and did I mention the obvious fact that it has SNOW in its name?

Snowy owl all the way!! Eh?

I live in Southwestern Ontario, and I have seen a great increase in the number of snowy owls over the last year. A rare and majestic sight, these birds are a spectacle to behold. Once, driving on an early January morning on a back road, a magnificent Snowy owl swooped right in front of the truck and scooped up the carcass of a squirrel that looked to be pretty recent roadkill. Any rare bird sighting is reported at the dinner table at home, and it is common for dad to stop the truck when he drives just to watch a bird fly. That habit has transferred onto me, and there is no bird more amazing or worth the stop than an owl.

A bird of prey that's so pretty and quiet that you might almost forget that it's a natural born hunter. They blend in perfectly with their territory, and it's something special if you ever get a chance to see one. They live throughout Canada, and they even live in the far north during the winter.

How perfectly Canadian. Unassuming and purposefully inconspicuous, yet powerful and excellent at what they do.

When this magnificent bird changed its annual migration route to return every year to Boundary Bay we were blessed. Climate change and a reduction in the lemming population have made these owl's something to behold and protect. Each owl carves out its own territory on the beach and the dykes.

The most distinctly Canadian of the choices, as most of the others also range far and wide through the United States as well.

Such a majestic creature!

Most beautiful species of owl, also the owl has a long standing reputation of being a beautiful species

I have seen a snowy owl.

They are big,white and beautiful!
Just like our country!

Snowy owls are wise, majestic creatures. They are fearsome to behold, and yet carry a serenity unmatched by any other airborne creature. There is no better choice for Canada's national bird than this God of the northern skies.

Love the snowy owl, magnificent birds!

We do not need a silly Goose as our National bird. Owls are King.

I propose that the Snowy Owl be ed as the National bird of Canada. It is hardy, it is quiet, it is a polite bird that is unimposing yet strong with resolve. It has no enemies. It thrives in all seasons and watches over the land north, south, east and west with patient eyes that see all and ears that hear all.

Emblematic of the Arctic tundra, it escapes the brutal winters their by spending the cold, dark months not in a sunny and warm climate, but the the marginally better prairies and fields of the southern parts of Canada.

The Snowy Owl represents:

Patience, Perseverance and Wisdom. It does not force it's ideals on others nor does it follow the group. It is the Ideal bird to represent Canada and uniquely "Canadian". Silent but effective! The snowy Owl has been here longer than Canada... maybe we should ask them?!

Yes, I realize this species is Quebec's provincial bird. Perhaps we can work a deal to share the species as both a national and provincial bird, or Quebec will kindly agree to adopt another species. Either way, the Snowy Owl is big, white and a show-stopper wherever it appears. It nests in the arctic and sub-arctic, an area becoming ever more important to Canada and to the rest of the world partly as a consequence of climate change, and it frequently occurs at different times of the year in every province and territory, though not necessarily every year.

As the world's second largest country by geography, a country with legendary long, snowy winters, this species seems to me to reflect both our geographic size and our typical winter landscape colour. The white also is one of two colours in our flag.

Any bird that, like Canada, turns white in winter has my vote.

It seems to be the only bird that lives almost exclusively in Canada, summer and winter - and all over it.

A gorgeous bird that, like Canadians, changes its outerwear drastically from summer to winter.

Downside is that few folks actually see one - but, hey, Canadians are understated and can be reclusive too.

When living in Winnipeg, the highlight of winter drives outside the perimeter was to see the brilliant white bird perched on a roll of hay or fence post.

I see that it is already the provincial bird of Quebec - hmm, don't know if they would feel robbed or vindicated if all Canada adopted it as the national bird. Probably some of both so it would spur continued dialogue and argument over the merits of confederation! Perfect for a Canadian bird.

Please, the Snowy Owl.

I vote for Snowy Owl because it mesmerises me. The Snowy Owl should be our National Bird because it is truly Canadian and ALL OF CANADA is its Habitat. We should not vote for the Loon because it is already Minnesota, USA's State Bird.

The bird of Wisdom, noble, strong, still, and a mystical experience. When snow blankets the land, all is made pure again the blemishes and rough parts of the earth are as one beneath the harmony of white snow.
The Snowy Owl is a perfect symbol for all of Canada.

I do prefer the photo in the Globe and Mail, is friendly and beautiful - looking.

The Snowy Owl is a beautiful, majestic bird, easily recognizable for its white plumage. Owls have long been known as symbols of wisdom and intuition, quite suitable for a national emblem. Its habitat includes every Canadian province and territory. Our national bird should be one that every Canadian can eassily identify, and find in or reasonably close to their neighbourhood.

I like the snowy owl because they are majestic and found throughout Canada.

This should be easy, this bird is Canada, lives in Canada, it does not go anywhere else. Its range is Canada. Its big just like Canada. Snowy owl is smart, graceful, and beautiful bird.

Seems appropriate to have a bird with snow in it's name, also owls are deemed to be wise and observant kind of reflects our Canadian way of being.

I believe that the snowy owl should be our bird representative because they hunt in silence, at night and are an apex predator of sorts. Like Canada we are a silent partner in many of the happenings of the world but we make sure that the ecosystem we live in stays in controlled chaos.

We need a strong bird.

One of the most beautiful, graceful birds I have ever watched. To be able to watch this bird with its wings spread gliding across the snow looking for dinner is a great site.

The snowy owl is beautiful, graceful and unique. The white feathers show purity.

While at this time, many have voted for the loon, it's already on our national coin, and is over-subscribed...

Majestic, solitary, opinionated, unseen, well adapted to the climate, a real Canadian

We live in a country that has seasons. So does the Snowy Owl. Although the north is their homeland they can be seen all across the country. I have seen them in Churchill, Man, and several places in Ontario. They are a majestic bird that tolerates man-from a distance.To anybody of any age to see one if a treat.

On a side note. If when walking in urban areas you see a murder of crows near a tree. Look closely at the branches near the trunk. You may see an owl sitting there.

It is beautiful and brilliant. It weathers the cold with grace and mirth. It is a true Canadian bird. It is found in all provinces so a wonderful symbol of unity and federation. That it is the official bird of Quebec is a nod to our history as well. Don't forget, the first settlements here were not of the British Crown but of the French! While I do agree that the Great Blue Heron is the best bird, this is the Canadian bird.

Le harfang majestueux incroyablement plumé comme des ailes d 'anges avec ses yeux comme des soleils est une merveille.
Quiconque l'aperçoit est envoûte par tant de beauté et de souple puissance.

Il est pure splendeur.

Le Canada est un pays nordique. La harfang y passe sa vie entière.

The snowy owl signifies the North!

C'est un oiseaux magnifique ,comme le Canada!

Le Harfang des neiges est partout au pays. De l'Arctique aux champs des campagnes, on le voit même parfois en ville, perché au bout d'un poteau. Il suscite l'admiration de tous en raison de sa blancheur immaculée à l'âge adulte.

L'harfang représente bien notre pays nordique notre force de caractère

Il nous represente bien

I think that the snowy owl should be our Canadian national bird because it called a " Snowy owl" and its snowy in most of Canada. And the owl is just a magnificent bird just like all of the other birds so I don't really care which bird does win but it would be "cool" if the "snowy owl" would win.


L'Harfang des Neiges est un oiseaux de proie magnifique et majesteux, il est tout simplement beau il a su s'adapter à nos hivers difficile. Il a surmonter presque la disparition de son espèce malgrès la fragilité de son environnement et ses conditions de vie :)

Il s'agit d'un oiseau extraordinaire et d'une grande beauté qui représente bien toutes les provinces canadiennes. Il est d'une grande patience et d'une ténacité hors-pair comme la population canadienne.

I voted for snowy owl, because i like them. They are pretty, and awesome! That is why i picked it. I also voted, because i like animals!!

J'adore les Harfang de neiges. Ils sont très représentatif du Canada à mon avis

Résident à l'année (migre dans les régions du Canada), représente bien l'hiver, diurne, toutes les régions du Canada peuvent l'observer dépendament de la saison (au sud durant l'hiver). Blanc, fascine les gens !


I love owls because they are the most beautiful birds and they look like leaders

I love owls and I LOVE Harry Potter; that is why I like them and they are really cute too.

I love this beautiful owl

Definitely a bird that does not migrate and remains in its home world of Canada. Rarely seen in any other country.

The Great White North needs a bird that represents its awesomeness. Enter the Snowy owl: windswept, fierce, and super fly.

Snowy Owls are awesome.

A stunningly beautiful bird that is observable by all ages and abilities of Canadians from coast to coast to coast!! Snowy's don't hide in the dark like other owls....instead they perch and stand boldly on guard in broad daylight atop hydro poles along roadsides for everyone to view with or without binoculars!! Even non-birders come out for a look at this bird!. The territorial range maps of this bird matches nearly perfectly with Canada's continental borders including the three oceans and the 49th parallel (exception Alaska).

It should be a bird the endures our unique and cold weather. Many birds do not stay in Canada for the winter season these should be eliminated. A truely tough and strong bird that endures our winters should be the national bird. I vote for the snowy owl or the chickadee. I've been outside going for a brisk walk and when it's cold but sunny you will still enjoy the cute chirping and activities of the chickadee. The national bird should be a bird that every canadian could see. To have the opportunity to see a bird that only resides in the east would not really be a national bird. Or if it only resides in the north tundra etc.

Covers the entire country, captures the Canadian essence, as the other essayists have promulgated. Even seen in Southern Ontario ever now and then. Hands down!

The Snowy owl is a bird that can be found in most of the Canadian provinces. It is majestic and graceful and is already the provincial bird of Québec since 1987. It was chosen by Québec because it symbolizes snow which is the predominant colour of our winters. A wonderful choice as our national bird.

The snowy owl has my vote! Beautiful, majestic birds.

Just a short note to say thank you for the message sent about why the cardinal was not included. It is still my favourite but the snowy owl is a very beautiful majestic bird.


This is a majestic bird which really exemplifies tenacious survival despite harsh conditions, being able to adapt to extreme circumstances, and thriving in the face of adversity. It truly symbolizes what Canadians should aspire to, that despite whatever challenges we face, we can not only overcome them, but thrive.

I chose the Snowy Owl because it's an awesome predator, with an amazingly successful kill rate, and because of it's beautiful white predominant colouration (just like winter in Canada, eh?)

After reading many awesome comments I have chosen to Quote another voter that said it best for me. Thank you Benjamin Walker.

"A winter owl, strong and majestic, and found all over our great country. The perfect predatory bird, uniquely Canadian. Need I say more?
— Submitted on Saturday, January 17, 2015 by Benjamin Walker"

I find that the snowy owl should be our national bird because it is one of, in my opinion, the special things about Canada.

Such a beautiful coloured pure white clean looking bird to represent our land, the true North strong and free, and it lives from far and wide in our country.

The background of our flag is also white so it is in harmony with that . In the winter I often see them standing on guard atop a power pole here on the prairies.

It is a truly Canadian bird, representing us and our land of welcome and a hardy spirit to adapt to the change of hot summers and cold winters, and go in search of food/opportunity where it may be found, in order to survive, even as
many of the people go west or north to work in order to provide for themselves and their family.

We already have a loon on our dollar, which is a Minnesota, U.S.A. state bird, so we don't need to imitate them any further than that.

We got our flag "right" after much wrangling; lets hope we get this one too, and have something uniquely Canadian, for our national bird.

Because it can be found in many areas o Canada

I like the snowy owl for what it represents to me.

Strength, wisdom, tenacity and far sightedness. I think these things embody the Canadian people.

It's just right

Canada's national bird must be represented in all parts of the country. It must also reflect the dignity and majesty of our great country and people. It must be strong, wise, and able to endure. It must trigger respect for who and what it is, just as Canadians do. The snowy owl is truly Canadian.

love seeing the snowy owl - would make a great Canadian raptor bird.

I've had the privilege of meeting a snowy owl at a vet's office, for wing repair and return to its habitat.

They are the largest owl in Canada and when coloured white are very majestic looking, like a kind king ensuring peace in the kingdom.

Warmer weather brings their spotted feathers so distinctly coloured, nature's magic. Although hidden from view with the camouflage, you can hear their call during the dark hours as they hunt.

If you get the chance, look quietly into their eyes. Their head may turn to the side occasionally as they ensure all is well, but the eyes will hold you with promises of unspoken wisdom and secrets.

I see them fly with their huge wingspan, soaring and quiet and I wish I could do that too.

If seen, they are rarely forgotten.

I think they would be an excellent representative for Canada.

Strength, flight, habitat across Canada

Beautiful, powerful, great vision. Patient nature aggressive when necessary. Present nation-wide. The young will travel far and wide to establish themselves. Something that everyone will recognize at once, and stop to take note of. Very Canadian.

Had to be Snowy Owl or Common Loon. Snowy Owl inhabits every region in Canada and doesn't exist elsewhere according to the information presented. Seems like the appropriate choice for a National Bird of Canada.

We are depicted as a land of snow and cold weather. (As in, cold air coming down from Canada) We also are known for our awesome winter sports - hockey, skiing, snowboarding, figure skating. What better bird to represent all these interests than the snowy owl?

Snowy owl is just a majestic looking bird, peaceful and graceful!

We are referred to as the Great White North. Owls are wise, stately and white. I rest my case :)

The Snowy owl has strength, visual acuity, beauty and intelligence. It is adapted to, and thrives in, the most hostile of environments. When perched, it exudes bravery, forbearance, patience, and alertness in the face of whatever nature throws at it. These are qualities the best of Canadians display living in a difficult climate - especially those inuit and other aboriginal groups that live in the far North in the land of the midnight sun.

There are many worthy nominee species for certain, but for these reasons, I vote for the Snowy Owl.

Of the icons I like the Snowy Owl because it is widespread across the country thus representing every province and territory (year round). It also is not widespread across the rest of the continent so it can not just as readily be called an American bird. It does range across several northern European countries as well but has not been claimed by any of them as their national bird.

One also cannot argue with the symbolism of its name:
"Owl" symbol of wisdom.
"Snowy" - doesn't that just shout Canada?

I love owls. They are my favourite animal. The snowy owl is an owl seen in almost all of Canada. Snowy owls are white with little black lines all over. Snowy owls are most seen in the winter. A snowy owl's babies are grey when they are first born, but over time they become whiter and whiter, just like their parents. As they grow over time they are expected to start hunting their own food, and their parents them how to fly. A snowy owl does not go "WHO" like in the stories. They actually make a sounds like tweet and nipping. That's all about the snowy owl.

The snowy owl is a beautiful, graceful bird that can also be a deadly hunter. It is found all over the country, so is a national bird already. It is also snow white, which is the opinion everyone south of us thinks Canada is!! A great white bird for the great white North.

The snowy owl is so beautiful.

Owl is a metaphor of intelligence. Snowy is a common attribute of Canada. The Snowy Owl is a link to the cultural of the Native peoples of Canada. It is an easily identifiable bird noted for its lack of noise and swift response, a provider and protector of its young.

Found all across Canada, which I think is an essential reason for nomination.

Owls are wise - that's a positive connection — and "snowy" speaks for itself!
I did think the loon was our national bird though, or the Canada goose.

Predominantly found in Canada...graceful, wise and dignified, with a quiet strength like the people of Canada and beautiful like the land...symbol of the North.

This raptor needs no words; just go to any book on native birds of Canada and it says it all.

I had the pleasure of seeing a Snowy owl for the first time last year. It was winter and I looked out the back window and there it was sitting on our deck. I just stared at it for about 5 minutes before it left. It was breathtakingly beautiful and so majestic. Canada is also beautiful and majestic so this seems like the perfect choice. GO SNOWY!!!

Quiet, wise, peaceful , all-seeing and when needed can strike quickly. Very Canadian attributes

They are strong, majestic, and have a great sense of survival.

I love the snowy owl and I think that it is a great bird for canada,

The Snowy Owl should be picked as Canada's National bird. They cover the country with their combined winter and summer range including all of Canada, especially the Far North. The Snowy's white plumage and stark yellow eyes are widely recognized by birders and non-birders alike. Uniquely equipped for the Canadian climate, it's the silent hunter of the North. It's the largest of the owl clan by weight and sports a 145cm wing span. Its keen eyes and off-set ears make it the undeniable king of the avian world. Photographing a snowy in flight is an experience of a lifetime, with prey in sight, wingtips bent on approach, feathered legs with talons extended, the Snowy turns from beauty to beast, it's piercing yellow eyes fixed on it's unsuspecting target. With their numbers in steep decline and the global breeding population estimated to be in the range of 200 thousand, the Snowy needs our protection with both education and action. Selecting it as the National Bird will allow for education programs on actions to stabilize and increase numbers of this truly spectacular bird.

while the loon is deeply characteristic, the snowy owl is a quiet, patient hunter/survivor - like canada

Very simple and easy to choose from others!

The bird stays in Canada all year long.

It is a bird of pray, with a perfect cammo for hunting.

I have seen many throughout Canada and its flight is majestic, especially when it glides. Silent and somewhat reserved like most Canadians, it gets the job done, "hunting" without any bragging!

I had a few others that could have made the list but the Canada goose, although a favourite to many, it is definitely not a pure Canadian bird.

When you ask a person from an other country, except for the U.S.A., to describe our country in two words, they say Vast and Cold!

Truly Canadian

It is a majestic bird, and the calm when he hunts is just great; I wish I was able to study it more. They are so seldom here; so far I have seen them only twice here.

Snowy owl characterizes Canada.

Elegant name, majestic looks.

Snowy owl stands for Canada's vast northern tundra.

Snowy owls are large, beautiful and intelligent. There's no better choice for Canada! I suppose a loon would be good too, but that's a little on-the-nose, don't you think?

The snowy owl represents the beauty and quiet strength of the Great White North.

The snowy owl is a wonderful symbol for Canada. This bird represents natural beauty , the majesty of our great North, our unique Inuit peoples, our history, our wilderness and vastness and spirit of our Nation. And above all, the thing we all treasure as Canadians ... our freedom.

The snowy owl is special, a one of a kind and distinctly Canadian bird.

As someone who traveled in the rurals of the Canadian Prairies, a common sight was the snowy owl. A real highlight is to see one at night on the hunt, which was often. I would have voted for the great grey owl, but have never seen one in the wild, and it is limited to such a small area of Canada, not even far from where I live. But I was so disappointed in the non-appearance of the bald eagle. It it by far more of a Canadian bird than an American bird. Let the Americans get their feathers ruffled if Canada chooses their bird. And it is a bird that I have seen far more often that other raptors, except maybe the snowy owl.

The snowy owl is what I have to vote for, then.

We are winter, and at some point in most if not all months, we need to wear a jacket.
We are strong, we are fearless.

I think it should be the snowy owl, because they like the snow just like us Canadians do, eh?

The choice should be a bird that is found in all parts of Canada.

A super abundance of snowy owls were seen in our far southern county of Essex in Ontario this year. It caused quite a stir, and it is magical to watch them.

I am voting for the snowy owl because it is such an icon of the North, and is the subject of many Inuit prints and sculptures

The national bird should be a noble and majestic symbol. The snowy owl is absolutely majestic.

The snowy owl is definitely a Canadian bird with only a small amount of its range going into the U.S. It is a bird that Canada can safely call its own. The owl is considered watchful and wise. It is a bird of the True North, a true snow bird. It is such a cold weather bird that it ranges to our High Arctic territory in the summer. The only other bird I would consider would be the golden eagle.

I believe that we should have a National Bird and I strongly believe that it should be a bird that does not migrate to a southern location. It should be a bird that is able to survive all of the diverse weather conditions we have here in Canada.

The great snowy owl is found in northern Canada, and is mostly only seen by others when they migrate, therefore the snowy owl should be the national bird of Canada.

Beautiful birds that can represent a beautiful country.

I have seen them in B.C. I think it would be a great choice due to its wintry habitat.

This bird loves snow like most true Canadians. It resides in all parts of our country. It is truly Canadian.

The snowy owl beautifully represents the Great White North.

An undeniably majestic and attractive yet tenacious creature that epitomizes the essence of Canadian wildlife; it does not migrate south to escape the harsh conditions of winter that characterize much of our vast northerly nation.

I feel that the snowy owl is a superb candidate because its habitat covers all of Canada including the far North and what better than a wise and solemn representative of our great country.

Clearly, the snowy owl has all the right qualities. At home in our Arctic regions, like Atlantic Canadians, it is quite prepared to migrate to other parts of Canada to find better conditions. That a small fraction becomes "snowbirds" should not disqualify it. It is, of course, attractive to behold and appears, at least, to be endowed with wisdom. And, from pure white to heavily marked (all dark as nestling), it is as variable as us.

I believe that the snowy owl should represent our country because it symbolizes what our country represents and what it stands for. A snowy owl is patient, doesn't provoke and only attacks its prey when the time is right. His distinct eyes allow it to see far into the distance, like our Canada's citizens can see ahead in the future. The snowy owl is resilient and adapts quickly to its surroundings, much like Canadians throughout our history. If the snowy owl is not chosen as Canada's national bird, the next choices would be the Canada goose or the common loon.

It is found in every province and territory and rare pretty much anywhere in U.S.A. Good for Canada!

A winter owl, strong and majestic, and found all over our great country. The perfect predatory bird, uniquely Canadian. Need I say more?

A joy to watch every winter in Southern Ontario and many other provinces!

Snowy owls are incredibly fascinating animals that live primarily in the Arctic regions but can also live almost everywhere in Canada. The odd male can become completely white, but lots have tiny black flecks on their plumage. The females normally have more distinctive black markings and the males whiten by age. Snowy owls nest on the the ground, unlike most of the other birds/raptors. They are very protective, and will even take on some big canines such as wolves and Arctic foxes. A snowy owl's main food source is lemmings, and they can gulp down a fair number of them if you add them up throughout the year. Snowy owls have very intense eyesight and a very keen sense of smell, and like all other owls, can amazingly turn their head all the way around! They have incredibly sharp talons which help them snatch up their prey, but can only see in black and white. Snowy owls are super cool avians and will hopefully be the bird of Canada.

There is no other bird more representative of (all) Canada. Incredible bird, incredible country.

My heart leaps and catches in my throat whenever I see one of these majestic owls!

I think the snowy owl is the best option as our national bird, because we're known as the country for being colder than our sister country, the U.S.A. We average more snow season-wide than a lot of other countries, and I think a big powerful bird like an owl represents that.

Snowy owls are bad ass.

Found in all provinces and territories. A majestic bird.

A beautiful and mysterious icon of the Canadian North. A prominent symbol of Inuit art and mythology.

Coolest. Bird. Evah.

J'ai rencontré mon premier Harfang des neiges en 1986. Since that year, almost every winter, I can see a few or a lot of snowy owls in the Montreal area where I live.

It is the nicest bird, and helps us to go through winter with happiness.

Il n'est pas farouche, il ne craint pas les gens qui savent le respecter. Mais, avant tout, il est si majestueux.


Snowy owls appeared in downtown Victoria two years ago. We were in awe of their graceful appearance and proceeded to learn all we could about them!

Gotta go with the bird with a range that includes all of Canada.

The snowy owl is the provincial bird of Québec, but it could also be the national bird of Canada.

I think the bird should be a bird that is common and indicative of Canada and the great North.

"A Family for Minerva" was my most cherished childhood possession. I read and re-read this book to the point that I can still recall each page from memory. So you could say I was a born fan of snowy owls. Seeing your first in the wild? Pure magic.

Besides, loons are too "common" to be special.

There is something vital about this being a truly national choice. The snowy falls into this category, residing in all provinces and territories. It is both silent and wise - characteristics of Canadian people. It thrives in the Arctic conditions that give Canada real identity. Finally, it is spectacular to see in the wild - large and majestic. Like our land.

I think this bird is present all the time in our country ...

This grand bird perfectly encapsulates Canada. From the cold white winters its feathers mimic, to the stoic, yet freeing search for food. The snowy owl is as Canadian as they come, eh?

I have always been fascinated by owls, snowy owls especially! As a kid, I remember looking at books just to see if there was a picture of a snowy owl, and marvelling at their beauty.

Hope it wins!

To me, snowy owls are very spiritual. Their silent majestic demeanour, their observant eyes ... all fascinate me.

I believe the snowy owl is a great representative of all of Canada, coast to coast.

The snowy owl is a worthy candidate for Canada's national bird. It is a bird that breeds in Canada's High Arctic region and raises a family, and then spends the winter throughout the rest of the country - often seen in our winter months as far south as Southern Ontario. I am a bird watcher, author of local bird books and a naturalist. I have gone out in the middle of the winter in Bruce County and found as many as 17 snowy owls some years. I think this bird is a worthy representative as Canada's national bird, a bird that raises a family in the High Arctic and travels to the rest of the provinces looking for food and to raise its young.

I think the snowy owl would be great for Canada's national bird, because it is majestic and silent. The snowy owl projects a graceful and wise stature, just as Canada does, but it also represents a wise and knowledgeable creature that has passed the test of time.

The snowy owl's character is truly representative of Canada. It is a majestic bird. I have often seen them in my town in winter. Their territory extends across Canada, the True North strong and free!

This bird represents the Canadian character well. A northern bird, a strong hunter. If you have seen one, it is very stoic. It is a patient and quiet hunter.

Many will say the loon's call represents the Canadian wilderness. However, it is not unique to Canada. Our American neighbours are fortunate to share this bird. The snowy owl is truly Canadian.

This won't be much of an essay, more of a reason for my vote for the snowy owl as Canada's national bird. Snowy owls can be seen in every part of our country, and are relatively uncommon even in most northern U.S. states. They are adaptable and perfectly suited to our climate. Add the fact that they are literally awesome, and we have a great and beautiful representation of our country.

They're badass.

Cet oiseau est une pure merveille. Quel symbole pour le pays!

These silent-flight hunting beasts are a true marvel to watch. Their sheer ability to locate their prey under inches of compact snow using their sharp senses demonstrates their adaptation to our Canadian winters.

I believe the snowy owl represents Canada, more specifically, our never-ending winters! While the bird lives in the North during the summer, in winter it often flies south looking for food. In the past few years more are being seen across Canada, including major migrations to Ontario.

I have photographed many of these beautiful and majestic snowy owls, and I could never get tired of observing them. They are one of our largest owls, and are relatively sleek.

Not an essay, I would just like to say the snowy owl covers most of Canada and sticks close to home in all seasons.
Also, owls are supposed to be wise, and that is something all Canadians should aspire to.

Picked the snowy owl because it is in Canada year round.

To me, the snowy owl says Canada. It rarely travels out of our northern country, is magnificent to see and speaks to us all about Canada. It is hardy, showy but not pushy, diligent, not greedy, and makes one draw in the breath in wonder when it is seen. All in all, the best bird for Canada.

Absolutely NOTHING says Canada's Official Bird any better than the snowy. She/he IS a true Canadian bird. We in the States are fortunate enough to see this magnificent bird on occasion, but only in the dead of winter, and then they ALL go HOME to your GREAT country.

Thank you for allowing us Southerners to vote.

Good luck snowy owls!

Because this bird never migrates, our national bird should be one that stays all year round ... on CISN the announcer said this and I totally agree. The bird should be in Canada year round.

Thank you,

While the snowy owl is not my favourite bird, it does cover all of Canada and seems to be, in the main, unique to Canada, which should be the criteria necessary to become Canada's national bird.

Majestic, profoundly beautiful, silent but strong. Sounds like Canada to me.

The snowy owl represents our true northern character. It is a hardy bird that endures extremes and finds a way to survive.

Of the birds listed, I feel the snowy owl best represents our country in its entirety. A regal bird that is elegant and beautiful, yet capable of fiercely defending its territory if need be.

Anything that makes us different from America. Don't pick the Canada goose because they are everywhere and no one likes them; trust me, I asked everyone in Canada. Also, no corvids because they are THE WORST. The snowy owl is beautiful and unique, and it deserves some recognition. Plus how cool are owls? Seriously, think about it: owls are the best bird because they hunt at night (awesome), they eat mice (even better, mice are dumb), and have you seen a snowy owl's talons?! THEY'RE SO BIG AND FIERCE. The snowy owl embodies Canada because it's like "Yo, I'm not afraid of the cold. Also I'm peaceful and quiet but if you bug me I could take you out with my giant talons." Pick the snowy owl.

The snowy owl is majestic, just as Canada is.

The snowy owl is a majestic bird that makes a living in one of the most trying environments in the world. Similar to Canadians, this bird embraces the cold and the snow. The snowy owl is the perfect representation of our country as the national bird because of its ability to not only survive in the Arctic environment but thrive.

Not really an essay, but I believe the strength of the snowy owl to endure the harsh elements of northern Canada make it a top contender for Canada's national bird. It, in a way, represents the perseverance and strength of Canadians.

Furthermore, the owl is known to represent knowledge and wisdom, another characteristic of our people. Finally, and my apologies for becoming superficial, the piercing yellow eyes are captivating.

Snowy owl. True North, strong and free.

J'ai choisi le harfang des neiges car il est présent à l' année contrairement à l' outarde ou l' eider.

An iconic bird of the Canadian Arctic. When I think of Canada the snowy owl comes to mind.

The snowy owl is the only bird on the list that resides in all provinces and territories, and rarely ventures south. It is a truly Canadian bird.

A bird that is found all across the country at various times of the year; a bird that thrives in conditions where most other species flee when they get the chance; a majestic bird, but understated and quiet, usually seen sitting minding its own business. What better choice?

I wanted a Canada-wide choice. The waxwing and cranes are specific to only a certain range. I like the loon, but the call of the loon is a war cry.

If I could choose just passerine, it would be cedar waxwing. Top on galliform is the sage grouse.

The snowy owl is representative of the true North strong and free.

In choosing a national bird you want to consider what this says about your country, its people and its culture. That being said, you want a bird that symbolizes intelligence, strength, tenacity and adaptability ... all the attributes of Canada and Canadians. The snowy owl possesses these characteristics in abundance. In addition, this bird is beautiful and majestic, and magnificent in flight. While there are other fair options in the list provided, none compare with the snowy owl.

Such a graceful yet elusive bird. One always feels just a little bit special after having spotted one, and those that are lucky enough to photograph one (from a safe distance with a zoom lens) feel blessed.

Canada has always prided itself on being an Arctic nation. Canadians ooze with pride during international winter sports competitions. What better way to symbolize our nation than with the beautiful and powerful snowy owl?

I think the loon is a formidable bird, and unmistakingly Canadian at that. I love hearing its cry and seeing it dive across an entire lake ... but let's not forget that it's known to be crazy! Do we really want to be represented by a lunatic whose mainly known for its worrisome wail? Not to mention that it's not exclusively Canadian.

I vote instead for the snow owl. It spends all year here but more importantly it represents Canada: noble and graceful yet fierce and powerful. It can be admired for its beauty as well as for its capabilities - much like our country!

The snowy owl, in my opinion, is one of Canada's most iconic birds. Its range is truly Canadian and it embodies the spirit of the North. A hardy bird that can withstand the harshest of winters, and appear unbothered by the torrents brought on by a winter storm.

I don't have a huge explanation for my choice, I'm simply of the opinion that the snowy owl is a formidable, strong mascot for a pinnacle of freedom in this world.

If we really are the true North strong and free, why not pick a bird famous for its northern attributes and presence? :)

It's too early in the morning for an essay. Snowy owls are awesome. End of story.

Owls are dope. Snowy owls are top predators in the North. Sounds good enough to me.

I really hesitated between both the snowy owl and the loon, but I feel like the snowy owl better represents the strong country that we are. The loon is already represented on our loonie. I really liked when the snowy owl was on the $50, but times have changed.

Now it's time to bring the king of the North back into the game.

An original and a true bird of our nation. Great, snow white and wild.

Majestic raptor
Watchful winter sentinel
Stands on guard for thee

Though the loon seems more Canadian due to its placement on the loonie, the snowy owl, simply, is more badass.

I believe that the snowy owl is a beautiful bird and that it represents Canada in a special way. It is a constant reminder that we are a nation built off of unique personal strengths. While most Canadians would rather retreat and head down south for the winter, these residents call the Arctic tundra home. They put up with extremely cold weather and when they are in desperate need of food they will travel lengthy distances to fill the void. They are very pleasant to observe and they show us that even in the toughest places to survive on Earth, life continues to blossom.

The snowy owl is one of the few species of bird found here that actually spends the entire year within our borders. Their intelligence, as well as their adaptability, make them a great symbol for this country. Less than 25 per cent of Canadian bird species spend their winters here. Let's a pick a majestic bird who doesn't run away when things get cold and rough, just like the Canadians it will represent.

I have picked the snowy owl based on its year-round presence in Canada and the fact that you can find it coast to coast or from the border to the furthest reaches North. It is a perfect representation of surviving in all the elements that this country experiences.

Raptor all the way

I choose the snowy owl for its abilities to adapt to summer and winter by changing its foliage. Additionally, I like the aspects of the wisdom of the owl, the quiet of the owl, the watchfulness of the owl.

I love owls.

I like the snowy owl.

A very cool bird that frequents our area.

The snowy owl is bar none one of the most majestic birds (raptors) on planet Earth, let alone the great nation of Canada, where they appear in great numbers.

Although at times it can be quite elusive, this particular owl does love to perch in open areas to be seen. With the right eye, they can be spotted more easily than you think.

With Canada's long, drawn out winters, the snowy owl represents our country remarkably.

An owl spotting can be rare, yes. But the thrill of excitement when you do is certainly one to remember.

Let's make the snowy owl Canada's National Bird.


Matthew McCarthy

The snowy owl's range covers all provinces and territories of this great country. It is a majestic and powerful symbol of Canada, and due to its habit of perching in open country it is often very visible and thus well known to many of us.

The snowy owl numbers seem to be in a decline. I remember frequently seeing them as a child growing up in Saskatchewan. It is truly a majestic and beautiful bird that deserves national recognition.

Canada's National Bird should be a bird that does not fly south for the winter. It should stay in Canada year round. Although the snowy owl does populate much of the United States, a lot of the owls in Canada stay in Canada for the winter.

We have a snowy owl at the farm. It's a beautiful, big white bird, and I just love to see it any time it comes around.

The majestic-looking snowy owl can be seen in most parts of Canada at different times of year. It preys on mice, moles and other undesirable beings.

This is one of few birds that is found just in Canada. They are majestic, pure-looking and from our Arctic. Not every bird can be all those things.

Criteria should be: findable in most of Canada, mostly found in Canada, and inspiring.

Although they are circumpolar breeders, so not exclusive to Canada, most snowies live in Canada year-round, and can be found in virtually all parts of the country. Furthermore, they are magnificent representatives of Canada, preferring open spaces even in the coldest and windiest weather.

Common loons are not normally found north of the treeline; most winter south of Canada.

A unique bird to Canada, it's beautiful and powerful.

Winter-hardy, gentle and deadly, silently awesome!

When you see a snowy owl you know that you are seeing something very special. A rare bird for most Canadians to see so it has a magical appeal - perhaps thanks to Harry Potter.

Years ago, driving back from Quebec to New Brunswick, while the whole family slept in the car, a snowy owl, having been perched on an old wooden fence post on the side of the highway, lifted off and flew across the highway in front of my vehicle. My breath was taken away! I had never seen such a beautiful sight, and felt that I was the luckiest person to have been so close to such a magnificent bird! It made my Christmas holiday! I've looked for that snowy owl every year since.

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