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Projet d'oiseau national
Projet d'oiseau national

Plongeons, oiseaux aquatiques et oiseaux marins

Cygne siffleur (Cygnus columbianus )

Votes : 52

Cygne siffleur
Photo illustration : Canadian Geographic; Photo : Mdf / Wikicommons

Il s’agit d’un petit cygne presque entièrement blanc au bec noir (marqué d’une tache jaune à sa base) et aux pattes également noires. C’est le cygne le plus commun d’Amérique du Nord. Il se reproduit pendant l’été dans le Haut-Arctique, où il choisit généralement la toundra, les marécages et les baies. Il hiverne au sud sur les côtes des deux océans.

(Les deux sexes)
Poids 3.8-10.5 kg
Longueur 1.2-1.47 m
Envergure des ailes 1.68 m
Cygne siffleur : Carte d’aire de répartition
Carte d’aire de répartition (avec l’aimable autorisation d’iBird pour Windows)
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Élisez Cygne siffleur comme oiseau national du Canada

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Reserved, yet beautiful- just like Canada

The tundra swan is a bird with grace and stature. The beautiful wide span of its wings is an example of our expansive and gorgeous country - Canada!!!

Since our winter is so long.....the tundra swan is an incredible and beautiful vision

Beauty, Peace and Grace - words that describe the Swan are also words that remind me of Canada.Namaste

I would like the "Trumpeter Swan" as Canadas bird. It is bigger than the "Tundra Swan".
Since the Trumpeter is not in the running I would vote for the Tundra Swan.

I think the Swan is such a graceful bird, goes about its business and does not bother people. A great sight to see when they are coming north in the spring

The Tundra Swan should be Canada's national bird because it is capable of it. Tundra Swans are always confident. You can tell by the way hold their heads up high, defeating anything that comes in their path. Watching the Tundra swan is the most fascinating part. Especially when the dip for food. We should make Canada pop out on the map. And just because you voted for this bird you are making peace through out Canada. Plus we get to show off and brag about it! The Canadian National Bird should be a majestic and beautiful bird. So the Tundra swan is your perfect match! So... VOTE NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!

It doesn't matter that you only have 38 votes. You are beautiful, graceful, and make the most delightful sound when I see you migrate.

i think the Canada national bird should be the Tudra Swan . it a nice looking bird !and you can fine them any were

A strong, majestic, protective, not hunted bird.

Considering its range, I think the Tundra Swan would make a fine candidate. There are more "obvious" choices, and I see that people are choosing them. But I want to put a vote in for this beautiful species. So much of Canada is "tundra" and all of Canada is beautiful, just like this elegant swan. Need I say more?!

The Tundra Swan is greatly under-appreciated by Canadians. If it were to become our National Bird, perhaps it would receive the recognition it deserves.


They are beautiful - graceful - and gentle

Beautiful bird, from our disappearing tundra.

Beautiful, strong and enduring.

the Canada Goose? Seriously? It annoys everyone and leaves treats and tributes in its wake! the white swan draped in the red and white flag of Canada!

Oh, and by the way ... a Canadian survey with American states?

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